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“There may be even a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves”
Winston Churchill. Pg.310 “The Hell Makers” John C. Grover ISBN # 0 7316 1918 8
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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

ASSASSINS that live among us Sydney Muslim Youth Forum

"You may (and must) curse...the Infidel "

Sydney under siege Muslim Insurgents riot

Muslim Insurgents Sydney Riot latest Video and Pictures

"You may (and must) curse...he Infidel "

Whilst in Sydney Jewish School Girls are been programmed to submit the Saudi's have issued the following instructions to their fellow Muslims when living amongst the Infidel 

Don't dare say hello to your `infidel' neighbor

A report by the Center for Religious Freedom shows that literature distributed at many U.S. mosques promotes extreme Islamic teachings as well as hatred of Jews, Christians, moderate Muslims and America.

By Nathan Guttman
Feb.14, 2005 | 12:00 AM

WASHINGTON - When a believing Muslim is summoned to the United States due to 
life's circumstances, Saudi Arabian authorities disseminate through a 
network of major American mosques, like other religious directives, clear 
ways as to how one should act in his new surroundings.

Take, for example, a document signed by the cultural attache at the Saudi 
embassy in Washington that instructs Muslims arriving in the United States 
not to initiate a greeting when meeting Christians or Jews, and never to 
convey good wishes marking a Christian or Jewish holiday. 

In general, the attached recommends that the Muslim believer avoid friendships with the 
infidels, be careful not to imitate their customs (e.g. not to wear a cap 
and gown at a graduation ceremony), and try not to remain in the country any 
longer than required. The Saudis feel that a good Muslim can stay in America 
only for two reasons: acquiring knowledge and capital to promote the 
objectives of jihad, and lobbying the infidels to accept Islam.

The aforementioned document and dozens of other papers and books are 
distributed for free at major mosques throughout the U.S. 
This is revealed in a recent study published by the Center for Religious Freedom, which is 
affiliated with Freedom House, an unaffiliated organization promoting 
political and economic freedom around the world, partly through research 
studies and information dissemination.

The center's representatives went to the 12 largest mosques in American 
urban centers and took samples of literature distributed to all comers. The 
study's findings were unequivocal: All of the mosques had literature 
originating from Saudi Arabia that promoted extreme Islamic teachings 
(Wahabi) as well as the hatred of Jews, Christians, moderate Muslims and 

The report further exacerbates the rift in America between supporters of 
friendship with Saudi Arabia and those calling for a forceful approach 
against the kingdom. While the Bush administration continues to show 
patience toward the House of Saud, and finds rays of democratization and the 
war on terror, some congressmen consider the report on Saudi incitement in 
the mosques as additional evidence that the country's soft-handed approach 
is a mistake and will not produce results.

Examination of the literature began about a year and a half ago after 
American Muslims informed the center about hate literature being distributed 
in the mosques. Although the center usually tracks religious freedoms 
outside the United States, since this issue involved actions taken by a 
foreign regime, the Saudi government, it decided to pursue the 

Once the material was assembled and translated, the researchers concluded 
that the Saudi Arabians indeed were trying to promote an attitude among 
Muslims living in America that they should resist their hosts and not 
befriend them. "It represents an ideology in which the Muslim in the U.S. is 
in enemy territory," Paul Marshall, a senior fellow at the center who 
co-authored the report, says.

One of the documents, signed by the Saudi embassy in Washington, warns Muslim foreigners that there are no Muslim scholars in the country who might guide the visitor, and therefore, he must learn from distributed written 
material. The document may explain how the Wahabi followers became 
mainstream in America, even though they are in the majority in the Muslim world at large.

You may (and must) curse

The main message of the material examined in the study is one of hatred 
toward any non-Muslim.

 "[I]t is basic Islam to believe that everyone who 
does not embrace Islam is an unbeliever, and must be called an unbeliever, 
and that they are enemies to Allah, his Prophet and believers,"

one handout distributed at a San Diego mosque said. Another document, found in the Great Mosque in Washington, D.C., explains to Muslims that they must keep their 
distance from non-believers:
 "To be disassociated from the infidels is to hate them for their religion, to leave them, never to rely on them for support, not to admire them, to be on one's guard against them, never to imitate them, and to always oppose them in every way according to Islamic 
A book was distributed in another mosque containing questions and 
answers on matters of religion. 

Regarding whether it is permitted to curse Christians and Jews, the author answers it is not only permitted, but also obligatory.

Hatred aside,the literature found in American mosques clearly maps out what 
sort of difficulties the United States can expect when it tries to enlist 
the Muslim community to help in the war on terror. The Saudi literature 
expresses absolute opposition to any believing Muslim working for the alien 
government or assisting it to defend itself from its enemies.

