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Monday, March 28, 2011

Planning a Holiday in the UAE ? Australian Woman GANG Raped by Hotel staff in United Arab Emirates,Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort.

Drugged, raped, then jailed for 'adultery'


Dan Nancarrow
March 28, 2011 - 5:55PM

28 3 2011 Alicia Gali A Brisbane woman is suing a luxury United Arab Emirates resort after she was jailed for adultery when she complained of being drugged and

raped by three men.

Alicia Gali was sentenced to 12 months in prison after an assault by three co-workers while drinking at the Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort

staff bar in Fujairah, UAE in June 2008.

After reporting the incident to police, Ms Gali was jailed for adultery and served eight months before being pardoned in March 2009 and

returning to Australia.

At a hearing in Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday, Maurice Blackburn lawyers were granted leave to sue the hotel, alleging Ms Gali's

employer breached its workplace obligations by failing to have systems in place to protect their workers against assault.

Maurice Blackburn claims the hotel encouraged staff to drink alcohol in the staff bar without a permit, creating an environment where it was

easy for a drink to be spiked.

In the UAE it is illegal to have sex outside of marriage.


28 3 2011 Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort”paradise on earth” aka. “Muslim Gang Rapist’s Paradise” The Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort.

One basis for the firm taking action in Australia is that Alicia took a contract with the company while she was in Queensland.

"Alicia's employer has let her down in the most terrible, terrible of ways," Maurice Blackburn associate Melissa Payne said.

"A company like this should know better.

"There are many things they could have done and should have done to protect Alicia.

"These include having segregated secure quarters for its female employees and providing adequate induction and training as to the local

laws and customs for its foreign employees.

"This resort promotes itself as 'paradise on earth' but it certainly wasn't paradise for Alicia."

According to Ms Payne, Ms Gali has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, claustrophobia and nightmares as a

result of the incident and her eventual imprisonment.

In a statement, Ms Gali said she wanted to warn other women about the danger of working in countries where laws were "archaic."

"I still feel angry and upset and it's distressing because I was a victim in all of this and I was punished – the laws have to change to protect

women and give them rights and the Australian government should use its influence to push for changes to laws," the statement read.

"The UAE is being promoted hugely here as a tourism destination.

"They are not complying with human rights, women's rights and migrant workers' rights."

Ms Gali said she thought she would feel safe and protected in the employ of an international hotel group but believes she was not given the

correct advice and no one from the company helped her when she was charged and imprisoned.

She stated she did not want the incident to be manipulated into an anti-Muslim or anti-Arab attack.

"The men involved were foreign nationals, they were not from the Middle East.

"Two were from India and one from Mauritius."

Maurice Blackburn believes the three men were imprisoned as a result of the assault.

The firm will be drawing on human rights and labour law experts as well as UAE legal experts as part of their case.

The parent company of Le Meridien, Starwood Hotels, has been contacted for comment.


“Ms Gali said she wanted to warn other women about the danger of working in countries where laws were "archaic." Careful Alicia, you might find yourself up on charges of Racism here in Australia if you keep making statements like that . Interesting to see what Australia’s affirmative action appointee in chief,and Emilys List Super Star, Australia’s PM Madam JuLIAR Gillard will do about yet another glaring contradiction to her and her fellow Marxist’s mantra of all cultures and Religions are equal.

No doubt Madame JuLIAR and the rest of Labor’s Marxist Feminist Sisterhood, will enlist their Multicultural propagandists to SPIN and assure us that only a relative small minority of Australian women are charged with adultery and jailed after been Gang Raped in Islamic countries or “paradise on earth” and that to suggest otherwise indicates a racist motive.

Next time anyone reading this story is planning to travel , especially Australians don’t fall for the temptation of cheap airfares by these these arsehole Arab airlines, remember they get their fuel for free, pay the extra knowing that you are keeping Australian air and support crew employed.

As for holidaying in these Gold and Diamond encrusted Middle Eastern shit holes, you gotta be hard up haven’t you?

I have friends who, last year were arrested at 10 am in the morning, a husband and wife, walking along a major public street, both arrested and taken into custody and interrogated for 5 hours all because his wife was carrying a digital camera in her hand.

Only ten years ago the standard M.O of the UAE’s “finest” was to invite unsuspecting “western sluts” ie. western Nurses to parties thrown by the rich movers and shakers of the UAE,niaeve, western women thinking they might meet some rich man of their dreams, upon entry would suddenly realise what the party was all about, a night sometimes days of drugs, alcohol and gang rape by the UAE’s finest.

After the party was over they were reminded of the laws concerning unwedded sex and sent on their way. Oh Pious Islam, is there no cesspool you will not provide for your followers to swim in? 

Forget the Glitz and the Left wing apologist SPIN and Media advertising campaigns that want you to believe that the United Arab Emirates is a safe place to holiday, unfortunately,Godless savages commit Gang Rapes all over the world, only in the Islamic “Paradise on Earth” are the victims JAILED for adultery after been GANG RAPED.

If you have a wife or a Daughter, Boycott Emirates Airlines,Boycott Emirates Holidays,better still  take no chances at all and simply

Boycott Islam


Why Jailing Gang Rape victims is OK in Islamic countries

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