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Warning to all Muslims the world over seeking asylum and protection from the manifestations of their faith.
Do not under any circumstances come to Australia, for we are a Nation founded upon Judeo Christian Law and principles and as such Australia is an anathema to any follower of the Paedophile Slave Trader Mohammad's cult of Islam.
There is no ideology more hated and despised in Australia than Islam.You simply would not like it here.
Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
Voltaire French author, humanist, rationalist, & satirist (1694 - 1778)
Those who demand you believe that Islam is a Religion of Peace also demand you believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming.
Aussie News & Views Jan 1 2009
"But Communism is the god of discontent, and needs no blessing. All it needs is a heart willing to hate, willing to call envy “justice."
Equality then means the violent destruction of all social and cultural distinctions. Freedom means absolute dictatorship over the people."
Take Hope from the Heart of Man and you make him a Beast of Prey
“ If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.
“There may be even a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves”
Winston Churchill. Pg.310 “The Hell Makers” John C. Grover ISBN # 0 7316 1918 8
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant; if what is said is not what is meant, then what must be done remains undone; if this remains undone, morals and art will deteriorate; if justice goes astray, the people will stand about in helpless confusion. Hence there must be no arbitrariness in what is said.
This matters above everything.
'a socialist is communist without the courage of conviction to say what he really is'.
Hontar: We must work in the world, your eminence. The world is thus.
Altamirano: No, Señor Hontar. Thus have we made the world... thus have I made it.
Voltaire said: “If you want to know who rules over you, just find out who you are not permitted to criticize.”

--------Check this out, what an Bum WOW!!!!

When those sworn to destroy you,Communism, Socialism,"Change you can Believe in" via their rabid salivating Mongrel Dog,Islam,take away your humanity, your God given Sanctity of Life, Created in His Image , If you are lucky this prayer is maybe all you have left, If you believe in God and his Son,Jesus Christ, then you are, despite the evils that may befall you are better off than most.

Lord, I come before You with a heavy heart. I feel so much and yet sometimes I feel nothing at all. I don't know where to turn, who to talk to, or how to deal with the things going on in my life. You see everything, Lord. You know everything, Lord. Yet when I seek you it is so hard to feel You here with me. Lord, help me through this. I don't see any other way to get out of this. There is no light at the end of my tunnel, yet everyone says You can show it to me. Lord, help me find that light. Let it be Your light. Give me someone to help. Let me feel You with me. Lord, let me see what You provide and see an alternative to taking my life. Let me feel Your blessings and comfort. Amen.
"The chief weapon in the quiver of all Islamist expansionist movements, is the absolute necessity to keep victims largely unaware of the actual theology plotting their demise. To complete this deception, a large body of ‘moderates’ continue to spew such ridiculous claims as “Islam means Peace” thereby keeping non-Muslims from actually reading the Qur’an, the Sira, the Hadith, or actually looking into the past 1400 years of history. Islamists also deny or dismiss the concept of ‘abrogation’, which is the universal intra-Islamic method of replacing slightly more tolerable aspects of the religion in favor of more violent demands for Muslims to slay and subdue infidels"


Anthropogenic Global Warming SCAM

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who IS shooting up the Auburn Hindu Temple ? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,Must be those crazy Judeo Christian Country Women’s association members on the rampage again in Dodge City.

Extract below from the Islamic Friendship Associations, Keysar Trad where he describes Hindu’s as “these cow worshippers” in his now famous Koran inspired article “Racism an Islamic Response “

This article was published in the 16th issue of Nida'ul Islam magazine (, December - January 1996-97]

Racism, an Islamic Response

“India, the Asian country which is dominated by the lowest of the low amongst
racists, the class society which divides its own people into four classes and
places people of other faiths, and Muslims in particular as the lowest of the low.
The policies of these cow worshippers, and their extermination of Muslims in their
countries and inside Kashmir (to the silence of Western countries) is one more
example of how this feeling of elitism is not restricted to the colour of the
elitist, it is a lifestyle of those idiots who have intoxicated themselves with a
false feeling of power, and who actively exercise this power against others.”

Full article available HERE where the the reader will be informed of what this, Koran inspired Racist tome,reveals of the belief’s a Pious and Holy Muslim writer, community leader,former Taxation Office Official, indeed the Australian Left and their MSM apologists, “Go to man” on all things concerning, what they demand Australians believe is a “Religion of Peace” and it’s views on the many Races and Religions of the world.

Yeah I know Keysar, even though you wrote it you were misquoted, that goes without saying blah blah blah, It’s just like the Koran it can mean anything you want it to mean at any given time depending on what atrocity you and your co religionists are trying to dismiss,defend, spin away at any given point in time under the excuse of “All Cultures, Religions,Behaviors” are equal, yatta yatta yatta blah blah blah blah.

I DO NOT BELIEVE NOR AM I IMPLYING Mr Trad shot up the Hindu Temple in question.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Planning a Holiday in the UAE ? Australian Woman GANG Raped by Hotel staff in United Arab Emirates,Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort.

Drugged, raped, then jailed for 'adultery'


Dan Nancarrow
March 28, 2011 - 5:55PM

28 3 2011 Alicia Gali A Brisbane woman is suing a luxury United Arab Emirates resort after she was jailed for adultery when she complained of being drugged and

raped by three men.

Alicia Gali was sentenced to 12 months in prison after an assault by three co-workers while drinking at the Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort

staff bar in Fujairah, UAE in June 2008.

After reporting the incident to police, Ms Gali was jailed for adultery and served eight months before being pardoned in March 2009 and

returning to Australia.

At a hearing in Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday, Maurice Blackburn lawyers were granted leave to sue the hotel, alleging Ms Gali's

employer breached its workplace obligations by failing to have systems in place to protect their workers against assault.

Maurice Blackburn claims the hotel encouraged staff to drink alcohol in the staff bar without a permit, creating an environment where it was

easy for a drink to be spiked.

In the UAE it is illegal to have sex outside of marriage.


28 3 2011 Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort”paradise on earth” aka. “Muslim Gang Rapist’s Paradise” The Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort.

One basis for the firm taking action in Australia is that Alicia took a contract with the company while she was in Queensland.

"Alicia's employer has let her down in the most terrible, terrible of ways," Maurice Blackburn associate Melissa Payne said.

"A company like this should know better.

