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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Big Boobed Bandit,Tonee Walker pleads guilty remanded for sentencing.

Buxom bandit Tonee Walker pleads guilty to armed robbery of service station on Gold Coast

Greg Stolz
The Courier-Mail
September 13, 201212:03PM

A FEMALE armed robber dubbed the 'buxom bandit' has pleaded guilty to holding up a Gold Coast service station and will be sentenced for the crime.
Tonee Walker, 22, made international headlines when CCTV footage emerged of her wearing a low-cut top to rob the Arundel service station in July.
The crime even inspired a hit Taiwanese animation cartoon, complete with a big-breasted Walker bounding into the service station on a kangaroo.
A court heard Walker told friends she planned to give the middle-aged male service station attendant "something to look at" before robbing him at knifepoint.
A committal hearing was to have been held on Monday in Southport Magistrates Court, but Walker pleaded guilty to the armed robbery.

She was remanded in custody and will be sentenced in Southport District Court at a date to be fixed.

Terror Australia: Terror Suspect admitted to Hospital with Stomach ( Period ? ) Pain

Muslim Insurgents Sydney Riot latest Video and Pictures

'He doesn't have a bomb. If he did, I'd kill him'

The Age
Nino Bucci
September 13, 2012 

He's such a good boy he neva do nutting to nobody

Badria and her family fled Afghanistan 18 years ago to escape terrorism. Now, it is threatening the lives they have worked so hard for in Australia.
Badria's brother has been linked to terrorism plots in Australia, the country they now call home.

"A year ago he knew nothing about Islam, he was one of those party people. Since he's started praying, things have turned around for him."

The family's Endeavour Hills house was raided yesterday morning during an Australian Federal Police operation.
Computers, mobile phones, hard drives, an iPad and a printer Badria says she used for her homework were seized.

Speaking to Fairfax with her mother in their neat two-storey home, Badria said the family had been so shocked since the raid, they had not eaten.
Badria did not wish to give her surname, and her mother wished to remain anonymous. But both wanted to speak out about the damaging links that are continually made between practising Muslims and terrorism.
Badria said his brother's wife had lost her father and brother to violence in Afghanistan, and her mother had lost both hands.
He had never been to the Al-Furqan centre, which was also raided yesterday, and did not know Sheikh Harun, the Muslim preacher mentioned during the operation, she said.
"He hates terrorism," Badria said.
"Why would he have anything to do with it? I know my brother very well, and he swore on the Koran that he had nothing to do with it. I believe him, and my parents believe him.
"I told the police that I respect what they're doing, because you're just trying to protect us. We're part of this society too.
"We might be innocent, but the next people they raid might not be."
Badria, 19, was a year old when she left Kabul with her two older brothers and older sister.
The 28-year-old brother who was targeted in the raid yesterday is married, and lives in the Endeavour Hills home with his wife and four-month-old baby.
He owns a small business, as does his older sister, while his brother is a financial planner and Badria studies law and is training to be a pilot.
His mother said her children had been successful in Australia, but she was dismayed that many thought of Afghans as terrorists.
"In Afghanistan, we had a good life, but we were worried about terrorism," she said.
"We thought we would come to Australia for the lives of our children, for their education. Now, just because my son goes to a mosque and prays he's in trouble with the police.
"Just because he prays five times and day and has made CDs showing other people how to pray, it doesn't make him a terrorist.
"He doesn't have a gun, he doesn't have a bomb. If he did, I'd kill him."
Badria believes her brother, who was at work and could not speak to The Age, may have come under attention as he had recently become a more devout Muslim.
He had also been collecting money for a charity, which is registered, and had given Korans to Afghan children as a way of educating them about their heritage.
"He's just trying to collect money to give to the poor in Afghanistan," Badria said.
"The police were asking him 'Why do you go to the mosque five times a day? Why do you have a beard?' We were just in shock.
"A year ago he knew nothing about Islam, he was one of those party people. Since he's started praying, things have turned around for him."
His mother said she hoped the family would not be shunned by those in the street who had seen the early morning raids. She said she chose not to wear a hijab, despite being a practising Muslim who prayed five times a day.
"I should be able to pray without people thinking I support terrorism," she said.

