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Warning to all Muslims the world over seeking asylum and protection from the manifestations of their faith.
Do not under any circumstances come to Australia, for we are a Nation founded upon Judeo Christian Law and principles and as such Australia is an anathema to any follower of the Paedophile Slave Trader Mohammad's cult of Islam.
There is no ideology more hated and despised in Australia than Islam.You simply would not like it here.
Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
Voltaire French author, humanist, rationalist, & satirist (1694 - 1778)
Those who demand you believe that Islam is a Religion of Peace also demand you believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming.
Aussie News & Views Jan 1 2009
"But Communism is the god of discontent, and needs no blessing. All it needs is a heart willing to hate, willing to call envy “justice."
Equality then means the violent destruction of all social and cultural distinctions. Freedom means absolute dictatorship over the people."
Take Hope from the Heart of Man and you make him a Beast of Prey
“ If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.
“There may be even a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves”
Winston Churchill. Pg.310 “The Hell Makers” John C. Grover ISBN # 0 7316 1918 8
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant; if what is said is not what is meant, then what must be done remains undone; if this remains undone, morals and art will deteriorate; if justice goes astray, the people will stand about in helpless confusion. Hence there must be no arbitrariness in what is said.
This matters above everything.
'a socialist is communist without the courage of conviction to say what he really is'.
Hontar: We must work in the world, your eminence. The world is thus.
Altamirano: No, SeƱor Hontar. Thus have we made the world... thus have I made it.
Voltaire said: “If you want to know who rules over you, just find out who you are not permitted to criticize.”

--------Check this out, what an Bum WOW!!!!

When those sworn to destroy you,Communism, Socialism,"Change you can Believe in" via their rabid salivating Mongrel Dog,Islam,take away your humanity, your God given Sanctity of Life, Created in His Image , If you are lucky this prayer is maybe all you have left, If you believe in God and his Son,Jesus Christ, then you are, despite the evils that may befall you are better off than most.

Lord, I come before You with a heavy heart. I feel so much and yet sometimes I feel nothing at all. I don't know where to turn, who to talk to, or how to deal with the things going on in my life. You see everything, Lord. You know everything, Lord. Yet when I seek you it is so hard to feel You here with me. Lord, help me through this. I don't see any other way to get out of this. There is no light at the end of my tunnel, yet everyone says You can show it to me. Lord, help me find that light. Let it be Your light. Give me someone to help. Let me feel You with me. Lord, let me see what You provide and see an alternative to taking my life. Let me feel Your blessings and comfort. Amen.
"The chief weapon in the quiver of all Islamist expansionist movements, is the absolute necessity to keep victims largely unaware of the actual theology plotting their demise. To complete this deception, a large body of ‘moderates’ continue to spew such ridiculous claims as “Islam means Peace” thereby keeping non-Muslims from actually reading the Qur’an, the Sira, the Hadith, or actually looking into the past 1400 years of history. Islamists also deny or dismiss the concept of ‘abrogation’, which is the universal intra-Islamic method of replacing slightly more tolerable aspects of the religion in favor of more violent demands for Muslims to slay and subdue infidels"


Anthropogenic Global Warming SCAM

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Australia: Pious Muslim student “upset by the way Australian women dressed and behaved” Jailed for sex attacks of Seven Australian Women & Children,but it is ok, the judge understood his pain “no Mosque and no support nearby”

Foreign student upset by the way women dressed jailed for sex attacks
Elissa Hunt
Herald Sun
May 31, 2011

So this piece of Paedophilic Muslim Shit,oops sorry, “Harmony Day Activist”, “Diversity Ambassador”,”Cultural Enricher” did not know” “Australian Laws prevented women from been molested” so in Libya there are no Laws preventing Libyan Women from been molested? If there are such laws, then why would he come to Australia and believe that Australian Law ALLOWED the sexual assault of Australian / women / children ? What part of the Australian Labor Party’s Open Borders, Come one, come all,All Cultures / Religions are equal policy that has manifested in Australia been overrun by the Australian Labor Party’s “Savages of Choice” coming here and behaving the same way they do in the Islamic Shit Holes they RAN AWAY FROM?
Identification + Internment + Repatriation to whatever Islamic SHIT HOLE it was They or their Parents / Grand Parents / Uncle’s /Aunties,Sponsors RAN AWAY FROM is the ONLY solution for the Islamic Menace / Insurgency in the West.

A FOREIGN student who sexually assaulted seven victims claimed he was upset at the way Australian women dressed and behaved, a court has heard.
Libyan masters student Almahde Ahmad Atagore, 28, was this morning jailed for at least three years over the assaults in August and September last year.
He had been in the country only a month, on a sponsorship funded by his government.
31 5 2011 Almahde Ahmad Atagore
But County Court Judge Margaret Rizkalla said Atagore wasn’t prepared for the cultural differences and felt isolated and depressed.
He indecently assaulted two teenagers leaving the Mentone Hotel, laughing at them afterwards.
Atagore returned another night to attack two more outside the same pub.
Two more victims, including a 13-year-old girl, were assaulted as they used escalators at Flinders St station.
Another, 17, was attacked outside Mentone train station.
Atagore was identified in footage from Flinders St and cameras outside the hotel, but when confronted by police denied he had molested the victims.
Judge Rizkalla said he struggled to adapt to Australian life, without a mosque nearby and with little support.
Atagore told a psychiatrist he was upset at the way local women dressed and behaved, leaving him feeling both angry and aroused.
But he now felt shame and regret for his crimes, the judge said.
She said Atagore was suffering from an adjustment disorder, which contributed to his offending, and would face a hard time in prison with his poor grasp of English.
But the attacks happened in public places and had left the victims fearful of public transport, robbing them of security and independence.
Several of the victims were in court and welcomed the maximum sentence of five years and three months, with at least three years to serve before being eligible for parole.
Atagore pleaded guilty to five counts of indecent assault, one of assault with intent to rape and one of committing an indecent act with a child.
Police were unable to check his criminal past due to unrest in Libya.
But Sen-Det Dion Achtypis said outside court that Atagore’s nationality was not a factor in his crimes.
“There are many, many overseas students in this country who are law-abiding citizens,” he said.

