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Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
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Equality then means the violent destruction of all social and cultural distinctions. Freedom means absolute dictatorship over the people."
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“There may be even a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves”
Winston Churchill. Pg.310 “The Hell Makers” John C. Grover ISBN # 0 7316 1918 8
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant; if what is said is not what is meant, then what must be done remains undone; if this remains undone, morals and art will deteriorate; if justice goes astray, the people will stand about in helpless confusion. Hence there must be no arbitrariness in what is said.
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'a socialist is communist without the courage of conviction to say what he really is'.
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Voltaire said: “If you want to know who rules over you, just find out who you are not permitted to criticize.”

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Lord, I come before You with a heavy heart. I feel so much and yet sometimes I feel nothing at all. I don't know where to turn, who to talk to, or how to deal with the things going on in my life. You see everything, Lord. You know everything, Lord. Yet when I seek you it is so hard to feel You here with me. Lord, help me through this. I don't see any other way to get out of this. There is no light at the end of my tunnel, yet everyone says You can show it to me. Lord, help me find that light. Let it be Your light. Give me someone to help. Let me feel You with me. Lord, let me see what You provide and see an alternative to taking my life. Let me feel Your blessings and comfort. Amen.
"The chief weapon in the quiver of all Islamist expansionist movements, is the absolute necessity to keep victims largely unaware of the actual theology plotting their demise. To complete this deception, a large body of ‘moderates’ continue to spew such ridiculous claims as “Islam means Peace” thereby keeping non-Muslims from actually reading the Qur’an, the Sira, the Hadith, or actually looking into the past 1400 years of history. Islamists also deny or dismiss the concept of ‘abrogation’, which is the universal intra-Islamic method of replacing slightly more tolerable aspects of the religion in favor of more violent demands for Muslims to slay and subdue infidels"


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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rudd’s Australia : Proscribed Muslim Terrorist Group permitted to hold HATE FEST in Sydney July 4 2010


Muslim Conference

Hizb ut- Tahrir

When our Federal attorney general is not writing character references for Iranian spy Sheikh Mansour Leghaei that ASIO deems to be a threat to our National Security, his Labor Party is allowing these Islamic Terrorists / Supporters to gather like a pack of Jackals at their Sydney head quarters, 12 Bridge Street Lidcombe in the heart of the Labor Party created, Sydney’s Occupied Territories, to consort and conspire to further the objectives of their Islamic Terrorist Organization.

Good Work Australian Labor Party and your financiers the Australian Council of Trade Unions, Australia’s “Working Families” really appreciate the great work you are doing.

Islams maddest of Islamic dogs down under enunciates " for military coups and revolutions to overthrow non-Muslim governments worldwide"
Islamist leader in call for revolution

Natalie O'Brien
The Australian
September 26, 2007

THE mysterious sheik behind the Australian chapter of Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir has revealed the organisation's support for military coups and revolutions to overthrow non-Muslim governments worldwide.
Ismail Al Wahwah, who was little known until last month when he was banned from a Hizb ut-Tahrir conference in Indonesia, spoke out on an Arabic radio program that revealed him as the "active member" of the group in Australia.

In an interview conducted in Arabic on SBS radio last month, he attacked the West's lack of values and backed the use of suicide bombings in Iraq and Palestine, even if they killed Australians.
"I say any occupied people have the responsibility to defend their country," he said in the interview, which The Australian had translated into English. "The victim ... should not be asked how he is defending himself."

Sheik Wahwah is understood to be the unofficial leader of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Australia. The Australian has obtained the first pictures of the man widely known in the Muslim community as Abu Anas.
Hizb ut-Tahrir's media spokesman, Wassim Doureihi, denied the sheik was the group's leader in Australia, saying Sheik Wahwah was a senior member and that his brother, Ashraf, a civil engineer at North Sydney Council, was the official leader.

But Sheik Wahwah is sent to address senior members of the Islamic community in Sydney on behalf of Hizb ut-Tahrir, and he was Australia's representative for the Indonesian conference.
On the radio program, he was introduced as the "active member" of the party - a statement he did not correct.

Hizb ut-Tahrir is a secretive organisation known as the Party of Islamic Liberation, which advocates the destruction of Western civilisation and the overthrow of governments and their replacement by Islamic rule.
The group is banned in Europe, China and Saudi Arabia, but remains legal in Britain and Australia, actively pushing the idea of a Muslim rule.
It has been investigated by ASIO but there is not enough evidence to proscribe it as a terrorist organisation. Five years ago, most Western observers did not consider Hizb ut-Tahrir a serious threat, but its influence has grown and it now has a presence in about 45 countries.

