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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Australia: Hilel Merhi Good Riddence to Middle Eastern Rubbish

Violent thug Hilel Merhi lived and died by the gun

By Kara Lawrence
The Daily Telegraph
April 28, 2009 12:00am

HILEL Merhi was a loud-mouthed young man with a penchant for extreme violence.

Armed with a pistol, he had robbed liquor and video stores and petrol stations, and had his driver's licence disqualified because he was a danger on the roads.

As the Sydney criminal world was speculating yesterday about who ambushed Merhi, pumping five rounds into him at close range at a party at the weekend, the 25-year-old's family and friends were in mourning as his funeral was held.

A former prisoner who met Merhi in jail said yesterday: "He was a very confident character and was very outspoken - in other words he was a smart arse"

Merhi's shooting at a 21st birthday party in Merrylands on Saturday night was breathtaking in its audacity. Two hooded men walked through a gate of the Davies St property towards an outdoor carport where people were dancing, talking and laughing.

One of the men walked up to Merhi, who was an uninvited guest at the party, and fired repeatedly.

Then the men fled, pursued by some partygoers, down the street and around the corner into Price St, where they jumped into a late-model Commodore and fled.

Police confirmed yesterday they believed Merhi's criminal activities were linked to his shooting.

Merhi's criminal record dates back to 2002 when he was charged with driving recklessly at Casula, had his licence suspended and was given a good behaviour bond.

He graduated quickly to more violent crime.

In late 2003, he went on a gun spree. In October of that year he allegedly pulled a pistol on fellow students at Miller College of TAFE.

Students fled for safety to the nearby Liverpool Catholic Club, but when police arrested Merhi later that night he claimed the gun was a cigarette lighter.

Days later, while armed with a silver pistol, he forced a female employee of Video Ezy Moorebank to hand over $250.

His next two armed robberies in the next two months netted him $1300 from Prestons Village Liquor and $500 cash and 32 packets of cigarettes from BP Moorebank.

He was sent to jail for maximum two years and eight months and ordered to undergo drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

He was released from another stint in jail in the middle of last year after serving time for driving offences.


Anonymous said...

Australia: Hilel Merhi Good Riddence to Middle Easter Rubbish?? GOOD RIDDENCE?? u dumb fukn dogz have sum fukn respect!

Anonymous said...

to Kara Lawrence

Anonymous said...

To all u disrespecful ppl out there before u judge someone u should take a good look at ur selves. Hilel was a beautiful kind hearted person who didn't deserve to have his life taken away by scum. You didn't know him and have no right to judge him. wishing bad apon another human being will always bite u back in the long run. So keep ur pathetic comments to ur self and find something useful to do. RIP HILEL we will miss ur fun loving personality, ur humour and laughter. As the saying goes "every dog has it's day" and the cowards that took his life will be punished if not in this life time i gurantee they will be punished in HELL!!! Hell is where they deserve to go.

Anonymous said...

Hilel was a trouble maker, but didnt deserve this. moey revenge his death !

Anonymous said...

It burns me everytime i look at your heading i cant believe how rude an uncalled for that is.. How would you like someone bad mouthing your son or your loved ones just days afta they have passed away you should be ashamed of yourself that is not the australian way of living your a disrespectful piece of shit that wouldnt know a good hearted person if it hit you in the face you disgust me you should be brought down with the rest of the scum in the world your pathetic.. Who cares about the things he had done in the past he was bettering his life and you have now jus dragged his name through the dirt i hope you get your day and i hoe it comes real so0n i hope you lose everyone that you love and everyone that is close to you and i hope your collegues bad mouth them the way you have just done Hilel.. R.I.P much loved by everyone never will be forgotten we will miss you dearly!!

Anonymous said...

their r alot of racist people out their ,but no 1 deserves to die like that,no 1 is better than any1,watch what u say bc what goes around comes around

Aussie said...

This Dead Muslim "Rat with a Gold Tooth" may in death at least not be able to continue his one man Islamic Jihad upon Australia and Australian's.

If that is so,many would argue that we owe his assassins a debt of gratitude for doing what Australia's law enforcement agencies failed to do , that is protect Australian's from this piece of crap.

Whilst I understand that the life style and criminal exploits he engaged in before he was shot dead,is the type of lifestyle and criminal behavior that has earned him the "Respect" of the majority of his fellow Muslim residents of Sydney's occupied territories,it is still the case however Australians do not RESPECT the Muslim savages like this Hilel Merhi, and others before him, who thankfully have also been dispatched back to hell.

RESPECT is earned by living a life worthy of respect.
HONOUR is earned by living an honourable life.

