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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sydney International Airport, 12 "Middle Eastern men assault Female Customs officer

I well remember the Transport Workers Union (TWU) during the previous Howard governments terms of office, holding press conferences at the Sydney International Terminal,Tony Sheldon,if memory serves me correctly,the head of the TWU,looking into the assembled medias TV cameras advising the citizens of Australia that it was only a matter of time (minutes even) before Australians would experience an act of terror at Sydney International Airport due to the Howard governments lax security at Sydney International Airport.

One such case of the TWU alerting the Sydney media to such an imminent catastrophe,was when,what was described by the media as a mentally disabled man, inadvertently accessed a secure area of the terminal, within minutes of this incident taking place,the TWU was joined by not only their adoring media fan club,but surprise,surprise the oppositions shadow minister Robert McClelland, for what I will, loosely call homeland security, ie all things anti terror.

There they were Sheldon and Robert McClelland warning Australians of this close call and demanding everything from the resignation of the Howard Government Minister responsible for National Security, through to free cheese for dead rats in Siberia.

Neither the media or the TWU reported on what happened to the mentally disabled man after he was,I assume was taken into custody and later taken into care by either his family or the relative mental health service providers,there was never a follow up reported on this "poor" mans situation.

The TWU has a very poor record when it comes to security issues at Sydney Airport,their members have been charged and convicted with theft from passenger baggage and using passenger baggage to transport drugs for Union friendly International drug rings.

The TWU and it's members (as is the case of all union members in Australia) are also major Financiers / Bankers / Fundraisers, of the Australian Labor Party (ALP),the present Federal Government of Australia, led by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who was elected on November 24 2007.

The attack upon the Female Australian Customs Officer at Sydney Airport,by twelve men of "Middle Eastern appearance" inside the secure Customs area was apparently not thought of as been as serious an incident,as the TWU's and McClelland's "disappearing mentally disabled man" entering a non descript area of the same airport when the Australian Labor Party was in opposition, otherwise they would have had the media out at Sydney International Airport within minutes of the attack taking place wouldn't they ?

I disagree with the Australian Labor Party and their financiers the Transport Workers Union, along with the Customs officers Union, call me crazy but hey I believe we have more to fear from twelve Middle Eastern thugs who are so emboldened by whatever,that they feel they are immune from the restrictions that apply to Australians,that they can enter restricted Royal Australian Customs area's of Sydney International Airport and when challenged and asked to leave they simply vilify and physically assault a Female officer of the Crown,whereupon these twelve brave men ? of Middle Eastern Appearance simply walk away and continue on with their plans unhindered by the AFP or Airport security.

I have said good bye to friends and loved ones at the same entrance to this particular gateway to Customs at Sydney International Airport, there is nothing about the signage that would make anyone think that it was an area open to NON passenger access, I have been inside the same area as a passenger and you simply have no business been there other than as a passenger leaving Australia, so the 'me no speaka da English " defense holds no water at all.

The scary part is that there is NO video footage of the invasion and assault by no less than twelve men of Middle Eastern Appearance.
A man was bashed to death in front of hundreds of passengers at the Domestic terminal some four weeks ago by twenty men who were able to escape by Taxi, before security arrived, there is no video footage of this attack either.

The same weapons used to smash the Domestic terminal victims skull in, were used in the attack upon the Female Royal Australian Customs Officer at the International Terminal, stainless steel bollards used to support the queuing tape.

Sleep tight Australian and International passengers who use Sydney International and indeed all Australian Airports, there has been no further reports of the "mentally disabled man" who so alarmed the TWU, the media and the now Rudd Labor Government, phewwww!!!

Nothing to see here..... move along now ...nothing to see here.

There does seem to be a different set of rules for people awaiting passengers from Middle Eastern arrivals at Sydney Airport, I have seen with my own eyes these people blatantly disregarding all and every security / sign within the arrivals area.

They simply seem to think that the rules of the arrivals terminal, just like every other rule or law in Australia, does not apply to them.

I have been told by Airport staff that their attitude is one of so what we do what we want, try and stop us without a riot taking place by the hoards that they usually bring with them to meet another of their kind arriving.
I have seen them push and shove elderly Australians and children out of their way and dominate seating and eating areas with no regard for common manners and decency, the images you see on TV where they are running in murderous riots over cartoons depicting their infamous Paedophile Pirate Mohammad,are no different than their behaviour when they think they might have to wait an extra minute or two to see some relative or friend emerge through the arrivals exit chute.

But then I am so arrogant and probably Islamophobic and indeed racist, for objecting to this type of Pig Ignorant behaviour by the members of the "Religion of Peace".

Islam can only exist as an Oppressive majority or a disruptive minority.

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