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Sunday, December 08, 2013

THEIR ABC Comes Clean and finally confirms suspicions of who it is they are working FOR

Australian's have always known who pays these Grubs,we do,this latest example of the ABC's Treacherous Bastardry shows us who these Grubs believe they should be working FOR, and it ain't us.

ABC out of control: now showing where a Liberal-appointed crime-fighter lives

Andrew Bolt
December 6, 2013

The ABC is now lured by its partisan politics into sheer bastardry, showing on TV the home of the man picked by Queensland Premier Campbell Newman to fight criminal bikie gangs.

Here’s how the story unfolds.

Newman appoints a man he served under at Duntroon 31 years ago:

Brigadier Bill Mellor is a “highly decorated officer with an impeccable record” and the right person to lead the government’s war on criminal gangs, Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie said.

The retired Brigadier was transferred from his role as a flood recovery co-ordinator, to head up the government’s Strategic Monitoring Team…

Premier Campbell Newman served under the Brigadier during his time in the armed services, but Brigadier Mellor had distinguished himself post-military through roles such as heading up the southern Queensland flood recovery effort.

Clive Palmer disgraces himself - big surprise - with yet another lunatic conspiracy theory: 

Federal MP for Fairfax Clive Palmer told ABC Radio that Brigadier Mellor’s appointment was ”tantamount to a Gestapo”.

“Changing legislation, employing ex-Army people to run judicial functions, I think it’s very bad to have military people in police positions in society,” Mr Palmer said.

Mellor has a distinguished record of service: 

Brigadier Mellor commanded the Australian Force in Somalia and was a key player in the strategic planning for the Australian intervention in Timor.

Brigadier Mellor is the Deputy Chairman of the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Queensland and a trustee of the General Douglas Macarthur Museum in Queen Street in Brisbane. 
But Labor and its allies - who thought nothing of having the husband of then Premier Anna Bligh head a government department - sniff a mate-ocracy:

The ABC, which had little problem with Bligh’s husband, runs with the pack:

The retired Army officer appointed by Queensland Premier Campbell Newman to oversee the state’s controversial crackdown on bikies will be paid more than $200,000 for his year-long appointment.

Further details emerged about Brigadier Bill Mellor’s role as the Opposition and the head of the Queensland Police Union separately expressed concerns about the appointment and its implications for law enforcement in the state.

“It is very concerning ... it should be the role of the Police Commissioner,” Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk told the ABC.

“[Brigadier Mellor] has been a senior military officer but law enforcement is a completely different ball game.

“We don’t need the military running this state, thank you very much.”..

Ms Palaszczuk said it was a further example of Mr Newman “appointing his mates” to senior positions.

Then on its main 7pm Queensland bulletin last night, the ABC named the suburb Mellor lives in and repeatedly showed the street view of his home. Remember, this is a man appointed to help fight criminal bikie gangs.

Premier Newman has rung the ABC boss, Mark Scott, to protest. A public apology has yet not been issued.

The ABC is out of control.


Absolutely astonishing, and worse than I thought. Reader Rolf: 

And they actually showed the street number, a large brass number on a rendered brick post. I did not notice any pixellation in the shot of his house.

Why didn’t the ABC just paint a target on Mellor’s forehead?


Reader Michael has checked the tape: 

Andrew, Can confirm that the original ABC news report showed 3 separate shots of Brig Bill Mellor’s house including a close up of the street number on the letter box. At the same time, a voiceover revealed the name of the suburb.

After complaint lodged, the ABC kept the story online but advised that they had pixelated the number on the letterbox and removed the reference to suburb.  Now this is the residence of the key public servant tasked with coordinating the effort against criminal motorcycle gangs. The ABC must explain what benefit they hoped to derive from identifying Mr Mellor’s family home, and how they believed doing so would in any way serve the public interest.

Labor Green Loon VOTE People : "I'm a tourist not a terrorist," Mr Biber, of Merrylands, in Sydney's west " aka Sydney's Occupied Territories

'I'm a tourist ... not a terrorist': Merrylands man posts happy snaps on Facebook after anti-terror raids

Yoni Bashan State Politrical Reporter
The Sunday Telegraph
December 7,2013

 A MAN allegedly recruited from Sydney to fight in the Syrian civil war has declared himself a "tourist" not "a terrorist".

Mehmet Biber, 21, one of six men allegedly sent to fight in Syria with rebel forces, posted happy snaps and a message to friends after raids by anti-terror authorities in Sydney on Tuesday.