This strutting Muslim "Rat with a Gold Tooth" may well be a shining example of all that is aspired to and admired by his fellow coreligionists in the Islamic world,however,this is Australia not Lebanon or some other Islamic Middle Eastern cesspool.

The moral bar in Islam is set way too LOW, that's why it produces so many sociopaths and common thugs all over the world, unfortunately it has also ensured that Islams followers still to this day,are locked in seventh century barbarism and a voodoo cult that they pass of as a "Religion"

Only in Islam is Dis honourable behavior and actions REVERRED and HONOURED (see the life of mohammed and other Islamic crimiinals throughout the ages up to the present day)
This "evil is Good" ideology that is the core of Islam and it's followers is the reason why Islam and it's followers are totally incompatible when allowed to infiltrate and colonize by stealth Judeo / Christian Western Democracies.

RE: GOOD RIDDENCE?? u dumb fukn dogz have sum fukn respect!

In language that even you may understand:

YES !!! "u dumb fukn dogz" GOOD RIDDENCE!!!! Ya got that ?

Yours faithfully,

simone said...

hey aussie,
Hilel's death had nothing to do with religion so stop being such a fucken raciest pig. You talk about respect where's the respect in the comments you posted? Hilel may have been a thug in his younger years but it gives no one the right to judge him personaly. He was one of the best people you could ever meet and he had respect he didn't have to earn it as you quoted and he will be honored by many even after his death. His death will be revenged and for all the rest of the people out there that think disrepecting him in your stupid comments makes you tough well your mistaken because you people are just LOW SCUM to the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aussie said...

Dear Simone,

Re: "...fucken raciest pig"...Uh, Please WTF?

"...You talk about respect where's the respect in the comments you posted? "

I thought that I had made it clear that there was nothing in this grubby little thugs life worthy of respect, so who do you criticise me for not showing him respect? Respect for WHAT ?

"...He was one of the best people you could ever meet and he had respect he didn't have to earn it as you quoted and he will be honored by many..."

In my previous comment I said, "Whilst I understand that the life style and criminal exploits he engaged in before he was shot dead,is the type of lifestyle and criminal behavior that has earned him the "Respect" of the majority of his fellow Muslim residents of Sydney's occupied territories,it is still the case however Australians do not RESPECT the Muslim savages like this Hilel Merhi, and others before him, who thankfully have also been dispatched back to hell."

You have substantiated my comment that you and your coreligionists see honour and respectability in a life style and actions that the Australian people regard, as nothing more than a life of criminality,and indeed,of the grub you say:

"he had respect he didn't have to earn it as you quoted and he will be honored by many"

He was convicted of criminal activity from an early age after committing oddly enough "criminal acts" against Australian society, however these acts have elevated him to a position of Honour and Respectability in the "Islamic Community".

You wonder why as a collective group, bound together by a belief in Islam, that you are the most reviled and despised group on the planet,you wonder why 5/6ths of the earths population has rejected outright the voodoo cult that you follow.
Along with many other values, belief's found in Islam, the above, as expressed by you,are the opposite of the values held by people of the civilized world.

Indeed you say of Australians who do not show respect or honour to this grubby little Muslim Criminal

"all the rest of the people out there that think disrepecting him in your stupid comments makes you tough well your mistaken because you people are just LOW SCUM to the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Muslim moral code is clearly devoid of BOTH honour & respect.

Yours faithfully,

Anonymous said...

I dont know who Hilel is but my Close friends use to hang around with him...iv unfortunantly heard his name for the 1st time by his death..

Now regardless if he was a bad person or a good 1..he died from some selfish persons gun shots. no1 should pay for what they done with their life..
And instead of letting him to rest u guys put up his " crimanal acts " up for all of the world to see n read..

If i was judgemental i would say " what a bad person he deserved it " but no1 deserves to be judged or desrves to die like this.. RIP brother...

Anonymous said...


Aussie said...


Australia: Hilel Merhi Good Riddence to Middle Eastern Rubbish ??????
Yes,yes,yes how many times do I have to say it, ok once more for the arse clowns
Australia: Hilel Merhi Good Riddence to Middle Eastern Rubbish ??????


Yours faithfully,

Anonymous said...

aussie you think u have balls talking like a hot shot go get FUCKED!!!!! don't think your so tough with your words cause next time you bump into a middle eatern i gurantee you'll shit yourself with fear. If your half the man you claim to be why don't you confront a middle eastern and speak the comments you've posted to their face. You can't do that can you cause your a coward coward do you understand you australian mother fucken coward go SUCK A DICK!!!! U piece of crap!!!!!! FUCK YOU

Aussie said...

