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Friday, December 04, 2009

Kristina Keneally:Toledo Ohio Woman now Premier of NSW Australia.


Kristina Keneally

There is much to admire about this woman, she is very pretty and speaks well.

What she can do for Sydney and NSW will be seen over the coming months ahead.

Unfortunately for her,I believe she has been handed a poison chalice, the NSW Labor Party is without doubt the most corrupt organisation in Australia, closely followed by all the other state Labor Party organizations and the Federal Labor Party.

The now Keneally led,NSW state Labor government,is about to enter it’s final death throws,led by the first ever female Premier (and the first ever American born leader) before it is eliminated by the voters of NSW from the political landscape for what could well be justifiably,decades in the political wilderness.

The fact that Keneally has accepted the leadership shows her naivety when it comes to Australia and Australian politics.

She should have asked herself why would the movers and shakers of a political party that hates America and all it represents, draft her to the leadership of the NSW branch of that same party/

The NSW Labor Party is the most disgraced and corrupt political party in Australia’s relatively short history,the Italian Mafia send trainee’s here to learn the arts of graft and corruption,( NSW is regarded as a centre of excellence world wide amongst the thugs and stand over men of the International Socialist movement)  and its sole purpose has been these last 5 years has been to cover its own arse rather than engage in governing in the best interests of the people of NSW.

Opinion Polls say that the NSW Labor Party will be decimated in the state election due in 18 months time, if Keneally is still leader by then and is defeated at the polls she will be quickly removed from the leadership and humiliated by not only the result of the election but by the party that elected her to hold the can for all that IS has been,”Labor” in NSW the past 14 years, whilst the financiers and mover and shakers of the Labor Party,the Union movement,the ACTU,and their hard core band of “true believers” Union members,social security recipients and non English speaking immigrants from the Middle East and Asia demand to know why a YANKEE or worse still a Yankee WOMAN with brains was appointed to the highest office of government in NSW,after all there are plenty of PIG Ignorant Non English speaking shop stewards out there who could have been given the job.

She is  a brave woman, sorry person,however I hope she is prepared for the insults and attacks from those who are on her side she should remember despite what she has wanted to believe Australian Socialists are without doubt the most intolerant “animals” on earth and the second she starts to look like a loser these same enlightened caring and sharing tree huggers and recyclers will kick the crap out of their token Yankee Woman Premier. (If only she was a non English speaking Muslim terrorist they would not be able to lay a glove on her).

It was not that long ago that Keneally was set for the high jump, she had disappointed her backers and was set to lose endorsement for her seat,one wonders what changed the party machines mind about her future or lack of with the Labor Party.

Her uncle,by marriage,author Thomas Keneally, is a welded on “professional Irishman”,Labor supporter and apologist,perhaps he was able to secure her position within the Labor Party when others wanted her arse prior to the 2007 NSW election.

I wish her well,after all she is good looking,If only she had of joined the Liberal (Conservative) Party, with her abilities she would have been used as something more than a patsy for the Marxist Union financed Australian Labor Party.

NSW Labor Party warlords get their woman

Simon Benson, Gemma Jones, Angela Kamper and David Barrett
The Daily Telegraph
December 04, 2009 3:09PM

KRISTINA Keneally has been sworn in as NSW's first female premier and its fourth leader in as many years following the dramatic sacking of Nathan Rees in one of the most extraordinary scenes in the state's political history.

Ms Keneally took the oath of office before NSW Governor Marie Bashir at Sydney's Government House just after 1pm today.

She was accompanied by her husband Ben and their two sons Daniel, 11, and Brendan, 9, as well as deputy premier Carmel Tebbutt - first female double act in Australian political history.

Ms Keneally won a Labor leadership ballot in caucus last night after Labor MPs dumped Mr Rees only 15 months after putting him in the job.

Mr Rees, whose fate was sealed after he labelled sections of his Government treacherous, was executed by warlords Eddie Obeid and Joe Tripodi in an ambush caucus meeting.

Despite earlier vowing not to hand over the state to the two factional bosses, at 7.15pm Mr Rees resigned in front of his caucus, following in the footsteps of the man he replaced last year, Morris Iemma.

He walked from the party room at Parliament House and simply said: "It's a difficult decision and we move on."

An overwhelming 47 MPs of the 70 members of the party's full caucus then voted to install Ms Keneally.

Frank Sartor bowed out of the race following an earlier meeting of the dominant right-wing faction, which triggered the spill to wrest control of the crumbling Government.

It ended a 15-month soap opera of challenges to Mr Rees' leadership and for the second time installed a leader in NSW without an election.

Ms Keneally, a committed Catholic, became the 42nd Premier of NSW in a deal with the rebel MPs, which will also result in John Della Bosca's return to the ministry.

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Ms Keneally told colleagues after her election that she demanded respect.

"I'd like to thank my colleagues for putting a great deal of trust in me. I am here to work for the people of NSW," she said.

She had earlier denied she was a puppet of Mr Obeid and Mr Tripodi: "I'm nobody's puppet, I'm nobody's girl."

In her first press conference as Premier-elect Ms Keneally said she was a regular "working mum" who would work hard for the people of NSW. I don't intend on being the last woman standing. I would not have put my hand up if I did not intend to be Premier in March 2011," she said last night.

"The party has taken the view that it is time for us to heal and they have turned to me with that task."

Joe Tripodi will not be in her Cabinet but she said there is room for Mr Sartor and Mr Rees, who will stay on the backbench.