From Sydney's Occupied Territories: Sheik and a Nurse charged over Female Genital Mutilation

Sheik charged over female mutilation

Mark Morri, Crime Editor 
The Daily Telegraph
September 13, 2012 2:40PM

A SHEIK and retired nurse have been charged in relation to the genital mutilation of two young girls in Sydney.

Police arrested the Sheik, 56, from Auburn and the 68-year-old nurse earlier today.

The children’s parents were charged last Friday with two counts of female mutilation.

NSW Police Force’s Sex Crimes Squad began investigating the allegations earlier this year and set up Strike Force Longfield and have been been working closely with NSW Health and the Department of Family and Community Services.

Police will allege the two girls had the procedure, which is also known as female circumcision, performed on them in NSW when they were aged six and seven.

Female genital mutilation is illegal in NSW, with it also an offence to take a NSW resident overseas to have the procedure performed.

The 56-year-old man was arrested earlier today and has been charged with two counts of accessory after the fact of female genital mutilation; 

and hindering investigation of serious indictable offence. He was refused bail to face Burwood Local Court today.

Also arrested today was a 68-year-old woman who has been charged with two counts of prohibition of female genital mutilation.

Police will allege the woman performed the procedure on the two girls.

She has been granted conditional bail to face Campbelltown Local Court on Wednesday 3 October 2012.

A 42-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman were arrested on Friday 7 September and charged with two counts each of female genital mutilation. 

They were granted bail to appear at Parramatta Local Court on 26 September 2012.

Investigations by Strike Force Longfield are continuing, and police are also appealing for anyone with information about female genital mutilation to come forward.

The mutilation is unlikely to be an isolated case, NSW Family and Community Services and Minister Pru Goward says.

Ms Goward told reporters the investigation was triggered by an anonymous tip-off to her office, and she understood it to be the first time in NSW 
someone has been charged with female genital mutilation.

She would not say if the circumcision of the two girls was for cultural or religious reasons, but added it was "unlikely'' to be an isolated incident.

"That's why the rules were changed in 1994, because I believe that the state was aware that this was a distinct possibility,'' Ms Goward told 
reporters at NSW parliament.

"It is disappointing in a way that it has taken this long for there to be a case where there was sufficient evidence collected to be able to press charges and make arrests.''

Ms Goward said female genital mutilation was an "abhorrent practice'' and "a form of child abuse''.

"It is illegal, and whilst there might be cultural practices acceptable to some communities in NSW it remains the case that it is illegal and that the full force of the law will be brought to bear,'' Ms Goward said.

She would not reveal where the two girls were being cared for, or who was caring for them, but said ``they are safe, and not at risk of further harm''.

"My department have been involved in this all the way along and we've certainly made all the necessary arrangements we believe are in order to ensure these children are safe,'' she said.

Genital mutilation not tolerated: Goward

By Isabel Hayes and Adam Bennett 
Daily Telegraph
September 13, 2012 6:26PM

THE NSW government has warned that female genital mutilation will not be tolerated, after a man charged over the circumcision of two young girls appeared in a Sydney court.

Shabbir Vaziri, 56, appeared before Burwood Local Court on Thursday charged with two counts of being an accessory after the genital mutilation of the girls, who were aged six and seven at the time.

He is one of four people charged over the alleged female circumcision, which occurred in an unspecified location in NSW in the past 18 months.

The two young girls were unlikely to be isolated cases, NSW Family and Community Services and Minister Pru Goward told reporters.

Ms Goward said the investigation leading to the charges was triggered by an anonymous tip-off to her office.

It is understood to be the first time someone has been charged with female genital mutilation in NSW.

