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Warning to all Muslims the world over seeking asylum and protection from the manifestations of their faith.
Do not under any circumstances come to Australia, for we are a Nation founded upon Judeo Christian Law and principles and as such Australia is an anathema to any follower of the Paedophile Slave Trader Mohammad's cult of Islam.
There is no ideology more hated and despised in Australia than Islam.You simply would not like it here.
Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
Voltaire French author, humanist, rationalist, & satirist (1694 - 1778)
Those who demand you believe that Islam is a Religion of Peace also demand you believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming.
Aussie News & Views Jan 1 2009
"But Communism is the god of discontent, and needs no blessing. All it needs is a heart willing to hate, willing to call envy “justice."
Equality then means the violent destruction of all social and cultural distinctions. Freedom means absolute dictatorship over the people."
Take Hope from the Heart of Man and you make him a Beast of Prey
“ If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.
“There may be even a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves”
Winston Churchill. Pg.310 “The Hell Makers” John C. Grover ISBN # 0 7316 1918 8
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant; if what is said is not what is meant, then what must be done remains undone; if this remains undone, morals and art will deteriorate; if justice goes astray, the people will stand about in helpless confusion. Hence there must be no arbitrariness in what is said.
This matters above everything.
'a socialist is communist without the courage of conviction to say what he really is'.
Hontar: We must work in the world, your eminence. The world is thus.
Altamirano: No, SeƱor Hontar. Thus have we made the world... thus have I made it.
Voltaire said: “If you want to know who rules over you, just find out who you are not permitted to criticize.”

--------Check this out, what an Bum WOW!!!!

When those sworn to destroy you,Communism, Socialism,"Change you can Believe in" via their rabid salivating Mongrel Dog,Islam,take away your humanity, your God given Sanctity of Life, Created in His Image , If you are lucky this prayer is maybe all you have left, If you believe in God and his Son,Jesus Christ, then you are, despite the evils that may befall you are better off than most.

Lord, I come before You with a heavy heart. I feel so much and yet sometimes I feel nothing at all. I don't know where to turn, who to talk to, or how to deal with the things going on in my life. You see everything, Lord. You know everything, Lord. Yet when I seek you it is so hard to feel You here with me. Lord, help me through this. I don't see any other way to get out of this. There is no light at the end of my tunnel, yet everyone says You can show it to me. Lord, help me find that light. Let it be Your light. Give me someone to help. Let me feel You with me. Lord, let me see what You provide and see an alternative to taking my life. Let me feel Your blessings and comfort. Amen.
"The chief weapon in the quiver of all Islamist expansionist movements, is the absolute necessity to keep victims largely unaware of the actual theology plotting their demise. To complete this deception, a large body of ‘moderates’ continue to spew such ridiculous claims as “Islam means Peace” thereby keeping non-Muslims from actually reading the Qur’an, the Sira, the Hadith, or actually looking into the past 1400 years of history. Islamists also deny or dismiss the concept of ‘abrogation’, which is the universal intra-Islamic method of replacing slightly more tolerable aspects of the religion in favor of more violent demands for Muslims to slay and subdue infidels"


Anthropogenic Global Warming SCAM

Friday, April 30, 2010

U.N. Elects Iran to Commission on Women's Rights



 Iran’s,Islam’s Sociopath In Chief,President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, appointed to UN’s Gabfest on Wimmin’s Rights 

This Islamic Sociopath believes that there is a thing called the “Mahadi’ living down a well somewhere in Iran and that his only responsibility to Iran is to prepare for this things coming.

One of his Religious and all things Scientific advisors believes, that the recent spat of Earthquakes were,and are, caused by Women,who dress immodestly.

What better Islamic Sociopath for the United Nations to appoint to a committee to proscribe Women’s (Wimmins?) Rights.

Will Women be permitted to attend funerals now that this UN and Hussein Obama like thinker,Darling’s ideology is now deciding what is good for Women ? Or will he maintain the Islamic status quo and agree that women are Filthy and they should not attend Funerals ?

This Iranian recently sought to disagree with Hussein Obama and the UN’s pin up boy, she took to the streets to demonstrate with thousands of other Iranians, she was spared the Gang Rape by her prison guards prior to her execution, she was mercifully shot through the head on the street and died in the arms of those who loved her and like her were rejecting the Godless Savagery of the Islamic Republic of Iran.



More about Neda at Atlas Shrugs




Belgium the Brave


Now how about the rest of those who subscribe to “freedom and civilization”, start “walking the walk”


Australia, UK: United Nations, aka. International Socialism’s agenda EXPOSED.


Thought police muscle up in Britain

Hal G. P. Colebatch
The Australian
April 21, 2009

BRITAIN appears to be evolving into the first modern soft totalitarian state. As a sometime teacher of political science and international law, I do not use the term totalitarian loosely.

There are no concentration camps or gulags but there are thought police with unprecedented powers to dictate ways of thinking and sniff out heresy, and there can be harsh punishments for dissent.

Nikolai Bukharin claimed one of the Bolshevik Revolution's principal tasks was "to alter people's actual psychology". Britain is not Bolshevik, but a campaign to alter people's psychology and create a new Homo britannicus is under way without even a fig leaf of disguise.

The Government is pushing ahead with legislation that will criminalise politically incorrect jokes, with a maximum punishment of up to seven years' prison. The House of Lords tried to insert a free-speech amendment, but Justice Secretary Jack Straw knocked it out. It was Straw who previously called for a redefinition of Englishness and suggested the "global baggage of empire" was linked to soccer violence by "racist and xenophobic white males". He claimed the English "propensity for violence" was used to subjugate Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and that the English as a race were "potentially very aggressive".

In the past 10 years I have collected reports of many instances of draconian punishments, including the arrest and criminal prosecution of children, for thought-crimes and offences against political correctness.

Countryside Restoration Trust chairman and columnist Robin Page said at a rally against the Government's anti-hunting laws in Gloucestershire in 2002: "If you are a black vegetarian Muslim asylum-seeking one-legged lesbian lorry driver, I want the same rights as you." Page was arrested, and after four months he received a letter saying no charges would be pressed, but that: "If further evidence comes to our attention whereby your involvement is implicated, we will seek to initiate proceedings." It took him five years to clear his name.