"There are many things they could have done and should have done to protect Alicia.

"These include having segregated secure quarters for its female employees and providing adequate induction and training as to the local

laws and customs for its foreign employees.

"This resort promotes itself as 'paradise on earth' but it certainly wasn't paradise for Alicia."

According to Ms Payne, Ms Gali has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, claustrophobia and nightmares as a

result of the incident and her eventual imprisonment.

In a statement, Ms Gali said she wanted to warn other women about the danger of working in countries where laws were "archaic."

"I still feel angry and upset and it's distressing because I was a victim in all of this and I was punished – the laws have to change to protect

women and give them rights and the Australian government should use its influence to push for changes to laws," the statement read.

"The UAE is being promoted hugely here as a tourism destination.

"They are not complying with human rights, women's rights and migrant workers' rights."

Ms Gali said she thought she would feel safe and protected in the employ of an international hotel group but believes she was not given the

correct advice and no one from the company helped her when she was charged and imprisoned.

She stated she did not want the incident to be manipulated into an anti-Muslim or anti-Arab attack.

"The men involved were foreign nationals, they were not from the Middle East.

"Two were from India and one from Mauritius."

Maurice Blackburn believes the three men were imprisoned as a result of the assault.

The firm will be drawing on human rights and labour law experts as well as UAE legal experts as part of their case.

The parent company of Le Meridien, Starwood Hotels, has been contacted for comment.


“Ms Gali said she wanted to warn other women about the danger of working in countries where laws were "archaic." Careful Alicia, you might find yourself up on charges of Racism here in Australia if you keep making statements like that . Interesting to see what Australia’s affirmative action appointee in chief,and Emilys List Super Star, Australia’s PM Madam JuLIAR Gillard will do about yet another glaring contradiction to her and her fellow Marxist’s mantra of all cultures and Religions are equal.

No doubt Madame JuLIAR and the rest of Labor’s Marxist Feminist Sisterhood, will enlist their Multicultural propagandists to SPIN and assure us that only a relative small minority of Australian women are charged with adultery and jailed after been Gang Raped in Islamic countries or “paradise on earth” and that to suggest otherwise indicates a racist motive.

Next time anyone reading this story is planning to travel , especially Australians don’t fall for the temptation of cheap airfares by these these arsehole Arab airlines, remember they get their fuel for free, pay the extra knowing that you are keeping Australian air and support crew employed.

As for holidaying in these Gold and Diamond encrusted Middle Eastern shit holes, you gotta be hard up haven’t you?

I have friends who, last year were arrested at 10 am in the morning, a husband and wife, walking along a major public street, both arrested and taken into custody and interrogated for 5 hours all because his wife was carrying a digital camera in her hand.

Only ten years ago the standard M.O of the UAE’s “finest” was to invite unsuspecting “western sluts” ie. western Nurses to parties thrown by the rich movers and shakers of the UAE,niaeve, western women thinking they might meet some rich man of their dreams, upon entry would suddenly realise what the party was all about, a night sometimes days of drugs, alcohol and gang rape by the UAE’s finest.

After the party was over they were reminded of the laws concerning unwedded sex and sent on their way. Oh Pious Islam, is there no cesspool you will not provide for your followers to swim in? 

Forget the Glitz and the Left wing apologist SPIN and Media advertising campaigns that want you to believe that the United Arab Emirates is a safe place to holiday, unfortunately,Godless savages commit Gang Rapes all over the world, only in the Islamic “Paradise on Earth” are the victims JAILED for adultery after been GANG RAPED.

If you have a wife or a Daughter, Boycott Emirates Airlines,Boycott Emirates Holidays,better still  take no chances at all and simply

Boycott Islam


Why Jailing Gang Rape victims is OK in Islamic countries

The Problem is ISLAM


It’s time again for me to lay down in writing a simple, obvious truth that everyone else is just too terrified to state. This is another one of

those essays that will serve to permanently disqualify me from any vocation except self-employment for the duration of my life. So hold on

to your pantyhose and put out the cat, because you know this is going to be a good read.

The issue is the muslim world. Libya. Was it right for Obama to FINALLY make a decision and move our military assets into the Libyan

theater? Should we be intervening in Yemen? Should we lend tangible support to the Iranian opposition? What should have been done

differently in Egypt? Was Mubarak better than a “democratically” installed Sharia theocracy? What are we supposed to be doing in all of this?

Who are we supposed to be rooting for? There has to be a “right answer”, and there has to be a correct course of action in all of this.

The reason why no one can come to anything that remotely approaches a definitive “right answer” to this problem is because no one has the

balls to acknowledge what the problem is. The problem is not a lack of democracy. As we are clearly seeing now, and as history repeatedly

confirms, the most evil political systems ever seen on earth have ascended to power with the support of more than 50% of the populace.

Therefore, democracy, or any form of representative government can not, in and of itself, be the “right answer”. The only way we are ever

going to arrive at the right answer is if we first ask and honestly answer the following question: What exactly is the problem?

The problem is islam.

ashura.2009.bigIslam means peaceburkas-1-2

Let me say that again so that there is absolutely no confusion. The problem is islam. So long as islam exists on earth, there will be no

peace, and there will be no freedom for those trapped inside of it. So long as islam exists, it will continue to stir up violence, aggression,

war, terrorism, instability, injustice, human slavery, hopelessness, suffering, despair and unnatural, needless death. Why? BECAUSE THAT

IS WHAT IT WAS DESIGNED TO DO. All of those qualities are intrinsic, constitutive qualities of islam. It is a satanic system that was

specifically created to be the Enemy’s response to Christ.

Mohammed did not hear a voice which he transcribed and called “the koran”. He simply sat down and wrote out a political manifesto –

claiming in fully calculated deceit that it was divine - that would enable him to raise an army. There was nothing miraculous about the origin

of islam in that sense. One of the obvious confirmations of this is the quality of the prose itself. If “allah” actually wrote the koran and

mohammed merely transcribed it, then allah is an idiot with exceptionally poor language and composition skills. The koran reads as if it

were written by a mentally deranged, barely literate Bedouin pedophile pirate con-artist . . . because it was. BUT, the system itself and the

spirit of inspiration behind it is completely satanic. Islam and the koran are completely satanic in the same sense that Marxism and “The

Communist Manifesto” are satanic, and in the same sense that Nazism and “Mein Kampf” are satanic. Oh, yes. The Serpent is subtle. Satan

does his best work when he is merely “whispering” subconscious inspiration to fallen men. Given that islam has persisted for 1400 years and

now enslaves a quarter of the human population, it is clearly satan’s masterpiece.