Ms Goward would not say if the circumcisions were for cultural or religious reasons, but she added the case was "unlikely" to be an isolated incident.

She described female genital mutilation as an "abhorrent practice" and a form of child abuse.

"It is illegal, and whilst there might be cultural practices acceptable to some communities in NSW, it remains the case that it is illegal and that the full force of the law will be brought to bear," Ms Goward said.

A 68-year-old woman was charged on Thursday with carrying out the procedure and will face Campbelltown Local Court on October 3.

A 42-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman were arrested last Friday and each charged with two counts of female genital mutilation.

They were granted bail to appear in Parramatta Local Court on September 26.

The court heard Vaziri, from Auburn, had no prior convictions and had close ties to the community.

"The defendant has no previous record and is a law-abiding citizen," his lawyer, Hussein Karimjae, told the court.

Vaziri's bail application was opposed by the police prosecutor, who said he posed a flight risk.

The court heard Vaziri held an Indian passport and was about to fly to India when he was arrested.

Magistrate Christopher Longley noted that if convicted, Vaziri would probably be jailed.

But he granted bail under "stringent" conditions, including a $20,000 bond.

"To the overwhelming majority of citizens, this is a most serious set of circumstances," the magistrate said.

Ms Goward would not reveal where the two girls were or who was caring for them, but said "they are safe, and not at risk of further harm".

Terror Australis:Syrian linked Muslims arrested in Australian Terroro raid

Australia, Victorian man arrested over Terrorism Offences

Yahoo News
September 12, 2012, 9:06 pm

A Melbourne man has been arrested in connection with terrorism offences.

Police raided a number of properties across Melbourne's southeast on Wednesday and say they expect to charge a man with collecting or making documents likely to facilitate terrorist acts.

There was no immediate threat to the community's safety, Victoria Police and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) said.

Police targeted 11 properties in Melbourne's southeast, including the Al-Furqan Islamic Information Centre in Springvale, in simultaneous raids about 6am (AEST) on Wednesday.

They seized a number of items including a USB memory stick containing violent extremist materials, computer equipment, imitation firearms and a number of registered firearms, a joint AFP and Victoria Police statement said.

Police arrested a 23-year-old man from the southeastern suburb of Officer. He was expected to be charged on Wednesday night with collecting or making documents likely to facilitate terrorist acts.

The maximum penalty for the offence is 15 years' jail.

Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner for Crime Steve Fontana said the joint investigation was ongoing.

"I would like to reassure people that we have not identified any immediate threats that pose immediate concerns to the safety of the community and we will continue to work to ensure that all steps are taken to protect all members of the community," Mr Fontana said in a statement.

A spokesman for the Al-Furqan centre in Springvale, who did not want to be identified, said police arrived there at 6am (AEST) and stayed until about 6pm.

"They wouldn't allow anyone inside, they just cordoned it off," the man told AAP.

"They took a few things and gave us a receipt."

He said Al Furqan was an Islamic information centre and book shop.

"Everyone has been taken aback but you always have the feeling that these things can happen," he said.

He said police also raided a number of houses in the Springvale area.

"Muslims live here and they are checking things in the neighbourhood," he said.

The Al-Furqan centre also engages in religious instruction and conducts lectures on Islam.

Its website carries videos of Islamist militia fighting in the Arab world, such as the uprising in Syria, separatists in Mali and reports of the Taliban infiltrating the Afghan army.

Police briefed representatives of the local Islamic community in Melbourne on Wednesday afternoon saying 11 properties had been raided.

Islamic Council of Victoria president Ramzi el Sayed said Al-Furqan was on the fringes of the Muslim community and its leader, Sheik Haron, was not a member of the mainstream Muslim society.

He said the organisation also held Islamic classes and had recreational facilities which it used to attract younger people.

The raids were carried out in the suburbs of Narre Warren South, Craigieburn, Hallam, Officer, Springvale South and Noble Park.