"I would also like to tell you a little bit about myself. I have an accent but I am first and foremost a proud Australian," she said as sons Brendan, 9, and Daniel, 11, looked on.

"I came to this country because I fell in love with a man but immediately when I came here I fell in love with this country."

Meanwhile, the sacking of Mr Rees on Parliament's last sitting day for the year has affirmed Mr Obeid and Mr Tripodi as the most powerful men in NSW Labor.

But it was a slap in the face to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who had urged party bosses to stick with Mr Rees after endorsing him at the state Labor conference. A Federal MP last night said they were in shock.

The beginning of the end for Mr Rees came shortly before 11am when 17 rebel MPs signed a petition calling for a leadership spill.

Today, Ms Keneally denied being a "puppet" to Labor powerbrokers, insisting she is her "own woman".

On the first morning of her premiership, the member for Heffron began a media blitz to sell herself to the public as the new face of a Labor party in crisis.

She left her Pagewood home just before 6.30am today, and by 7.30am had appeared on ABC TV, the Today Show and numerous breakfast radio programs.

The state's first ever female premier told The Daily Telegraph she was not concerned at being labelled a "puppet" to powerbrokers Eddie Obeid and Joe Tripodi.

"I'm my own person. I stand on my own two feet," she said. "This is a fantastic opportunity.

"(I'm) getting up today to focus on the mechanics of government and starting to put my team together this morning; being sworn in at midday, then heading to western Sydney this afternoon...on a western Sydney job summit."

Ms Keneally said she would focus on employment, public transport and caring for the state's "most vulnerable" over the next 15 months.

"A society is judged by how it cares for people at the margins; how we support and how we include them," she said.

"That will be at the heart of my decision making."

Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell said today that he wished her success because the state couldn't afford to wait for a change of government.

"I'd actually want Kristina Keneally to succeed because I'd like to see real change in New South Wales,'' he told Fairfax Radio Network.

"I'd like to see this state start to finally improve itself in a whole range of areas because we can't afford to wait 15 months and an election and a change of government to set this state on the path it should be on.''

But Mr O'Farrell said he believed the Government would not let call an early election because it knew it would bring certain ruin.

"They're incompetent, they're arrogant but they're not stupid,'' he said.  "They're not going to ruin and terminate their ministerial careers early.''

Discredited, despised, but still pulling all the strings

December 4, 2009

KNOWN as He Who Must Be Obeyed, Eddie Obeid is the most powerful politician in the state, yet a check of parliamentary records show the 66-year-old backbencher has not made a single speech in Parliament for the past seven years.

The mystery for NSW voters is how the wordless Obeid and his equally controversial right-wing colleague, Joe Tripodi, wield such extraordinary power that they can make - and unmake - premiers.

Thin-lipped with fury yesterday, Nathan Rees said of the duo: ''Should I not be Premier by the end of this day, let there be no doubt in the community's mind, no doubt, that any challenger will be a puppet of Eddie Obeid and Joe Tripodi.''

If the ferocity of his words by some miracle escaped his party or NSW voters, he repeated the sentence word for word.

The power of Obeid and Tripodi stems from their ability to ''branch stack'' - that is, muster foot soldiers to become members of ALP branches.

In 1996, for instance, Tripodi delivered almost $7000 to ALP headquarters to stack a branch in south-west Sydney. With that money, he was able to pay for 500 new memberships.

By controlling Labor Party branches, the pair can determine who is preselected for local councils and for Parliament.

Their reputations as ''can do'' men also encourages business figures and developers to make donations to Labor through them. And with money comes power.

Labor ministers have told the Herald that the pair have threatened their ministries in the past, and even their seats, for perceived disloyalty to the backroom men.

Through their vice-like hold over the party, they have also withstood controversies that would have destroyed the careers of less powerful people.

Eddie Obeid's reputation as a wheeler-dealer extraordinaire has long been a worry to Labor. A former cab driver turned property developer and ethnic press barron, he pulled off an amazing deal in the fortnight before becoming an MP in 1991.

Having bought a property in Clovelly for $875,000 on Wednesday, the very next day he had sold it to the Housing Department for $1.1 million.

In 1994, Obeid found himself in business with Paul Keating's controversial piggery partner, Al Constantinidis, for whom Obeid went guarantor on a million-dollar loan.

He also joined the late disgraced stockbroker Rene Rivkin to buy the Offset Alpine printing press from Kerry Packer. Investors in the company reaped a small fortune when the overinsured printing premises were destroyed by fire in 1993.

Quite separately, Obeid has had bad luck with fires - two of his premises and two houses have gone up in flames.

The accident-prone Tripodi, 42, has the backing of powerful figures including the property developer Pat Sergi, who was named in the Woodward royal commission as a key member of the Griffith mafia. While an MP, Tripodi had shares in Sergi's company, which bought and sold government land, including Housing Department property.

Over the years Tripodi has been referred to the Independent Commission Against Corruption several times: for his shareholding in Sergi's company; his alleged sexual assault of a Democrat staffer; his personal friendship with Joe Scimone, a former Wollongong Council officer against whom corruption allegations had been made and who was appointed to a position within Tripodi's portfolio; and over his alleged involvement in the Orange Grove affair. In each case ICAC found no evidence of wrongdoing by Tripodi.

One minister likened the betrayal, treachery and naked ambition - revealed so starkly by yesterday's events - to the fall of the Roman Empire.

So damaging is the battle between Left and Right that the Labor caucus Christmas party was cancelled last night ''because we did not think we could be civilised enough not to come to blows with one another'', a minister said.

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