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Friday, November 23, 2012

What Julia Gillard said on August 23 2012

Prime Minister Gillard responds to accusations

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcast: 23/08/2012
Reporter: Chris Uhlmann
Prime Minister Julia Gillard today refuted claims of impropriety during her time as a lawyer at the firm Slater and Gordon and attacked those making the claims against her.

LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: For months, a vicious online smear campaign has been questioning Julia Gillard's conduct as a lawyer 17 years ago. It's spilled over into the national news media and today the Prime Minister declared enough is enough. In a fiery defence of her time at Slater & Gordon, she said News Limited stories about her involvement in the creation of a union fund were defamatory and wrong.

Political editor Chris Uhlmann reports on an unusual day in federal politics.

CHRIS UHLMANN, REPORTER: It began as an announcement about lifting the refugee intake.

It was punctuated by an appalling security breach when an intruder got within striking distance of the Prime Minister.

JOURNALIST: How did you get in? 

INTRUDER: No, just got in through the public entrance.

JOURNALIST II: Prime Minister, something very odd just occurred. What have you been handed there? 

JULIA GILLARD, PRIME MINISTER: Oh, Mark, I wish could help you, but I’ve got no idea.

CHRIS UHLMANN: It morphed into a defiant challenge by Julia Gillard.

JULIA GILLARD: I'm answering your questions now. If you've got questions, put ‘em.

CHRIS UHLMANN: And over one hour and 13 minutes it became one of the most extraordinary press conferences of recent years as Julia Gillard acted to end questions over her character that reach back 20 years.

JULIA GILLARD: None of this is new. I am standing in front of you now as a 50 year old woman. Have I learned a few things across my lifetime? Yes, I have.

CHRIS UHLMANN: As a 30 year old woman the Prime Minister was a partner in law firm Slater & Gordon and had begun a relationship with an up-and-coming Australian Workers’ Union official, Bruce Wilson. It would end in acrimony in 1995 amid allegations by the AWU that Bruce Wilson and fellow official Ralph Blewett had misappropriated union funds. The Prime Minister has always said she was unaware of what the two were doing.

JULIA GILLARD: Once I became aware that I had been deceived about a series of matters, I ended my relationship with Mr Wilson.

CHRIS UHLMANN: No charges were ever laid against Bruce Wilson or Ralph Blewett, to the great disappointment to the union and police, even though an association they set up in WA with a noble aim of achieving safe workplaces used money from building companies for their own benefit, including buying a house in Victoria.

JULIA GILLARD: I did not at the time understand that any funds from any other source would be used to support the purchase, that is funds from the association or any other accounts related to the union.

CHRIS UHLMANN: At the heart of the allegations against the Prime Minister is that she did the legal legwork to set up the association, that she never kept a file on it at her law firm and that she described it as a “slush fund” when questioned about it by the senior part partner.

JOURNALIST III: Did you help to draft the document that you knew was false because the purpose of the association was fundraising for a union election, not workplace safety, as stated in that document? 

JULIA GILLARD: My understanding of the purpose of this association was to support the re-election of union officials who would run a campaign saying that they wanted re election because they were committed to reforming workplaces in a certain way, to increasing occupational health and safety, to improving the conditions of the members of the union.

CHRIS UHLMANN: On the weekend the Prime Minister said she wouldn't dignify any of these allegations with a response, despite the fact that The Australian newspaper had been running hard with them.

JULIA GILLARD (Sunday, Sky News): Delving into matters 17 years ago for what purpose? If you've got an allegation I did something wrong, put it. If you can't put it, why are we talking about this? 

CHRIS UHLMANN: Today The Australian was forced to apologise for reporting that the Prime Minister had set up a trust fund for Bruce Wilson and Julia Gillard decided that attack was the best form of defence.

JULIA GILLARD: These are defamatory allegations and they are wrong.

CHRIS UHLMANN: This rebooting of ancient charges began as an internet campaign and one of its torchbearers is cartoonist Larry Pickering. His base attacks on the Prime Minister are among the many reasons why much of mainstream media hasn't revisited this story.

But The Australian's recent investigation did raise new information and new questions, like why Julia Gillard never opened a file on the association. She says it was routine to provide free advice.

JULIA GILLARD: With the benefit of hindsight, of course it would have been better that I had opened the file on the system, but at the time it did not strike me as a matter of particular significance.

CHRIS UHLMANN: What is significant is who was fashioning the bullets being fired at the Prime Minister. As you would expect, fingers are being pointed at the Opposition, but to date its attack’s been muted, and whenever it does come up, a more intriguing trail is raised.