No this story is NOT a joke it is true check the link it works. How dare the Australian Labor Party bring these Sociopaths into Australia without first providing them with a Mosque on every street corner and “Support” so as they are able to control their Sociopathic urges and maintain some semblance of been civilized or at least house trained.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Australia: Islamists plan a campaign of Blasphemy Bill Board Jihad as sign of their inbuilt Pig Ignorance,insolence,bad manners and arrogance. Mr Buckley, tear these Bill Boards DOWN!!!!

He's not the son of God, just the support act


Aaron Cook
May 28, 2011

CHRISTIANS in Sydney will have their core beliefs challenged by provocative advertisements due to appear on billboards and buses in the next month.

The ads, paid for by an Islamic group called MyPeace, will carry slogans such as ''Jesus: a prophet of Islam'', ''Holy Quran: the final testament'' and ''Muhammad: mercy to mankind''.

A phone number urges people to call to receive a free Koran and other Islamic literature.


“The Anglican Bishop of South Sydney, Rob Forsyth, said it was ''complete nonsense'' to say Jesus was a prophet of Islam. ''Jesus was not the prophet of a religion that came into being 600 years later.''

But the billboard was not offensive, he said. ''They've got a perfect right to say it, and I would defend their right to say it [but] … you couldn't run a Christian billboard in Saudi Arabia.''

Copy of 28 5 2011 He's not the son of God, just the support act

The organiser of MyPeace, Diaa Mohamed, said the campaign was intended to educate non-Muslims about Islam. He said Jesus was a prophet of Islam, who was to come before Muhammad. ''The only difference is we say he was a prophet of God, and they say he is God,'' Mr Mohamed said. ''Is it thought-provoking? Yes, it is. We want to raise awareness that Islam believes in Jesus Christ,'' he said.

Mr Mohamed said he hoped the billboards would encourage Christians and Muslims to find common ground. They were not intended to downgrade the significance of Jesus. ''We embrace him and say that he was one of the mightiest prophets of God.''

MyPeace plans to extend the campaign, funded by private donations, to television.

The Anglican Bishop of South Sydney, Rob Forsyth, said it was ''complete nonsense'' to say Jesus was a prophet of Islam. ''Jesus was not the prophet of a religion that came into being 600 years later.''

But the billboard was not offensive, he said. ''They've got a perfect right to say it, and I would defend their right to say it [but] … you couldn't run a Christian billboard in Saudi Arabia.''

The bishop said he would pay for billboards to counter those of MyPeace if he could afford it, and ''maybe the atheists should run their billboards as well''.

A spokesman for the Australian Islamic Mission, Siddiq Buckley, said the campaign would increase awareness of the positive facts of Islam. ''I would be looking at this as a good opportunity to explain what we mean.''


Siddiq Buckley,

Siddiq Buckley

Clearly Mr Buckley and his co religionists prefer to live under the the manifestations of Judeo / Christianity founded by a Jew, the Son of God, Jesus Christ, than they do the manifestations of their “Islam” founded by their Infamous Paedophile Pirate,Slave Trader,Misogynist,Rapist,Mass Murderer and Polygamist called Mohammed.

Why would this “Two Pound Pom” want to do to Australia,what his coreligionists have done to the Country he and many of his fellow English Men and Women Ran Away from ?


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sydney's Occupied Territories, where every day is a “Tribal Warfare,All Cultures Religions are Equal Harmony Day" and to think it used to be just plain old Sydney Australia, thanks Labor Party.

Sydney's Occupied Territories, where every day is a "Harmony Day"

Opposing members of Australian Labor Government sponsored “Ethnic Tribe” members, exercise their cultural diversity rights, and weave more Golden Threads into the Australian Labor Party's "Rich Tapestry" of "Difference" and "Diversity".

Can someone tell me how the Union financed Australian Labor Party's imposed policy of Multiculturalism has benefited Australians? I am yet to appreciate the third world feuding Tribalism aka. Diversity, that has broken out throughout, what are now Sydney's Occupied Territories, suburbs, infamous for the incidences of murder,urban terrorism,gang rape,car jacking,car rebirthing,robbery,drug importation and distribution,"Dodge City" style lawlessness, Australian no go / Multicultural zones.

What is it that the Australian Labor Party sees as been so good for Australia and Australians, that they insist Australians must suffer the consequences of their obsession with their Crystal Gazing,New Age concepts, of "Multiculturalism" "Diversity" "Cultural Difference" "All Religions Cultures are equal" except for the Majority Judeo Christian Australian Culture, the culture who's manifestations were seen to be so superior by the multitude of Middle Eastern / Islander / Asian "refugees", Immigrants, legal and illegal who demand be let into Australia, that they RAN AWAY from the very  culture that once they are resident on Australian soil and sucking off the Social Security Teat,they DEMAND be imposed over and above the Australian it nothing more than a case of, do anything you want but just remember who let you into the country on election day and by the way don’t forget to call your local Labor member of State or Federal Parliament should you not get your social security cheque on time, or need a new Club House or "Ethnic Community Grant" for whatever "Ethnic Community" you belong to.