"I'm a tourist not a terrorist," Mr Biber, of Merrylands, in Sydney's west, wrote beside four photographs of various landmarks which indicate he is in Istanbul, Turkey.

The posting was prompted after his name emerged during a bail hearing for alleged ringleader Hamdi Alqudsi, 39, who was arrested in the raids.

Police allege Biber was one of several men sent by a network of individuals, lead by Alqudsi, to "engage in armed hostilities" in Syria.

Biber's earlier postings from late October indicate time spent in Syria. They include pictures of bombed out buildings, injured children and a dead aid worker. A video uploaded from a mobile phone shows rebel forces firing at a helicopter.

He has also previously quoted the deceased US-born Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who had been described by NSW counter terror chief Peter Dein as one of the most dangerous men in the world.

Biber's family claim he left Australia to go on holiday.

Police have also identified links between Biber and members of the street gang Brothers For Life. One of those gang members, Hicham Ismail, is on remand facing sentencing next year for a brutal assault.

That link is one of several that have emerged between Sydney's religious Islamic community and the BFL street gang.

Other links have also been brought to light through the work of a police taskforce known as Strike Force Maloney, which has been investigating an attempted murder outside a sex club at Rydalmere on May 1.

One man charged with the alleged shooting is Osama Sarwat Toffic, identified by police as an associate of the BFL gang.

Toffic was arrested as he tried to board a flight for Germany, en route to Turkey, on November 15.

Police will allege Wassim Fayad, 46, a figurehead during last year's Muslim riots, assisted Toffic to leave Australia.

Fayad has been charged with being an accessory to the attempted murder, along with two other men, including Wesam Hamze, 29, a first-cousin to BFL founder Bassam Hamzy.

Hamzy, a follower of radical Islam, is presently in Supermax jail.

Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad Commander Deb Wallace said a number of BFL members had an interest in Islam, however their motives for crime were not based on religion.

"Certainly some arrested recently have been more involved in Islam but it's not because of that they are involved in criminal activity," Det Supt Wallace said.

"There have been cases where they might say a particular crime is based on religious reasons, but that to me is an excuse."

While the BFL leadership were weakened a series of arrests last month, one issue remaining for police is the emergence of its Blacktown chapter, which is stacked with Afghans and Middle Eastern recruits.

It is lead by a man who cannot be named, due to a court order, but he is known locally as "The Afghan".

He has beaten three separate murder charges and was recruited directly by Hamzy while in jail.

His younger brother was recently charged over the alleged shooting of rival BFL gang members during a drug turf war in Bankstown.

Washed Karimi, 18, also born in another Afghanistan, was charged in relation to that shooting. His older brother Mohammed Karimi is serving a minimum 30-years jail over the unrelated 2010 murder of security guard Kesley Burgess.

A third man charged over the Chokolatta shooting is Iranian Mobin Merzaei, 22.

He is the younger brother of Mesbah Merzaei, 25, who was charged over the attempted extortion of a smash repairer in North Sydney.

Det Supt Wallace said the recruitment of siblings was not a new trend.

"The idea is hopefully these young ones grow up and grow out," he said.

THEIR ABC Won't tell full story on Labor Union Slush funds

ABC won't tell the full story of slush funds

Piers Akerman
The Sunday Telegraph
December 7,2013

EXPECT astonishment from the ABC's vast national audience when the federal government places trade-union slush funds front-and-centre of a major inquiry in the New Year.

The rusted-on viewers and listeners will be bewildered because the taxpayer-funded state-owned broadcaster has imposed a regimen of strict censorship on the key element in the inquiry - the misuse of money from the AWU association which was established with the assistance of legal advice from former Prime Minister Julia Gillard when she was a partner in the Victorian Labor law firm Slater & Gordon.

Those who don't take their news solely from the ABC would be well aware that the Victorian police are conducting a major inquiry into Ms Gillard's role in the establishment of the Australian Workers' Union Workplace Reform Association by her then boyfriend, Bruce Wilson and his AWU mate Ralph Blewitt in 1992.

Early last week, The Australian newspaper revealed that Fair Work Commissioner and former AWU boss Ian Cambridge has given sworn evidence of "gross irregularities" in the union slush fund that Ms Gillard advised on.

The Gillard Files

Wilson, who was in a long-term relationship with Ms Gillard in the 1990s is the target of a police investigation and Victorian fraud squad detectives have already seized files from Slater & Gordon, files which Wilson claims should be subject to client-lawyer privilege.