TONY ABBOTT, OPPOSITION LEADER (Saturday): I think there are questions that she does need to address. Let's not forget that these issues were most recently raised in the Parliament not by the Coalition, but by a member of her own cabinet, Robert McClelland. I think there are questions that the Prime Minister does need to answer.

CHRIS UHLMANN: Only aficionados of this ancient case could have spotted an attack on the Prime Minister buried in this June speech by the former Attorney General.

ROBERT MCCLELLAND, ALP BACKBENCHER (22 June): Indeed I know the Prime Minister is quite familiar with this area of the law as lawyers in the mid-1990s were involved in a matter representing opposing clients. Indeed, my involvement in that matter has coloured much of my thinking in this area.

CHRIS UHLMANN: So as with so many things in this parliament, there's a deeper story. The recent attacks on the Prime Minister cannot be divorced from the deep desire some in her own party have to see her deposed and the people writing these stories are being offered assistance from inside Labor's ranks. The Prime Minister hopes today draws a line under the allegations.

JULIA GILLARD: Will the misogynists and the nut jobs on the internet continue to circulate them? Yes, they will. And it wouldn't matter what I said and it wouldn't matter what documents were produced and it wouldn't matter what anybody else said, they will pursue this claim for motivations of their own which are malicious and not in any way associated with the facts.

In terms of the conduct of more mainstream media, well you are in a better position to answer that than me.

But I've been on my feet now for, what? - I can't quite recall; 50 minutes, something like that, taking every question that the journalist elite of this country have got for me. If that doesn't end the matter, then, with respect, I don't know what would.

CHRIS UHLMANN: Malicious motivations aren’t confined to the internet and Julia Gillard's hope that this marks the end of the matter might be optimistic. But the Prime Minister was challenged to answer lingering questions and she did that today and she did it well.

She has, in the estimation of her former law firm and its former senior partner, done no wrong and her performance today was one of the best she's given in a long time.

But the rise of the embittered citizen journalist raises other questions for those who would seek to serve as politicians.

JULIA GILLARD: Yes, it does worry me that that's where politics has got to. That things that are demonstrably untrue, indeed, absurd, are circulated and recirculated and recirculated and somehow, at least in some section of the population, manage to worm their way in to become the orthodoxy.

CHRIS UHLMANN: The Prime Minister has good reason to worry.

LEIGH SALES: Political editor Chris Uhlmann.

Australian Politics: Madame Gillard returns from Thailand gabfest to AWU SCAM allegations

Ralph Blewitt Ben Fordham discuss Julia Gillard and the AWU SCAM

Alan Jones Michael Smith on Julia Gillard and the ex AWU Official Boyfriend

Tony Abbott shuts the door on ILLEGALS

Tony Abbott shuts the door on the tide of asylum seekers

Gemma Jones
The Daily Telegraph
November 23, 2012 12:00AM

MORE than 6000 refugees a year would be denied the chance to settle in Australia under a Tony Abbott-led Coalition government.

The Opposition Leader will today announce he will scrap Labor's extension of the humanitarian refugee intake to 20,000 a year - bringing it back to current levels of 13,750 a year - if the Coalition wins government at the next election.

A new low for the Australian Labor Party:$173.000 per ILLEGAL Muslim asylum seeker as Chemotherapy Patients asked to pay MORE for treatment or die.

The measure would save $1.3 billion over four years and is the first in a series of proposed savings to be announced by Mr Abbott from today.

And it is an about-face for Mr Abbott, who in June told crossbench MPs he would support an increase in the humanitarian intake to 20,000 if they backed the Coalition's amendment which effectively ruled out the Malaysia swap deal.

The government has already started increasing the humanitarian refugee intake after immigration minister Chris Bowen in August accepted a Houston panel recommendation, and had planned for the intake to rise to 27,000 within five years.

Mr Abbott will say today that Australia must "live within its means", with the refugee intake cut to be just the first savings measure announced "over coming months".

"The Coalition will always support a generous humanitarian program," he said. "But it should not be expanded while the government cannot afford to pay for it."

At the time of his offer to support the refugee intake rise, Mr Abbott said: "It makes sense to offer people who are prepared to try to come to Australia the right way, rather than the wrong way, more opportunity to do so."

Mr Abbott was seeking support for the opposition's amendment to send asylum seekers only to countries which had signed the UN refugee convention. The Coalition later withdrew the offer.