Sydney's Occupied Territories, a collection of suburbs once inhabited by working families who identified themselves as Australians, first second and third, now a collection of suburbs ruled by Labor's Tribalism of Multiculturalism,survival of the fittest,swaggering “Muslim Rat with a Gold Tooth” thug rule,Labor Party, Union Financed  UN Socialist Rule, a hate based, planned division of Australian society, by the imposition of immigrants,legal and illegal who simply HATE everything that Australia IS and everything Australians ARE... everything except the Lifetime Social Security provided from the TAXES by those they HATE MOST.

"Multiculturalism" A collection of warring third world tribes,who’s Countries of origin’s cultures FAILED them, united by their, and the Union Financed  Australian Labor Party's facilitators commitment to destroy the Australian, Judeo Christian AUSTRALIAN way of life, the very reason Australia is the the Nation they chose to RUN AWAY to, a nation that was NOT LIKE the nation they RAN AWAY FROM.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Australia: Shot Cop, Sergeant Stephen de Lorenzo,abandoned by Police Union and Police top Brass,Outraged at Tevi Koloamatangi weak sentence.

Shot cop criticises gunman's jail term

8:16 AEST Mon May 23 2011

A NSW police officer shot in a botched hotel robbery that led to a four-hour siege with hostages has lashed out at the gunman's "joke" sentence.

Sergeant Stephen de Lorenzo, who bared his scarred shoulder outside the Sydney court on Monday, said he was furious with the judicial system and his attacker's jail term.


"This guy needs to go away for 25 years, close the door. He shot a police officer with intent to murder. He was holding hostages with a firearm to their head," Sgt de Lorenzo told reporters on Monday.

"He will be out in the community in 11 years. It's an absolute outrage. It's a joke."

NSW District Court Judge Deborah Sweeney sentenced Tevi Koloamatangi, 41, to a maximum of 15 years for a string of offences, including those related to The Lakes Hotel robbery in the eastern Sydney suburb of Rosebery in May, 2009.

"I wouldn't mind going back to the front line to have one more chop at these mugs that shoot cops," Sgt de Lorenzo said. "Judge Sweeney, sitting there with a plum in her mouth, living on the north shore of Sydney, doesn't understand the problems on the streets of Sydney." Sgt de Lorenzo earlier had told the jury he was shot in the right shoulder while trying to protect three staff members who had been taken hostage.

He described people screaming and whimpering, with one man yelling "God save me! God save me!", and thought they would be executed.

The judge accepted Koloamatangi's evidence that he was affected by amphetamines, cocaine and ecstasy and had prolonged the situation because he feared for his own safety.

But, she said, he could have surrendered rather than shoot.

"I have found Mr Koloamatangi was not lying in wait for Sgt de Lorenzo. However, when he saw Sgt de Lorenzo, he shot at him," she said.

A sentencing hearing was told Koloamatangi turned to illicit substances at a young age to self medicate for his troubled childhood, which included years of homelessness.

"He confirmed in evidence he can't say no to drugs," the judge said.

She accepted his feelings of remorse, although he had maintained his innocence on the most serious charge of shoot with intent to murder, for which he was sentenced to a minimum of six years.

But Koloamatangi will spend at least 11 years in jail for seven offences, including two unrelated to the robbery.

He will be eligible for release in May 2020.

Co-accused Emad Raad, 27, who drove Koloamatangi to the hotel and remained on lookout until police arrived, was found guilty of charges including shooting with intent to murder.

He was sentenced to a minimum term of five years and will be eligible for parole in June 2016.

Koloamatangi's relative, 49-year-old Silivesiteli Lopeti, a security guard at the hotel, was cleared by a jury of all charges after the Crown alleged he faked being a victim and was actually "in on the deal".

Sgt de Lorenzo said his life had been "terribly affected" by the incident and he had been laid off from the NSW police force due to post-traumatic stress disorder.

"They hailed me as a hero," he said.

"I'm no hero. I'm just an ordinary cop that did an ordinary job.

"I'm furious because there's gonna be other young police officers shot in the line of duty ... and I want increased sentences for these people."

Update: The would be killers cheer squad has now accused  Sergeant Stephen de Lorenzo,of been a Racist for telling them to "go back home where they came from" had Sergeant Stephen de Lorenzo just died instead of surviving their pin up boys bullets I guess he would been just playing his part in the "enrichment"  "diversity" of Australian Society by the Australian Labor Party's "Harmony Day" messengers of Peace,Diversity and Cultural enrichment.

Note the Immigration Departments Interpreter deciding to become "a player" rather than a simply doing her job of interpreting inside the Court, but perhaps her loyalties are to a wannabe Killer from the same country that she also ran away from,than to Australia.
I wonder did she interpret or construct answers for the wannabe Cop Killer for the the Good Judge.
I have seen first hand how these Immigration Department Interpreters take an activist role whilst allegedly simply transfering questions and answers between the “non English speaking” accused and the Court and its officers.


Bolt Report


Westboro Baptist Church,God Hates Australia.

Don’t you just love the bit where he say he will tell God on Judgment Day who the sinners are? Yes I am sure God will defer his judgment of Mankind to this Satanic LOON.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Australians flee Sydney’s Occupied Territories

Schools in west facing 'white flight'

The Sunday Telegraph

May 22, 2011 12:00AM

PUBLIC schools across Sydney are experiencing a "white flight" of students.

Anglo-Australian parents are choosing to enrol their children in private schools over public because there are less children from migrant backgrounds, a new report by the University of Technology Sydney, based on data from the My School website, claims.

Copy of 22 5 2011 Schools in west facing 'white flight'

The western suburbs has the lowest number of Anglo-Australian students, accounting for as little as 2 per cent of enrolments in some schools.

Dr Christina Ho, a UTS researcher in multiculturalism, said public schools had become increasingly viewed as being "ghettoes" by many Anglo-Australian families.