The detectives are seeking to establish whether the documents were created in furtherance of a fraud, which would render void the privilege claim and make them available as evidence.

The court heard Mr Cambridge had provided "substantial evidence" in his affidavit about misappropriation of union funds by Ms Gillard.

Lawyer Ron Gipp, representing lead fraud squad detective Ross Mitchell, said Mr Cambridge's evidence "puts it beyond any doubt" that there were "gross irregularities" in the funding of the association, which Ms Gillard referred to as a "slush fund" in an exit interview before she left Slater & Gordon.

He said statements from Mr Blewitt - "essentially a full confession by a co-accused" - describe the slush fund as a "scam".

Ms Gillard has repeatedly denied wrongdoing and said she had no knowledge of the fund's operations other than it was a "slush fund" for the re-election of union officials.

Money from the fund was used to purchase the Fitzroy house in Mr Blewitt's name at a 1993 auction, which Ms Gillard attended with Mr Wilson, who subsequently lived in the property.

Slater & Gordon handled the conveyancing and helped provide finance.

That's the background for ABC fans who have been kept in the dark and goes someway to explaining why many other Australians not affected by the ABC's news blackout are watching every legal move in this case.

In her exit interview with Slater & Gordon on September 1, 1995, Ms Gillard said: "It's common practice, indeed every union has what it refers to as a re-election fund, slush fund".

Whether every union does indeed have a slush fund is something the federal government should be looking into, and probably will, informed as it is by the material being developed by the ongoing AWU investigation.

Even without an official inquiry, it has emerged that money was used from a union slush fund known as the McLean Forum to finance campaigns in internal elections in the TWU's Queensland branch and to bankroll candidates in the Flight Attendants Association of Australia and the Health Services Union's NSW Branch.

Sums of at least $500,000 were reportedly spent in the TWU's Queensland campaign.

It was reported in March that a fund known as Industry 2020 donated funds for HSU elections and a 2008 article in The Sydney Morning Herald noted that former Prime Minister Julia Gillard "was a guest speaker at the inaugural fundraising lunch for the Industry 2020 fund at Flemington racecourse, which generated about $250,000 with nearly half that profit".

In that article it was also suggested that "two other fundraisers have been held for Industry 2020, including a small event at Melbourne's Greek Museum in Melbourne last year attended by (current Opposition leader) Mr (Bill) Shorten".

The Age reported in May that ASIC records in May showed that Industry 2020 was a registered company under Mr Cesar Melhem's sole directorship. Mr Melhem was formerly the AWU Victorian Secretary but is now a Victorian Labor MP, a more recent search however indicated that two companies, Industry 2020 Pty Ltd and Industry 2020 Ltd are both under voluntary external administration.

Two weeks ago, The Age reported that the nation's largest construction union, the CFMEU, had used a drug and alcohol charity to raise up to $1 million for union activities.

It has also been revealed that the Queensland branch of the Shop, Distributive and Allied Union has for a decade had an undisclosed internal slush fund - wrongly promoted to contributors as being tax deductible - to support union boss, Mr Chris Ketter's, re-election as State Secretary of the union. Mr Ketter was the ALP's lead Senate candidate in Queensland at the 2013 election.

The ongoing court case against former Labor MP and former HSU boss Craig Thomson over his alleged misuse of trade union funds has given added impetus to the need for a wider investigation into trade unions and their handling of members' funds.

The establishment of slush funds, the practice Ms Gillard regards as "common place" and carried out by "every union" must be examined to ensure that such operations are held to the same exacting standards of governance as organisations which hold investors' money.

Trade union members deserve to know who is responsible for holding their compulsory contributions and how their cash is being spent.

For too long, the union bosses have insisted that the Labor Party turn a blind eye to union activities.

Next year, the ALP must be given the opportunity to demonstrate it truly has the workers' interests at heart.

It will send a disgraceful message if it doesn't champion the broadest inquiry into the operation of slush funds and the union movement's handling of members' money more generally.

Surely it has nothing to hide?

Misandrists Emilys List Sista, ACT Minister for Women and Minister for Education describes Federal Conservative Abbott Government Education Minister as a CUNT, and the silence is defeaning

Left takes joy in foul abuse, but hysterical overreaction if boot was on the other foot

Miranda Devine
The Daily Telegraph
December 7, 2013

SO Joy Burch, the Education minister of the ACT, publishes a tweet describing her federal counterpart Christopher Pyne as a c**t - and gets away with it.