The AFP's acting counter terrorism national manager Justine Saunders described the arrest as a positive outcome for the two agencies, which are committed to preventing terrorist activity.

"The result of today's operation demonstrates the importance of operations undertaken by Australia's Joint Counter Terrorism Teams, and is an example of proactive law enforcement action to prevent terrorist activity in Australia," Ms Saunders said in the joint statement.

"The AFP is committed to working with state and territory police, and the community in order to counter the ongoing and enduring threat of terrorism and ensure the safety and security of the community."

Mr el Sayed commended the police for consulting with the Islamic community as events unfolded.

"They carried out the raids showing a lot of respect including telling the women at some of the houses that they were coming in and for them to put on their headgear and scarves," he told AAP on Wednesday night.

"The whole landscape of terrorism is a tough area. It's a very fine line between what constitutes an offence and what doesn't.

"We have had some high-profile raids in the past and one of the outcomes was that we should be debriefed so we can be better prepared for the response rather than being on the backfoot."

Three Islamic extremists were jailed in December for 18 years over a 2009 plot to kill as many Australian soldiers as they could at Sydney's Holsworthy Army Base.

Victorian Supreme Court Justice Betty King told Wissam Mahmoud Fattal, 35, Saney Edow Aweys, 28, and Nayef El Sayed, 27, they should hang their heads in shame.

The trio plans to fight the convictions while prosecutors are also appealing their sentences. Two other Melbourne men were cleared by a jury over their alleged roles.

Fairfax reported the men arrested on Wednesday were Australian residents with a mixture of cultural backgrounds.

It said one whose house was raided condemned the police and intelligence services in a Facebook posting.

"And look at the tactics. They come early in the morning (6am) and break the door of the markaz and about 20-30 come to the door of my neighbour as well. He (the neighbour) is overseas and has no control over what's happening over here," he wrote.

"In the house are only his wife and children who have been followed in the house even to the point that one policewomen has to go with them when they change clothes!

"Also, there are two police cars parked in the front of units to check who is entering and exiting the units! Also, there are brothers living in the nearby house who have also being raided."

ASIO warns of rise in home-grown terrorism

ABC News
By chief political correspondent Simon Cullen
Tue Sep 4, 2012 5:19pm AEST

The nation's spy chief says Australia is increasingly at risk of home-grown terrorism. 

Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) director-general David Irvine says there has been a rise in the efforts of some Australians to support violent jihad, although the number remains "very small" in absolute terms.

"It's a fact that we continue to have in Australia people who believe that violence is the way to fulfil perceived religious obligations," Mr Irvine told a security in government conference.

"They reject outright Australia's right to democratic self-governance and our separation of church and state."

Mr Irvine says a mixture of good work and good luck has prevented more large-scale attacks like those seen on September 11, 2001.

Though, he says it would be dangerous to assume all future terrorism plots will be detected.

"The threat will remain as long as the proponents of violent jihad stay committed to the promotion of their objectives by violent means," he said.

"The suicide bomber, with an absolute belief in martyrdom leading to a blessed eternity in another world, remains a particularly dangerous phenomenon."

Mr Irvine says the security issue is not so much their beliefs but that they are prepared to use extremely violent measures to achieve their goals.

"We're seeing at the moment less importation of foreign terrorists... but of concern is a rise in efforts by Australians who wish to support acts of terrorism in Australia or travel overseas," he said.

He says ASIO is aware of a small but steady number of Australians seeking to travel overseas for terrorist training or to participate in armed conflict.

The ASIO boss says the intelligence agency is currently dealing with about 200 active counter-terrorism investigations.

Hussein's Arab Spring rolls on in Libya and Egypt

US Ambassador and Three Officials Killed in Libya

By Ibrahim al-Majbari, 
Yahoo News
Updated September 12, 2012, 

The American ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, and three officials were killed when a mob attacked the US consulate in the eastern city of Benghazi, the interior ministry says.

