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Winston Churchill. Pg.310 “The Hell Makers” John C. Grover ISBN # 0 7316 1918 8
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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Judge claims Psychologists' reports on criminals are too similar ........Gee Who Da Thunk It Possible?

I have had first hand experience with Psychiatrist's in the Supreme Court of NSW, in a case that lasted in excess of eight years.

These "experts" are,in far too many cases, self appointed activists,social change merchants / agents, who will write reports conducive to whatever outcome they deem suitable to the case and their progressive social agenda.

In my case the "social change progressive" was outed in the witness box under cross examination by my Barrister, who elicited admissions, among many others of
 Barrister XXXXXX 

Question :

 'is it true that at the time of writing and completing this report relied upon by the defendant, sworn and written by you and submitted to the court as an affidavit you had  yet to meet or interview XXXXX, the subject of this report contained in the affidavit' ? "Expert Psychiarist" Dr XXXXXXX

Answer : Yes 

There was much much more damning testimony under oath, however it is too difficult to write here without revealing identities of plaintiff deponents.

I have not and at this time will not seek a lifting of a 'Closed Court" order so as to enable public access to the NSW  Supreme Court proceedings initiated by myself.

The defendants "Expert Psychiarist" shortly after this admission under oath of the Supreme Court of NSW, was the Camera Hogging Boastful Star Witness,informant,of an Australian National Current Affairs program, alleging all sorts of "wrongs" against the NSW Health Commission regarding the funding and other "goings on" of an XXXXXX program for youths and children. Viewers of the story were outraged, and rightly so, after listening to the expert allegations of the caring and sharing Dr XXXXXXXX .

Approximately a week later the subjects of the caring and sharing Dr XXXXXXX damning allegations were answered one by one  by the NSW Health Commission on the same National Current Affairs program.

During the refutations of the "Expert Psychiarist" Dr XXXXXXXX by the NSW Health Commissions representative, it was revealed that the "Expert Psychiarist" Dr XXXXXXXX bank account was in fact the real victim of the due diligence of the NSW Health Commission and that the "Expert Psychiarist" Dr XXXXXXXX "victims" were in fact better off, free of the input,caring and sharing of  "Expert Psychiarist" Dr XXXXXXXX "

The allegations of "Expert Psychiarist" Dr XXXXXXXX "were refuted by the representative in their entirety, the National Current Affairs program accepted those refutations as been the truth.

At the time of my commencing proceedings as a plaintiff in my matter the "Expert Psychiarist Dr XXXXX"  was well known in legal circles as "Liar for Hire" Mr Mrs Miss Ms Dr XXXXX aka. Liar for Hire, was an inhabitant of what is known a "Red Square" a part of Sydney's XXXXXX Street  Professional, Medical and Legal Hub.

During the course of my litigation (over 8 years in the Supreme Court of NSW) I was threatened / intimidated by the "Expert Psychiarist Dr XXXXX" repeated use of whoever the Supreme Court Judge  listed to hear my matter was,first name been used over and over during the course of our discussions and suggestions that J.XXXXXX and that "Expert Psychiarist Dr XXXXX" and J.XXXXXX had by coincidence recently attended a BBQ at the home of another J. XXXXX who had heard interlocutory proceedings in my litigation.

This intimidation was not confined to  "Expert Psychiarist Dr XXXXX" it was on one occasion used by the head of the XXXXXX  mediation / counselling service.
I was told that my action had no merit in THEIR opinion regardless of my sworn testimony under oath and that same testimony surviving cross examination by NSW Government appointed and tax payer funded lawyers, and as such should not be considered by the Supreme Court of NSW, and that I should reconsider the errors of my ways.

The various Judges of the Supreme Court of NSW who heard from the first day of hearing my various motions accepted my evidence and that of the NSW Supreme Court appointed expert witness and others who gave testimony on my behalf, not only in the first instance in a  Court of a different jurisdiction, but in the first and subsequent hearings of 18 or was it 21? appearances over 8 plus years in the NSW Supreme Court.

Despite my never having a Justice of the Supreme Court of NSW ruling against me,I was forced to appear in the Supreme Court of NSW Court no less than eighteen (maybe 21) times because of Progressive Activist Caring and Sharing Expert Psychiarist's  and Social Justice Activists Experts and Hangers On like  Dr XXXXX.

The Supreme Court of NSW is, in my opinion and based on my experience, an honest up front joint, no judge or staff member I had dealings with left me with anything to be desired.