Given this reality, there are exactly two tactical options for the civilized world to choose from.

1. Completely isolate the muslim world. Let them have their caliphate but in a state of total quarantine.
This would involve establishing massive physical perimeter barriers on land and maintaining blockades at sea for all muslim territories.

Presumably this would stretch from Morocco to Indonesia, and would be massively expensive both to construct and secure. In addition to

this, all muslims would have to be expelled from all civilized nations and forcibly returned to muslim territory. In order for this to work, all

civilized nations on earth would have to unite in solidarity against islam and cooperate fully and completely in building, maintaining and

securing the borders.

Additionally, the quarantine would have to be TOTAL, meaning absolutely no interaction – including economic interaction. Therefore, before

this strategy could be undertaken, the civilized world would need to completely free itself of any dependence on oil pumped from muslim


Further, this strategy, while appearing to be the most “non-violent” option is actually the most violent, and would be a de facto death

sentence, both physically and spiritually, for every person trapped inside the caliphate. Assuming that the perimeter could be constructed

and then sealed, the muslim culture would necessarily begin to murder and consume itself. Remember, islam is violence, aggression, war,

terrorism, instability, injustice, human slavery, hopelessness, suffering, despair and unnatural, needless death. If muslims aren’t in a

position to kill “infidels”, they will simply turn on each other. This is already a proven fact, and has been for 1400 years. Sunni and Shia

muslims have been at each other’s throats all along, and still are today. Only in very rare instances, such as the wars of aggression begun by

muslims called “the Crusades”, wherein muslim unity was needed to fight the “infidels”, has there been any real muslim unity. Because

islam has no central authority or magesterium, unlike Christianity which was specifically established by Christ Himself with a divinely

protected structure of authority and infallible teaching charism, islam allows for every single self-ordained “imam” to be his own “pope”

who can then alter, decide and concoct “doctrine”, and to also issue “fatwas” against any competing cleric, or entire groups of people.

Islam has been specifically designed to discourage unity, thus always fomenting and encouraging conflicts and wars within the caliphate


Next, islam is incapable of supporting a vibrant economy. Islam teaches that all human endeavors and productivity are contrary to the will of

allah. Any person who spends any time or effort doing anything except studying the koran and praying to allah is an infidel. Additionally,

islam teaches that the only way that a person can be GUARANTEED of “salvation” or “paradise” is to die in jihad. Therefore, muslims will

ALWAYS be in a state of war against someone, including other muslims, because if there were total peace, there would be no means to

achieve “salvation” according to muslim teaching.

Finally, the quarantine option would be a failure in charity on the part of Christendom. By quarantining these people, we would be giving up

on them, which is the opposite of charity, or love. Quarantined muslims would have absolutely no chance or hope of hearing the Gospel, and

would have no hope of ever escaping the cult of islam. While this option might serve to help keep our hands physically clean, we would have

the spiritual stain of our failure in charity to answer for upon our judgement

Murni Amris, an Acehnese woman, is caned as part of her sentence in the courtyard of a mosque in Aceh Besar district, Indonesia's Aceh province October 1, 2010islam_taleban_beat_women 

abused_mulsim_women_3 abused_mulsim_women_029 abused_mulsim_women_2



This brings us to option #2, which is actually the more viable and certainly the more loving and charitable option.
2. Fight a Final Crusade and exterminate islam from the face of the earth once and for all.

Yep. I said it, and I mean it. This option isn’t really an “option” at all, because this is where we are heading whether we like it or not. There

is going to be a massive, final war between islam and the civilized world at some point. The only real question is, how long are we going to

stall it off? A week? A month? A year? A decade? A century? Some would argue that the Final Crusade actually began on 9/11, and that we

have been fighting minor skirmishes ever since. Perhaps. If that is the case, the civilized world clearly does not understand that it is in a

fight for its very survival. There isn’t room enough in this world for both human civilization AND islam. One side is going to be destroyed by

the other. If islam wins, then humanity will be dead as well, because it will be just a matter of time before islam consumes itself, as

outlined above. If civilization wins, humanity will continue, knowledge and technology will increase, there will be joy and laughter and

goodness, and human beings will be free to seek and find God. In this way, islam is exactly like cancer. Either a person destroys the cancer

within them and survives, or the cancer wins and both the person AND the cancer die. Given that the civilized world still doesn’t understand

what is going on, I don’t think it is fair to say that the Final Crusade has begun. It will begin when we comprehend that it is us or them – kill

or be killed. Let’s do a quick exercise in linguistics which will prove that extermination of the islamic political system is the only real,

practical and charitable option that we have.

Consider the following statement:

The Nazi Party, its philosophy and goal set was evil and had to be stopped. There is no room for the Nazi philosophy in a civilized world, and

thus the only acceptable outcome of World War II was the total extermination of the Nazi Party. While the main objective of fighting World

War II was to repel and then exterminate the Nazi scourge from overrun nations, the secondary objective was also to liberate the German

people themselves from the bonds of the totalitarian Nazi regime.

Now, let’s look at the same statement, but replace “Nazi” with “muslim”:
Islam, its philosophy and goal set is evil and has to be stopped. There is no room for the muslim philosophy in a civilized world, and thus the

only acceptable outcome of the Final Crusade is the total extermination of islam. While the main objective of fighting the Final Crusade is

to repel and then exterminate the muslim scourge from overrun nations, the secondary objective is also to liberate the currently-muslim

people themselves from the bonds of the totalitarian muslim caliphate.

al-Husayni-Bosnian-SS  palestiniannazisalute01 hitler 


The two statements are pluperfect analogues because Nazism and islam are pluperfect analogues. Both are TOTALITARIAN POLITICAL

SYSTEMS. The only tactical difference is that mohammed used the beard of religion and claimed divine inspiration right out of the gate.