Sheik Wahwah has refused to speak to the mainstream media in Australia.
In his radio interview, he said the allegations that the failed London bomb plotters were linked to Hizb ut-Tahrir was another example of the clash of civilisations and the West's dropping of one of its most basic values - the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.
Sheik Wahwah expressed support for violent means to overthrow governments to achieve the group's aim of a caliphate.
He said if nations did not respond to the wishes of their people, the people should use all the powers they had, including the army, to usurp the rulers.
"It is up to the Ummah (community) to sort out its own matter with these rulers and remove their ruler in a public manner," he said.
"It could be such as a public revolution, public disobedience or a military coup ...
"We are in the front line with the Ummah. We don't engage in militant activities. Our case is to make the case of Islam the case of the Ummah."


Terror Australis:Wassim Doureihi Hizb ut-Tahrir wants a Caliphate

Hizb ut-Tahrir wants a Caliphate

By Wassim Doureihi
Daily Telegraph
July 12, 2007 12:00am

THE debate over Hizb ut-Tahrir has proven to be nothing more than a poorly scripted melodrama.
Hizb ut-Tahrir is a global Islamic political party working to re-establish the Islamic Caliphate within the Muslim world.

Since its inception in 1953, Hizb ut-Tahrir has been subject to the severest of repression by tyrants in the Muslim world. Our members have been consistently persecuted, imprisoned, tortured and murdered.
Despite operating under the most horrendous conditions, Hizb ut-Tahrir continues to oppose all forms of tyranny and dictatorship exclusively through intellectual and political means and in fact considers violence a violation of Islamic law.

Hizb ut-Tahrir's courageous stance in mobilising public opinion in the Muslim world has earned it the universal support of Muslim masses and caused widespread consternation among its opponents.
Hizb ut-Tahrir is now being targeted in the West for three primary reasons: The party continues to courageously expose the crimes of Western governments to a global audience; it unrelentingly challenges the West's neo-liberal interventionist policies in the Muslim world and it works to present Islam as an ideological alternative to Western secular capitalism as a model of governance in the Muslim world.
Critics of Hizb ut-Tahrir are desperately seeking to suppress debate. Our opposition to the illegal state of Israel, for instance, is howled down as anti-Semitism, our displeasure at the West's foreign policy labelled subversion, our challenge to Western-backed dictators characterised as rebellion, our work to generate political awareness described as radicalisation and our call for the affairs of the Muslim world to be governed by Islam branded as extremism.

Governments have even lent sympathetic ears to opportunistic individuals parroting the established government narrative by seeking to draw spurious and unfounded links between Hizb ut-Tahrir and recent events in London and Glasgow.

In the last century, Western governments conducted a brutal and unashamedly interventionist policy in the Muslim world which wreaked havoc on local populations through military occupation, economic exploitation and political repression.
But despite the concerted effort to demonise and silence Hizb ut-Tahrir, we will continue a serious and open debate on the way forward for the Muslim world.
* Wassim Doureihi is the media representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia

Muslim first, Australian second, so leave us alone

By Lee Glendinning and Tom Allard
July 25, 2005

Wassim Doureihi

                                                                                           "I don't choose where I was born" … Wassim Doureihi

Westerners must leave Muslim lands if they want to safeguard themselves against terrorist attacks, says the Sydney leader of the global Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir, Wassim Doureihi.

Although Mr Doureihi says his group espouses non-violence, he warns Australia to "stop interfering in Islamic land, stop enforcing rules over Muslims and allow the Muslims to assume their own political destiny … If we are really serious about protecting the lives of the people in Australia, if you want to remove the possibility of these actions occurring within these countries, then remove the original injustice."

Hizb ut-Tahrir came under scrutiny yesterday after a report it was launching a recruitment drive in Sydney and was linked to one of the London bombers. But Mr Doureihi, 28, an accountant, vehemently denied a London link.

"The Islamic position is very clear - that is, Islam condemns the killing of innocent non-combatants whether it's in London or Iraq," he said at the rented room at Greenacre where his group meets on Friday nights.

However, leaflets handed out to members refer to the "war on Islam being reignited", leading to accusations of inflammatory language. "It's very ironic," Mr Doureihi said, "that certain groups can be targeted with words they use, when at the same time bombs are being dropped on entire villages and yet the world hasn't arisen to condemn that."
He does not believe Muslims can co-exist with Western society. Asked, then, why he chose to stay in Australia, he said: "I was born in this country. I don't choose where I was born … I consider myself as a Muslim first and foremost."

Hizb ut-Tahrir supports a transnational regime under Sharia law. It is banned in a number of Middle Eastern countries, but it is not a proscribed terrorist organisation in Australia, the US or Britain.

The president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, Dr Ameer Ali, said: "Whenever we come across any groups like this, who are openly, blatantly advocating violence, we bring them to the notice of the law-enforcing authorities."

However, Keysar Trad, a founder of the Australian Islamic Friendship Association, said the group was "non-integrationist but not violent".

He does not believe Muslims can co-exist with Western society. Well he‘s  got that right at least.




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