Page was at least an adult. In September 2006, a 14-year-old schoolgirl, Codie Stott, asked a teacher if she could sit with another group to do a science project as all the girls with her spoke only Urdu. The teacher's first response, according to Stott, was to scream at her: "It's racist, you're going to get done by the police!" Upset and terrified, the schoolgirl went outside to calm down. The teacher called the police and a few days later, presumably after officialdom had thought the matter over, she was arrested and taken to a police station, where she was fingerprinted and photographed. According to her mother, she was placed in a bare cell for 3 1/2 hours. She was questioned on suspicion of committing a racial public order offence and then released without charge. The school was said to be investigating what further action to take, not against the teacher, but against Stott. Headmaster Anthony Edkins reportedly said: "An allegation of a serious nature was made concerning a racially motivated remark. We aim to ensure a caring and tolerant attitude towards pupils of all ethnic backgrounds and will not stand for racism in any form."

A 10-year-old child was arrested and brought before a judge, for having allegedly called an 11-year-old boya "Paki" and "bin Laden" during a playground argument at a primary school (the other boy had called him a skunk and a Teletubby). When it reached the court the case had cost taxpayers pound stg. 25,000. The accused was so distressed that he had stopped attending school. The judge, Jonathan Finestein, said: "Have we really got to the stage where we are prosecuting 10-year-old boys because of political correctness? There are major crimes out there and the police don't bother to prosecute. This is nonsense."

Finestein was fiercely attacked by teaching union leaders, as in those witch-hunt trials where any who spoke in defence of an accused or pointed to defects in the prosecution were immediately targeted as witches and candidates for burning.

Hate-crime police investigated Basil Brush, a puppet fox on children's television, who had made a joke about Gypsies. The BBC confessed that Brush had behaved inappropriately and assured police that the episode would be banned.

A bishop was warned by the police for not having done enough to "celebrate diversity", the enforcing of which is now apparently a police function. A Christian home for retired clergy and religious workers lost a grant because it would not reveal to official snoopers how many of the residents were homosexual. That they had never been asked was taken as evidence of homophobia.

Muslim parents who objected to young children being given books advocating same-sex marriage and adoption at one school last year had their wishes respected and the offending material withdrawn. This year, Muslim and Christian parents at another school objecting to the same material have not only had their objections ignored but have been threatened with prosecution if they withdraw their children.

There have been innumerable cases in recent months of people in schools, hospitals and other institutions losing their jobs because of various religious scruples, often, as in the East Germany of yore, not shouted fanatically from the rooftops but betrayed in private conversations and reported to authorities. The crime of one nurse was to offer to pray for a patient, who did not complain but merely mentioned the matter to another nurse. A primary school receptionist, Jennie Cain, whose five-year-old daughter was told off for talking about Jesus in class, faces the sack for seeking support from her church. A private email from her to other members of the church asking for prayers fell into the hands of school authorities.

Permissiveness as well as draconianism can be deployed to destroy socially accepted norms and values. The Royal Navy, for instance, has installed a satanist chapel in a warship to accommodate the proclivities of a satanist crew member. "What would Nelson have said?" is a British newspaper cliche about navy scandals, but in this case seems a legitimate question. Satanist paraphernalia is also supplied to prison inmates who need it.

This campaign seems to come from unelected or quasi-governmental bodies controlling various institutions, which are more or less unanswerable to electors, more than it does directly from the Government, although the Government helps drive it and condones it in a fudged and deniable manner.

Any one of these incidents might be dismissed as an aberration, but taken together - and I have only mentioned a tiny sample; more are reported almost every day - they add up to a pretty clear picture.

Hal G. P. Colebatch's Blair's Britain was chosen as a book of the year by The Spectator in 1999.

Australia… New Strategies


Labor’s Paedophiles of the Mind

Students being directed to pro-asylum seeker websites in new campaign

John Masanauskas
Herald Sun
April 28, 2010

EDUCATION Minister Julia Gillard has urged schools to teach a "balanced'' curriculum after Victorian students were directed to a pro-asylum seeker website and encouraged to create political campaigns in a new multicultural agenda for state schools.

A resource kit urges students to design slogans, badges, bumper stickers and posters for display in classrooms and to question terms such as "boat people", "queue jumpers" and "illegals".

It also says schools should display welcome signs in different languages, become involved in events like National Sorry Day and Refugee Week, and invites students to spend quiet time meditating on their core beliefs and values.

Ms Gillard says a new national curriculum is under consideration and schools should be encouraging their students to learn every side of each story.

"We want to see people getting balanced information,'' she said.

"Thinking their way through, discussing questions - that's the journey of education ... We would expect them to be debating and to (be) looking at all sides of any proposition.''

Ms Gillard said research projects should be designed for students to draw their own conclusions on major issues.

"If you set a research project for students, you'd obviously want them to go to all potential sources of information. You'd want them to have the skills to evaluate the sources of information,'' she said.

The program, dubbed All of Us - Multicultural Perspectives in Victorian Schools, was devised by the Victorian Multicultural Commission and is endorsed by high-profile citizens including Governor David de Kretser.

The kit is part of a Brumby Government policy that calls for cultural diversity to be integrated into the curriculum rather than just experienced through dress-up days and food festivals.

The Education Department resource kit recommends that secondary students go to websites such as A Just Australia for myths and facts about asylum seekers.

AJA is a refugee lobby group founded by Left-wing broadcaster Phillip Adams that does not support mandatory detention of asylum seekers.

Students are asked to show support for refugees by writing personal action plans and to "brainstorm" ideas that could be taken up by the school council.

Swinburne University sociologist Dr Katherine Betts said the kit seemed biased.

"This is rather heavy duty stuff for school children and I'd worry that they would be in a position to evaluate the arguments that they're being exposed to," she said. "It's surprising that they're not being directed to alternative sources of information."

Liberal education spokesman Martin Dixon said the policy showed how out of touch the Government was on mainstream issues.

"Teachers and students are only being encouraged to explore one side of the refugee/illegal immigrant debate," he said. "It's not encouraging students to bring an open mind to the debate, it's guiding their thoughts towards what the Education Department says."

But Education Minister Bronwyn Pike said: "It is appalling that the Liberal Party want to stop Victorian students from learning about cultural diversity."


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Al Gore $10 Trillion Climate Fraud


The $10 Trillion Climate Fraud

Al Gore is co-founder of an investment management firm that is now the fifth-largest shareholder in the Chicago Climate Exchange.


Al Gore,Liar for Hire

Cap-And-Trade: While senators froth over Goldman Sachs and derivatives, a climate trading scheme being run out of the Chicago Climate Exchange would make Bernie Madoff blush. Its trail leads to the White House.