"If you have a school that is 98 per cent or 97 per cent migrant-background kids, and hardly any background Anglo-Australians there, then that is a ghetto that doesn't reflect the diversity of the society we live in," Dr Ho said.

"Talk to enough parents about choosing schools for their kids, and sooner or later, you'll hear one express concern about the local public school having too many Asians, or Lebanese, or Muslims, or Aborigines.

"Minority groups change, but there is a growing creed among many Australians that a good school for their children is one where minorities are in the minority. They may not use the word [ghetto] publicly ... but it's the sentiment going on in their minds."

At Auburn Girls High, only 15 of the 782 students enrolled are Anglo-Australian despite there being a larger Anglo-Australian population living in the suburb of Auburn.

Anglo-Australians make up as little as 2 or 3 per cent of students at schools in Punchbowl, Canley Vale, Granville, Wiley Park, Bankstown, Belmore and Cabramatta. In Sydney's wealthier north shore, about 67 per cent of students at Chatswood High come from a non-English speaking background.

By comparison, migrant-background students at nearby St Ignatius College in Lane Cove make up just 8 per cent.Dr Ho said students had begun to jokingly play "spot the whitey" at public schools, with the "white flight" trend having accelerated over the past 20 years across Sydney.

Migrant-background students make up 37 per cent of Catholic school students and 22 per cent of independents.


I disagree with the term “white flight” I am sure there are also large numbers of non Anglo Australians who have also found the imposition of foreign Religious and Social practices and what they manifest to be unbearable and have also been driven out of their local state school .

White Flight should read Australian Flight, citizens who identify first second and last as Australians, loyal to Australian values and our Democratic Political and Judeo Christian Legal System.

Why would a Socialist Government , The Australian Labor Party do so much to destroy the living standards and safety of those it never stops telling us it knows what is best for them, their beloved “workers” the poor, their financiers the Union Members?

It is not unreasonable to ask of the Gillard Labor /Green Loon/Independent Coalition Minority Socialist Government, we know who is paying you but who are you working for?


Friday, May 20, 2011

Australia: Affirmative Action Socialist Star Chamber drops charges of Manslaughter against Australian Soldiers, but still one Digger to go.

This is not he end of this story the Labor Governments Star Chamber still has the right of appeal and will no doubt be considering every opportunity to do so.They are also able to press lesser charges against these two Australian Hero’s in order to carve a few notches into their belts in order to justify their existence and what many Australian Taxpayers would describe as exorbitant pay checks.
There is one more Australian Soldier,Digger, who is yet to be shafted by Labor’s Muslim Friendly Leftist Star Chamber, he was involved in the same incident.
Australia’s Tax Payer funded Multicultural TV and Radio network has invested much of it’s funding “exposing” these Australian Soldiers, much to the delight, no doubt of their Labor Party masters.

The Back Story here  From the Australian Taxpayer Funded “Multicultural / Ethnic” TV and Radio Media Network SBS

The Australian Taxpayer funded SBS, Multicultural /Ethnic TV Radio Broadcasting Network, is always there doing the bidding of Australia’s enemies, along with their ex ABC “journalists” as if the ABC staff was not far enough LEFT Muslim friendly, you had to seek refuge in the sheltered workshop of the SBS sheltered workshop in order to survive.
The Clown Negus,in the first Video has since joined the Commercial TEN Network with a show of his own broadcast at 6 pm nightly following the Ten News, to say that his ratings are low is to praise him.
The point the ONLY point re this post is that Australian Soldiers have been charged with DEFENDING themselves from the Muslim Taliban Terrorist Enemy in Afghanistan.
The Australian Labor Party and it’s “Affirmative Action /Emilys List” appointed Prime Minister, Julia Gillard are always there when a DEAD Australian Soldier is brought home in a BOX, Madame Gillard and her fellow Labor Comrades are always there at the funerals of Australia’s finest but somehow are also there in the back ground ensuring as many of Australia’s finest are only able to fight Australia’s enemies with both hands tied behind their backs or be prosecuted for NOT been KILLED by their Islamist / Multicultural Terrorist New Best Friends.
No Labor Party, Australian Council of Trade Unions member should EVER be permitted to attend ANY  Australian Armed Services (RSL ANZAC Day) Memorial Service for one reason and one reason only,and that is that both these organizations have supported, ideologically and monetarily THE ENEMY, those who Australia’s finest have been fighting against, through World War Two, Korea, the Malayan Crisis and most notably, Vietnam where the Australian Labor Party and their financiers, the Australian Council of Trade Unions openly supported the Communist North Vietnamese with Financial,Propaganda and Sabotage of Australian Troops supplies .
This Muslim Terrorist Friendly Star Chamber set up and maintained by the Union, Get Up Funded Australian Labor Party, is the Communist , sorry Labor Party’s, 2011 equivalent of their past BETREYAL of Australia.
The Australian Council of Trade Unions (Boasts?) one distinction that ONLY the ACTU and it’s Members can claim and that is, they are the ONLY Australians who have had the honour of been the TARGETS of Australian troops returning from the Kakoda Track in  New Guinea during World War Two as they walked down the gang planks 303’s loaded and shouldered and aimed at and faced these Labor Party financiers, the Water Side Workers Union CUNTS who with held supplies and ammunition from them and their fallen Soldiers whilst they fought hand to had with the Japanese in New Guinea  in order to ensure WW2 was running according to Union Rules aka. A COMMUNIST Outcome.
Australian Socialist Labor Government to try Australian Soldiers for manslaughter !!!!

Australia: Every Day is a "Harmony Day" in Labor's Multicultural Australia. Hit & Run Killer,Mentally disabled School Girl sexually assaulted by a "insert diversity here" Bus Driver,Diversity Rules in Sydney’s Labor Party created Occupied Territories, don’t stop the "Celebration" lest we return to Judeo Christian Civilization.