This has allowed islam to use civilization’s own freedom of religious conscience principle against it. Hitler was indeed trying to slowly create

a new pagan religion, with the German/Aryan nation cast as “the father”, Hitler himself cast as “the son” and the “messiah”, and the Nazi

Party as “the holy spirit”, but was never far enough along in that process to be able to wield the accusation of “intolerance”. To illustrate

this point, let’s reverse our linguistic example:

Islam is a religion and thus is equal to all other religions. Islam is protected under the First Amendment, and all civilized people must fight

to defend a person’s right to practice islam completely unencumbered. Islam seeks only peace through the voluntary application of Sharia

law. Just because some muslims have used violence as a way of advancing their cause does not mean that all muslims are violent. Violence

is a perversion of true Islamic philosophy. Most muslims are peace-loving, and we should support and embrace them into our culture.
Now, the same statement, but replacing “muslim” with “Nazi”.

Nazism is a religion and thus is equal to all other religions. Nazism is protected under the First Amendment, and all civilized people must

fight to defend a person’s right to practice Nazism completely unencumbered. Nazism seeks only peace through the voluntary application of

the laws of the Third Reich. Just because some Nazis have used violence as a way of advancing their cause does not mean that all Nazis are

violent. Violence is a perversion of true Nazi philosophy. Most Nazis are peace-loving, and we should support and embrace them in our


Have I made my point?
(Aside: How long do you think it will take some leftist to pull that last paragraph, put my name over it as the author, and then claim that

they have proof that I am a Nazi? That’s how these sad, pathetic people roll. It WILL happen. It’s just a matter of how long it takes them to

do it. C’est la vie.)

We don’t flinch at the reality of Nazism, nor at the necessity to exterminate it from the face of the earth, because we accurately call it what

it is: a totalitarian political system. But because we have been brainwashed and conditioned by the left to self-loathe our own

Judeo-Christian culture, reject critical thinking, and embrace islam as a constitutionally-protected religion, we refuse to acknowledge the

plain, simple fact there will be no peace unless and until islam is exterminated from the face of the earth. We keep telling ourselves that

“democracy” is the answer and that if we just facilitate voting in muslim countries, everything will be fine, and the entire world will be

enveloped in peace, rainbows, gumdrops and unicorn farts. Because all “religions” are good and equal, and anyone who says different is a

bigot and an intolerant hater.

There is going to be a war. A big one. Probably the biggest ever. But it has to be fought, because the stakes are no less than the fate of the

entire human race. The problem is islam. There is no such thing as a "healthy muslim society" because islam is a cancer upon human

civilization. The solution is nothing less than the complete extermination of the muslim political system in order to save the people inside of

it. If you have a cancerous tumor, you cut it out - you don't try to fix the person while simultaneously protecting the tumor. We have done

this before. We did this just seventy short years ago. We CAN do it again. All we need is the courage to face the truth, and the fortitude to

do what we know we must.

Thanks to Teri for the above

Australia: JuLIAR Gillards Green HOAX go to man Tim / Flim Flannery puts his foot in it again.

Carbon tax is fatal political poison

Tim Blair
The Daily Telegraph
March 28, 2011
AN oldtimer filmed at a recent rally in favour of a carbon tax made the standard appeal to emotion. "I'm concerned," she said, "about the kind of world we're going to leave my grandchildren."
Another rally granny at the Melbourne event organised "spontaneously" by the offered a similar view: "I've got a new grandchild, two weeks old, and I think it's really important that the world is made safe for him."

Well, tough luck, ladies. Last week Tim Flannery, Australia's Chief Climate Commissioner, told The Daily Telegraph's Andrew Bolt in a radio interview: "If we cut emissions today, global temperatures are not likely to drop for about a thousand years."
A thousand years.

Andrew Bolt and JuLIAR’s CO2 Tax SCAM  go to man,Tim (Flim) Flannery

And Flannery wasn't just talking about Australia's minuscule proposed emissions cuts. He was referring to cuts made across the globe. If Flannery keeps coming up with lines like this, he's worth every cent of the $720,000 we're paying him over the next four years to tell us why we'll be better off with a carbon tax.

Forget saving your grandchildren, eco-biddies. According to Flannery, the world won't be safer until your grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren are on the scene.

Julia Gillard can't be happy with the value she's getting from palaeontologist Flannery. Perhaps she should take up one online suggestion and revise his pay schedule; say, down to $720 per year until 3011. That way there would at least be some connection between reward and results. As it stands, Professor Dinosaur Bones is cashing in on a temperature drop we won't see until the next NSW Labor government.
Maybe by then we'll have a Greens representative in the Lower House. Two of them were expected to easily win seats on Saturday, but both Marrickville and Balmain are now likely to be decided on postal votes. There's still a chance Fiona Byrne and Jamie Parker could claim victory, but the anticipated Greensweep never materialised.

Labor voters went to the Liberals instead, even in Balmain, of all places, where Liberal James Falk found himself unexpectedly leading on primaries as counting ended on Saturday night. "Will have to move away from Balmain electorate in disgust," fumed one angry Greens voter on Twitter. "And I was so proud of us too, it was a sure thing."
There's only one sure thing in Australian politics, besides Bob Brown's election night speeches about the brilliant Greens result, and it was revealed again on the weekend.
Climate change might not stabilise until 40 generations from now, but it's already a consistent political killer.
It wouldn't have helped Labor at state level that Gillard launched her uncosted, undetailed, un-anything carbon tax plan during the NSW election campaign. Nor would the Greens already handicapped by two awesomely charmless candidates have been assisted by incoming premier Barry O'Farrell's campaign focus on the planned tax.

Two federal leaders, Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull, were removed within six months of each other because of popularity plunges associated with climate advocacy. Gillard would have joined them after last year's election if she'd told the truth about her carbon tax scheme. Now we've even got Balmain voting for a state party that opposes carbon pricing. Liberal staffers claim the issue was a "flashpoint" in many Labor electorates.
The message will sink in one day. Outside of certain small political and journalistic cultures, climate change is worse than a non-issue. It's an issue disputed and rejected.
Australians are now broadly aware that we only contribute 1.4 per cent of the planet's alleged warming gases and they don't see why we should have to sacrifice our wages to make a difference when no difference can be made.