Lost in the recent headlines was Al Gore's appearance Monday in Denver at the annual meeting of the Council of Foundations, an association of the nation's philanthropic leaders.

"Time's running out (on climate change)," Gore told them. "We have to get our act together. You have a unique role in getting our act together."

Gore was right that foundations will play a key role in keeping the climate scam alive as evidence of outright climate fraud grows, just as they were critical in the beginning when the Joyce Foundation in 2000 and 2001 provided the seed money to start the Chicago Climate Exchange. It started trading in 2003, and what it trades is, essentially, air. More specifically perhaps, hot air.

The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) advertises itself as "North America's only cap-and-trade system for all six greenhouse gases, with global affiliates and projects worldwide." Barack Obama served on the board of the Joyce Foundation from 1994 to 2002 when the CCX startup grants were issued. As president, pushing cap-and-trade is one of his highest priorities. Now isn't that special?

Few Americans have heard of either entity. The Joyce Foundation was originally the financial nest egg of a widow whose family had made millions in the now out-of-favor lumber industry.

After her death, the foundation was run by philanthropists who increasingly dedicated their giving to liberal causes, including gun control, environmentalism and school changes.

Currently, CCX members agree to a voluntary but legally binding agreement to regulate greenhouse gases.

The CCX provides the mechanism in trading the very pollution permits and carbon offsets the administration's cap-and-trade proposals would impose by government mandate.

Thanks to Fox News' Glenn Beck, we have learned a lot about CCX, not the least of which is that its founder, Richard Sandor, says he knew Obama well back in the day when the Joyce Foundation awarded money to the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, where Sandor was a research professor.

Sandor estimates that climate trading could be "a $10 trillion dollar market." It could very well be, if cap-and-trade measures like Waxman-Markey and Kerry-Boxer are signed into law, making energy prices skyrocket, and as companies buy and sell permits to emit those six "greenhouse" gases.
So lucrative does this market appear, it attracted the attention of London-based Generation Investment Management, which purchased a stake in CCX and is now the fifth-largest shareholder.

As we noted last year, Gore is co-founder of Generation Investment Management, which sells carbon offsets of dubious value that let rich polluters continue to pollute with a clear conscience.

Other founders include former Goldman Sachs partner David Blood, as well as Mark Ferguson and Peter Harris, also of Goldman Sachs. In 2006, CCX received a big boost when another investor bought a 10% stake on the prospect of making a great deal of money for itself. That investor was Goldman Sachs, now under the gun for selling financial instruments it knew were doomed to fail.

The actual mechanism for trading on the exchange was purchased and patented by none other than Franklin Raines, who was CEO of Fannie Mae at the time.

Raines profited handsomely to the tune of some $90 million by buying and bundling bad mortgages that led to the collapse of the American economy. His interest in climate trading is curious until one realizes cap-and-trade would make housing costlier as well.

Amazingly, none of these facts came up at Senate hearings on Goldman Sachs' activities, which may be nothing more than Ross Perot's famous "gorilla dust," meant to distract us from the real issues.

The climate trading scheme being stitched together here will do more damage than Goldman Sachs, AIG and Fannie Mae combined. But it will bring power and money to its architects.


Alan Jones comments on the scandal surrounding Goldman Sachs and says
former U.S vice president Al Gore is right in the thick of it.

Beijings most senior representative in Australia,Lu Kewen aka. Australian Labor PM Kevin 07 Rudd, vows to continue Labor’s WAR against Australia’s “working families”

Barbara Hollingsworth: Who's who on climate fraud
By: Barbara Hollingsworth
Local Opinion Editor
December 4, 2009


In 1912, a respected paleontologist at the British Museum confirmed that bones found in a Piltdown quarry came from the “missing link” between apes and humans. Forty years later, the so-called Piltdown Man was proved to be a hoax. Thanks to purloined e-mails from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (CRU), global warming is turning out to be the 21st-century equivalent of Piltdown Man.

E-mails between a small group of highly influential climate scientists at the center of the worldwide panic over global warming exposed multiple discussions among them concerning their manipulation of data and using various evasive tactics to avoid releasing the facts behind their ginned-up numbers to the public via Freedom of Information Act requests.

Here’s a rogue’s gallery of five major perpetrators of what’s turning out to be the biggest scientific hoax in modern history:

Geoff Jenkins, chairman of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s first scientific group and self-described “frontman explaining climate change.” Jenkins admitted in 1996 to a “cunning plan” to feed fake temperature information to Nick Nuttall, head of media for the United Nations Environment program. At the time, Jenkins predicted temperatures in London would hit 113 degrees Fahrenheit and the Thames River would rise three feet even though 1996 was, in fact, cooler than 1995.

Phil Jones, director of the CRU, controlled two key databases that are the primary sources underlying claims by the United Nations and others of a global scientific “consensus” that catastrophic consequences will result from man-made global warming unless trillions of dollars are spent now to prevent it.

Jones e-mailed instructions to colleagues to “hide the decline” in temperatures and to pressure editors of academic journals to blackball the work of “climate skeptics.”
After claiming that the original climate data had been destroyed in the 1980s, Jones was caught urging his CRU colleagues to “delete as appropriate” data requested under Britain’s freedom of information laws.

Michael Mann, director of Penn State University’s Earth System Science Center, is one of the lead authors of the U.N.’s Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change report. Mann was the originator of the “hockey stick” graph that supposedly proved that the Earth’s temperature was at the highest level in recorded history. However, it also appeared to eliminate both the Medieval Warm Period, in which surface temperatures were higher than they are today, and Europe’s “Little Ice Age.”

In 2003, Canadian statistician Steve McIntyre exposed the flawed methodology behind Mann’s hockey stick. The recent e-mail leak led another scientist to quip: “Dr. Mann is in transition from Penn State to State Pen. We can only hope he does a better job with license plates.”
Mann has been a committee chairman for the National Academy of Sciences and a member of multiple NAS panels and committees.

James Hansen, head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, whose records were also cited as evidence, second only to the CRU data, of incontrovertible man-made global warming. McIntyre also caught Hansen engaging in the same sort of statistical manipulation in which past temperatures were lowered and recent ones “adjusted” to convey the false impression that the nonexistent warming trend was accelerating. After trying to block McIntyre’s IP address, NASA was forced to back down from its claim that 1998 was the hottest year in U.S. history.

