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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sydney's September 15 2012 CBD Muslim Insurgency Rioter charges thrown out.

No penalty for El-Amir Abdul Hamid El-Ayoubi over hitting police dog

The Daily Telegraph
April 11, 2013 12:00AM

HE admitted clubbing a police dog on the head with a stick during last year's Muslim riots.

But a Sydney magistrate yesterday threw out all charges against El-Amir Abdul Hamid El-Ayoubi, ruling he could have been acting in self-defence when he hit german shepherd Manchu.

He was accused of animal cruelty and spitting on the dog's handler, Senior-Constable Alex Seivl, during the September riot in Sydney's CBD.

Yesterday the Downing Centre Local Court was told the 20-year-old electrician was "afraid" after seeing dogs "let loose" on other protesters.

He grabbed a 20cm stick from the ground as rioters flung bottles and other missiles at police, who were standing in front of him with their dogs.

Senior-Constable Seivl said El-Ayoubi had spat on his chest from about 3m away - then came at him with the stick "screaming out in another language".

He said El-Ayoubi started beating Manchu with the stick before the dog grabbed his leg and the officer managed to tackle him to the ground.

Sen-Constable Seivl said El-Ayoubi looked "extremely angry" when he picked up the stick and started waving it at him before the attack.

El-Ayoubi denied ever spitting on the policeman but admitted he hit the dog twice on the head "out of raw emotion" after it grabbed him.

"No matter who it is, they're going to go for a strike to the head (to try) to get the canine off him," he told police.

Magistrate Elizabeth Ryan said she accepted El-Ayoubi had spat during the incident and said his wielding of the stick was "not the wisest course".

But she said there were no witnesses who backed Senior-Constable Seivl's claims of being hit with saliva and she was not convinced El-Ayoubi had lashed out before the dog bit him.

El-Ayoubi told police some young men involved in the riots had "testosterone coming out of the heads" but described himself as a "minor cripple" due to a knee reconstruction.

"The whole time I was just sitting back ... just being a part of the Islamic part of it, not the violent part of it," El-Ayoubi said.

Several men were arrested after the riots, which began as a protest against a YouTube clip posted overseas that mocked Islam.

Speaking after yesterday's decision, El-Ayoubi's lawyer Paul McGirr said his client was "very, very relieved" at the magistrate's ruling.

"He's a good boy and he's never been in trouble before," he said.

"His sister came to support him in court. He lost his father a few years ago and he's the man of the house.

"The decision meant a lot to them."

Omar Halaby 19 year old Muslim Insurgent / Rioter and Disability Pensioner.

Muslim rioter and vandal Omar Halaby spared jail following September 15 2012 Sydney CBD Muslim Insurgency Riots..Life on the pension is a riot for Omar

What makes the "Mufti of Sydney's Occupied Territories and his fellow insurgents "feel like we is on cloud nine" ?

Sydney's Muslim Insurgency Riots Aftermath: Spin Doctors and apologists still performing CPR on Multiculturalism.

Their ABC describes Muslim Savages attacks on Coptic Christians as "Religious tensions"

Religious tensions flare in Egypt

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcast: 10/04/2013
Reporter: Matt Brown

The Coptic Christian Pope has launched an attack on Egypt's Islamist President, Mohammed Mursi saying he failed to prevent deaths when Muslims and Christians clashed in the streets of Cairo.

Egypt : 

So, I guess they were just carrying out Egypt leader Mohamed Morsi’s orders to rape non-Muslim protesters?

Not Just in Egypt : 

Traumatized 16-year-old British girl was brutally raped by 90 different Muslim men in one weekend

TONY JONES, PRESENTER: Religious tensions in Egypt have entered a new and dangerous phrase. The country's Coptic Christian Pope has launched an extraordinary attack on the Islamist President Mohamed Mursi. Christians say the Government didn't protect them when they were attacked by a mob that included many of the President's supporters. Five Christians and two Muslims were killed in the riots at the weekend. From Cairo, Middle East correspondent Matt Brown reports.

MATT BROWN, REPORTER: In Cairo's back streets, there's an overwhelming sense of unease. In this Coptic Christian household, Simone Hosni Rashid is recovering from the loss of an eye, her face peppered by bird shot from a gun fired by her Muslim neighbour. But she says she has no ill will towards Muslims. Instead, she blames Egypt's Islamist President Mohamed Mursi. 

SIMONE HOSNI RASHID (voiceover translation): Unfortunately, there is no security or safety and there won't be for along as Mursi continues to rule.

MATT BROWN: It happened as Simone was looking down at her neighbour's wedding in the alley below and he let off a celebratory blast of gunfire. The family insists it was just a stupid accident, not about religion. They say Simone's tragedy is part of a bigger picture of chaos and lawlessness since the fall of the dictator Hosni Mubarak, the rise of the Islamists who replaced him and the bitter dispute with their opponents. The girl's plight epitomises the chaos and confusion engulfing Egypt. 

SANURA IBRAHIM, AUNT (voiceover translation): No-one is guaranteeing security. Anyone can carry a gun and fire it. Those in charge are not running the country properly. 

MATT BROWN: A few blocks away, however, the mourners see a more worrying trend. The spectre of sectarian violence between Muslims and Christians cannot be denied. 

In the Coptic Christian church on Cairo's outskirts, the Hanna family is mourning the loss of their son Mahrous, killed in clashes with a Muslim mob. He was shot in the neck, the fifth Coptic Christian to die in two days of bloodshed over the weekend.

UM ROMANI, MOTHER (voiceover translation): I'm afraid for my children. I don't know what to do now.

MATT BROWN: The Coptic Pope has accused Egypt's Islamist President, Mohamed Mursi, of negligence over the deaths. That's a rare and pointed criticism highlighting the mistrust between the two communities.

UM ROMANI (voiceover translation): Our neighbourhood is usually OK, but now I have no sense of the security.

MATT BROWN: The blood-letting began after Muslim buildings were defaced last week, leading to clashes in which four Christians and at least one Muslim were killed. Then at a service in the Coptic cathedral on Sunday, carried live on television, mourners chanted slogans denouncing the Muslim Brotherhood, the support base for President Mursi.

When the mourners emerged, an angry mob was waiting for them. Mahrous Hana and another man, thought to be a local Muslim, were killed.

ABUNE BAKHOUM, COPTIC PRIEST (voiceover translation): This made people very afraid, even in their own homes. The police did not do enough to protect us.

MATT BROWN: Christian members of Egypt's Upper House say the Interior Minister must resign. The President has promised a full investigation. While 30 people have reportedly been questioned, the violence has opened an already-inflamed wound in Egyptian society. 

From the priests all the way up to the President, official words are about tolerance and cooperation. But for many in this community, fear has become fact and it's a bad omen for Egypt's future. 

Matt Brown, Lateline.

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