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Warning to all Muslims the world over seeking asylum and protection from the manifestations of their faith.
Do not under any circumstances come to Australia, for we are a Nation founded upon Judeo Christian Law and principles and as such Australia is an anathema to any follower of the Paedophile Slave Trader Mohammad's cult of Islam.
There is no ideology more hated and despised in Australia than Islam.You simply would not like it here.
Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
Voltaire French author, humanist, rationalist, & satirist (1694 - 1778)
Those who demand you believe that Islam is a Religion of Peace also demand you believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming.
Aussie News & Views Jan 1 2009
"But Communism is the god of discontent, and needs no blessing. All it needs is a heart willing to hate, willing to call envy “justice."
Equality then means the violent destruction of all social and cultural distinctions. Freedom means absolute dictatorship over the people."
Take Hope from the Heart of Man and you make him a Beast of Prey
“ If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.
“There may be even a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves”
Winston Churchill. Pg.310 “The Hell Makers” John C. Grover ISBN # 0 7316 1918 8
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant; if what is said is not what is meant, then what must be done remains undone; if this remains undone, morals and art will deteriorate; if justice goes astray, the people will stand about in helpless confusion. Hence there must be no arbitrariness in what is said.
This matters above everything.
'a socialist is communist without the courage of conviction to say what he really is'.
Hontar: We must work in the world, your eminence. The world is thus.
Altamirano: No, Señor Hontar. Thus have we made the world... thus have I made it.
Voltaire said: “If you want to know who rules over you, just find out who you are not permitted to criticize.”

--------Check this out, what an Bum WOW!!!!

When those sworn to destroy you,Communism, Socialism,"Change you can Believe in" via their rabid salivating Mongrel Dog,Islam,take away your humanity, your God given Sanctity of Life, Created in His Image , If you are lucky this prayer is maybe all you have left, If you believe in God and his Son,Jesus Christ, then you are, despite the evils that may befall you are better off than most.

Lord, I come before You with a heavy heart. I feel so much and yet sometimes I feel nothing at all. I don't know where to turn, who to talk to, or how to deal with the things going on in my life. You see everything, Lord. You know everything, Lord. Yet when I seek you it is so hard to feel You here with me. Lord, help me through this. I don't see any other way to get out of this. There is no light at the end of my tunnel, yet everyone says You can show it to me. Lord, help me find that light. Let it be Your light. Give me someone to help. Let me feel You with me. Lord, let me see what You provide and see an alternative to taking my life. Let me feel Your blessings and comfort. Amen.
"The chief weapon in the quiver of all Islamist expansionist movements, is the absolute necessity to keep victims largely unaware of the actual theology plotting their demise. To complete this deception, a large body of ‘moderates’ continue to spew such ridiculous claims as “Islam means Peace” thereby keeping non-Muslims from actually reading the Qur’an, the Sira, the Hadith, or actually looking into the past 1400 years of history. Islamists also deny or dismiss the concept of ‘abrogation’, which is the universal intra-Islamic method of replacing slightly more tolerable aspects of the religion in favor of more violent demands for Muslims to slay and subdue infidels"


Anthropogenic Global Warming SCAM

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Alan Jones and Andrew Scipione discuss the Assassination of Mr Curtis Cheng by Koran Inspired Muslim Sociopath.


Turkey’s PM Erdogan: The term “moderate Islam” is ugly and offensive — Islam is Islam

Alan Jones and Andrew Scipione discuss the recent murder of Curtis Cheng and the subsequent refusal of  Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull to call Islamic Terrorissm,Islamic Terrorism.

Hand your country over to Savages and line up for a Nobel Peace Prize

Hand the most prosperous nation in Europe over to Hoards of Godless Savages protected by the cloak of the United Nation's Multicultural Star Chamber, these days places you in the front running for a Nobel Peace Prize.

It's very hard to go to Jail in Queensland,Australia.

Soft SentencesDrug dealers, serial drink drivers, thieves and even men who beat women. They're among the dangerous criminals who have been lucky enough to escape with relatively soft sentences.