Sooner or later, somewhere in the world a mainstream political party possibly from the left is going to say: "Hey, we went along with all of that global warming stuff for a few years. We were scared we'd lose votes if we didn't. But now we realise no policies we devise can make any significant impact. From now on, environmental spending will be limited to the the environment people live in. Here are all your taxes back. Sorry."
On current trends, such a policy would probably do rather well. They could even quote Tim Flannery "if we cut emissions today, global temperatures are not likely to drop for about a thousand years" in support of it.
Meanwhile, we have to put up with Gillard's apocalyptic fear campaign. As The Australian reports, Gillard has sent out scripted lines Labor MPs can use to spook people into backing the carbon tax. "If we don't act," runs the script, "then we will see more extreme weather events like bushfires and droughts. We will have more days of extreme heat and we will see our coastline flooded as sea levels rise."

The document continues: "Sea levels could rise by up to a metre and possibly even more by the end of the century. Up to 250,000 existing homes are at risk of inundation." And if you're not already incinerated or starved or drowned, there's also problems with skiing: "Climate change will see the average snow season contract by between 85 per cent and 96 per cent by 2050."
Imagine Labor candidates trying these lines in hard-working electorates. Picture a fellow playing with his four-year-old daughter when the doorbell rings. It's an earnest Laborite come to warn about climate change. By the time he's halfway through his pitch ... talking about all the pets catching fire, or grandma getting tsunamied the little girl is almost in tears.
Her father hasn't spoken for some time. He's listening to the man frightening his daughter.
Eventually he quietly tells the girl to go and see her mother. Daddy wants to talk to the scary man in private.
Picture what happens next. Hint: he doesn't volunteer to hand out Labor how-to-vote cards. Not in a thousand years.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Madame Burrow aka, "Comrade Darling" let loose and rampaging throughout the world dropping her pearls of wisdom to anyone who will listen.

From left to right video shows Affirmative action appointees, “Emily’s List” Joan Kirner, Jenny George, Ju LIAR Gillard and Sharan Burrow
What’s Madame Burrow been up to lately ? From Winds of Jihad
“Our union boss joins the Arab uprising

Again: Glenn Beck is right. The unions play a much bigger role in the Islamic ‘revolution’ in the ME than most of us can possibly imagine.

Sharan Burrow: “I came away from Tunisia incredibly proud of the work that the unions have done in helping to organise the revolution and I was really humbled by the courage a lot of ordinary workers and union members have been showing,” she tells Inquirer. (The Islamo-Socialist Convergence)


The Islamo Socialist Convergence?

More exciting and diverse pictures at the link below.


Australian Labor Party’s best friend turns out the lights in Venezuela “Dear President Chávez, We, the undersigned citizens of Australia, would like to extend a warm invitation for you to visit our country…………”


Arse Clowns Inc., Australia's Leftist Progressives, Australian Council of Trade Unions, Australian Labor Party, Australias Leftist Fifth Column, International Socialism, International Socialists, Islamic Assassins, Islamic Sociopaths Inc.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Its the Koran Stoopid!!!!

Muslim violence a fact, not prejudice

Mark Durie


March 24, 2011


24 3 2011 Mark Durie Those who denounce critics of Islam should allow that, like all global faiths, Islam has its detractors and a religion will be judged on what its followers say and do.

There is a debate going on about Islam. The question being asked is: Does Islam itself - not just poverty or social exclusion - provide ideological fuel for extremism and violence?

It is all too tempting to promote one-dimensional explanations of religious violence. Monash University doctoral candidate Rachel Woodlock said on this page on Wednesday that social exclusion was the root of Islamic radicalism.

On one hand, there are those who, like Woodlock, demand that critics of Islam be stigmatised as ignorant, right-wing racists. On the other hand, Islam's problems cannot be simplistically reduced to social or economic factors.

Violence in the name of Islam is well-attested in nations in which Muslims are dominant, and it is non-Muslim minorities that suffer the exclusion. It does not do to argue that religion has no relevance to such events.

In Muslim-majority Pakistan on December 3, Pakistani imam Maulana Yousuf Qureshi, in his Friday sermon, offered a $6000 bounty to anyone who would murder Asia Bibi, a Christian woman who has also been accused of ''blaspheming Allah''. Pakistani minister for minorities Shahbaz Bhatti and Punjab governor Salman Taseer were subsequently assassinated because of their opposition to Pakistan's blasphemy laws.

These laws are supported by Pakistan's Islamic elites. The killer of Salman Taseer, Mumtaz Qadri, was praised by religious leaders from mainstream schools of Pakistani Islam, and when he was being led to court on January 6, 400 Muslim lawyers showered him with rose petals, offering him their legal services free of charge.

There has also been a rush of recent assaults on Copts and their places of worship in Egypt, sparked by a wild tirade by a leading Egyptian cleric.

Closer to Australia, there have been well-publicised attacks on Ahmadiyah Muslims in Indonesia, including brutal murders. These were undoubtedly influenced by a theological belief that Ahmadiyah adherents are apostates from true Islam. Although prominent Indonesian leaders were quick to express abhorrence for the attacks, many Indonesian Muslims have called for Ahmadiyahs to be outlawed.

These events demonstrate the ugly effects of stigmatising minorities, and it would be deplorable to simple-mindedly extrapolate the religious views of Pakistani, Egyptian or Indonesian Muslims and apply them to Australia.

However, it is irrational to insist that any and everyone who seeks to expose the religious roots of such hatred must themselves be decried as haters.

All over the world, every religious belief is disliked by someone or other. Christianity has its prominent detractors, too, from Bertrand Russell to Richard Dawkins. A Google search for ''Evils of Christianity'' yields tens of thousands of hits.

Australians can be thankful for a culture of tolerance, which has been carefully nurtured over decades. Tolerance is strengthened when people are able to debate ideological issues freely - especially those which impact profoundly on human rights - without being shouted down.

Victorian Supreme Court Justice Geoffrey Nettle, in his findings on the case of the Islamic Council of Victoria v Catch the Fire, pointed out that criticism - or even hatred - of a religion should not be conflated with the hatred of people who hold those beliefs. It is one thing to promote tolerance, quite another to mandate it.

Perhaps the most powerful evidence against Woodlock's thesis - that it is exclusion, and not religion, that drives some Muslims to terrorism - is the fact that across the globe the most diverse religious minorities do not resort to violence, even when persecuted.

There are no Falun Gong terrorists in China, despite all the bitter persecution. The same can be said for persecuted Christians in many nations.