Yesterday Mr Abbott accused the government of outsourcing "the humanitarian program ... to the people smugglers" after more than 30,000 asylum seekers arrived on boats since Labor was elected and were absorbed into the existing program.

The Coalition will pledge to give 11,000 places a year to refugees who apply offshore within the existing 13,750 quota, up from just under 7000 places in 2011-12.

Places for refugees applying in camps around the world have been dwindling as boat arrivals have grown.

A special humanitarian program for refugees in Australia to bring family to join them has almost disappeared after it was absorbed by boat arrivals.

Earlier this year it was revealed there were just 655 places issued under the program, compared to 8000 nine years ago.

The payments are rich on refugee gravy boat

Gemma Jones
The Daily Telegraph
November 23, 2012 12:00AM

LARGE families released from immigration detention into the community on bridging visas will be entitled to more than $700 in equivalent welfare payments and rent assistance each fortnight.

A single parent with four or more children could receive as much as $706, the Department of Immigration confirmed yesterday.

A new low for the Australian Labor Party:$173.000 per ILLEGAL Muslim asylum seeker as Chemotherapy Patients asked to pay MORE for treatment or die.

The first boat to arrive since the government announced it was retreating from its policy to send asylum seekers to Nauru and Manus Island was intercepted on Wednesday.

Customs spotted a vessel with 37 asylum seekers and two crew southeast of Christmas Island. They will be among almost 7000 asylum seekers to have arrived since the offshore policy came into effect on August 13.

The latest arrivals can now be considered for release into the community, where they will be paid the equivalent of a welfare benefit, after the government backdown.

The government's policy reversal came after the flood of arrivals overwhelmed capacity offshore and in Australian detention centres.
All asylum seekers released into the community can be considered for 89 per cent of the Newstart allowance and 89 per cent of the applicable rent assistance offered by Centrelink.

In addition, free basic health care will be provided through the government's Asylum Seeker Assistance scheme and the Community Assistance Support program.

A department spokeswoman said the assistance could go as high as $700 in the cases of large families, but said usually only small family groupings arrived on boats, meaning they would be entitled to a lower rate of benefit and rent assistance.

The lowest rate for singles is about $440 a fortnight and they would also be eligible for a small amount of rent assistance of $72 if they are single and sharing a home, and $108 if they are single and living on their own.

The Red Cross has been the lead agency providing services to those in the community on bridging visas after Immigration Minister Chris Bowen announced last November at least 100 people a month would be released from detention. The number of asylum seekers on bridging visas had swelled to more than 5200 at the end of last week.

The department appointed an extra five service providers in August to work alongside the Red Cross, the department spokeswoman said.

New providers working with those on bridging visas include the Multicultural Development Association, Settlement Services International, Access Community Services, Adult Migration Education and the Migrant Resource Centre of SA.

Meanwhile, the government flew another charter jet to Colombo yesterday to return 40 Sri Lankans, taking the number of those returned to 466 since August 13.

"People who pay smugglers are risking their lives and throwing their money away," Mr Bowen said yesterday.

"There is no visa on arrival, no speedy outcome, and no special treatment."

Socialist Priorities Down Under Grant Lee is not one of them.

The teenager that Sydney forgot - four years after his accident, Grant Lee waits for a proper home

Evelyn Yamine 
The Daily Telegraph
November 23, 2012 12:00AM

ALL Grant Lee wants is a place to call home but a huge waiting list for disabled housing has left him in hospital - where he has already spent almost four years.

A new low for the Australian Labor Party:$173.000 per ILLEGAL Muslim asylum seeker as Chemotherapy Patients asked to pay MORE for treatment or die.

Grant suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was hit by a car aged 15. He is in a wheelchair and needs care for the rest of his life.

Grant, who turned 19 earlier this month, has been at Liverpool Hospital Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit since June 30, 2009. He has been ready to move to a group accommodation home for at least seven months but there are no openings for supported accommodation through the Ageing, Disability and Home Care department. And he is not the only one waiting.

The latest waiting list figures date back to March 30 this year, when 851 people "with an immediate need" were waiting for supported accommodation. Only 308 supported accommodation places were delivered during 2011-12 - with a total of 8300 of these places statewide.

Grant said although hospital staff had been good to him, he was ready to move on, meet new people and have a place to call his own.

The teenager has limited family support and was a ward of the state when the accident occurred in Canberra in March 2009. His father still keeps in contact but is not equipped to look after him and his mother has not made contact with him in two years.