Salim Mehajer charged with intimidation over alleged threats against father of Lindt Cafe siege survivor.Video

The Auburn deputy mayor who made headlines around the world for his lavish wedding and outlandish political ambitions has been charged with allegedly intimidating the father of a Sydney siege survivor.

Salim Mehajer is now accused of threatening the family of a Sydney siege survivor. His colleagues, once again, say he has brought shame on their council.

Salim Mehajer to be charged over alleged threats he made against the father of one of the Lindt siege survivors

Police lay charges against Salim Mehajer over alleged threats he made against the father of one of the Lindt siege survivors

The Daily Telegraph
October 8 2015

Salim Mehajer is now accused of threatening the family of a Sydney siege survivor. His colleagues, once again, say he has brought shame on their council.

POLICE are preparing to lay charges relating to intimidation against Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer over alleged threats he made against the father of one of the Lindt siege survivors.

Mehajer, whose lavish wedding outraged the city in August, allegedly threatened Bruce Herat at a gym in Burwood on September 16.

Bruce Herat, whose son Joel was one of the Lindt Cafe workers taken hostage by terrorist Man Monis last December, accused Salim Mehajer of threatening his children after he asked the deputy mayor to stop dropping weights on the floor of Anytime Fitness.

Mr Mehajer allegedly said he would “find out where you live and have your kids kidnapped” following the confrontation.

The Daily Telegraph understands Burwood police are planning to charge Mr Mehajer today and also slap him with an AVO.

It is expected Mr Mehajer will be issued a court attendance notice for a future court date.

Australia's Leaders and Police lying about Islamic ASSASSIN Farhad Jabar’s Motivation for Killing Mr Curtis Cheng.

Police and politicians lying about what inspired Farhad Jabar’s Parramatta police shooting

Andrew Bolt
Herald Sun
October 7, 2015

THEY treat us like fools. Police and politicians are telling untruths about what inspired Farhad Jabar to kill.

Those untruths are meant to build trust with Muslim Australians, which we need. But everyone else will wonder: “What other lies are we being told?”

Consider: Iranian-born Jabar went from his mosque to the Parramatta police station where he shot a Buddhist accountant and shouted “Allahu akbar” — Allah is the greatest. In his backpack was a letter reportedly containing Islamist extremist literature.

Police have raided Farhad’s mosque and are checking sermons given there. They are also investigating an alleged ring of sympathisers of the Islamic State, which quotes the Koran to legitimise the murder of nonbelievers.

“Kill the polytheists wherever you find them,” goes one such passage in Islam’s holiest text.

Yet police and ministers of the Turnbull Government still pretend this murder was not religiously inspired, but politically.

“This appears to have been an act of politically motivated violence,” claimed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop agreed this was “a politically motivated killing”.

Even NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione repeated this deception: “We believe (Farhad’s) actions were politically motivated and therefore linked to terrorism.”

Excuse me, but what political party did Farhad represent? Who is this “Allah” — a candidate at the next federal election?

Deputy Police Commissioner Nick Kaldas kept up the act on the ABC’s 7.30, claiming Muslim youths such as Farhad were “doing this simply as a way to rebel”.

“In a sense, they’re not really religiously driven. I wouldn’t say they’ve studied the Koran and come to some firm views … It is a rebellion.”

True, many children of all faiths rebel, but most don’t rebel by shooting or stabbing our police, or supporting terrorist groups that slaughter unbelievers and hack off heads.

That’s a script we don’t see Buddhist or Presbyterian Australians following. But it is one followed by hundreds of Muslim Australians, who quote the Koran in justification.

Yet the Government won’t discuss the links between Islam and terrorism, saying it is determined to “reach out” to Muslim Australians.

But keeping quiet about Islam doesn’t merely take the pressure off Muslim leaders to reform their faith. (Anyone heard from the Grand Mufti?) It destroys the trust of other Australians in the authorities meant to protect them, not least when choosing who to let into our country.

