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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who IS Madame / Comrade Julia Gillard ?


Australia’s Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) appointed Prime Minister, Madame / Comrade Gillard.

More Than Just Red HAIR

“Gillard’s plan for power

Andrew Bolt

Monday, October 29, 2007 at 05:15pm

Comrade Julia Gillard explains her plan to use Labor as a Trojan horse for the far Left’s agenda:

For the Left to make any real advance all these perspectives on the relationship to Labor in government need to be rejected in favour of a concept of strategic support for Labor governments. We need to recognise the only possibility for major social change is under a long period of Labor administration. Within that administration the Left needs to be willing to participate to shape political outcomes, recognising the need to except (sic) often unpalatable compromises in the short term to bolster the prospect of future advance. The task of pushing back the current political constraints by changing public opinion would need to be tackled by the Left through government, social movements and trade unions.

That comes from a document Gillard wrote for the communist-formed Socialist Forum group which she helped to run, despite now claiming she was just a part-time “typist”. (See the document below.)

It’s clear from Gillard’s writings that she sees the Socialist Forum not as a mere “debating society” (another false claim), but as an activist group that would infiltrate Labor to push its own socialist agenda.

Well, her plan seems to be running to schedule so far. Of course, maybe she’s changed her mind about her far-Left agenda in the past few years, but I’d believe that more if she didn’t tell so many untruths about what she was up to.

As it is, I’m inclined to suspect Labor has a cuckoo in its nest. “



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Australia: What Madame Gillard did and said she thought BEFORE she was appointed Prime Minister of Australia by the Union Movement & NSW Labor’s Political ASSASSINS on June 24 2010
Madame Julia’s Progress Australia “looking forward” EVERY Australian school student would be taught positive things about Islam and Muslims

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Julia Gillard's long-term agenda

by John Ballantyne
News Weekly,
10 July 2010

Don't say we haven't been warned.

Our new Prime Minister is not the mainstream, centrist leader that the media want us to think she is. Julia Gillard comes with a lot of ideological baggage from her radical-left past.

For several years she has played down her past political affiliations, attempted to mainstream herself and altogether presented an agreeable image to the public.

So appealing is she that she has won plaudits from across the political spectrum, even from conservatives such as Christopher Pearson and Janet Albrechtsen.

The left-dominated media, no doubt with an eye on the forthcoming federal election, have bent over backwards to depict Julia Gillard as, if anything, a conservative. They have reminded us that she was brought to power with the help of Labor's right-wing factions. Thus, so the story goes, she will be beholden to Labor's right and not stray far from moderate policies.

In the past week, Julia Gillard herself has tried to connect with conservative voters, even going so far as to hint that she would be prepared to take a harder line on asylum-seekers.

This is all for public consumption before the election. What she will be like after an election victory, when she has her own mandate to govern and is no longer so beholden to Labor power-brokers, is another question altogether.

Then we will see just how much of her radicalism she has shed and whether she really is the centrist Labor figure she would like us to think she is.

Ms Gillard has long been a prominent figure of Labor's powerful left-wing feminist caucus, Emily's List, which was founded by two former Labor premiers, Joan Kirner (Victoria) and Carmen Lawrence (Western Australia).

The stated aim of Emily's List is to raise money to help "progressive", i.e., pro-abortion, women get elected to parliament.

"Emily" stands for Early Money Is Like Yeast. (News Weekly, September 1, 2007).

Joan Kirner, whom Ms Gillard has described as a mentor and friend, was one of the driving forces behind the passage of Victoria's notorious 2008 abortion laws, which not only decriminalised abortion, but legalised late-term abortions right through nine months of pregnancy.

Ms Gillard has been unswervingly faithful to radical feminist orthodoxy. In 2000, as a member of a House of Representatives standing committee on education, she adopted a very hostile tone towards two members of the public who presented scientific data about the biological and psychological differences between the sexes and the specific educational needs of boys. (News Weekly, February 17, 2007).

Julia Gillard's first foray into politics was in the early 1980s, when, as a university law student, she became active in the now-defunct Australian Union of Students (AUS).

The AUS was then totally dominated by the extreme left. In 1983 — the year she was elected AUS president — an AUS annual council defeated heavily a call to oppose "all acts of terrorism and political violence"

(AUS Annual Council 1983: motion N28).

Furthermore, the AUS annual council declined to recognise the rights of religious clubs and societies at universities to "express their views on campus" or to have access to campus facilities (AUS Annual Council 1983: motion N34).

The AUS declared 1983 to be the International Year of the Lesbian.