The problems I had with Justice in NSW was with the self appointed hangers on,the "Social Justice" Bludgers (Pimps) and Parasites, the XXXXX Collective Co Operative, the 'We know what's best for you" Tax payer funded Bludgers, the "Clergy" NSW Legal Aid "Progressive" Gate Keepers, and their assorted tax dollar drip feeding hangers on, ever willing to fight the good fight on behalf of "the revolution" all funded by the NSW Tax Payer.

The Defendant in my case,was fully funded by the NSW State Government and its numerous tax payer funded, collective co operative, affirmative action, social justice, equality now, all cultures beliefs religions actions behaviours are equal,Blah Blah Blah Blah Departments.

I was blessed by been represented by a man who is no longer with us, he was a fighter he had been dealt the shit end of the stick at age 14 and despite this refused to give up on life he went on to become a successful Lawyer despite having too many clients like me who could more often than not pay him for his services.

He is no longer with us, he passed away, way to soon,as a consequence of the events that befell him at age 14.
He smoked he swore he had a beautiful wife and three children and at times was a total befuddlement to me, but mostly he was a source of inspiration, knowledge and wisdom, along with the four Barristers that he engaged on my behalf, two of whom went on to become Judges of the NSW Supreme Court and another an Australian Federal Court Judge.

Thankfully for me I am still with us, ok ok enough of your applause.

My advice (for what its worth) for anyone up against an "Expert Psychiarist" like  the NSW Government Funded  Dr XXXXXXX, ask yourself how important is the success of your case? 
What is the worst outcome if you do not succeed ?

In Australia its best to NOT rely on Police or deal with the Legal System unless you have no alternative, Australia,despite its Justice public relations bull shit spin, for the average Anglo Saxon White Male / Female Heterosexual Employed Australian, I would never recommend engaging the Legal system, unless you are arrested stay away from it, it is NOT a Justice system it is a SOCIAL Justice system, a Progressive Left Ideological System and as such should be avoided at all costs unless compelled to do so.

In my case it was a life,that, like all lives could only be lived once, I was the ONLY one, who, if prepared to fight with everything available to me ,that,that life had the best opportunity available to LIVE as all AUSTRALIANS have a GOD GIVEN right to do so,in spite of the carers and sharers and social justice PIMPS demands.

THAT LIFE WON ..........He / She is living a Life in spite of the PROVEN Wicked Vicious Deliberate Lies and Fabrications of the Progressive Social Justice, Collective Co Operative, All Cultures Beliefs are Equal  Taxpayer Funded "Expert Psychiarist" Dr XXXXXXX and His / Her / Its Social Justice Groupies down at Legal Aid.


Psychologists' reports on criminals are too similar Judge claims

Exclusive The Sunday Telegraph
December 15,2013 

A JUDGE has criticised one of the state's prominent psychologists saying his reports on criminals are "virtually identical" with no explanation to back up his conclusions.

District Court Judge Peter Berman SC made the stinging assessment of Dr John Jacmon's "ability to assist the court" on multiple occasions when the psychologist submitted reports detailing the mental afflictions suffered by crooks being sentenced in his court.

Dr Jacmon told The Sunday Telegraph no other judges had a problem with his work and that many offenders he dealt with suffered from the same condition.

He said he wouldn't be changing his methods "just because one judge finds a problem".

The doctor has written reports for offenders sentenced by Judge Berman including a cocaine courier, two kidnappers and an appeal by Simon Munroe who killed a 15-year-old by injecting her with heroin.

Psychologists are often hired by lawyers to give evidence of subjective features, including mental conditions, to help explain a criminal's behaviour.

The report may impact the severity of the criminal's sentence or could see them recommended for medical treatment instead of jail.

According to Judge Berman, Dr Jacmon's reports are mostly identical in saying the offenders suffered from "impaired judgment" because they didn't consider the consequences of their actions.

On October 4, Judge Berman told a hearing: "Almost every report of his I have ever read suggests that 'the offender's actions ... indicated markedly diminished capacity for judgment because there appeared to be little thought given to the consequences'.

"The second problem with Dr Jacmon's report is that there is little or no explanation as to how he has drawn conclusions," the judge told the court.

Dr Jacmon told The Sunday Telegraph his reports averaged "30-40 pages" and his findings were all backed by evidence.

He said several conditions were common to many offenders.

"If a person has got the same disorder (as someone else) I can't say that in any other way - If they've got depression, they've got depression," he said. "It's probably because (Judge Berman) sees a lot of my reports - I'm very popular around town.

"I've had no other problems from other judges ... you can't please everyone," he said.