Al Gore, Former Vice President Al Gore is the author of “An Inconvenient Truth,” star of the 2006 Oscar-winning movie of the same name and winner of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his tireless efforts to limit economic development in industrialized countries with a cap-and-trade scheme. Many experts agree that such a system would increase food and energy prices, while wasting trillions of dollars on alternative energy sources (in which Gore is heavily invested). Gore’s case rests on the now-discredited theory that carbon dioxide emissions (which are increasing) are heating up the Earth’s atmosphere, even though actual global temperatures have been declining for at least a decade.

These five, though far from being the only ones, are among the top perpetrators of the Great Global Warming Hoax. They should never be taken seriously again.

Barbara F. Hollingsworth is The Examiner's local opinion editor.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Australia: Alan Jones and Greg Hunt pulling no punches on Lu Kewen aka.PM Kevin Rudd comes under the microscope in the 2010 election year over his incompetent Socialist government


2GB’s Alan Jones and Liberal Party shadow minister Greg Hunt rip Lu Kewen aka. Kevin 07 a new arsehole

2GB’s Ray Hadley on Lu Kewen’s Billion $$$$$$$ Stimulus SCAM

Australia: Videos, When Socialists run Health Care.When Socialists go into the Home Insulation Business as part of their BILLION $$$$$$$$$$$$ stimulus package.

Australia: Videos, When Socialists run Health Care.When Socialists go into the Home Insulation Business as part of their BILLION $$$$$$$$$$$$ stimulus package.


Medi DONT Care

The best third world healthcare system in the world


Labor’s Billion $$$$$$$ Home Insulation SCAM

Pt 1


Pt 2


Pt 3


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lu Kewen’s (aka Kevin Rudd’s) Australia:”AUSTRALIA will check our tax laws to ensure they don't offend the Koran”


Beijing’s most senior representative in Australia,Labor’s Union funded Australian Prime Minister,Lu Kewen aka Kevin 07 Rudd, BOWS to SHARIA LAW in exchange for what? another example of the Lefts Un Holy Alliance at work.


Lu Kewen 2007 Australian election campaign poster Honk Kong.

Will Lu Kewen announce his spiritual conversion to the “Religion of Peace” will we see Madame Rudd and the Lu Kewen publicist at large, Australian Governor General,Madame Quentin Bryce clothed in the Muslim “Hag in a Bag “ garb, in the not too distant future as a sign of Lu Kewen’s acceptance of Islamic Sharia Law?

Koran caution for Australian tax laws

By Malcolm Farr
The Daily Telegraph
April 26, 2010

AUSTRALIA will check our tax laws to ensure they don't offend the Koran and prevent our access to the $1 trillion Islamic financial market.

The toughest restrictions are linked to Islamic law, or Sharia, which prohibits the payment of interest, known as riba, and bar investment in gambling and alcohol products.

However, the most complex issue relates to finding compatibility between Western tax systems, which concentrate on the details of a transaction, and Islamic “instruments' which looks at the “economic substance” and can have another outcome.

At stake is the vast network of  the Islamic banking and insurance market worth almost $1 trillion and calculated to soon expand to reach $5 trillion.

“Accessing this major source of capital could assist Australian businesses to diversify their funding base in the future,” said Corporate Law Minister Chris Bowen.

Assistant Treasurer Nick Sherry yesterday announced the launch of the tax law review during a visit to the United Arab Emirates.

“This is not about special treatment or concessions for Islamic finance or its providers, but about ensuring that our system doesn't unfairly disadvantage or preclude such instruments and, in doing so, deprive Australia of capital, jobs and growth,” said Senator Sherry.

He said: “Islamic finance is a rapidly growing part of the global financial system and Australia is in an excellent position capitalise on that growth, but we have to identify if our tax system doesn't unnecessarily prevent that from happening.”

The review will be conducted by the Board of Taxation

Lu Kewen has never enunciated any concern re the Australian Tax Laws been offensive to Australians or the Judeo Christian MAJORITY of Australia, yet here we have Beijing’s most senior representative in Australia initiating a special task force into weather or not Australia’s Tax Laws offend SHARIA LAW, the same law that was enacted to murder 88 Australians and some 114 other Nationals in Bali 12 October 2002 and is at present demanding Australian Troops along with their Coalition allies be killed at every and any opportunity in Iraq and Afghanistan and on the streets of Sydney.

Lu Kewen, Kevin 07, and his Union Funded Socialist Australian Labor Party wants make sure that the Australian Tax Law does not offend these vermin who have declared WAR on Australia and our Troops.

I have always said that NO Member of a Union, or the Australian Labor Party should be permitted to desecrate, by their attendance, any ANZAC Day,Australian Military ceremony, its like inviting a Nazi Party representative to officiate over a wreath laying ceremony at the War Memorial or a Muslim to Dance on the graves of the 88 Australians murdered in Bali 2002.

Australian’s don’t give a RATS ARSE who or what offends Lu Kewen’s new best friends Terror Manual, the Koran.

How Long before Lu Kewen and his Australian Labor Party, announce that they are re writing our constitution and  legal code lest it offend Paedophiles,Bestiality Enthusiasts, Head Hunters,Snuff Movie makers and Kiddie Porn Photographers?

Lu Kewen, may i tell you who also finds the Australian Tax Law offensive ? those infidel Judeo Christian Majority white trash, called Australians, who you and your offensive “Government” of failed school teachers and unemployable Union hacks were elected to represent, not some HATE filled TERROR manual written by a 7th Century Paedophile Pirate Slave Trading Sociopath called Mohammed who’s followers your party allows to enter Australia at will under your open boarders policy, and have perpetrated some of the most evil vile acts upon Australia’s Daughters,teenage girls and Australian Women (Aussie Sluts and Pigs as described by the “Sydney Islamic Community”) in the name of their Koran,Sharia Law that you and your Government are so concerned about offending.

Lu Kewen, Kevin 07,you have made the call, and have told Australians where your and your Union funded Labor Party’s priorities loyalties lie.

Lu Kewen, Kevin 07,prepare to reap the whirlwind,take your new best friends and  Get the F**k out of OUR Nation you GRUBBY Labor, Union, UN Funded, Socialist piece of shit.

This fraud, Lu Kewen,who along with the rest of his party,masquerades as been Australian,is finally exposed for what he and his Union Funded,Australian Labor Party are, Socialist Whoars  who will side with any group or organization regardless of its objectives so long as those objectives are for the advancement of the Godless Savagery of the United Nations,International Socialism and it’s new best friends, their mad attack Dogs, Islamic head hunters, the UN calls “The Religion of Peace” 

No wonder Lu Kewen,Kevin 07, the Rudd Grub, has so much in common with Hussein Obama.