Even in Australia, many ethnic and religious groups have been subjected to disadvantage and exclusion, but none have produced the level of terrorist convictions of our own home-grown Islamic radicals.

It is a bitter pill for the vast majority of Australian Muslims to swallow that their faith has been linked, globally and locally, to religious violence.

Unfortunately, this link cannot be dismissed as the product of media prejudice or ''Islamophobic'' propaganda. It is in part an issue of some Muslims behaving very badly, and their often strident claim is that they do this in the name of religion.

Taking such claims seriously and debating them publicly must not be equated with stigmatising law-abiding and peaceable Australian Muslims.

Copy of 24 3 2011 Muslim violence a fact, not prejudice Mark Durie is a Melbourne Anglican vicar, human rights activist, and author of The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom.









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Multicultural France:Zones Urbaines Sensibles, aka. where Dhimmis dare not venture

The 751 No-Go Zones of France

How bad has it gotten in France? Daniel Pipes answers:

They go by the euphemistic term Zones Urbaines Sensibles, or Sensitive Urban Zones, with the even more antiseptic acronym ZUS, and there are 751 of them as of last count. They are conveniently listed on one long webpage, complete with street demarcations and map delineations.

What are they? Those places in France that the French state does not control. They range from two zones in the medieval town of Carcassone to twelve in the heavily Muslim town of Marseilles, with hardly a town in France lacking in its ZUS. The ZUS came into existence in late 1996 and according to a 2004 estimate, nearly 5 million people live in them.

Comment: A more precise name for these zones would be Dar al-Islam, the place where Muslims rule. (November 14, 2006)

And where dhimmis dare not venture.


Jihad Watch Via Teri

Australia: The Green Loon Eco Vandals and the Insanity of their Wind Turbines

Miranda Devine

SMH Sunday, March 20, 2011 at 09:36am

IF YOU thought pink batts were a poorly implemented, badly designed, money-wasting, deadly green disaster, you ain’t seen nothing yet.


Try wind turbines.

The Gillard Government’s rush to make green energy provide 20 per cent of the nation’s power by 2020 is despoiling and dividing once peaceful rural communities, slashing the value of properties, driving people mad with their infrasound throbbing, while driving up electricity prices, and doing absolutely nothing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

And all of it is subsidised by you, the hapless taxpayer.

Wind turbines 150m high are springing up all over Victoria and NSW on prime agricultural land, with minimal consultation with farming communities, and reported detrimental health effects.

In bushfire-prone country, not only do they pose a fire hazard if they spontaneously combust (as one did five months ago in South Australia), but aerial fire suppression is impossible near the turbines.

From Collector, Boorowa, Rugby and Nimmitabel in southern NSW, to Ararat, Mortlake, Beaufort, Moorabool and Ballarat in Victoria, people have found themselves encircled by wind turbines, which give them headaches, stop them sleeping, emit a hum like a “huge jet engine rumbling”, and create a sun-flicker strobe effect as the blades turn.

Unsurprisingly, more than 1000 submissions have flooded into a Senate inquiry into wind farms, which will hold a public hearing this week.

Already, in Victoria, Premier Ted Baillieu is heeding community anger about the turbines, and last week released a wind farm policy requiring new turbines be at least 2km from any dwelling.

But in NSW the situation is far worse, thanks to planning law 3A that allows renewable energy projects to bypass local council planning controls so that the minister is the consent authority. Lip service is paid to the usual process of community consultation, notification and objections.

That is why farmer Sam McGuiness of “Willowmere”, east of Boorowa, only knew about the 90 turbines destined for his district when a pilot asked why there was a glistening 85m-high wind mast on his boundary.

The Indian wind power company Suzlon, which had signed up his neighbour, had planted the wind-testing device.

McGuiness faces the prospect of turbines encircling his farm, slashing its value by as much as 30 per cent and driving him off the land that has been in his family for three generations.

“It’s just so hard to walk away from,” he said last week. “A lot of dreams would be gone.”

His elderly father, Joe, is distraught. “It’s his entire life’s work the whole lot sitting there.”

McGuiness grows fat lambs for Woolworths on the lush green rolling hills, and with lamb prices the best they have ever been he had hoped one day to pass the farm on to his three sons.

“We bought and paid for all this land and put in tens of thousands of hours of hard work for the future,” he says.

His neighbour, Charlie Arnott, 38, described as the “biggest greenie in the valley” who has planted 26,000 trees on his property for carbon sequestration and grows biodynamic beef, found out two weeks ago he will have 12 turbines looming over his house, between 1.3km and 2.5km away.

He is particularly concerned for the health of his 8-month-old daughter Lilla.

The wind farm company told him the turbines are allowed to be five decibels louder than background noise you get in a quiet countryside setting.

But Arnott says: “I live here BECAUSE of the background noise. I can hear the birds and the crickets and the frogs. We created a sanctuary here, that we can escape to and sit and just be. This is a real threat to that.”

The two men are not even against wind farms, in the right place, like a national park.

“It’s not a bad idea but it’s been so woefully implemented,” says McGuiness. “If you’re a superb parrot or a wedgetail eagle you have 10 times more rights than a human.”

The turbines will be as high as a 50-storey building, at 150m, almost as high as Australia Square’s tower, and the same height as Melbourne’s Crown Towers.

The funny thing is: “It’s not even that windy here. They’re not here to make electricity. They’re here to feel good for Kyoto.”

That’s the truth. Wind farms are regarded as the most expensive, inefficient way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Wind will never replace fossil fuels because it is not reliable enough to supply base-load electricity, so another form of power always has to be at the ready. On hot, still days when people want air conditioning the turbines don’t move.

Then there is the danger to pilots. Phil Hurst, CEO of the Aerial Agricultural Association, will tell the Senate inquiry on Friday that the most immediate dangers for pilots are the invisible wind monitoring masts. They are 85m high with guy wires out to 45m.

Astonishingly, he says there is no legal requirement that the masts be marked to make them visible or that pilots be notified of their existence.

“The difficulty is they’re put up at such short notice that the paddock we treated yesterday might have been safe but today it’s not,” Hurst says.

The planes fly at heights from 3m to 30m to fertilise paddocks or spray noxious weeds. Seven weeks ago an agricultural pilot in California was killed when he flew into a 60m high monitoring mast.

“There’s no duty of care from the wind farm development. It’s a commercial enterprise passed off as feel-good for the environment.”