Bus driver charged over schoolgirl assault

The Telegraph

May 20, 2011 10:44AM

A BUS driver has allegedly indecently assaulted a developmentally delayed schoolgirl in Sydney's south-west.

The 13-year-old girl was the only person aboard the bus when the driver stooped it on Minto Rd, Minto, at about 3pm (AEST) on Thursday, May 12.

Police said the driver then approached the girl, who was travelling home from high school, and kissed her repeatedly.

It is alleged he then indecently assaulted her, with the girl getting off the bus a short time later.

Police seized closed-circuit television footage from the bus company after the incident was reported on Monday.

They subsequently arrested a 42-year-old man and charged him with three counts of aggravated indecent assault.

He was refused bail and will appear in Liverpool Local Court today.

See above video to see the accused released on bail.



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Australia: Multicultural inquiry stirs emotions in Melbourne.Muslims demanding ,demanding oh and of course demanding….. as is their want.Australian Jewry offers solutions for problems predominantly caused by Islamic insurgency / colonization.

The Jewish submission to Australia’s Multicultural inquiry:

“The Executive Council Of Australian Jewry has also made a submission to the federal multiculturalism inquiry wanting a

strengthened test of so-called 'Australian values' for all immigrants.

"That's something that has to be earned. Australian citizenship is an honour and a responsibility - it's not something to be

given away lightly," Executive Director Peter Wertheim says.

The council says all new arrivals should be scrutinised closely for attitudes it feels are unacceptable.   

"Regardless of their religious or cultural background, if they're involved in promoting violent or racist or totalitarian

ideology they're not fit subjects for citizenship"

 Muslims demanding, demanding and demanding solutions funded by Australians for Muslims, whilst Jews offered solutions for AUSTRALIA to the problems created by MUSLIM insurgents colonizing Australia via the hoax of Multiculturalism
Islam / Muslims can only exist as an OPPRESSIVE Majority or as a DISRUPTIVE Minority.
Sharia Law Demand from “Moderate Muslim Community Leader” in Australia
Australia,Sydney’s Occupied Territories,Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon hails the deaths of Australian Soldiers in Afghanistan



Multicultural inquiry stirs emotions in Melbourne

By Luke Waters
World News Australia Reporter

18 May 2011  06:35:57 PM

The Federal Government's inquiry on multiculturalism has been told that it should give more support to key aspects of

Islamic life, such as mosques, schools and its food.

But the inquiry has sparked a call from a leading Jewish organisation for all new arrivals to demonstrate an acceptance of

what it calls 'Australian values'.

Turkish born Huseyein Yazaci is the second generation proprietor of Melbourne's first ever Halal butchery.

He's considered opening a second store in an outer suburb, but says it's still cost prohibitive and would need to form part

of a co-ordinated expansion.  

"You have to have all those things over there, like Mosques or Islamic schools or Islamic shops," says Mr. Yazaci.

That's precisely what the Federation Of Islamic Councils is proposing, they say the muslim community is driven to the

very "enclaves" which often draw criticism.

"There has been instances where we have applied on good planning grounds for a mosque or a school to be built in certain

areas that those facilities are not approved and certain road-blocks are put in," Iqbal Patel from the Federation of Islamic

Councils told SBS.

The proposal is gaining support in Melbourne's multiculural north, with residents saying there's no reason why they

shouldn't be integrated.

Mr Patel is even encouraging  Australian governments to consider some funding for islamic-oriented infrastructure.
"If you don't like the Muslim community to live in enclaves, or for that matter any community,  then allow for those

services to be opened up in areas out of these so-called enclaves."

The Executive Council Of Australian Jewry has also made a submission to the federal multiculturalism inquiry wanting a

strengthened test of so-called 'Australian values' for all immigrants.

"That's something that has to be earned. Australian citizenship is an honour and a responsibility - it's not something to be

given away lightly," Executive Director Peter Wertheim says.

The council says all new arrivals should be scrutinised closely for attitudes it feels are unacceptable.   

"Regardless of their religious or cultural background, if they're involved in promoting violent or racist or totalitarian

ideology they're not fit subjects for citizenship"

The federal inquiry is continuing to receive submissions.


The Galileo Movement

Alan Jones speaks with The Galileo Movements Malcolm Roberts on the Anthropogenic Global Warming CO2 TAX SCAM.
Professor Richard Lindzen talks with Alan Jones about the Anthropogenic Global Warming CO2 TAX Hoax and the Galileo Movement.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sharia Law Demand from “Moderate Muslim Community Leader” in Australia

I notice this talking head,Muslim Spin Doctor,Islamic Insurgent, “Moderate Muslim Community Leader”now calls himself “Ikebal Adam Patel” as opposed to his previous media of Ikebal Patel, I guess it’s just a way of showing the infidel that, hey these savages are just like us, they have Judeo Christian names, just like us, gee why can’t we all just get along and submit.
In Australia many many Muslim Murderers and Rapists and Terrorists change their names before appearing in court to Anglo Christian and Surnames, I guess this “Moderate” is following in head offices footsteps.

From Winds Of Jihad   Like a Boomerang: New Demands for Sharia in Australia  

Professor Richard Lindzen talks with Alan Jones about the Anthropogenic Global Warming CO2 TAX Hoax and the Galileo Movement.

Alan Jones talks with Professor Richard Lindzen
17 5 2011 Galileo Movement
Alan Jones comments on Australia’s pathetic excuse for a Federal Government

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sarah Oh Sarah

If Lachlan could sing I am sure he would sing something like this perhaps,

Sara, oh Sara
Glamorous nymph
with an arrow and bow
Sara, oh Sara
Don't ever leave me,
don't ever go..