Unholy Alliance David Horowitz

Monday, April 26, 2010

Another of Allah’s “Brave Warrior’s” kicks the Crap out of his wife into submission… Satan must be so proud.


Accused wife-kicker's nappy fury

The Daily Telegraph
April 26, 2010

A MAN kicked his wife as she cowered on the floor of a kebab shop because she left the house "too late at night" to buy nappies, a court heard yesterday.

Hassan Ibrahim, 31, was arrested by an off-duty police officer who allegedly saw him land two kicks to his wife's stomach as she lay in the Auburn shop on Saturday night. Parramatta Bail Court was told yesterday the alleged assault was a breach of an AVO imposed on the forklift driver for his wife's protection last June.

Police statements tendered at Ibrahim's bail hearing said his wife of four years told him she was going to Woolworths to buy nappies for their baby after he got home from work about 9pm. Ibrahim allegedly told her she wasn't allowed to go out as "it was too late", the court was told.

However, the court was told she left the child in the lounge while he was in the toilet and left.

The frightened woman sought refuge in a kebab shop, the court heard, after Ibrahim found her.

He was given bail but must stay at another address and will appear in Bankstown court on Thursday.

Why was this piece of Shit not bashed to within an inch of his life then REFUSED Bail?


ANZAC Day,the Day Australia’s Finest are detested and attacked by Australia’s LOWEST of the Low.



“Multicultural Everybody Loves Ray” and some Leftist Arse Clown wearing his handkerchief on his head, for some reason or other, trash Australia on this most Australian Day
Andrew Bolt
Sunday, April 25, 2010 at 08:38am

You know it’s Anzac Day, because so many of the Left are jeering.

Example 1:

FURIOUS ex-servicemen, the Australian War Memorial and NSW Premier Kristina Keneally have accused TV presenter Ray Martin of insensitivity and disrespect for re-igniting debate about the Australian flag on Anzac Day. Martin has angered defenders of the current flag, including many soldiers who will march behind it today, by hosting a television debate on why it should be changed on 60 Minutes tonight.

Example 2:

This afternoon, between 3.01 pm and 5.16 pm, Catherine Deveny (@CatherineDeveny), a columnist for The Age newspaper in Melbourne, posted 14 interesting tweets about ANZAC Day.  One she deleted before I could save it. Here are the rest (warning: strong language):…

Anzac Day. Men only enlisted to fight for the money, for the adventure or because they were racist.

Anyone who lived through war not a [f....] says no parades, no medals, everyone who suffered and struggled remembered. Anzac Day Shits Me.

Anzac Day. Men only enlisted to fight for the money, for the adventure or because they were racist…

Anzac Day. [F...] repect. Respect is just code for ‘support our selective narrative used to prop up our power that we use to oppress.’

Example 3:

Zombie Myths of Australian Military History: The 10 Myths That Will Not Die
Edited by Craig Stockings
UNSW Press, 288pp, $34.95

In Zombie Myths, 10 academics boldly set forth to slaughter myths about Australia’s military past that, in their view, won’t lie down and die… But before elaborating, I have two qualifications: first, some myths won’t die possibly because they contain some truth; second, some writers spend so much time hacking away at their pet zombie—and with so little effect—that perhaps it is they and not the poor, fly-blown creature who resemble the walking dead…

Elizabeth Greenhalgh savages the undead notion that Australians broke the Hindenburg Line and won World War I (they did break the line; but it was not a crucial act)…

Craig Stockings gleefully rips the arms off the myth that we’re a nation of born Diggers ready to jump into a trench at the drop of a slouch hat. Surely few believe this except drunken two-up players down at the local? ...

David Stevens writes with great dollops of hindsight and a sort of wishful thinking when he claims the Japanese never really endangered us.

Example 4 (a):

In [the newly published] What’s Wrong with Anzac?, five historians lament what they say is a relentless, official campaign to elevate war and the Anzac spirit as the seminal forces that have shaped the nation.

They go further, arguing the resurgent interest in military history and the popular embrace of the Anzac myth are officially contrived, with John Howard the chief villain, enshrining militaristic values that prime us to rush off to other people’s wars.

They argue this militarisation of national values ‘’has naturalised our condition of always being at war and thus silenced debate about our current and future wars’’.

Example 4 (b):

Whats Wrong With Anzac?: The Militarisation of Australian History (New South, 2010) is a polemical work that argues that the Anzac legend has an exaggerated and unhealthy predominance in Australian identity, and especially in Australian schools…

The argument goes:

Australian national identity is too much focused on the Anzac legend
It excludes other key elements such as the development of democratic traditions, Indigenous peoples rights, and womens equal rights
What is learned about the Anzac legend is terribly distorted, militaristic and romanticising the idea of war
This distortion is caused by the teaching materials sent to schools by the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)
These materials are promoted by a conservative government plot to foster a conservative nationalism rather than a more socially critical one…

Professor Marilyn Lake[’s] assertion is that a veritable tidal wave, a torrent, a bombardment of DVA education resources (four of which I have written over the last five years) are militaristic propaganda created by the evil John Howard to promote his vision of a reactionary nationalism and disarm progressive thought and social action. Her claim is that, through the DVA materials, History has been appropriated in Australia for militarist purposes and comprehensively re-written in the process ...

How does she support this? She lists DVA resources and other government programs (many of them from Labor Governments, by the way)…

Does Lake describe these resources to the reader? No…

Does Lake show how the resources present a militaristic or romantic view of war? She does not.

Does she offer any critical analysis of the resources? Not a word. She does not say one specific thing about the educational nature of the contents of any of the materials she condemns except, very strangely, to quote their description by the DVA as being written by professional history educators ...

Does she show how the resources stifle debate? No.

Does she discuss the inquiry-based approach of the resources, and show how they in fact only pretend to encourage student inquiry, but in fact are subtle and effective propaganda? Not done.



VANDALS attacked a war memorial on the eve of Anzac Day, throwing rubbish around the site and snapping a flagpole. Up to a dozen teenagers are believed to have been involved in last night’s incident at the Anzac Cenotaph outside the Arncliffe RSL Club…

Police say they are keen to speak to up to a dozen teenage males, described as Mediterranean/Middle Eastern in appearance, seen in the area before the incident.