Then there is the economic damage to the farmer. One turbine could have a footprint of several thousand hectares, he says, because the planes need space to turn safely. “So it means you can’t treat that paddock”.

Such are the unforeseen consequences of slap-dash feel-good policies. Which just goes to show the road to hell is paved with green intentions.

UPDATE: A new documentary, “Windfall” may put off those who see wind as a win-win power source.
Set in Meredith, New York state, it tells the story of:

“a once-thriving dairy-farming community of fewer than 2,000 tucked into a bucolic Catskills valley that is teetering between post-agricultural poverty and hip gentrification. When Irish energy company Airtricity offers leases to build windmills on some residents’ properties, the deals initially seem like a win-win. A little extra money in the pockets of struggling farmers, an environmentally sound technology, those graceful white wings languorously slicing the afternoon sky — what’s not to like?”

UPDATE 2: Reader Glenn has pointed out this Daily Mail article about a toxic lake in China, the result of manufacturing the magnets for overseas wind turbines.
“Merely one of a multitude of environmental sins committed in the name of our new green Jerusalem.”


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Australia : No CO2 Tax Protest Canberra 23 3 2011

NO CO2 TAX Protest outside Australia’s Parliament House 23 3 2011.
Around 3500 to 4000 people attended on a mid week working day from all over Australia.
A Labor Party Politician and Anthropogenic Global Warming Collaborationist, from South Australia described the people you will see below as
EXTREMISTS,a good example of the Left calling their enemy, what in fact they themselves are.

Channel Seven gave the best coverage of the event.
Whilst the Australian Labor Party’s head cheer leader Laurie Oakes on the Nine Network unable to contain his contempt for the average Australian who dares to not subscribe to the left medias political loyalties.

What’s a Carbon Tax and what’s wrong with it?

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Australia: BRAVE Samah Hadid Australia's Youth Ambassador to the United Nations,Denounces the Koran.The MSM does another Good Muslim / Bad Muslim PAP Piece

Europe, the UK  are been turned upside down and turned into third world Islamic cesspools by the joys of the lefts Multiculturalism.
But somehow the Left in Australia,via their  Australian Labor Party and their now MSM apologists want Australians to believe that the Muslims living in Australia are the GOOD Muslims not those" nasty types" who would kill Australians or Gang Rape their Daughters or steal their cars or import and distribute illegal drugs, or bash their sons and daughters senseless for simply not been Muslim, or go on a week long (NSW Labor Govt. sanctioned ) intifada through out the beach side suburbs of Sydney.
Oh no, the ALP has ensured that only Islam’s Finest have been allowed to set up shop here in Australia.
In fact some of these Muslims are not even Muslims.
...................Yeah Right.
Good Smother 60 Minutes, I did not know “their” ABC had a Commercial division.

If you oppose the Islamists and their Koran dictated and inspired plan of oppression and Sharia Law tyranny, for yourself and your children, you are, according to Michael Usher of Sixty Minutes Australia, an "extremist "

I object to their having his or her hand chopped off, I object to an adulterer been stoned to death, I object to Women been mutilated via citaridectomy, I object to the gang rape of Australian girls, aka. "Aussie pigs and sluts" by allah's brave sons,eg.the pious Muslim, Bilal Skaf and his fellow Islamic Warriors.

The main stream media, as usual,this time Australia's Sixty Minutes, falls over itself at every opportunity to assure the general public that as far as their leftist fellow travelers and their stinking rotting corps of Multiculturalism, rejected by Europe and the UK, it's a case of "steady as she goes nothing to see here" all is well in inner Sydney and in the Tasmanian wilderness,and certainly Australians should all relax and simply go back to thinking about what food or other material necessities they should go without, in order to pay for the Australian Labor Party’s soon to be introduced UN dictated CO2 Tax.


Australi : Casey Heynes, The Patient Man Speaks

God Bless you Casey, Hang in there Mate, I hated school from the first day to the last day,at fifteen I was free, school was nothing but a source of misery and at times torment and humiliation, mostly from the arse hole, mongrel bastard, godless New Age Hippy Peace and Love, all behaviors are equal  FUCKING SEXUAL PERVERTS and Drug FUCKED THUGS that passed for  SCHOOL  Teachers.
You Go Casey, you Fuck em over big time, by been you, one of you is worth a hundred of those slime that bashed you, teased you over the years, I am sure there is a lot more to your story, based on the video, we have not heard.
Learn how to speak,(I am not saying you cannot already), you can look a man in the eye, I see it in this video,never stop doing that, let your YES mean YES and your NO mean NO, read and write,QUESTION at every opportunity that it is SAFE to do so, and don’t listen to anyone who tells you  THEY  / the Government, a SCHOOL TEACHER knows what is best for you.
Learn how to fight,defend yourself, shoot, ride a horse and read the Bible, you have the right to DEFEND yourself , but most of all THINK and never again accept the SHIT you have been dealt with up to now.
Beware the Fury of the Patient Man, victim fights back UN CUT

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Australia: Has the Catholic Church FINALLY woken up to the Labor / Green LOON LEFTIST Agenda ?

Don't vote Greens, say Catholic bishops

Leesha McKenny and Anna Patty

March 18, 2011
CATHOLIC bishops have warned the faithful against voting for the Greens in the state election, saying their policies were

of ''grave concern''.

Yesterday the NSW Greens outlined a plan which would transfer government funding from wealthy private schools to

public schools.

A two-page document entitled The Green Agenda is being circulated by Catholic agencies and through schools. It states

the party's human rights and social policy areas are in direct conflict ''with the beliefs and values of virtually all religious

people, and the beliefs of many other people as well''.

''Greens who are elected will bring a whole set of policies. You cannot pick and choose. They are not only concerned for

the environment,'' it reads.

It also warns against voting for candidates who might share similar views, pointing out that some MPs in the main

parties had voted for ''bad legislation'' such as same-sex adoption.

Bob Brown- Paul Thomas  Greens Leader and Deputy Australian Prime Minister Bob Brown (l) seen here in a tender moment, with his “Partner and Grazier” and fellow Pooh Poker in Arms and Pillow Biter Paul Thomas.


The document was signed by 10 NSW bishops including the Sydney Archbishop, Cardinal George Pell. The Bishop of

Bathurst, Michael McKenna, and the Bishop of Broken Bay, David Walker, did not sign the statement.