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Australia,Sydney’s Occupied Territories,Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon hails the deaths of Australian Soldiers in Afghanistan.

At least this guy,Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon, has the courage to come out publicly and endorse and promote the teachings of the Koran.
He is probably jumping the gun in revealing the Islamic agenda in Australia however he is not giving Australians the usual Bull Shit about Islam been a Religion of Peace blah blah blah.

Note the obligatory attempts at Taqiyah from Sydney's Occupied Territories by the mob at Lakemba Mosque and Grimshaw's and Hadley's assurances that "he,Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon, only represents a very small minority of Muslims"
The reality of that well worn Politically Correct useful idiots,disclaimer, can only possibly be, that the majority of Muslims do not believe in the Koran or the Koran LIES and should not be believed.

It is tragic that anyone can be so befuddled,weak of mind and wit that the Koran becomes the guiding force of darkness in their lives, but for those who should and do know better there is no excuse for them apologising for and facilitating the evil that is manifested by the Koran and it's Sociopathic,but mostly, thankfully in Australia, befuddled followers.


Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon,More of this Pious Muslim’s Koran inspired threats

“…..The vast overwhelming majority of Muslims do not support violence or are themselves violent” …….yeah right.

Islamic Principle of Taqiyah or Holy Deception

By FFI Contributing Editor Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari

To explain the Arabic word TAQIYAH, Hughes Dictionary of Islam says, “Literally it means “Guarding oneself”. (It’s a) Shi’ah doctrine. A pious fraud whereby a Shi’ah Muslim believes he is justified in either smoothing down or in denying the peculiarities of his religious belief, in order to save himself from religious persecutions. A Shi’ah can, therefore, pass himself off as a Sunni to escape persecution.”
“The Shi’ah traditionalists relate that that certain persons inquired of the Imam Sadiq if the Prophet had ever practiced taqiyyah, or “religious dissimulations,” and the Imam replied,”Not after this verse was sent down to the Prophet, namely Surah v, 71: ‘O thou Apostle! Publish the whole of what has been revealed to those from thy Lord; if thou do it not, thou, thou hast not preached His message, and God will not defend thee from the wicked men; for God guides not the unbelieving people. When the Most High became surety for the Prophet against harm, then he no longerdissimulated, although before this revelation appeared he had occasionally done so.” [1]
While commenting on the Islamic practice of taqiyyah, the noted scholar Babu Suselan writes, “Under the Islamic concept of Al-Takkeya, it is legitimate for Muslims to lie, cheat, murder, deceive and violate non-Muslims. According to Takkeya, Muslims are sanctioned to communicate with fake sincerity. In reality, they may have just the opposite agenda in their hearts. It is clear that Islam permits the Muslims to lie anytime, anywhere to promote the cause of Islam.”

To narrate how a law-abiding non-Muslim society is harmed by this dirty concept of Islamic taqiyyay, he writes, “The concept of Al-Takeyya (lying) for the cause of Islam bears gross implications for freedom loving, law abiding non-Muslims. Muslims can negate any agreement, cheat, deceive, lie, and absolve from any permanent commitment. When a Muslim say “Islam is peace” watch out. When a Muslim shout “Allah loves you” he mean “Allah hates you” unless you are a Muslim.”
He also says, ”There are many incidences in the life of Mohammed where he often lied and instructed his followers to do the same. A good example is the assassination of Kaab Ibn Ashrf, a member of the Jewish tribe, Banu al-Nudair. Mohammed ordered his assassination by deception, lying and tricks. Mohammed also ordered the murder of Shaalan by deception and lying. Islamic history is replete with incidents of murder and assassination by deception”.[2]

In his article “The principle of Al-Takeyya” [3], the author says, “The Arabic word, “Takeyya”, means “to prevent,” or guard against. The principle of Al Takeyya conveys the understanding that Muslims are permitted to lie as a preventive measure against anticipated harm to one’s self or fellow Muslims. This principle gives Muslims the liberty to lie under circumstances that they perceive as life threatening. Islamic scholars believe the Muslims can even deny the faith publicly, declaring them non-Muslims, for saving their lives, if they do not mean it in their hearts, following the Quranic verse:
“Let not the believers Take for friends or helpers Unbelievers rather than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from Allah: except by way of precaution (prevention), that ye may Guard yourselves from them (prevent them from harming you.) But Allah cautions you (To remember) Himself; for the final goal is to Allah.” Surah 3: 28”. So, in simple words, taqiyyah is an example of Islamic style of deception, originated in the Koran, that Muslims profusely use to deceive and fool the non-Muslims. This manifests to what degree, Islam permits a Muslim to indulge in lying and cheating of the infidels,

Two Faces of Koran :
It is now well known that the Muslims play many tricks and tell even dark lies to deceive and fool the infidels Such as, they say that Islam means peace, kafir means an atheist, jihad means a war between good and evil forces within a man and so on. They also deceive the kafirs in another ingenious way. There are some verses of Koran which are not cruel but appear to be tolerant and innocent. Such as “Allah does not love the oppressors” (3.140), “Allah has prepared painful punishments for the oppressors” (14.22), “Allah does not love them who creates indiscipline” (5.64), “Allah does not like jealousy and aggressiveness” (57.23), “Allah loves patience and forgiveness” (42.43), “Your religion (is dear) to you and my religion (is dear) to me” (109.6), “The Prophet has no other duty but to propagate the message of Allah” (5.99) and so on and so forth. When these verses are uttered before the infidels, many are fooled and admit that the Koran has even tolerant, human and innocent verses too. In this context, it is very important to mention that before a non-Muslim audience, the Muslim speakers make frequent use of the verse “Your religion to you and my religion to me”, to pretend that, Islam is basically a very tolerant religion.
Koran, the holy book of Islam, contains over 6 thousands verses (ayahs) divided into 114 chapters (suras). All these verses of the Koran can broadly be divided into two categories—Makki verses and Madani verses. The verses of the Koran which were revealed to Mohammad when he was staying at Mecca, are called Makki verses. And the verses which were revealed after his migration to Medina, are called Madani verses. Before his migration (hijrat) to Medina, the Prophet was a humble servant of Allah and a good husband of his only wife Khadija, without enjoying any economic, political or military power. And Allah also, to cope with the situation, revealed tolerant and innocent verses alone.