Her excuse for retweeting the foul abuse is that she is inexperienced on Twitter, despite the fact she has been publishing her thoughts on the social media site for four years, during which time she has written 1161 tweets.

"I haven't finessed my social skills, my Twitter skills on this," she said, while considering an offer by the University of Canberra for remedial social media training.

In other words, Burch has published six tweets a week for the past four years and she still hasn't worked out how to use Twitter.

Slow learner, much?

 Joy Burch, Labor's Silly Old Cunt "in residence" ? in the ACT Government

Her boss, fellow feminist and Emily's Lister Katy Gallagher, the ACT Chief Minister, accepted Burch's explanation that the tweet - which she later deleted - was a mistake.

"I also believe that she has done the right thing and accepted responsibility for what happened ... and has offered an apology to Minister Pyne,'' she said.

We all make mistakes. But imagine if the roles were reversed. Imagine if Pyne had used what I view as the most obscene word in the English language, describing an intimate portion of the female anatomy, in reference to Burch. He would be crucified. Twitter would be ablaze! The destroy-the-jointers would be apoplectic. The entire Abbott government would be implicated.

"If I had done that, before my head hit the pillow [Thursday night] I would have resigned or been sacked," Pyne says.

"If it was me saying such a thing, the howls from the left would be cacophonous."

But there has been barely a peep against Burch, who also happens to be the ACT's Minister for Women. Moving right along. No double standards here.

That's the Left for you, hysterical overreaction when it suits them, benign tolerance when it doesn't. If you're on their side, anything goes. If you're a conservative, a minefield of 'isms lie in wait - sooner or later you will be accused of sexism, racism, elitism, homophobia and misogyny.

Of course, the upside is that conservatives become battle - hardened and vigilant while their establishment foes grow sloppy and complacent.

The truth is that Burch doesn't like Pyne because he is an ideological enemy and a fearsome warrior.

In fact there are few politicians as tough. Pyne relishes combat. As the much-loved youngest of five children growing up in Adelaide, he learned his skills at a family dining table where vigorous debate was nightly sport.

The photograph that had Burch and comrades so furious that they called him "c**t" last week shows Pyne smirking, or, as one tweeter put it, "smugly loitering", in the background of one of those ranting press conferences NSW education minister Adrian Piccoli held about Gonski funding.

This was supposed to be the moment when Pyne was on the ropes, chastised by the media for executing backflips, supposedly humiliated by Prime Ministerial intervention, and yet here he was looking exceedingly pleased with himself.

How infuriating for his enemies!

Having unwisely promised to match the extra billions pledged by Labor before the election under the so-called Gonski model of redistributing education funding, the Abbott government is stuck with it.

But don't expect Pyne to capitulate.

He knows giving extra billions to the very state education bureaucracies that have presided over a decline in standards over the past decade of record funding increases is no answer to our woes.

The latest OECD rankings show Australian students have fallen even further behind their peers in 65 industrialised nations, dropping out of the top ten for reading, maths and science for the first time.

The test results released last week show Australian 15-year-old students ranked 13th in reading last year, down from 9th in 2009; 19th in maths, down from 14th; and 17th in science, down from 10th. An earlier report showed the reading skills of our Year 4 students are the worst of every English-speaking country tested.

This sorry result is despite the fact Australia increased spending on schools by more than 40 per cent last decade.

More money does not automatically mean better education.

In fact it can make things worse, if you are just entrenching the progressive education ideology that has infected teacher training for decades, and which fails disadvantaged children the most.

Pyne understands completely.

"The failing in education is not money," he says. "[What's needed is] an acceptance that what we've been doing for decades doesn't work. Child-centred learning, whole language teaching of reading, acceptance of failure, is not going to get our students to the top of the tree around the world."

The federal government doesn't control what happens in schools. But what Pyne can control is teacher quality, the single biggest determinant of student success.

"We are going to intervene in the training of our teachers ... to ensure that [when they graduate]from university they are properly trained in how to teach students to read, and to do so from phonics, through orthodox teaching methods."

He has lots of other plans too, from expanding direct instruction to ensuring principal autonomy, all of which is anathema to the progressive education establishment.

He should wear their foul abuse as a badge of honour.

And what does this silly old Labor Green Loon Affirmative Action Emilys List Cunt do for a living?

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