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Winston Churchill. Pg.310 “The Hell Makers” John C. Grover ISBN # 0 7316 1918 8
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant; if what is said is not what is meant, then what must be done remains undone; if this remains undone, morals and art will deteriorate; if justice goes astray, the people will stand about in helpless confusion. Hence there must be no arbitrariness in what is said.
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Progressive Australia: Two Queensland Police escape Brick attack by Teeneagers by BUS

Only In Australia 
Two police officers hospitalised with head injuries after Acacia Ridge party-goers beat them with bricks in "cowardly attack"

The Sunday Mail 
March 17, 2013 4:47PMT

Given here is no reference to these two officers been "Affirmative Action" Appointees, I have to wonder why two armed fully appointed  and physically able Male Police Officers were "Run out of Dodge" by a Mob of Drunk / Drug Stuffed Teenagers.
Thank God it was not a call for help from a Rape / attempted Murder victim.

TWO injured policemen pelted with bricks by teens were rescued by fellow officers, who dragged them onto a bus before demanding driver to take off.

UPDATE: AN IMAGE of a man police wish to speak to regarding an incident in Acacia Ridge overnight where two policeman were attacked with bricks has been released.

The man is described as being Caucasian with a solid build and aged between 17 and 20.

He has short blonde hair, blue eyes and was wearing a blue shirt.

Police are calling on any members of the Acacia Ridge community that may have information which could assist in their investigation to contact Crime Stoppers anonymously on 1800 333 000 or the Acacia Ridge Police.

TWO injured policemen pelted with bricks by out-of-control party goers were heroically rescued by fellow officers, who dragged them on board a council bus and shouted for the driver to take off.
Bleeding from the head, the officers were on the ground surrounded by the violent group when their two colleagues picked them up and got them onto the Brisbane City Council bus.

Detective Inspector Geoff Acreman said the two crews had been called to Marnham St in Acacia Ridge at 11pm to a party that had been advertised on Facebook.

The party, with more than 200 people in attendance - had already had two visits from police before being shut down on the third occasion.

A large group from the party moved to a nearby bus stop.

Det Insp Acreman said a bus arrived soon after and the group of youths surrounded it, climbing on board and kicking out windows from inside.

"A large contingent of youths did get onto the bus and start creating damage to the bus from inside and then a number of people from outside also started damaging that bus," he said.

Police arrived soon after and two officers jumped on board the bus to arrest a youth who was kicking the windows.

"A number of police then also attended as well and two young officers attended and as they were trying to go towards the bus, they were hit in the head with the Besser Blocks," Det Insp Acreman said.

"Those two officers sustained some fairly significant injuries.

"At that stage the officers on the bus decided to drag those two officers, who had fallen, onto the bus and directed the bus driver to shut the doors and drive the bus from the area."

Another eighteen police cars were sent to the scene to take control of the crowd.

"At the time it was becoming quite a violent situation," Det Insp Acreman said.

"One officer has received a fairly significant gash to his face which required eight stitches and the other officer received stitches to his face but also he has received facial fractures which will require ongoing surgery and plastic surgery to treat those injuries."

He said police were now reviewing footage taken from the mobile phones of some of the revellers.

"This was very cowardly," Det Insp Acreman said.

"These are people who stood behind the crowd and were throwing rocks over people to hit these officers in the head.

"And from the reports we've got so far, there were a number of rocks thrown at the officers before one actually did hit them - so it wasn't accidental by any stretch.

"It could have killed them."

At noon, it was reported that a teen who hosted an out-of-control party in Brisbane's southern suburbs last night, which resulted in two police officers being taken to hospital and a council bus damaged, said he "had fun" but it escalated into violence when police arrived to shut it down early.

The party, which was held at a house in Marnham Street at Acacia Ridge, was attended by more than 250 revellers - many of them teens - after details were publicised on Facebook.

"I just had a bit of a party and it got shut down a bit too early and people weren't too happy and they went and had fun and do what kids do," said Jordan Fuller, 17.

"People were on the bus, then the coppers got on the bus and then everyone just started throwing bricks and stuff at the bus."

While Mr Fuller said he did not join in attacking the council bus or the police, he admitted his parents were not happy with what occurred.

He confirmed they were at the house at the time of the party.