(Thanks to readers Amy and Matthew,)


Age columnist Catherine Deveny damns violence:

Anzac Day IS a glorification of war. They didn’t die for us but because they were risktaking testosterone fuelled men with a pack mentality

Age columnist Catherine Deveny advocates violence:

I’m in a FILTHY F[...] MOOD today. If you need me to punch someone’s head in, let me know.

And of course the “Usual Suspects” are up to their usual “Multicultural” activities.

War memorial vandalised on Anzac eve
April 25, 2010

VANDALS attacked a war memorial on the eve of Anzac Day, throwing rubbish around the site and snapping a flagpole.

Up to a dozen teenagers are believed to have been involved in last night's incident at the Anzac Cenotaph outside the Arncliffe RSL Club.

The vandals are believed to have swung on the flagpole until it snapped, police said.

Garbage was also thrown around the memorial site in the southern Sydney suburb.

RSL staff and police cleaned up the rubbish ahead of today's Anzac Day ceremony at the club but the flagpole could not be repaired.

Police will maintain a watch over the memorial during the Anzac Day commemorations.

Police say they are keen to speak to up to a dozen teenage males, described as Mediterranean/Middle Eastern in appearance, seen in the area before the incident.

They have appealed for anyone with information about the vandalism, which occurred between 7.30pm and 7.45pm at the cenotaph in Wollongong Road, to contact St George Police on (02) 8566 7499 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


Ray Martin and his co conspirator,the fat,lard arsed ex try hard, Australian Rugby Union "player", who, for reasons best known to himself, insists on wearing his handkerchief on his head instead of placing it in his pocket, may very well be repulsed by the Australian  Flag, so what? who cares what they and their multicultural constituency are repulsed by?

This is Australia, not some Looney Tunes,South American,African, UN created third world leftist UN despot out post.

Australia, a nation of millions of immigrants, the vast overwhelming majority of who are grateful for our positive response to their request for sanctuary following their decision to abandon the social and religious structures of their nation of birth have decided offers them a far better opportunity to live as free people than the European, African,Middle Eastern cesspool they were presently living in.
Perhaps the Dutchman for instance, should have just gone back to Holland and demanded that the Dutch Flag be changed rather live in Australia,Holland,the country his parents decided was not good enough for them and their children to live in, and RAN AWAY FROM, to of all places Australia!!!!
The Dutchman parents and their children (the Dutchman) were permitted to enter Australia, granted sanctuary,not because Australians were in need of their HATRED for us, and our Flag, we offered the Dutchman and his parents,freedom,prosperity and safety, the Dutchman's parents asked if they could join us in Australia's Judeo Christian based Western Democracy, Australia allowed the Dutchman and his parents to enter Australia not because Australians were yearning to be like the nations the Dutchman and his parents ran away from.

Australians have a flag,and legal system, a Judeo Christian social structure, it may not have been the Dutchman’s flag or  Rays flag, it was however the Australian Flag, a flag that represented the Nation where both the Dutchman and Ray were able to make millions of dollars as opposed to their respective preferred homelands and or in the case of Ray “dream time” social structure.

Australians, as opposed to Labor’s Multiculturalists, do not need Ray or the likes of the Dutchman to change OUR Flag irrespective of how many "...... billions of dollars " are up for grabs by Ray, the Dutchman and the rest of the Multicultural industry see dangling before their eyes.

Australia is not the play thing,of some former millionaire ABC reporter and  Mid Day Show host and his Multicultural, new best friends "'s going to give us billions and  billions of dollars, right because to me, that is brand Australia"

Australia has never been up for sale by Australians,Dutch or a Poofteenth Aboriginal former Mid Day Host, no matter how many Billions of dollars the Dutchman, Ray or his handkerchief head wearing Rugby try hard think they may be able to make should they be able to rebrand it in their image.

So exactly what will be  Ray  and his Dutchman and Handkerchief Head wearing new best friends  ".... brand Australia"  Australian Flag be....


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Beijings most senior representative in Australia,Lu Kewen aka. Australian Labor PM Kevin 07 Rudd, vows to continue Labor’s WAR against Australia’s “working families”


Kevin Rudd  sinister Beijing’s most senior official in Australia,Prime Minister Lu Kewen aka.Kevin 07 Rudd, determined to impose the UN’s (Labor, Lu Kewen aka. Rudd Tax") upon Australia’s,”Working Family’s” as soon as possible.

It's not over: Rudd vows to fight for emissions scheme

April 24, 2010

Climate change is still on the agenda, write Phillip Coorey and Peter Hartcher.

KEVIN RUDD says the great moral challenge posed by climate change is undiminished and he will keep trying to implement an emissions trading scheme if Labor is re-elected.

The SCAM Exposed AGAIN.

Al Gore has made $500 Million, so far, out of his and the UN’s Anthropogenic Global Warming SCAM.

How much has Comrade Lu Kewen made ?

Australian’s will  pay an extra 64% (before 2012) on their electricity bills BEFORE the UN’s and Lu Kewen’s aka. Kevin 07 Labor Party’s, Anthropogenic Global Warming TAX is implemented.

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace al  armed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."

"The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule "

H. L. Mencken

In an interview with the Herald, Mr Rudd rejected growing criticism that he had abandoned the climate change cause because it was no longer a vote winner after the Copenhagen conference and the defeat of his emissions trading scheme.

"It's very clear cut that whether climate change is topical or not, whether it is popular or not, the reality of it does not disappear," he said.

"This remains a fundamental economic, environmental and moral challenge. Whether it's newsworthy or not in a particular season is beside the point. We haven't changed our view of this.''

The Senate has twice blocked legislation for the emissions trading scheme. The legislation is again before the Parliament but the Senate has delayed debate until at least next month and there is next to no chance there will be a vote before the election expected in the spring.

Mr Rudd said that if he is re-elected, he will try again to have a scheme introduced but it would depend on the make-up of the Senate.

''We've got to ensure that we act on climate change and we do so always within the scope of our powers. We maintain our position that this is part of the most efficient and most effective means by which we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the least cost to the economy.''

Mr Rudd can use the twice-defeated emissions trading scheme as a trigger for a double dissolution election. While coy on that prospect, he said he would have no problem advocating an emissions trading scheme during a campaign.

He said Australia was playing a key role in trying to forge meaningful international action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions: ''National action in the absence of global action doesn't add up to a row of beans.''

He did not agree Copenhagen was a failure. It had produced an accord that temperature increases should not exceed 2 degrees, he said. In the past three months, Australia had been working intensively to get countries to sign up. So far, 74 countries, producing 80 per cent of the world's emissions, have pledged to reduce emissions by 2020.