But after his migration to Medina the Prophet became the Chief administrator and, at the same time, the chief of army and judiciary of Medina. Or in other words, he became the sole and supreme dictator of Medina, or the uncrowned king of the city. After acquiring so much of power, the idea of spreading Islam by sword came to his mind and he invented the doctrine of jihad. It may be recalled that so long the Prophet was in Mecca, Allah forbade war for the Muslims. But after hijrat, Allah could read the mind of the Prophet permittedd the Muslims to fight and subsequently made fighting obligatory for every able Muslim. From that time onwards, Allah began to reveal the terrible and violent verses of jihad, such as “There is nothing in the sight of Allah which may be equated to jihad.” (9.19) and “No equal are those believers who sit at home (except those who are old and disabled) and those who strive hard and fight with their wealth and lives in the cause of Allah” (4.95). “That is because they (who sit back at home) suffer neither thirst, nor fatigue, nor hunger in the cause of Allah. …Nor they raise the anger of the disbelievers or inflict any injury (killing, robbing or taking captive) upon enemy” (9.20). “Anyone whose feet get covered with dust in Allah’s cause will be forbidden from the hell-fire” (Bukhari : 4.66). Allah rebukes those who sit back at home for their cowardice and threatens them with cruel punishments and the Koran says, “If you march not forth (for jihad), I will punish you with painful torment and will replace you with other people” (9.39).It is needless to say that these verses of violence and bloodshed are inspiring the entire Muslim community to massacre the kafirs en masse by launching jihad against them with the final goal of establishing an empire of Islam throughout the world. It should also be noted here that, from this time onwards, taqiyyah emerged as an established Islamic policy.

Taqiyyah to convert the infidels of Medina:
It has been pointed out that the Makki verses and Madani verses of the Koran were the foundation of the Islamic practice of taqiyyah. The Muslim migrants from Mecca started to attract the infidels of Medina by propagating the Makki verses of the Koran, by keeping the Madani verses concealed or yet to be revealed. But as soon as, the Muslim population grew into a sizable amount and Muhammad could form a criminal gang with his uncle Hamza, his cousins and other loyal Muslim hooligans, the Makki verses were thrown into the dustbin giving place to newly revealed Madani verses and the said criminal gang, through violence and terror, especially after the victory in the Battle of Badr, started to convert the infidels of Medina by force
Meanwhile, Allah revealed to strike terror in the hearts of the infidels of Medina and Prophet Muhammad, in compliance with Allah’s command, assassinated poets Kaab bin Asraf, poet Abu Afak and poetess Asma, drove the Jews of Beni Kanuika and massacred 800 Jews of Beni Koraiza. So, taqiyyah, or deceiving the infidels with the Makki verses of the Koran for conversion, lost its importance and jihad or violence took its place.
But the practice of taqiyyah in still alive and the Muslims are playing the same trick even today. Whenever the Muslim preachers talk about Islam in a civilized forum, they, to hide the bloody sword of Islam, always utter the Makki verses of the Koran, knowing fully well that most of those Makki verses were abrogated (cancelled and replaced) by violent and bloody passages that were revealed after Muhammad’s migration to Medina “elnasekh wal mansoukh”. The replacement verses reflect prejudice, intolerance, and endorse violence upon unbelievers. [3]
.In this context, It should be pointed out here that, after the September, 11 attacks, many television channels broadcast interviews with Muslim reporters, intellectuals and religious leaders and the people of the print-media. In all such cases, to fool the kafirs, Muslim journalists, clerics and political leaders quoted Makki verses alone from the Koran, especially the verse Your religion to you and my religion to me.”(109:6)
In a country where the Muslims are still a minority, they alway”s make use of the Makki verses, but as soon as they gain majority or become strong in military power, they at once throw away these Makki verses in the junkyard and adopt the Madani verses for launching a jihad. For example, in India, when the Muslims come to Hindu populated areas, they never utter a Madani verse. But the same Muslims in their Muslim dominated residential areas use to propagate Madani verses from the mosques, with the help of loud-speakers, to scare the minority Hindus of that locality. Thus the Muslims make use of the principle taqiyyah by projecting the Makki verses of the Koran to keep their bloody weapons concealed as the principle of taqiyyah, and in a favourable situation they instantly switch over to the Madani verses and brandish their unsheathed swords.

Origin of Taqiyyah:
In order to understand the Islamic mind and the policy of taqiyyah, one has to understand the preliminaries of the Arab Bedouin Tribal culture and how Islam began in those tribes. This is a culture based upon tribalism and the hard nomadic values of tribal warfare by raiding neighbouring villages and taking over their women and children as slaves and concubines, their possessions, their stock and their grazing lands and killing their men with the exception of those who would accept Islam.
The people are mainly illiterate, but cunning. They are also extremely proud and arrogant people, especially the men. The masculine Arab culture placed a very high value on ‘honour and shame’ associated with his place in the social order of his family, his tribal group, or his society. It is extremely important that he must not suffer ‘a loss of face’. The importance of honour and status is so important that it often justifies ‘honour killings’ within the family. Blood feuds and vendettas are maintained for generations to defend the honour of long dead ancestors. Mohammed himself ordered the vengeful murder of all those who mocked or satirized him, as he was an Arab and the potential loss of face was unacceptable.