Prominent psychologist Tim Watson-Munro said it was likely the judge was matching the expectations of the community by setting a high bar for what mitigating factors should be accepted when sentencing criminals.

"We are in a time when the community is very cynical about sentencing," he said.

On December 10, 2010, Judge Berman opened the possibility of being disqualified from hearing a sentencing because he was critical of Dr Jacmon's reports.

He told the court: "every single" report by Dr Jacmon said the offenders' actions featured "impaired judgment" with "little thought given to the consequences".

"One wonders how Dr Jacmon would treat any offending behaviour by an individual ... where there is a risk of being detected," he told another hearing in November 2008.

"Dr Jacmon seems to be saying that anyone who commits a crime has impaired judgment because they might get caught," he told a September 2009 hearing for two kidnappers.

"I do not accept that opinion at all. Many offenders adopt a completely rational thought process."

In a 2008 case where Simon Munroe killed a teen girl with heroin, Dr Jacmon submitted Munroe took drugs to ease the stress from being sexually assaulted.

Judge Berman told the court the doctor's submission had no relevance given Munroe was being sentenced for killing a 15-year-old girl with heroin, not drug supply.

Judge Berman declined to comment.


Sydney's Occupied Terrirtories Labor Green Loon VOTE People, Sarkhel Rokhzayi granted BAIL and Let Out On A Street Near You

Let Out On A Street Near You

Yoni Bashan State Political Reporter
The Sunday Telegraph Pg. 33
December 15,2013

A RARE Supreme Court appeal will be launched by the Director of Public Prosecutions after a man accused of supplying guns used by the Brothers For Life gang in an attempted murder was granted bail.

The Sunday Telegraph can reveal the DPP is seeking the urgent appeal after Sarkhel Rokhzayi, 22, a Brothers For Life (BFL) associate, was given bail on Wednesday.
Rokhzayi is accused of supplying a sawn-off shotgun and revolver to three members of BFL — Jamil Qaumi, 21, Mobin Merzaei, 22, and Wahed Karimi, 18 — who then allegedly used the weapons to ambush three gang rivals at West Terrace, Bankstown, on November 8.

Despite the court hearing of a previous conviction for assault and facing 15 charges ranging from being an accessory before the fact, possessing prohibited weapons and supplying prohibited weapons, which carry a presumption against bail, Rokhzayi was allowed to go free.

The decision prompted outrage among police who had only weeks earlier been praised by the NSW Government for their work taking down the BFL gang. After the matter was raised by The Sunday Telegraph, Attorney General Greg Smith announced an urgent appeal would be lodged against the bail decision in the Supreme Court.

“The DPP opposed bail in this case and will be seeking an urgent review of the decision by the Supreme Court,” Mr Smith said.
“Under the new Bail Act, the protection of the community will be a primary concern for the granting of bail.”

The development has also been welcomed by Premier Barry O’Farrell, who said the decision to grant bail was questionable. “I welcome the decision of the DPP to appeal this decision,” the Premier told The Sunday Telegraph.

“The community rightly expects judges and magistrates to support police who do an outstanding job arresting and laying charges against thugs involved in gang activity. Decisions like this show why our reforms to the bail system are needed.”

The arrest of Rokhzayi came 40 minutes after shots were fired at Bankstown’s Chokolatta cafe, injuring three members of the BFL gang.

The shooting was allegedly prompted by an internal feud between the gang’s Blacktown and Bankstown chapters.

The arrests of Merzaei, Karimi and Rokhzayi occurred when the firearms were allegedly being returned to Rokhzayi home in Parramatta. The court heard Rokhzayi, a Granville TAFE student, had migrated to Australia with his family seven years ago and his father had been a police officer in Northern Iraq.

He was released granted bail, the court heard, due to his community ties and limited criminal history.

Indonesian's desecrate Australian War Grave,HMAS Perth.

HMAS Perth: WWII warship grave stripped by salvagers

By Linton Besser, Dan Oakes and Norman Hermant
Fri 13 Dec 2013, 8:13pm 

Survivors, historians and Defence personnel have been horrified to discover that the wreck of HMAS Perth, which was sunk by the Japanese in 1942, is being destroyed by commercial salvagers in Indonesian waters.

Australian authorities have tried to keep the scandal a secret, fearing the issue might add fuel to the ongoing diplomatic tensions between Australia and Indonesia.

The warship, which sank in the Sunda Strait between Sumatra and Java, is the last resting place of as many as 355 Australian sailors who went down with the vessel after it was struck by multiple torpedoes.

But it has never been protected as an official war grave.