The Government’s policies left even the usually frank Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs, performing strange contortions in my interview with her on 2GB on Tuesday.

Full interview and comment with Steve Price and Andrew Bolt

Bolt: Why is Malcolm Turnbull — and Julie Bishop and Andrew Scipione — calling what happened politically motivated violence when the boy was shouting “Allah” when he shot the unfortunate police accountant?

Fierravanti-Wells: Well, Andrew, I think the Prime Minister today … referred to it as politically motivated and then said “and that’s terrorism”.

Bolt: Yes, the word that is missing here is “religious”.

Fierravanti-Wells: Well, Andrew I think there will be things that are going to come out as part of the inquiry …

Bolt: I find it amazing that … the Government keeps calling it a politically motivated attack and not a religious one and I just want to know why.

Fierravanti-Wells: I think, Andrew, that this is an ongoing investigation … Look, there is no doubt that the motivation is a very important issue. People want to know what motivates a 15-year-old boy to walk down a street ...

Bolt: Shouting “Allah”.

Fierravanti-Wells: ... shouting whatever he is alleged to have shouted.

Bolt: You see, you can’t even say what he is alleged to have shouted. He shouted “Allah”.

Fierravanti-Wells: He shouted what he shouted and did this and it is really important that we do understand what is the motivation.

Get the impression the Government actually has no interest in the motivation if it’s Islam?

Notice how it prefers to talk about everything but — about the “marginalisation” of Muslim youths, the “divisive” language of former prime minister Tony Abbott, the need to “engage” Muslim parents, the creation of more “deradicalisation” programs.

Easy stuff. But largely peripheral stuff. It’s like searching under a street light for your lost key, because it’s too dark where you actually dropped it.

Yes, I understand the Government doesn’t want to alienate the many law-abiding Muslims. It does not want rednecks hitting back. It needs the trust of Muslim parents to help stop radicals.

Yet much of this treats the symptoms, not the cause.

And for many Australians, the deceitful language suggests our politicians lack the courage to even name that cause, let alone confront it.


WARNING: our universities are breeding a generation of totalitarians determined to shut down debates.

Take the University of NSW. Its Student Representative Council demanded other students cancel a lecture this week by former defence minister Kevin Andrews.

Andrews was against same-sex marriage, complained SRC president Billy Bruffey, and that would “cause UNSW students to feel victimised and isolated”.

Besides, “Andrews’ views do not conform with those of the University or its students”. Really? Andrews’ views conform with not one of the students’? And by what right does Bruffey stop students from hearing different arguments and deciding for themselves?

Yet how often we now see this effrontery. In South Australia, the Flinders University Student Association’s head declared she was “repulsed” by the proposal to have Danish academic Bjorn Lomborg set up a think tank at the university. Lomborg, she claimed, would run “a climate change denial centre on campus” putting out “Right-wing junk”.

I don’t know if she bothered to listen to the renowned academic she wants to ban because she’d know he was no “denier”. He merely believes the planet is warming less than once predicted, a fact the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change admits.

He also believes it’s not smart to spend trillions on “solutions” that make little difference to the temperature. But that important debate is now impossible on many campuses. In fact, students and staff at the University of Western Australia stopped Lomborg’s centre from opening there, falsely accusing him of “bad science”.

But global warmists aren’t the only ideological stormtroopers.

Socialist Alternative protesters have howled down a lecture at Melbourne University by former Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella and assaulted Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop at Sydney University.

In May, also at Sydney University, students, backed by two academics, burst into a lecture by retired British colonel Richard Kemp, chanting, “Richard Kemp, you can’t hide, you support genocide”. Kemp’s crime? To argue that Israel had tried very hard to avoid civilian casualties in its war with Hamas.

Watch out. Today’s campus totalitarians are tomorrow’s politicians, judges and journalists and our free speech is already in danger. We’ve seen even the Turnbull Government ban an American who had been booked to speak here against abortion.

Who will be silenced next?

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