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Friday, March 13, 2009

Merauke Five : Rudd's "Fresh Thinking" Australians abondoned in Indonesian Hell Hole

Australian PM and arse clown in chief,Mr Kevin 07 Rudd.
Australians abandoned and left to rot in Indonesian Islamic hell hole
by Kevin 07's "Fresh Thinking"

Another Billion dollars plus+++++ has just been given to the Indonesian Government by the Rudd Socialist Labor Government, thats right Australian taxpayers are TAXED from arse hole to breakfast time, in order for Rudd and his fellow International Socialist's and Marxists, that are the Australian LABOR party,to prove what great noble and compassionate"world citizens" they are.
If these Australians were international Drug Dealers the Rudd government and their cabal of bleeding heart leftists apologists would have been screaming from the hill tops that these people be released and every assistance would have been afforded them by the Australian officials and "human rights" organizations at Australian taxpayers expense.
These people are not part of Comrade Rudd's "Fresh Thinking" and "Time for Change" Socialist Revolution.

Australians remain in Papuan 'no man's land'

Ben Doherty and Tom Allard, Jakarta
March 13, 2009

FIVE Australians remain stuck in "no man's land" in the Indonesian province of Papua: no longer in detention for immigration offences but prevented from returning home.

The five Queenslanders were this week granted permission to fly home after six months in detention, following a ruling by the Jayapura High Court overturning their conviction and jail terms for immigration offences.

But local prosecutors have refused to accept the decision and have lodged an appeal. That could see the five, aged in their 50s and 60s, stuck in Papua, just an hour's flight from home, for months longer.

Last night, the Australians were still stranded in the departure lounge of Merauke Airport, where their plane stands fuelled and ready to fly but guarded by Indonesian air force officers refusing to let them board.

Prosecutors have impounded the plane, saying it is evidence for their legal challenge.

Karen Burke, one of the Merauke five, yesterday pleaded with the Australian Government to do more to help.

"We're scared to death to leave," she said.

"We think if we put a foot out the front door we could be arrested on some other charges. Our position is quite precarious."

Despite being asked to return to the town of Merauke, the five Australians are staying put, believing their encampment in the small international airport puts them out of reach of authorities.

"As far as we are concerned, we are in no man's land," said another stranded Australian, Keith Mortimer.

"We are going to stay here. Mate, they are going to have to physically pick us up and take us out of here."

An Australian embassy official is in Merauke assisting the five, while diplomats in Jakarta are helping to negotiate their passage home.

On September 12 last year, pilot William Scott-Bloxam, his wife and co-pilot Vera, and passengers Keith Mortimer, Hubert Hofer and Ms Burke, landed in Mr Scott-Bloxam's light plane at Mopah airport in Merauke in Papua, where a sporadic separatist insurgency has led to tight military control.

The Australians, who say they only wanted to visit for a long weekend to investigate tourism opportunities, did not obtain visas, flight approval or security clearance before they landed.

They were arrested and convicted of immigration offences. Mr Scott-Bloxam, was sentenced to three years in jail, while the other four were given two-year sentences.

On Tuesday, the province's High Court overturned their conviction, ostensibly allowing their return home.

But prosecutors have since lodged an appeal, meaning the five are unable to leave.

A Foreign Affairs spokesman said: "This situation is distressing for the Australians and their families, and the embassy in Jakarta is discussing with the five Australians and their lawyers the next steps towards obtaining their release and return.

"We understand that the five are no longer in detention, but are unable to depart for Australia.

"They are currently at the Immigration Office at Merauke Airport endeavouring to clarify their legal status. Our embassy consular official is also assisting them in consultation with the Indonesian authorities."

Friends and family of the five told The Age they were frustrated by the new delays and the lack of information from authorities.


Anonymous said...

Please, please let the Australian Government do something for my sister Vera Scott Bloxam,her husband and the other members of the group. It has been an ordeal for them for six months already and it might get worse !! How is it possible that there is no action from the Govt. whilst they have been acquitted by the Jayapura High Court. No country in the world would act like this. There is no legal matter anymore: the group has been acquitted and told to go home as soon as possible on their own plane, but some vindictive prosecutor wont´t sign the papers.
They can´t even get on a commercial flight and leave their plane behind. Today I got an SMS telling me the group is moving back into their rented house in Merauke, because living at the airport is not possible anymore. Please Australia, do someting for them.
Martina Van der Linden, sister of Vera.
The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Should we all register SHOCK from events around "the Merauke Five" incident? The world should learn that Indonesia is not a nation in the true sense of the word.
It seems Indonesia can best be described as an illogical collection of regions where individuals rule without a well thought-out sense of local human rights or justice, with little respect for personal freedom. How terrible a 'crime' did these visitors commit?

I believe the local Indonesia/Papua authorities treatment of the visiting Merauke Five is deeply disppointing and very revealing of an 'Indonesia' incapable of common justice. It is indicative of local systemic corruption at the least. What else can it be in the modern era?

Due this obvious failure of good governance I would choose not to set foot in Indonesia.

To the Merauke Five I pray daily you are released from your ordeal and returned safely to your families without further delay.
Sincerely Michael Martin, Australia.

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