"I'm giving mum a bit of time because she is a bit stressed," he said.

The family refused to comment.

One 16-year-old party-goer, who asked only to known as Mikayla, said she returned to the party last night after she was arrested and met at the police station by her parents.

"I just wanted to see what was going on and to see if it was still going," she said.

According to neighbours, council workers worked through the hours of Sunday morning to clean-up the scene, disposing of the empty glass bottles and bricks that had been pelted at police just hours earlier.

Neighbours stood around talking to each other, shaking their heads in disbelief as they compared experiences.

"It was scary. I was trying to put my children to bed during all the loud music and it was challenging," said one neighbour, who asked to not be named.

Another neighbour, Dilshad Ako, who lives across from the bus stop where the council bus was smashed, said initially only two or three marked police cars arrived at the scene last night but called for back-up as they battled for control.

"We thought when the bus comes they might move but when it did a huge number of people arrived and they threw bottles and bricks and smashed the bus," he said.

"Later, a huge number of police cars arrived - at least 20 - and they separated the people. But after some time they came back.

"We didn't come out we just looked through the curtains."

Earlier, it was reported that a police officer remains in hospital with a fractured eye socket after a party of more than 250 young people turned violent in Brisbane's south overnight.

A second officer was released from hospital this morning following the overnight incident, which saw the two officers pelted with rocks and bottles when they tried to help the driver of a council bus caught up in the violence.

The bus was on a routine stop at Acacia Ridge, in Brisbane's south, when thugs from the nearby party in Marnham St attacked the vehicle, smashing the back window.

Police media said both officers were taken to the Princess Alexandra Hospital with head injuries.

One officer received 8 stitches to his head and was released this morning, while the other received four stitches to his head and a fractured eye socket. He will remain in hospital for assessment.

Regional Duty Officer for Metropolitan South Inspector Steve Flori confirmed two officers suffered injuries in the "cowardly attack."

"Around 11.15pm police were called to a large party in Acacia Ridge, where there was in excess of 250 people," he said.

"Some of the party-goers became volatile and two officers from Inala station were attacked."

Inspector Flori said the party-goers ranged in age from 16 to 25 years-old.

The details of the party had been leaked to social media and the majority in attendance were unknown to the person hosting the party, he said.

"The host of the party was sober and disgusted," he said.

More than 15 police units from the south side were dispatched to the incident.

Public posts could be found online last night promoting the "open house" party, with several different people advertising a $5 entry fee to the event, which featured a DJ.

Inspector Flori asked the community to help to catch the perpetrators.

"We are asking that the close-knit community of Acacia Ridge help us find the people responsible for this cowardly attack," he said.

"They could come forward and contact either the Acacia Ridge Police or Crime Stoppers anonymously."

Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Police also attended a Facebook party in Mansfield last night.

Officers were tipped off by online posts and sent crews to patrol the streets.

Alcohol was confiscated from a large number of underage drinkers, a police spokesman said.

Ellen DeGeneres (De Generate?) Are ALL his / her / its Fans Lesbians ?

Someone please tell me are all this Guy's,Gal's,Its,Fans Lesbians? If not, why do so many "NON Lesbians" fall over themselves to throw themselves at His,Her,Its,feet ?
Is He,She,It,A Guy Without a Dick or a Chick with a Dick or an It with a particularly long Tongue and a Dick or perhaps all of the above plus two Vagina's ? 

Just What the Fuck IS an "Ellen DeGeneres" when all is said and done?

A Genetic Female who was made when Nature was looking the other way? or  a genderless Parody of Woman / Person Hood ?

Why am I thinking of Lancelot Link when I view this picture? I suppose that some poor child will be produced some where to satisfy the "Paternal ?" urges of this freak and her equally freaky "Wife"

Australian's Know what Portia De Rossie Is............ A Dickless Girl.

Sydney will be Ellen DeGeneres' first stop

The Sunday Telegraph
 March 17, 2013 12:00AM

ELLEN DeGeneres will now kick off her Australian tour in Sydney and could arrive as early as Thursday after postponing her trip due to illness.                              

The US talkshow host, who was due to touch down in Melbourne today, caught the flu earlier in the week and was too sick to fly. Sources tell us she's now planning to land in Sydney as soon as Thursday and will head to Melbourne early next week with her Australian wife Portia de Rossi.

