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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Australia: What Madame Gillard did and said she thought BEFORE she was appointed Prime Minister of Australia by the Union Movement & NSW Labor’s Political ASSASSINS on June 24 2010


Less than a week after a visit to Australia by Bejing’s second most powerful member of the Chinese Communist Party,Xi Jinping, Beijing’s highest ranking official in Australia, Lu Kewen aka.Australian Prime Minister Kevin 07 Rudd, has been deposed by the Australian Council of Trade Union’s (ACTU) financed Australian Labor Party, (ALP) from the office of Prime Minister of Australia.

Copy of Xi Jinping

China’s Communist Party’s second most powerful Communist Xi Jinping.

Lu Kewen’s replacement is Julia Gillard one of two daughters of Welsh assisted immigrants (Two Pound Pom’s) and Communist Party member parents,she has been a loyal and hard working member of the Socialist Cause for many of her forty eight years, she is single but has a relationship with a hairdresser,she is Australia’s first “Wommin” appointed to the office of Australian Prime Minister,by the ALP  and their revenue raisers,financers & bankers the ACTU.

Madame Gillard is one of only two members of the infamous Lu Kewen Labor Governments “Gang of Four” to escape demotion or will not re contest their position at the up coming federal election.

Deposed Prime Minister Lu Kewen aka. Kevin 07 Rudd has been banished to the back benches, Lyndsay Tanner, former Lu Kewen Government  Finance Minister, has indicated he will be leaving the Parliament voluntarily by not re contesting his seat at the up coming Federal election,former Lu Kewen Labor Government Treasurer,apologist and supporter, Wayne Swan, has been promoted to the office of Deputy Prime Minister. 

 Gillard Australian Story Great Wall China

“Madame Julia” Julia Gillard,Australia’s Union and Labor Party back room Thug appointed Prime Minister .

The above photo was deleted from the Australian Labor Party’s (ALP)publicly funded,publicity and propaganda arm,the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) Program web site for their successful show “Australian Story” (episode titled “She Who Waits”, broadcast 21 June 2010 ) following the appointment (on Thursday 24 June 2010)of Madame Gillard to the office of Prime Minister of Australia. by ALP back room Union and NSW ALP Political ASSASSINS.

25 6 2010 Australian Story web page

Prior to Madame Gillard’s appointment to the office of Australian Prime Minister on Thursday June 24 2010, by the Union financed ALP,the Australian Story web site contained a photo of Madame Gillard wearing the Chinese Communist Party uniform,with the Great Wall of China in the background, this photo has been removed for reasons best known to the ABC. It will be interesting to see if the ABC,edits the same photo from the video Australian Story entitled She Who Waits.

Andrew Bolt: More than just red hair

Andrew Bolt
Herald Sun
October 19, 2007 12:00AM

WHAT you were matters less than what you are, so it can't hurt Julia Gillard to admit her past -- and reject it. Then why won't she?

Fact: for at least eight years the deputy Labor leader was an official of the hard-Left Socialist Forum.

Here's how Melbourne University's archives describe her group:

"The Socialist Forum was established in 1984, initially by disaffected members of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA). Its membership included Australian Labor Party (ALP) members and political activists . . .

(Its) stated aim was to contribute to the development of democratic socialism in Australia . . ."

And one of its unstated aims was to help former communists join Labor.

Back then Gillard had no trouble admitting to that communist influence, writing in an SF pamphlet: "Around 45 of the forum's members left the Communist Party of Australia in the division of a year ago . . ."

She'd know. She not only wrote such pamphlets for the SF's 200 or more members, but worked until 1993 -- when she'd already become a lawyer -- as its organiser and then on its management committee.

The policies she pushed were the usual sandwich-board stuff: scrapping our US alliance, super-taxing the rich, introducing death duties, blah blah. But here's a novel one: twinning Melbourne with Leningrad -- renamed now, post-communism, St Petersburg.