But the Greens said the document was at times ''profoundly misleading''.

''The bishops have misrepresented both our polices and the facts in order to attack the Greens,'' the MP John Kaye said.

The letter outlines eight areas of ''grave concern'', including the Greens' treatment of personal drug use as a health and

social issue ''and therefore acceptable'', and its efforts to legalise gay marriage.

''Changing the law on marriage would expose churches and schools to coercive pressures from the state to cease teaching

their beliefs about marriage and family,'' it reads.

Echoing the sentiment of a letter posted on the Christian Schools Australia website this week, it also criticised the party's

commitment to remove religious exemptions from the Anti-Discrimination Act, and warned funding cuts to

non-government schools would force fees to rise, ''possibly by as much as $1500 a year''.

But Mr Kaye rejected that the Greens would slash school funding by anything like the 85 per cent the bishops' letter


The NSW Greens' education policy, launched yesterday, calls for the transfer of $780 million a year from state and federal

funding of non-government schools to public education. It argues the shift would not cause any Catholic or independent

school to need to raise its fees or close its doors.

Mr Kaye said non-government schools have enjoyed a decade of ''ever-increasing public funding''.

The Greens policy includes proposals to boost the number of public school teachers by 6000 (12 per cent) to reduce class

sizes and provide more time for professional development.

An extra 2100 teachers would be hired in 581 public schools that serve the most disadvantaged communities. Funding for

these extra teachers would come from stripping the 79 wealthiest private schools of government funding to raise $204

million a year.

The finance for the 6000 new teachers would be found by freezing state and federal funding of all other non-government

schools at their 2003 level plus inflation. This would raise $576 million.


I would love to say something here, but shit, how many times do you have to tell an organization,the Catholic Church, who’s foundation is based upon the belief in Jesus Christ, the Son of God was born , lived, died and was resurrected, that their Political Party of choice, ie the Australian Labor Party the LEFT, AND ALWAYS THE FRICKIN left, does not share their belief in Jesus Christ and GOD.

How many times do these, lets give them the benefit of the doubt, DOPEY IGNORANT Priests and Bishops, have to be told that the LEFT does NOT believe in OR WILL ALLOW GOD IN THEIR “WORLD”

WHY?????? Because they believe THEY are “GOD”,just ask any of the dumb ignorant pricks, they will tell you for FREE that they are the New age crystal gazing believers MESSIAHS.

A Most Generous Offer to Muslims, living in the lands of Western Judeo Christian Civilization.

Australia's " Muslim Refugee problem" is simply just another weapon in the armory of the Left.

A calculated Labor / Green Loon /  ACTU  policy, of  flooding Australia, with as many Muslims as possible, via the back door, in order to destroy Australian Society, Muslims, are incompatible with ANY civilized society,and as evidenced by historical and present events, they are unable to co exist with any educated civilized Judeo Christian Western Democracies the world over.

Islam shows, that what the west regards as the most gross of perversions,and anti social norms, Islam regards as Koran allowable practices on earth, and cherished rewards in their Islamic “Heaven”

Islam is Satan’s gift to the UN,the Left and the  United Nation's Rabid Mad Dog ,a Dog so Rabid that only Satan and the UN has a key to its leash, let loose and facilitated wherever possible by the UN whenever the UN wants to keep the “Serfs” YOU,on their toes.

Muslim immigration should be halted immediately to all Judeo Christian Western Democracies.

Muslims already resident in OUR lands should be encouraged, via withdrawal of social security benefits and citizenship, where held, to be repatriated to their, their parents or grand parents country of origin,those who fail to take advantage of this most generous offer, should be interned until such time as they opt to take advantage of the most generous offer, of repatriation.

There cannot be any objection by Muslims to this most generous offer, given the Cultural,Economic,Social and Religious norms and Customs they demand be implemented sorry, IMPOSED upon the Democratic Judeo/Christian West,are already in place in their historical homelands aka. what they,Muslims call “Home”

These are the same Cultural,Economic,Social and Religious norms and Customs that Islamic Colonialists demand be implemented in, Australia for instance,within less than twenty four hours these Western Judeo Christian Democracy Colonialist Muslim Terrorists/Dissident Islamic Fifth Columnists, could be wallowing in their Islamic Utopia,by simply accepting a most, generous offer indeed, of repatriation, to an Islamic Utopia of their choosing,free of all that ales them in their present state of “oppression” living in the lands of Western Democratic Judeo Christian Civilization.

When repatriated back to their homelands, their “Jihad”,their painful daily ”struggle”, will be over, and they will be able to enjoy to the max, the manifestations of their ideological homeland,their  “Muslim Utopia”,free of the influences of the Infidel Judeo / Christians, and their vile social welfare benefits,they will be free to engage in assault, rape,drug distribution,Paedophilia, and kill each other at will, as is the  “Pious Muslim”way, unencumbered by the evil Judeo/ Christian laws of the infidels that those resident in Australia for instance,tell Australians at every opportunity they are able to do so, via their ACTU funded Australian Labor Party’s Multiculturalism Star Chamber, are so repugnant to their Religious,Cultural and Social norms.

I urge all readers of the above to post where you can and indeed forward it to all Muslims you may know, encourage them to return to wherever their Islamic Religious or Ideological homeland is,it is in my opinion a win win, Muslims able to live amongst the manifestations of their Religion,free of Western Democratic Judeo Christian Civilization and the citizens of those same Western Democratic Judeo Christian Civilizations will be free of the parasitic, nihilistic ,Satanic influence of the manifestations of Islam living and breathing amongst us.

To have Americans, Australians, British & other coalition troops  fighting and dIeing in Afghanistan whilst the MALE citizens of Afghanistan are invited by the Australian Labor /Green Loon / Independent Coalition Minority Government to illegally enter Australia ,after abandoning their “Loved Ones” in what ever Islamic shit hole they ran away from, via the ALP’s “people smugglers” and be granted residence, is akin to Australia inviting Nazi’s and Japanese soldiers to enter Australia during WW2 and set up a base camp on Australian soil with Australian passports as proof of our “Multicultural Credentials”.

Why is the Ju LIAR Gillard/ Bob Brown minority coalition Australian Government insisting on importing into Australia as many of these Godless Savages as it can?

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