A black-tie gala that was scheduled for Tuesday to welcome the US star to Australia has been rescheduled for the same day the following week, with guests being contacted on Friday to inform them of the date change.

Yesterday DeGeneres updated fans on her recovery and change of plans. "People of Australia! I'm down, but I'm not out. I'll be in Sydney next weekend, and Melbourne after that. More details soon!" she wrote.

To have cancelled a number of her US shows last week and reschedule the highly anticipated trip, it's safe to say her illness must be quite serious.

GP Steve Hambleton says symptoms of the influenza virus can last up to two weeks. "Influenza can be quite a serious illness, it can range from high temperature and aches and pains all over, making a healthy adult so sick that they need to spend up to four days in bed," he told us.

"It can range from something less than that to rapidly progressing to respiratory failure for which people can end up in intensive care."

It could also leave sufferers with post-influenza fatigue for up to a week, so a long-haul flight - even in first class - could be exhausting.

It's an unlucky coincidence DeGeneres' visit was planned with vitamin brand Swisse. Perhaps she should swap the supplements for a flu jab next time.

Dying Khaled Kahwaji asked to name his attacker

Dying man asked to name his attacker

Yoni Bashan, Sophie Ly and Carleen Frost 
The Daily Telegraph
March 16, 2013 12:00AM

A DYING man who was shot in the head in Sydney's southwest yesterday was desperately asked by police to name his attacker using his last breaths.

The Sunday Telegraph has confirmed the deceased man is Khaled Kahwaji, who was charged with the murder of Saba Kairouz in August 2010.

Kahwaji was named on social media last night about 7pm though police asked it be withheld from publication for operational reasons.

Investigators are focusing their main line of inquiry to include a retaliation attack in relation to that murder, but are also investigating links with the shooting of a crime family matriarch on Auburn road at Auburn last Saturday.

The victim in that case, revealed by this newspaper earlier this week, was the aunt of Supermax inmate Bassam Hamzy, the founder of the organised crime group Brothers For Life.

Police later said they were bracing for an escalation in violence over the attack, which saw her shot four times in the legs at her front door.

Witnesses living on Wilbur St at Greenacre said they tried to help Kahwaji as he lay on the road just after being shot in the back of the head about 6pm last night.

The shooting happened outside a home which was later surrounded by police tactical operatives and the dog squad, who ordered the occupants, on loud speaker, to come outside.

After approximately one hour they then stormed the premises, though no arrests were made.

"We were trying to talk to him and just saying 'can you hear us'," a neighbour, who heard about five shots, told The Sunday Telegraph.

"The first thing police asked him was 'do you know who did this'."

Two search warrants were carried out by heavily armed officers later in the evening on the same street.

Police, the Homicide Squad and about seven riot squad officers have today returned to the scene, blocking off Wilbur st to door knock homes and conduct a line search for further evidence.

Police described the killing of Kahwaji, believed to be 30 years old, as a targeted attack.

He was shot a number of times, including the back of the head, while sitting in a Silver Mazda 3 on leafy Wilbur Lane about 6.15pm.

His body was found lying next to the car which had bullet holes in the driver's side door and about another three in the windscreen.

"This is not a random incident. This person has been targeted and it's certainly not something that is random," Bankstown police Superintendent Dave Eardley said.

"It's certainly an act that's quite vicious and callous."

In a shocking scene now regularly confronting residents of Sydney's western and southwestern suburbs, the street was shut down as more than 30 police scoured the area for evidence.

Forensic detectives and investigators from the Homicide Squad were also called in to assess the scene. Local residents returning from work were unable to enter their homes as the street was blocked off for about 100m.

Police cars and ambulance vans also clogged the street.

A group, believed to be members of the man's family, arrived on the scene soon after police arrived. There were hysterical scenes as several women in the group made their way towards the police barrier to view the body.

Police said it was too soon to say if the killing was related to motorcycle gangs but Supt Eardley said investigators were "not ruling anything out".

Yesterday's killing marks the 35th shooting in NSW this year - more than three a week - with 10 this month alone.

Pious Muslim Thug Drug Dealer Kneecapper and Multicultural Diversity Enrichment Ambassador to be released after 9 years in the Can     

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