It also adopted a policy on prostitution which said, in part: "Prostitution takes many forms and is not only the exchange of money for sex. … Prostitution in marriage is the transaction of sex in return for love, security and house-keeping." (Quoted by Helen Trinca, The Australian, April 6, 1984, p.7).

This bizarre statement made headlines across Australia. Anti-AUS student activists produced posters with the slogan: "AUS says your mother is a prostitute!"

By early 1984, not only Liberals, but moderate Labor and Jewish students, were campaigning vigorously to abolish the AUS. While Julia Gillard and her left-wing colleagues were defending the union, campus after campus was seceding from it, depriving it of funds and bringing about its rapid collapse.

From 1984 until 1993, Ms Gillard became a prominent figure in the militant left Socialist Forum, which had recently been formed by disaffected members of the Communist Party of Australia and Labor's left-wing.

It sought, among other things, to remove Australia from the ANZUS alliance and to twin Melbourne with Leningrad (re-named St Petersburg since the fall of communism).

Julia Gillard has made light of her youthful radicalism, and has been painstakingly careful to present herself as a moderate.

It is worth remembering, however, what she once wrote for the Socialist Forum on how the extreme Left could advance its agenda by giving "strategic support for Labor governments".

She said: "We need to recognise the only possibility for major social change is under a long period of Labor administration. Within that administration the Left needs to be willing to participate to shape political outcomes, recognising the need to except (sic) often unpalatable compromises in the short term to bolster the prospect of future advance." (Quoted by Andrew Bolt, "Gillard's plan for power", Herald Sun, October 29, 2007).

Don't say we haven't been warned.


OPINION: My unhappy memories of Julia

Babette Francis

The election last year of Julia Gillard as deputy leader of the Labor Party brought back unhappy memories for Babette Francis.

I was giving evidence to a House of Representatives standing committee on employment, education and workplace relations, of which Julia Gillard was a member.

It was 2000. The committee was examining the educational disadvantage experienced by boys and seeking recommendations to ameliorate their plight.

Members of the public could make submissions. Alan Barron, from the Institute of Men's Studies, and I, among others, were invited to make a presentation.

As a member of the Victorian Committee on Equal Opportunity in Schools (1975-77), I had personally researched the problems experienced by boys.

In my presentation, I showed slides illustrating that males suffered disadvantage in all areas of life, with the exception of earnings.


Male life expectancy was six years lower than that of females, and male infant mortality was higher. Males are far more likely than females to be in prison and to be victims of homicide, suicide, road accidents and drug or alcohol addiction.

Male success rates at Higher School Certificate exams are substantially lower than the female success rate, and boys outnumber girls four-to-one in requiring remedial or special education.

Alan Barron and I made some eminently reasonable recommendations, for instance, that educators should acknowledge the biological and psychological differences between the sexes and not uncritically adopt a feminist vision of an androgynous society.

Also that schools could consider offering single-sex classes, and that the recruitment of more male teachers should be encouraged.

To our astonishment, Julia Gillard adopted a hostile attitude to our evidence, almost as if we were the accused in the dock. I complained to committee chairman Dr Brendan Nelson, pointing out that members of the public giving information to a parliamentary inquiry, and receiving no remuneration for doing so, were doing the nation a service and deserved to be treated with courtesy.

Gillard turned the discussion into a totally different inquiry about why there weren't more women orthopaedic surgeons or members of parliament. This was no doubt one of her pet peeves.

I tried to explain that much of the discrepancy in male and female career outcomes and earnings were because of women's choices.

Also, women have babies and take time off from jobs to raise children. While numbers of males and females in medical courses were similar, after graduation, many women chose to work part-time. This may not be practical in orthopaedic surgery, which is a demanding specialty.

But Gillard would have none of this, nor my explanation that the differential in male and female incomes was not so significant when it was considered males shared their standard of living with their wives and partners and their children.

But the last straw was Gillard's facetious comment in the transcript of the proceedings. "Sorry about our banter. It started this morning when we had Babette Francis here and our behaviour has gone downhill ever since …"

Personally, as I wrote to Dr Nelson, I would not have thought it possible for Julia Gillard's behaviour to have gone further downhill — not in a public venue anyway — but I guess with a feminist it can be done.

The sad irony is that I highlighted the serious disadvantages of boys in education in my minority report as a member of the Victorian Committee on Equal Opportunity in Schools back in 1977.

It took the Federal Government 23 years to catch up with the seriousness of the problem.

Even now, any recommendations that might improve outcomes for boys will be lost in the stranglehold the feminist lobby has on state school systems — as typified by Julia Gillard.

— Babette Francis is national co-ordinator of Endeavour Forum Inc.

Babette Francis, "Emily's List — who and what are they?", News Weekly, September 1, 2007.


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