Australia and Indonesia are yet to ratify the UNESCO Convention on Underwater Cultural Heritage, a binding national treaty which would oblige both countries to protect such sites.

Since at least September, scuba divers have made official reports of large-scale damage to the wreck from a massive floating crane equipped with a salvage claw.

These reports have been made to the Australian embassy in Jakarta and to local officials in the Department of Environment and Heritage, and the Department of Defence.

'Extensive' wreck damage reported by divers

Several salvage barges have been spotted in the area, and one was photographed in October dredging up the carcass of a Dutch submarine - the O-16 - which sank off the coast of Malaysia.

Sam Collett, a professional diver based in the Philippines, told the ABC he last visited the wreck in September.

"Compared to previous trips I had made, the extent of commercial-scale salvaging was immediately obvious," he said.

"On the boat trip back to the marina in Anyer we passed a salvage barge with a crane and claw and a large pile of what appeared to be wreckage on the deck."

Andrew Fock, an expedition diver with a keen interest in HMAS Perth, said there was "extensive damage".

"As best we can tell from the video footage supplied, most of the superstructure - if not all of it - is gone, the guns from the forward turret, the A-turret are missing.

"The gun houses for the two front turrets are missing, and most of the upper deck... is missing.

"The catapult has been removed, the bridge has been removed, the crane has been removed."

Defence warns of mass salvaging, wants human remains protected

An official report was lodged with the Department of Defence in October detailing the damage. The report, seen by the ABC, said there was a strong possibility that human remains still exist within sections of the ship and that they risk being disturbed.

It warned action must be urgently taken to prevent further mass salvaging.

"It is probable that unless action is taken the salvers will return and continue to pull apart the wreck, especially if their previous efforts have been remunerative," the document said.

"It should be noted that any attempt to remove the exposed starboard armour belt would likely involve its supporting structure and prove catastrophic to the integrity of the remaining hull structure."

The ABC has seen other reports of the use of explosives by salvagers to break up the ship and make it easier to dredge.

In September, an Indonesian-based diver wrote: "The mid section above deck, where the bridge was, has been completely removed, the bow guns have been damaged by what appears to be explosives with the barrels missing and the tops peeled of [sic], the bow has collapsed completely."

"Although it is hard to be certain, but as the metal that was the superstructure is all missing and is not lying around as debris it looks although we could be wrong like purposeful attempt to salvage the steel."

The Defence report also made specific mention of risks posed by the fuel oil and ordnance on board the Perth.

The Indonesian-based diver did a second dive in September to confirm his findings. In an email, he reported that the vessel is now too "unstable" to allow divers to penetrate the interior of the ship.

"She has been hammered and the once impressive six inch A1 and A2 turrets are gone, the bow is flat and... the wreck is more hazardous than before - even for general swimming around, with lots of live ordinance, wire and overhanging metal."

"The explosions have unearthed a far amour [sic] of WW2 live rounds and what look like modern explosives (plastic flare shaped things) I assume from the salvage also appear to be lying about, be very careful what you poke in the sand/silt."

War veteran appalled by salvaging operations

Gavin Campbell is the last surviving officer of HMAS Perth. Now 92 years old and living a quiet life in Sydney’s suburbs, Mr Campbell became emotional at the news.

"I think it's appalling what's going on with my ship. It's something which should not be allowed to happen despite the fact there is no agreement between the two governments," he said.

"The remains of the crew are still there and should be treated as a war grave ... If the Navy and the government have been aware of it, shame on them for not taking action to stop it."

Pattie Wright, who wrote a biography of one of the warship's more famous survivors, Ray Parkin, has become a passionate advocate for the protection of the wreck.

"Canberra needs to claim this ship as a war grave," she said.

"It’s not different to the war graves in Villers-Bretonneux or Kokoda."

She suggested the Navy create a "tomb of the unknown sailor".

Ms Wright and Dr Fock have been planning a trip to the site in March next year to conduct a complete survey of the extent of the damage.

But any protection of the wreck or recovery of remains by Australian authorities relies on cooperation with the Indonesian government.

Officials in the departments of defence, the environment and veterans affairs have encouraged those who know about the issue to keep it quiet because of the ongoing diplomatic row between Canberra and Jakarta.

The HMAS Perth National Association is one such organisation which has been asked not to comment on the situation.

One Defence official reported recently by email.

"Navy is aware of the situation and have put up/are putting up a brief to the Minister. There are obviously limits to what Australia can do in someone else's territorial waters, so it will presumably come down to approaches to various Indonesian counterparts for their assistance."

The Department of Defence has not yet commented.

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