Re: "aussie you think u have balls talking like a hot shot"

Well hey!!! not all of us are as gifted as yourself and the various other "Mr & Mrs Anonymous" who have commented here,expressing their respect and honour for their grubby little dead Muslim criminal hero.

You have all raised the standard of communication and social discourse with your very own brand of hieroglyphics and ancient traditional Middle Eastern cell phone script as you honour and pay respect to your fellow,but now fallen,Pious Muslim Criminal.

While I have your attention what is it with Muslim men and their constant preoccupation with Sucking other men's Dicks?

Is it a Koranic requirement or is it optional?
the Sucking of other men"s dicks is so often referred to by Muslims in their attempts to communicate on the internet, it's as if it is a cry for help or perhaps they are searching for a like minded male to engage in a bit of Middle Eastern bonding or "dick sucking "

Ok then no more "..... talking like a hot shot"

Just for you, I will,sign off in a way that does not upset your comfort zone.

"...go SUCK A DICK!!!! U piece of crap!!!!!! FUCK YOU"

Yours faithfully,

Anonymous said...

aussie, i mean jewish dog keep your comments to yourself where talking about a man that died and passed on and only GOD will judge him, not u or the media cocksucker. yeh he did some immature acts back in his day and im sure someone close to u is as bad in there day, but like i said only god will judge, u dont know any of the good things he done in his past time. and when ur day comesand u get judged maybe he'll be up in heaven laughing at u while u burn u jewish dog.

RIP hilel merhi, allah yer-hamou

Anonymous said...

i agree completely Hilel can't even be compared to u aussie, as stated above u "jewish Dog" someone born a dog will die a dog and u fit thet category 100%

Anonymous said...

Mr aussie, jst to let u noe wat my cuz hilel told me last..... "wat goes around, comes around" Im not goona sit here behind a computer and start being a tough boy.... But i promise u one thing u mother fuker!!!!!!!! one day it will come back around to ya and u will experience wat soliders like us do to ppl like u.......ya fukn DOG!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

its this constant slandering from one party to another that only builds rage and anger between communities,and "aussie" you seem like a fairly intelligent person i am surprised that you would think that a religion would condone acts of violence like you have suggested..i am christian and just like people in our religion..people make mistakes,and when people make mistakes sometimes situations tend to follow them.. thus mistakes we make in our life and religion have nothing to do with eachother.It seems that this dispise that you harbor has clouded your judgement..furthermore if theres a person that you dont not know or somthing that you know nothing about then theres no way for you to give an accurate comment is there?

[ ADKTV ] said...

rest eazi hilel merhi
allah yer-hamou

Anonymous said...

one les leb who gives fuck!

Anonymous said...

I bet this "fully sick tuff cunt" shit himself when he had a gun to his head and not enough time to "text" his cousins for help.

d. merhi said...

aussie dick suckin only came from aussie ppl likeu,u seem to know a hell lot about cocksuckin wats that got to do wiv a man dead y r u even on here noone wants to hear ur pathetic theory if u wanna talk about dick suckin go on the web sites that allow u to do that. helil didnt desreve to die the way he did he will shit over ppl like u any day so stop critisizing good ppl i would love to c the day wen u get shot dead n i hope an arab muslim does it to u. we miss u dearly hilel RIP ur in a better place mum made the best option to bury u in lebanon away from this filth here that keeps bagging u but yet knows nothing about u we love u and u always knew that mwa mwa mwa and every mother fucker gets his day especially the mother fucker that did this to u death is revange and its just around the corner i hope ur reading this u piece of shit that did this to him u better run as quickly and as far as u can hide ur families and ur loved ones coz ur days r numbered

Aussie said...

Hello All!!!!
I have been away,no,no,not dispatching Muslim Dogs in Gaza to their predetermined destiny,just a simple internet hic up, no doubt caused by people who believe that,amongst other things,that the mountains hold down the deserts and that the sun sets in a pool of mud... yeah right ok anyone who would believe that would believe that they should wipe their arse with a rock ..... whats that? they do? what sort of rock?

Im back, Im back,Yes bigger and better than ever,attended to by a thousand naked blue eyed blonde haired Female fitness instructors,all doing the best they can, whenever they can to keep me ALIVE!!! and smiling from ear to ear.
Now where were we? Oh yeah some dumb Muslim Criminal schmuck "...Hilel Merhi lived and died by the gun"

Anonymous said...


wat g0es ar0und c0mes ar0und!
n every1 has a bad past n0 matter iif ur muslim or christian etc

allah yerhamak Hilel, ii l0ve u s0 much, ii thiink 0f u & pray f0r u everyday...
my sympathy g0es 0ut t0 all famiily & friiends 0f Hilel Merhi

mwah Xx abby

Anonymous said...


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