Of course, most of us grow wiser with experience and -- note well, young radicals -- leave such heady but ruinous Leftism behind.

But has Gillard? It's a fair question to ask someone who wants to be our deputy prime minister, in charge of workplace "reform", especially when she's part of a Labor team of which some 70 per cent are ex-union officials.

But here's the troubling thing about her replies. Far from repudiating her past radicalism, she refuses to even admit to it. Here, for instance, is part of her interview on the ABC's Lateline program on Wednesday:

Video extract from interview between Lateline’s Tony Jones and Madame Gillard, October 17 2007 full interview here

Fabian Society

Gillard: I was a full-time university student and I had a part-time job for an organisation called Socialist Forum, which was a sort of debating society . . .

Interviewer: It wasn't a front organisation for communists?

Gillard: Certainly not. It was an organisation where people who identified themselves as progressives, some in the Labor Party, some outside the Labor Party, would come together and would talk about ideas. I did clerical and administrative work . . .

Good skills with that airbrush, Julia.

Gillard -- a long-time official and a leader of a group created by communists -- is transformed. In her new version, she becomes just a part-time typist in her "student days" for "progressives", who merely debated stuff. Her communists become simply people "outside the Labor Party".

That's neither frank nor, I suggest, quite honest. And when asked a direct question . . .

Interviewer: Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist Party?

Gillard: Tony, I think that question shows how silly all of this is getting, though I suspect in this interview, probably the Howard Government would think you're the dangerous radical. After all, I'm only from the Labor Party, you're from the ABC.

A "no" would have been shorter. But more importantly, can Gillard now own up to her past radicalism, and explain how she came to reject it?

After all, she's still of the Socialist Left and as Labor's health spokesman at the last election offered us the Whitlamesque Medicare Gold disaster, after choosing as her leader the anti-American Mark Latham. She has some reassuring to do.

Will Julia Gillard's past cause red faces?

Lincoln Wright
 Herald Sun
October 07, 2007 12:00AM

SCRAPPING the ANZUS treaty, twinning Melbourne with Leningrad and introducing a super-tax on the rich were among radical policies devised or backed by Julia Gillard as a student activist.

Labor's deputy leader was a key figure in a socialist group that pushed radical policies and social agendas in the 1980s and early '90s.


Comrade Julia: From activist to Deputy PM? Radical policies from a student Julia Gillard threaten to embarrass the opposition.  Source: Sunday Herald Sun 

Founded in 1984 as a pressure group within the ALP, the Socialist Forum also wanted to sever Australia's alliance with the US, remove the spy base at Pine Gap, introduce death duties and redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor.

The Sunday Herald Sun has gained access to the forum's archive - held in the Baillieu Library at the University of Melbourne.

The archive contains material revealing the radical past of Ms Gillard, including her links to former members of the Communist Party of Australia.

Ms Gillard, who could be Australia's next deputy prime minister, was on the management committee of the forum for many years. She acted as its public officer, secretary, and legal adviser on the drafting of its constitution.

Her signature is on liquor licence applications for the forum's social events, such as theatre nights.

In a pamphlet from the mid-1980s, Ms Gillard describes herself as a "socialist and a feminist" and someone who joined the ALP at 16.

"Contrary to what may have been suggested, Socialist Forum is not a secret organisation nor is it a sub-caucus with the Socialist Left," Ms Gillard says in the pamphlet.

"The members of the forum are drawn from varied backgrounds. Around 45 of the forum's members left the Communist Party of Australia in the division of a year ago and about 80 are members of the ALP. The largest group are not members of any political party."

The 200-plus member forum sought to influence Bob Hawke's Labor government, especially on foreign and economic policy, through the free discussion of ideas.

One key document is the 1985 "Pine Gap - Planning a Strategy", drafted by Philip Hind, who recommends a long-term policy of abrogating the ANZUS Treaty, removing Pine Gap and eventually closing all US bases.