"The ambassador was killed along with three other officials," said Wanis al-Sharif, the deputy minister of the interior, on Wednesday.

Stevens's death in Tuesday's attack was confirmed in a tweet by Mustafa Abu Shagur, the deputy prime minister.

Stevens, a career officer with the US foreign service, had been in the country for less than four months after taking up his post in the capital Tripoli in May.   

Fawzi Wanis, who heads the High Security Commission in Benghazi, confirmed that Stevens was at the consulate when it was attacked.

The envoy died when an armed mob protesting against a film deemed offensive to Islam attacked the US mission, just hours after Islamists also stormed Washington's embassy in the Egyptian capital Cairo.

Stevens was reportedly killed when he and a group of embassy employees went to the consulate to try to evacuate staff. The protesters were said to be firing guns and rocket propelled grenades.

The film at the centre of the anti-US protests was made by an Israeli-American who describes Islam as a "cancer" and depicts the Prophet Mohammed sleeping with women, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Before confirmation of Stevens's death, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that a State Department official had been killed in the attack on the consulate, saying: "We are heartbroken by this terrible loss."

Abdelmonoem al-Horr, spokesman for the Libyan interior ministry's security commission, earlier said rocket-propelled grenades were fired at the consulate from a nearby farm.

Witnesses said the attackers ripped up a US flag, then looted the consulate before setting it on fire on the 11th anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

"Dozens of demonstrators attacked the consulate and set fire to it," said a Benghazi resident, who only gave his name as Omar, adding that he had seen the flames and heard shots in the vicinity.

Another Libyan witness said armed men, including ultra-conservative Salafists, had closed the streets leading up to the consulate.

The violent protest was strongly condemned by Libya's General National Congress, which in a statement expressed "outrage at the unfortunate attack against the American consulate in Benghazi".

The Libyan incident came after thousands of Egyptian demonstrators on Tuesday tore down the Stars and Stripes at the US embassy in Cairo and replaced it with a black Islamic flag, similar to one adopted by several militant groups.

Nearly 3000 demonstrators, most of them hardline Islamist supporters of the Salafist movement, gathered at the embassy in protest over the film, which was produced in the United States.

A dozen men scaled the embassy walls and one of them tore down the US flag, replacing it with a black one inscribed with the Muslim profession of faith: "There is no God but God and Mohammed is the prophet of God."

Egyptian police intervened without resort to force and persuaded the trespassers to come down. The crowd then largely dispersed leaving just a few hundred protesters outside the US mission, an AFP correspondent reported.

An Egyptian security official said on Wednesday that security has been stepped up in the area around the US embassy in Cairo following the protests.

"There is an increased security presence in central Cairo, particularly around the American embassy," the official told AFP, adding that no arrests had been made during Tuesday's demonstration.

Coptic activists said they would stage a vigil on Wednesday in protest against the film.

The Maspero Youth Union (MYU) and the Coalition of Coptic Egypt condemned "all sorts of contempt or disdain against any religion, as well as to the sowing of sedition between people who embrace different religions", the statement said.

The movie, Innocence of Muslims, was directed and produced by Sam Bacile, a 52-year-old real-estate developer from southern California.

"Islam is a cancer," Bacile told the Wall Street Journal of his crudely-produced film, which depicts the Prophet Mohammed variously sleeping with women, talking about killing children and referring to a donkey as "the first Muslim animal".

In Washington, Clinton said she had spoken with Libyan leader Mohamed al-Megaryef to coordinate extra support to help protect Americans working in Libya, and he had pledged his full cooperation.

"In light of the events of today, the United States government is working with partner countries around the world to protect our personnel, our missions, and American citizens worldwide," Clinton said.

 American ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens,US consulate Benghazi,Wanis al-Sharif,Tripoli, Mustafa Abu Shagur,US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,Abdelmonoem al-Horr,

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