Mr Rudd spoke to the Herald the day after his meeting this week with the premiers and chief ministers on health - and the day before the government broke its promises on insulation and childcare.

Mr Rudd had promised to put a health plan to the states by mid-2009; then he asked them to accept the plan or face a referendum at the 2010 election.

He said it was unfair to accuse him of breaking a promise just because the health plan was not presented until early March.

''I can never quite understand the criticism from Abbott and others at the time about why there is a six-month delay,'' he said.

''For goodness sake, 12 years of [Howard government] inertia and after two years we've decided to take a further six months to consider the implications for such a big reform, the biggest since the introduction of Medicare.'''

The West Australian Premier, Colin Barnett, has refused to sign the heath deal because he does not want to give the Commonwealth 33 per cent of his GST revenue. He will sign up if his state can contribute the money to the reforms independently.

The Sydney Morning Herald is a supporter of and apologist for, the Australian Council of Trade Unions, ACTU, financed Australian Labor Party

Lu Kewen,aka,Australian PM Kevin Rudd, is the personification of the Australian Labor Party and its ideology and objectives.

A creation of Australia’s MSM, a darling of FM music radio stations and  Socialist Today show hosts,who thought that asking him what colour tie he was going to wear tomorrow was a hard hitting and searching examination of his and his party’s agenda.

This disgraceful LIAR  and PHONY, slotted perfectly into the MSM’s criteria for a new Australian Prime Minister, he did, after all represent the OPPOSITE of the Howard years.

If Australia had an Oprah,Lu Kewen,aka. Kevin 07, would be her choice for Australian PM, after all her choice for the President of the United States of America was Hussein Obama and he said.of Lu Kewen  aka. Kevin 07.Hussein Obama praises Lu Kewen

Lu Kewen aka. Kevin 07 was a trial run for Hussein Obama 08,same ole bumper stickers, slogans and media hype eg. “working families” “change” and all the Socialist / UN promises of anything you want whenever you want it so long as, you vote for me and let me decide what is best for you and your wife and children, after all I am a Marxist Union financed Socialist how could you possibly lose?.

Friday, April 23, 2010

What does Kim Kardashian's Arse feel like? Australian “celebrity” reveals all.


Kim Kardashian's bum like water bomb

The Daily Telegraph
April 23, 2010

A CHANNEL 10 host made international headlines after she got what many men can only dream of, a squeeze of Kim Kardashian's famous rump.

Kardashian has been on a promotional tour in Australia this week and managed to squeeze in a TV appearance on Channel Ten's The Circle.

Talk soon turned to her famous derriere, prompting the US beauty queen's offer of a free feel to Chrissy Swan.

Swan duly obliged, saying that it "felt like a water bomb."

"It feels so juicy and real," the former Big Brother runner up went on.

Water Bomb Bum in Sydney


Lu Kewen aka. Kevin Rudd’s home insulation SCAM.


Death of insulation scheme to result in closures, sackings

By Miles Godfrey
Daily Telegraph
April 22, 2010

THE Federal Government's decision to end its bungled $2.45 billion home insulation scheme will force dozens of companies into bankruptcy and result in hundreds of workers being sacked, accredited Sydney insulation firms say.

The scheme was open to fraud and never about aiding the environment, but rather a chance to splurge unprecedented amounts of public cash, Tony Arundell, manager of Hoxton Park-based Eureka Insulation, said.

"Blind Freddy could have seen the scheme was open to fraud from day one," he said.

"It was a scheme to get people working but all it's done is hurt the real workers of this country and I think the Government deserves to be punished."

Doug Mill, owner of Chatswood-based The Demand Group, added: "We're all looking at the likelihood of failing and today's announcement will push us all further towards that."

Federal Energy Efficiency Minister Greg Combet confirmed today that the controversial home insulation scheme was being canned.

The Federal Government suspended it in February after evidence of shonky installation came to light, but had said it could resume in a modified form in June.

Mr Combet blamed the scheme's failure on "unscrupulous operators" and admitted a significant number of jobs would be lost.

But Mr Mill and Mr Arundell both said "cowboys" found the scheme easy to rort and that sufficient auditing was not in place until it was too late.

"Anybody with a white card, which takes five hours to obtain, and the ability to get insurance was able to get in on the game," Mr Mill told AAP.

Mr Arundell admitted the scheme initially worked well, with home insulation firms almost universally making extra cash.

But cowboys had quickly exploited loopholes, he added.

Eureka Insulation upped its staff from 16 to 40 to meet increased demand and splashed out on advertising, marketing and stock.

The Demand Group upped its headcount from six to 20 and is now back to five, with the likelihood of shedding at least one more job.

Eureka owes about $200,000 in advertising costs directly associated with the insulation scheme.

Mr Arundell says his firm will survive but says other firms will be liable for millions of dollars and are likely to cease trading now the scheme has ended.

At least two Sydney-based insulation manufacturing firms have also closed with the loss of hundreds of workers, he said.

"It was a complete joke. We became acutely aware that it was not about the long-term standing of the industry but about putting cash into the community.

"It really wasn't about the environment either but about throwing money out there," he said.

"We knew that it was fraught with danger. The murkiest crystal ball could have picked it up."

So far everything Lu Kewen aka. Kevin Rudd’s Government has touched, they have Fucked,Australia is fast becoming the third world basket case that Lu Kewen’s head office in Beijing thinks should be our destiny.

Copy of 4 4 2010 Kevin's above, he's even big in Hong Kong


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Australian Aboriginal Industry claiming Australian’s HOMES. SCAM exposed on ACA.