Mr Hind visited the former Soviet Union and came back praising the reforms of president Mikhail Gorbachev. He recommended stronger ties with the USSR, including making Melbourne a sister city of Leningrad (now St Petersburg).

The archive also reveals the forum's debate over tax policy was based on a Communist Party tax pamphlet titled "A Case for Radical Tax Reform".

"We argue that there is only one effective way to reform the tax system, by a sweeping redistribution of the tax burden which now hits hardest at low and middle-income earners," the pamphlet says.

Health Minister Tony Abbott has accused Ms Gillard of erasing her radical past and her links to the forum.

Yesterday, Ms Gillard said she could not remember the forum discussing radical policies. "It did not adopt policy positions and I don't remember any of the papers being referred to," she said.

Archive shows radical Gillard

Labor's deputy leader was a key figure in a socialist group that pushed radical policies and social agendas in the 1980s and early '90s.

The Socialist Forum, founded in 1984 as a pressure group within the Labor Party, also wanted to sever Australia's alliance with the US, remove the spy base at Pine Gap, introduce death duties and redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor.

The Sunday Mail has gained access to the forum's archive containing material which reveals Ms Gillard's radical past, including her links to former members of the Communist Party of Australia.

She was on the management committee of the forum for many years and acted as its secretary and legal adviser on the drafting of its constitution.

Health Minister Tony Abbott has accused Ms Gillard of erasing her radical past and her links to the forum.

Her Who's Who entry for 2006 contained no mention of her role in the Socialist Forum.

Yesterday Ms Gillard said she could not remember it discussing radical policies.

"The aim of Socialist Forum was to foster debate amongst progressive Australians and consequently it distributed, for the purpose of discussion, the writings of many authors," she said.

"From the summary of the papers provided I do not endorse their content now and would not have endorsed their content in 1985 as a 24-year-old."


Julia Gillard has denied being a communist

DEPUTY Opposition leader Julia Gillard said today she was not a communist and never had been.

But she said at the same time as she was a member of the group Socialist Forum, Treasurer Peter Costello was flirting with the Social Democrats, a group that also included socialists.

Ms Gillard accused the Government and Mr Costello in particular of running a pretty silly scare campaign.

Ms Gillard agreed her membership of Socialist Forum had continued while seeking Labor preselection. She entered federal politics in 1998.

“My membership of Socialist Forum did continue for a period but let's be very clear about what Socialist Forum was. It was a debating society that ultimately amalgamated with the Fabian Society,” she told Channel 10 today.

“The Fabian Society of course has been around, well, forever. It has been in British politics before it was in Australian politics.”

The Government has persistently attacked Labor for the number of unionists within its ranks, accusing it of being anti-business.

Treasurer Peter Costello said Ms Gillard was a union lawyer and organiser for Socialist Forum, an extreme left wing group which included remnants of the communist party.

Ms Gillard said, interestingly, it had now been revealed Mr Costello was himself hanging out in a group called the Social Democrats when he was at university.

She said that organisation brought together various people including those who described themselves as socialist.

“So if we all want to go back to people's university days and talk about when Peter Costello was flirting with joining the Labor Party, when Brendan Nelson was in the Labor Party, it's going to be a pretty silly debate,” she said.

Ms Gillard said Socialist Forum was never part of the Labor Party.

“We would bring people together for discussions. It would periodically publish papers that would be there for people to consider, the kind of stuff that the Fabian Society does today,” she said.

Asked outright if she was a communist, she replied, laughing:

“No of course not and guess what I never was, despite Peter Costello's obsessive and silly fantasy,” she said.

“Let's be real about this. We are talking about an election in 2007, an election where we are presenting policies and plans for this nation's future.”

Ms Gillard said Prime Minister John Howard and his Government were obsessed by the past.

She said Mr Costello actually thought it appropriate to spend days talking about events nearly 20 years ago at a time when he was in a group called the Social Democrats.

“That silliness is irrelevant,” she said. “I reckon it has got a scare campaign and a pretty dumb one.”

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