Grant is fully dependent on carers for mobility and has limited communication.

Brain Injury Association of NSW CEO Rachel Merton said it was a "terrible situation" which was not uncommon because of the government's "ad hoc or patchwork" approach to disability services.

"He's been ready for discharge for some time and essentially is on the waiting list to find appropriate accommodation," Ms Merton said.

"I think Grant's situation is a good example of the crisis in finding appropriate accommodation for people with disabilities in NSW."

Ms Merton said there was a waiting lists backlog, with even those classed as being in need of urgent care having to wait for 12 months or more.

Disability Services Minister Andrew Constance admitted the system was "already stretched" but instructed his department to address Grant's situation "urgently".

"Unfortunately it highlights the fact the state disability system is in crisis. While we're investing over $2 billion in growth funding for disability support, we are experiencing growth in demand for services of up to 10 per cent. It's why we desperately need a National Disability Insurance Scheme," he said.

Australian Politics: Madame Gillard returns from Thailand gabfest to AWU SCAM allegations

PM faces new claims over union past

Steve Lewis - National Political Correspondent
November 22, 20128:50PM

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard knew about a $150,000 Slater and Gordon mortgage for a property used by union fraudster Bruce Wilson more than two years before the date she admitted to knowing about it in an interview with the firm's management, a former senior partner claims.

In the latest revelation in the Australian Workers Union scandal, Nick Styant-Browne also revealed there was "deep disquiet" among S&G's top-tier management about some of Ms Gillard's conduct as a lawyer acting for the AWU.

And pressure on the Prime Minister over her role in the 17-year-old union scandal is expected to intensify today when former AWU official Ralph Blewitt will meet Victorian fraud squad detectives to provide extensive information about the fraud, involving up to $1 million in misappropriated funds.

Ralph Blewitt Ben Fordham discuss Julia Gillard and the AWU SCAM

Alan Jones Michael Smith on Julia Gillard and the ex AWU Official Boyfriend

Mr Styant-Browne, speaking from his US home, told the ABC's 7.30 program that he was speaking out to challenge a "stunningly incomplete account" by Slater and Gordon of Ms Gillard's departure from the law firm in late 1995.

The lawyer released new documents, including previously unseen portions of the transcripts from Ms Gillard's "exit" interview which he suggested challenged comments made by the PM to her former firm.

His claims revolve around a $150,000 mortgage provided by the law firm for the purchase of a Melbourne property in 1993. The Fitzroy property was purchased in the name of Ralph Blewitt, who subsequently signed a Power of Attorney to Mr Wilson. The document was witnessed by Ms Gillard, who was in a romantic relationship with the union fraudster from 1991 to 1995.

According to Mr Styant-Browne, Ms Gillard "claimed in the interview in 1995 that the first she heard about the Slater and Gordon loan for the acquisition of the Kerr Street property was in about August of (1995)".

But he said documents showed there was "no doubt that Ms Gillard knew about the mortgage from Slater and Gordon in March of 1993 (and) was specifically involved in taking steps to facilitate that mortgage".

"That is a matter of documents, it's not a matter of assertion and hearsay," he said.

Last night, the Prime Minister's office said there was "no contradiction" between Ms Gillard's recollection of the mortgage documents and the claims made by Mr Styant-Browne.

"Ms Gillard has no recollection of seeing the correspondence from the Commonwealth Bank dated 23 March 1993," a spokesperson for the PM said.

"Ms Gillard stands by her statements in the Slater and Gordon interview of 11 September 1995 as her best recollection of events two and a half years earlier."

Opposition deputy leader Julie Bishop said Ms Gillard's stance on the AWU scandal was "increasingly untenable" and called on her to make a full statement to parliament next week.

Mr Blewitt is expected to outline key details about his knowledge of the AWU Workplace Reform Association the $400,000 "slush" fund used by Mr Wilson.

Mr Blewitt is also expected to tell fraud squad detectives about Ms Gillard's role in helping to establish the Association and discuss how certain monies from the fund were spent.

Australian Politics: Gillard exposed by AWU SCAM Whistle Blower

Socialist's know they are in trouble when their own publicity / propaganda department, "Their ABC ",  starts  asking "....unauthorised questions"

Steve Price and Andrew Bolt discuss today's events  

Michael Smith News has covered this story from the start, in fact Michael Smith was SACKED from his radio show on the left wing Fairfax owned 2ue, for exposing (".........asking unauthorised questions" ) the PM's involvement in the AWU SCAM.

Latest post from his site are  below.

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