The league star, a pile of shells and the house auction day farce
Nick Tabakoff
The Daily Telegraph
April 22, 2010
IT started like any regular auction of a Sydney house in need of an update. It ended barely 30 minutes later in chaos.
A group of Aboriginal men and women turned up in a minibus and handed out documents to startled potential bidders claiming that the property could be a sacred indigenous heritage site.
Copy of 22 4 2010 The league star, a pile of shells and the house auction day farce 
All of this over a Sans Souci property the agent admits is about as far from a palace as it gets.
At the centre of one of the most bizarre auctions in memory - 12 days ago - was former Balmain, Gold Coast and South Sydney rugby league star Wes Patten.
Patten lodged a caveat on the property a day before the auction, claiming it contains potentially priceless Aboriginal artefacts.
The sale is now in limbo after the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council sent letters backing Patten's claims. In one letter, the council's CEO Paul Morris said the site has "possible evidence of significant Aboriginal midden" at the back of the property.
The council claims it has found "a number of older shells and other possible remnants of sharpened rocks which could be spear tips".
The letter asked a "buffer zone of at least 30m" be installed around the potential artefacts. Patten's caveat claimed that he had an "equitable interest" in the property under the "Aboriginal objects" provisions of the National Parks and Wildlife Act.
Patten, a first cousin of Anthony Mundine, spoke up in front of those gathered for the auction.
(“Mundine was the subject of further controversy when he was asked by a television interviewer for his opinion, as a Muslim, on the 9/11 attacks on the United States. "It's not about terrorism, it's about fighting for God's laws and America's brought it upon themselves for what they've done," he replied, according to Kathy Marks in London's Independent newspaper. The reaction, both public and official, was swift and severe: he was stripped of his world ranking of No. 26 by the World Boxing Council, and the International Boxing Federation advised him not to visit the United States any time soon.”)
"I just wanted to inform the people about the site's Aboriginal significance," he said.
His claim was lodged for the Gadigal people, who occupied much of southern Sydney.
Patten said there could be Gadigal artefacts in other backyards around Botany Bay. "It's near the waters and it's near the settlement where Captain Cook invaded our land," he said.
Auctioneer Zac Imisides, the principal of Belgrave Properties, was furious with the actions of Patten and his group.
"I believe a fair auction was obstructed. There's no way a bidder would have felt comfortable to bid on that day," he said.
Patten claimed he simply wanted to have the house's Aboriginal heritage status examined before the property was sold. He said he would have no problem with the sale of the house ultimately proceeding, "as long as they protect the artefacts".

ACA Sydney exposes this SCAM, and we find out where the sea shells came from, Rudd’s “SORRY Industry” has a lot to answer for.
Note the desecration of the Iwo Jima flag raising by US troops in WW2,via a poster hanging on the wall of their Lawyers office .
The claimed midden site is at the rear of the land under a lemon tree.
Mr Imisides said he believed the property was worth in excess of $700,000 but it had attracted just two bids of $150,000 and $200,000, with the first from Patten's group.
The auctioneer said these bids were "ridiculous".
A group of other bidders, who he believes were willing to pay full market value, were "scared off".
Mr Imisides said the sale was now in limbo. The beneficial owner of the property, Perpetual Trustees, was keen to resume the sales process but would seek clarification on the Aboriginal heritage.
Who’s home will be next? I am going to bury my Prawn Heads as deep as I can in future.How did Wes and Co know to walk straight through the house to where the shells were to be found?
I don’t believe that these Arse Clowns are this stupid,I believe there is a lot more, to what on the surface, appears to be the “usual suspects” in the Aboriginal Industry,trying on another SCAM to justify their existence.
I am sure there will be more to this SCAM to come.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

France stands Tall


France set to ban full Islamic veil

Daily Telegraph

April 21, 2010

FRANCE is drawing up a law to ban the full-face Islamic veil from all public spaces, despite a warning from experts that it could face a legal challenge.


Government spokesman Luc Chatel said the bill would be presented to ministers next month and would go beyond a mere ban on women wearing the niqab and the burqa while dealing with French officials.

"We're legislating for the future. Wearing a full veil is a sign of a community closing in on itself and a rejection of our values," he said.

Last month, the State Council - France's top administrative authority - warned President Nicolas Sarkozy against a full ban on the veil, suggesting instead an order that women uncover their faces for identity checks or for state business.

But there remains broad support in parliament for a full ban and the Government is determined to press on with legislation, which it says would affect only around 2000 Muslim French women who cover their faces.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Israel Memorial Day lest we, the west, forget at our peril


Memorial Day, 2010

By Naomi Ragen

I have just sat down after the fading notes of the siren have finally
disappeared.  It is another  Memorial Day for Israel's Fallen.  We have lost
22, 684 sons and daughters.  For a little country like Israel, that is an
enormous and incalculable loss.  Over the years, I have told all those ready
to listen Israel's well-kept secret: there is no Israeli army.  There is
only my son and your daughter, and the neighbor's kids.  Every loss is the
loss of not only an individual, but of  generations: the children who will
never be born, the grandchildren that will never snuggle in the laps of
grandparents.  It is the destruction of not only young lives full of
promise, but of their families: mothers and fathers whose lives are forever
shattered, grandparents who must bear the unthinkable, young girls who lost
their boyfriends, wives who lost their husbands, children who lost their
fathers.  Young women who died before they could experience anything of
life's promises.
After the words and ceremonies and sad music and films of remembrance, one
comes to the conclusion that Israel itself is bereaved, and does not know
how to comfort itself.  The ongoing and seemingly neverending price for our
freedom in the land God promised us is inhumanly high.

Only yesterday Achmadinijad spoke clearly of destroying Israel, uprooting us
like a "cancer."  The King of Jordan proclaimed there would be another war
in July.  And Syria is boldly transferring long range scud missiles once
again to Hezbollah in Lebanon. 

Only a week ago, we went through Holocaust Remembrance Day.  I remember
walking from my home to the Kotel.  And on the way back, I stepped inside
the newly rebuilt Hurva Synagogue, destroyed by the Arab Legion in 1948.  As
I stepped into the women's section, I looked with wonder at how the once
empty, destroyed shell, was filled anew with praying, chanting Jews.  It
reminded me of  Ezekiel's vision of dry bones rising from the dead full of
life once more.   They destroy, and we rebuild.  So it has been for every
generation of Jews.
That Europeans, who killed and tortured our families with unprecedented
barbarism, destroying one-third of the Jewish people, do not rejoice at what
we have done with our little country, but instead do all they can to see us
die again, shows me all their tears over our dead are fake, all their
Holocaust memorials empty shells.  That Americans, who did nothing to  stop
the trains to Auschwitz or to destroy the gas chambers, should ask us to
prove our desire for peace by appeasing our enemies, leading to more of our
beautiful sons and daughters being killed, shows me that America too has not
learned its history lessons.

There exists no comfort for the loss of our children as soldiers fighting
just wars.  But there is even less comfort for the loss of our children at
the hands of slaughterers, terrorists, and evil regimes.  Our young soldiers
have given their lives to save us from that.  May God bless their memories,
and comfort their families.  We owe them everything that makes our lives in
this world as Jews possible. Let's remember that more than one day a year.


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