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Sunday, December 08, 2013

THEIR ABC Comes Clean and finally confirms suspicions of who it is they are working FOR

Australian's have always known who pays these Grubs,we do,this latest example of the ABC's Treacherous Bastardry shows us who these Grubs believe they should be working FOR, and it ain't us.

ABC out of control: now showing where a Liberal-appointed crime-fighter lives

Andrew Bolt
December 6, 2013

The ABC is now lured by its partisan politics into sheer bastardry, showing on TV the home of the man picked by Queensland Premier Campbell Newman to fight criminal bikie gangs.

Here’s how the story unfolds.

Newman appoints a man he served under at Duntroon 31 years ago:

Brigadier Bill Mellor is a “highly decorated officer with an impeccable record” and the right person to lead the government’s war on criminal gangs, Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie said.

The retired Brigadier was transferred from his role as a flood recovery co-ordinator, to head up the government’s Strategic Monitoring Team…

Premier Campbell Newman served under the Brigadier during his time in the armed services, but Brigadier Mellor had distinguished himself post-military through roles such as heading up the southern Queensland flood recovery effort.

Clive Palmer disgraces himself - big surprise - with yet another lunatic conspiracy theory: 

Federal MP for Fairfax Clive Palmer told ABC Radio that Brigadier Mellor’s appointment was ”tantamount to a Gestapo”.

“Changing legislation, employing ex-Army people to run judicial functions, I think it’s very bad to have military people in police positions in society,” Mr Palmer said.

Mellor has a distinguished record of service: 

Brigadier Mellor commanded the Australian Force in Somalia and was a key player in the strategic planning for the Australian intervention in Timor.

Brigadier Mellor is the Deputy Chairman of the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Queensland and a trustee of the General Douglas Macarthur Museum in Queen Street in Brisbane. 
But Labor and its allies - who thought nothing of having the husband of then Premier Anna Bligh head a government department - sniff a mate-ocracy:

The ABC, which had little problem with Bligh’s husband, runs with the pack:

The retired Army officer appointed by Queensland Premier Campbell Newman to oversee the state’s controversial crackdown on bikies will be paid more than $200,000 for his year-long appointment.

Further details emerged about Brigadier Bill Mellor’s role as the Opposition and the head of the Queensland Police Union separately expressed concerns about the appointment and its implications for law enforcement in the state.

“It is very concerning ... it should be the role of the Police Commissioner,” Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk told the ABC.

“[Brigadier Mellor] has been a senior military officer but law enforcement is a completely different ball game.

“We don’t need the military running this state, thank you very much.”..

Ms Palaszczuk said it was a further example of Mr Newman “appointing his mates” to senior positions.

Then on its main 7pm Queensland bulletin last night, the ABC named the suburb Mellor lives in and repeatedly showed the street view of his home. Remember, this is a man appointed to help fight criminal bikie gangs.

Premier Newman has rung the ABC boss, Mark Scott, to protest. A public apology has yet not been issued.

The ABC is out of control.


Absolutely astonishing, and worse than I thought. Reader Rolf: 

And they actually showed the street number, a large brass number on a rendered brick post. I did not notice any pixellation in the shot of his house.

Why didn’t the ABC just paint a target on Mellor’s forehead?


Reader Michael has checked the tape: 

Andrew, Can confirm that the original ABC news report showed 3 separate shots of Brig Bill Mellor’s house including a close up of the street number on the letter box. At the same time, a voiceover revealed the name of the suburb.

After complaint lodged, the ABC kept the story online but advised that they had pixelated the number on the letterbox and removed the reference to suburb.  Now this is the residence of the key public servant tasked with coordinating the effort against criminal motorcycle gangs. The ABC must explain what benefit they hoped to derive from identifying Mr Mellor’s family home, and how they believed doing so would in any way serve the public interest.

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