The report's authors believe that the aim of the authors and disseminators 
of the documents is to intimidate Muslims living in America not to become 
involved in local culture, thereby ensuring loyalty to the Islamic approach 
represented in the literature. A booklet distributed to high-school students 
at a Houston mosque goes so far as to warn Muslim youth not to celebrate 
birthdays in an American style.

Three wrongs of the Jews

Much of the literature groups Christians and Jews together as "infidels" 
whom one is obligated to hate, but a significant amount of the material 
specifically refers to hatred of Jews. "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" 
is referred to as absolute truth and as containing basic facts about Jews, 
who are accused of harming Muslim values and of being infidels. 

One document found in Washington even enumerates the three wrongs of the Jews against 
religion in general, and the Muslims in particular - Karl Marx, Sigmund 
Freud and the industrial revolution, which brought women into the labor 
force and caused the loss of their modesty. "They're anti-Semitic," Marshall 
says. "It is beyond criticism of Israel and views on the conflict; they 
speak directly about the Jews in an anti-Semitic way."

The material relating to the Israeli-Palestinian dispute also is rife with 
harsh expressions. A fourth-grade textbook written in Saudi Arabia that was 
handed out at a New Jersey mosque states that Israel is "a thorn in the back 
of the Muslim nations, and a window through which colonialism can sneak up 
among the ranks of the Muslims to work on dividing them, and light the fire 
of hatred between them." The book explains to pupils that "the Muslims will 
not rest until they cut off this disease, and purify the land of Palestine 
from the plague of Zionism."

The researchers also discovered some discordant expressions reserved for 
moderate Muslims, including a definition of Muslims who exhibit tolerance 
for other religions as "infidels." In a similar context, threats were 
leveled against any Muslim who converts - such an individual faces a 
punishment of death.

The Saudi embassy in Washington did not deny the existence of the incitement 
literature in mosques, or their Saudi origin. A statement issued to several 
American media outlets simply stated, "Saudi Arabia condemns extremism or 
hateful expressions among people anywhere in the world."

The study's authors are asking American mosques to take measures to prevent 
the free distribution of the literature, and that minimally, it should be 
placed in a separate area of the mosque. But beyond that, it will be 
difficult to do much about the phenomenon. Marshall explains there is 
disagreement among people engaged with the issue over whether it is 
permitted to restrict distribution of such written material: 

On the one hand, some people believe this is an issue of freedom of expression, 
protected by the First Amendment. On the other hand, however, some observers 
believe the First Amendment does not apply to foreign governments, and 
therefore, the United States can prohibit Saudi Arabia from bringing such 
material into its borders. Due to the differences of opinion, the Center for 
Religious Freedom is making do with a call on the administration to lodge a 
protest against Saudi Arabia regarding distribution of the hate literature.

However, the situation of the Saudi Arabians in Congress is much less 
secure. Two subcommittee chairmen in the House of Representatives already 
have promised to hold hearings on the subject. And at least three 
congressmen, prompted by the Center for Religious Freedom report, have 
issued condemnations of the Saudis. A group of six House lawmakers sent a 
letter to the Saudi ambassador in Washington, Prince Bandar, calling on him 
to denounce the literature.

Congress has been pestering the administration with a lengthy list of 
complaints against Saudi Arabia for some time, including foot dragging in 
the quelling of terror, questions of human rights and democracy within the 
kingdom, and issues of xenophobia and incitement toward anti-Semitism. It is 
hard to find any real changes, however, in the administration's position.

U.S. President George W. Bush did issue a rare direct call on the Saudis in 
his State of the Union address two weeks ago, saying, "The government of 
Saudi Arabia can demonstrate its leadership in the region by expanding the 
role of its people in determining their future." However, critics contend 
this was merely lip service, and the United States has little intention of 
altering its supportive attitude toward the House of Saud.

Today marks the 60th anniversary of the historic meeting between former U.S. 
president Franklin Roosevelt and former Saudi King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud, a 
meeting that paved the way for long years of partnership between the two 

The U.S.-Saudi relationship is still in robust condition, albeit 
with a sense of continued erosion: Disapproving voices in Congress, 
grievances of Democrats (expressed during John Kerry's presidential 
campaign), and the administration's desire to avoid an image of exercising 
double standards in its drive to realize the vision of promoting democracy 
around the world are jeopardizing the old friendship between the two states.

The Saudis still enjoy an open door to the administration, but now they are 
also appealing to the American people. For the past three years, they have 
invested large sums of money in advertising and public relations in the 
United States, and last month, a counselor at the Saudi Arabian embassy, 
Nail Al-Jubier, even embarked on a U.S. speaking tour with the aim of 
promoting Saudi interests.

Even so, the report on incitement literature is the clearest indicator of 
all that the Saudis have little to be concerned about. The American 
administration has done nothing about the report, so far. When asked about 
it last week, deputy spokesman of the State Department Adam Ereli said that 
the department is still studying the report and that it had yet to be 
determined that any "wrongdoing had been done by diplomatic establishments."

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