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Warning to all Muslims the world over seeking asylum and protection from the manifestations of their faith.
Do not under any circumstances come to Australia, for we are a Nation founded upon Judeo Christian Law and principles and as such Australia is an anathema to any follower of the Paedophile Slave Trader Mohammad's cult of Islam.
There is no ideology more hated and despised in Australia than Islam.You simply would not like it here.
Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
Voltaire French author, humanist, rationalist, & satirist (1694 - 1778)
Those who demand you believe that Islam is a Religion of Peace also demand you believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming.
Aussie News & Views Jan 1 2009
"But Communism is the god of discontent, and needs no blessing. All it needs is a heart willing to hate, willing to call envy “justice."
Equality then means the violent destruction of all social and cultural distinctions. Freedom means absolute dictatorship over the people."
Take Hope from the Heart of Man and you make him a Beast of Prey
“ If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.
“There may be even a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves”
Winston Churchill. Pg.310 “The Hell Makers” John C. Grover ISBN # 0 7316 1918 8
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant; if what is said is not what is meant, then what must be done remains undone; if this remains undone, morals and art will deteriorate; if justice goes astray, the people will stand about in helpless confusion. Hence there must be no arbitrariness in what is said.
This matters above everything.
'a socialist is communist without the courage of conviction to say what he really is'.
Hontar: We must work in the world, your eminence. The world is thus.
Altamirano: No, Señor Hontar. Thus have we made the world... thus have I made it.
Voltaire said: “If you want to know who rules over you, just find out who you are not permitted to criticize.”

--------Check this out, what an Bum WOW!!!!

When those sworn to destroy you,Communism, Socialism,"Change you can Believe in" via their rabid salivating Mongrel Dog,Islam,take away your humanity, your God given Sanctity of Life, Created in His Image , If you are lucky this prayer is maybe all you have left, If you believe in God and his Son,Jesus Christ, then you are, despite the evils that may befall you are better off than most.

Lord, I come before You with a heavy heart. I feel so much and yet sometimes I feel nothing at all. I don't know where to turn, who to talk to, or how to deal with the things going on in my life. You see everything, Lord. You know everything, Lord. Yet when I seek you it is so hard to feel You here with me. Lord, help me through this. I don't see any other way to get out of this. There is no light at the end of my tunnel, yet everyone says You can show it to me. Lord, help me find that light. Let it be Your light. Give me someone to help. Let me feel You with me. Lord, let me see what You provide and see an alternative to taking my life. Let me feel Your blessings and comfort. Amen.
"The chief weapon in the quiver of all Islamist expansionist movements, is the absolute necessity to keep victims largely unaware of the actual theology plotting their demise. To complete this deception, a large body of ‘moderates’ continue to spew such ridiculous claims as “Islam means Peace” thereby keeping non-Muslims from actually reading the Qur’an, the Sira, the Hadith, or actually looking into the past 1400 years of history. Islamists also deny or dismiss the concept of ‘abrogation’, which is the universal intra-Islamic method of replacing slightly more tolerable aspects of the religion in favor of more violent demands for Muslims to slay and subdue infidels"


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Wednesday, September 26, 2012



Last Man Standing :Barry Gibb reflects on his and his late brothers amazing musical past and his future tour back home Down Under.

Bolt Report 23912,Andrew Bolt,Australia's only Conservative TV Political commentator discusses issues of the day.

We should not bow to the Bullies of Islam

Andrew Bolt
Daily Telegraph
September 20 2012

The most frightening thing said about the Sydney riot against the Innocence Of Muslims video wasn't said by a Muslim, No, give the booby prize to Communications Minister Stephen Conroy.             

His spokesman announced Conroy wanted Google to "review its terms of service'' to consider pulling the "clearly offensive" clip from YouTube. Hey, that is exactly what one of the world's top terrorist leaders wants as well.

The distribution of this entire film must be banned by the Americans — they slandered the   
purity of his birth, slandered his faith and his morals," demanded Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Monday.              

When our own Communications  Minister and a terror chief in Lebanon speak as one about          banning an obscure video to placate furious Muslims who haven't seen it we are already halfway to lost.            
Even in America we see this same disgraceful scramble to placate mobs threatening to cut our throats at home or burning Western embassies abroad.

The Obama administration falsely blamed Innocence of the Muslims for triggering a deadly al-Qaeda assault on September 11 on the US consulate in Benghazi.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton repeatedly denounced the ultra-low budget film, as if it was the cause of the lethal Muslim rage and not an excuse for it.

Meanwhile, brown-shirted US authorities raided the filmmaker's home after midnight to take him away for questioning over alleged breaches of this jailbird's probation.

Message received. Make a film attacking Islam and if you aren't hacked to death in the street like Dutch director Theo van Gogh,your own police could drag you out of your bed.

You'll kill us if we don't removethe film? OK, we'll try. We'll even rough up the filmmaker for you.You won't have to cut our throats,because we'll cut them for you.

What sort of message does Conroy think he's sending? May as well ask Nasrallah what else he wants banned.

Already Prime Minister Julia Gillard has dutifully echoed Nasrallah's contempt for a film I'm
almost certain she's also never seen calling Innocence Of Muslims "truly repulsive",

Repulsive? But that the film is (undoubtedly) bad and rude is no reason to wish it suppressed.

If we let jihadists stop us watching trash,we've let them decide for us what trash is.

Trouble is, for a Nasrallah,"trash" includes even prize-winning novels such as Sir Salman
Rushdie's The Satanic Verses and the illustrations of Danish cartoonists who mocked Islam and Islamic fanatics.

That book and those cartoons were also attacked with a murderous rage.

Rushdie was sentenced to death by Iran and in this latest orgy of outrage an Iranian religious foundation upped the reward for his killing to $3.5 million. One of his translators has been murdered, and two others wounded.

The Danish cartoonists have also been hunted byjihadists sent to kill them, and three Muslims were jailed over a bomb plot to punish Denmark for its impiety.

Sadly, such violence has worked. Rushdie was asked by the British government to write an apology to Muslims for his novel — and some leftist intellectuals attacked him for his rudeness.

Australian newspapers still refuse to show the Danish cartoons,and Yale University Press didn't dare publish them — even in Jytte Klausen's history The Cartoons That Shook The World.

How careful our publishers and artists have become in their efforts not to offend such extremists.
Scholastic Australia scrapped an adventure thriller, Army Of The Pure, after booksellers and l ibrarians said they would not stock  a book with an Islamist terrorist as  the "baddie", and the Melbourne Comedy Festival banned two acts that joked about Muslims.

Yes, that's the same festival that's staged Catherine Deveny's foul-mouthed tirade against
Christianity, God Is Bullshit. The only difference: Christians don't kill their critics.

Yet every such concession to threats and demands for censorship just invites more.

First, The Satanic Verses had to  be outlawed. Then the Muhammad cartoons. 
Now Innocence Of Musiims. Next — who knows, Dante's Inferno, the great
Renaissance masterpiece?

Quick, read it before the likes of Conroy decree even Dante's famous descriptions of the damned in hell are too dangerously offensive:
i saw one there so burst wide,From the chin severed down to
where we fart...Look at Mahommed and his mangled trunk!...
And all the other souls you witness here
Sowed scandaf, discord, schism when afive,
And therefore they are cioven as you see.

Yes, to hell with bigots who threaten us with death for saying
and reading as we please.
Give in once and we'll give in forever. Trash handed over today,
treasure tomorrow.

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