“Lying and cheating in the Arab world is not really a moral matter but a method of safeguarding honour and status, avoiding shame, and at all times exploiting possibilities, for those with the wit and cunning for it, deftly and expeditiously to convert shame into honour on their own account and vice versa for the opponents. If honour so demands it, lies and cheating may become absolute imperatives.” [4]
Thus by skilful manipulations, by dissimulation, deceiving, lying, confounding, deflection of accusations, it is possible to foil or block or fend off an attack or accusation, and thus turn a humiliation into a positive outcome and the save one’s face or one’s life. This same skill is part of the tribal Bedouin life and it has been adopted into the Islamic way of life in the defence and protection of Islam. This skill is known as ‘Taqiyya’ and greatly enhances the capabilities of Muslims to defend and promote Islam. This skill, Taqiyya, comes so naturally to Muslims that they are not even aware that they are using it to communicate dissimulate Islamic information to the less informed. It is a part of their way of life since childhood. This trait can also be observed in many other cultures especially in the East.
To give a few examples of Taqiyya as an illustration, Muslims will deny that “terrorist suicide bombers killed innocent people” were Muslims who were responsible for the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers in New York. And they are right because Muslims do not approve of Suicide (Haram), so they could not have been Muslims) and wanton murder of innocent people (but Muslims do not consider non-Muslims as innocent. They are the enemy and so are legitimate targets.). So Muslims may safely say that they condemn any terrorist acts, because terrorists are not identifiable as Muslims. But Muslims knew that these were acts of Islamic Jihad, and thus were truthful in denying it was “an act of terrorism” by Muslims, because they were actually “acts of martyrdom” or Jihad not “terrorism.”[4]


Monday, May 09, 2011

Australian Government TAXES Australian’s $54,000 for every “refugee” they import from Malaysia

Taxpayers to pay $54,000 for every refugee brought to Australia under Malaysian solution

Alison Rehn and Simon Benson

The Daily Telegraph

May 09, 2011 12:00AM

TAXPAYERS will fork out $54,000 for every refugee brought to Australia from Malaysia under the Government's plan to stop illegal boat arrivals.

But for every person arriving by boat who is rejected and sent the other way, they will have to cough up $90,000.

The $292 million so-called "Malaysian solution" will be part of an immigration blowout in tomorrow's Federal Budget, which the Opposition claims could top $800 million.

The Federal Government is facing another bill of hundreds of millions of dollars to pay in part for a 1000 per cent rise in the number of immigration staff to deal with boat arrivals in the past 18 months.

Figures supplied by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship reveal the number of processing staff in detention facilities has risen dramatically from 71 in June 2009, to a staggering 709 by January this year. That figure could now be as high as 840.

Copy of 9 5 2011 Taxpayers to pay $54,000 for every refugee brought to Australia under Malaysian solution


The department confirmed the increase was attributable to the rise in numbers of people arriving by boat.

The combined cost of the new Malaysian policy, increased staff numbers and the expansion of existing facilities could blow the immigration budget out by more than $800 million, the Opposition claimed yesterday.

"Labor's open borders and rolling detention crisis is consuming staff and resources at an insatiable rate, with taxpayers forced to write a blank cheque to underwrite the Government's failure," said Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison.

The revelations came as the Gillard Government was forced to defend its new "Malaysian solution" policy from attacks from all quarters, despite having UN approval.

Up to 800 asylum seekers intercepted in Australian waters after the deal is finalised - expected within weeks - will be sent to Malaysian detention camps and put at the back of a queue now numbering more than 90,000.

In exchange, Australia will take 4000 refugees from Malaysia in four years and resettle them in the country.

The policy costs $292 million, which includes the cost of charter or commercial flights to and from Australia.

Mr Morrison said that worked out to $54,000 for every refugee accepted and $90,000 for every one rejected.

But Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said: "This is about breaking the people smuggler's business model.

"This now means that people smugglers will need to find 800 volunteers - pay their money, risk their lives, come to Australia with the prospect of a plane ticket to Malaysia and this makes the business model of people smugglers very, very difficult indeed."'

Asylum seekers who are sent to Malaysia and found to be refugees will not be resettled in Australia.

The Department of Immigration began telling communities here with links to asylum seekers to warn them they would end up in Malaysia.


CO2 TAX_thumb[2]

Australian Council of Trade Unions /Get Up funded,Australian Labor Party/Green Loon/"Independent" minority Socialist government responsible for the latest assault / betrayal on the Australian people,seen here announcing their new TAX on EVERYTHING a few months ago.

Australian Labor Party’s Open Borders Policy working a treat for Middle Eastern Colonization of Australia. UPDATED

Australians sleep under the stars as the Labor Green Independent Union funded Socialist minority Government spends $60,000 a NIGHT to house illegal immigrants in HOTELS

Middle Eastern “cultural differences” enriching and diversifying Australia’s Christmas Island detention centre……. again.

Australia: “Insider” dumps a load, on Asylum seekers massive use of Condoms in MALE only Detention Centres + Video

The Final Insult ?    Sheik YerMami  KRudd: we’re building mosques in Afghanistan

Forcing their way in…. forcing themselves on us…

The Bolt Report: At last a Political commentary TV show with a Conservative perspective.

Australian Political commentator,Andrew Bolt’s first show on the Ten Network.
At last, a fast paced, to the point public affairs show not designed to spin the Australian Labor Party / Green Loon / Union propaganda.
A little nervous Andrew, however for an opening show well done indeed.



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