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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Pious Muslim Taxi driver ,Abdul Majid Qazizada, assaults female passenger suffering from cerebral palsy


Taxi driver

'groped disabled passenger'

By Dave Barrett and wires
The Daily Telegraph
December 03, 2009 1:02PM

A SYDNEY taxi driver repeatedly fondled a female passenger suffering from cerebral palsy - then denigrated her while she gave evidence in court, a magistrate has found.

Abdul Majid Qazizada, 51, of Acacia Gardens, faced Ryde local court today charged with the aggravated indecent assault of the woman on September 10.

In her judgement, magistrate Jennifer Betts told the court Qazizada had “denigrated” the victim and embellished the incident in his evidence before the court.

She found Qazizada guilty of one count of aggravated indecent assault.

The court heard the taxi driver picked the woman up from Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club and drove her home, repeatedly telling her: “You’re a lovely lady”.

As she struggled to exit the cab in the driveway of her home, he touched her breasts several times and again told her she was a “lovely lady”.

The woman immediately went to her neighbours' home and reported the assault, the court heard.

The court heard the woman, who can not be identified, suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

She uses a walking frame to travel short distances, a wheelchair for long distances and suffers from weakness to the left side of her body.

Magistrate Betts said that in evidence given to the court, Qazizada said he was a devout Muslim and was observing the religious month of Ramadan at the time of the offence.

“As a practicing Muslim he was in the middle of Ramadan,” Ms Betts said.

“Being a fasting time, ‘men don’t even touch their wives’, were his words.”

Mr Qazizada will face court again on December 9 for sentencing.

Australia’s “rich tapestry of Cultural Diversity” claims another victim.

Lets see what punishment is dished out to this vile piece of Muslim crap on Dec. 9.


Anonymous said...

We need to ban muslims as Taxi drivers they culturally incompatible with women who live in the modern world. They tear down all of what women have fought for in terms of freedom for the past 2000 years and more. Muhamed set a bad example when it came to the treatment of women and the worlds women are sitting ducks for going back into an era of suffering. Sexualt assualt destroys lives.

ANV said...

You have nailed it in one.
Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

thats wrong,,,islam has given more right to womwn then any other religion.its just the minor that ruins it for everyone,and i must say that i have been on a ride with mr qazizada ,,no way he would commit such an days everyone is looking at ways to give islam a bad name.

Anonymous said...

you people are idiots for dudging a whole religion for one stupid person's actions... as a muslim... i dont care if they guy is guilty or not... buh it he's done something stupid... he should pay for his actions... every muslim in the world... your an idiot... and i can say the same for catholic priests n shit that sexually abuse kids... how about not letting any christian be a priest... but that would be stupid... lol your a dumbass.

ANV said...

Re 'and i can say the same for catholic priests n shit that sexually abuse kids...

The difference in the Catholic / Christian Religion is that unlike Islam Paedophilia is regarded as a sin.
Yes some Catholic Priest's are Paedophiles however thei Christian Religion does not approve of or admire this vile perversion and when these scum are caught they are punished by the law (not nearly enough)but at least their actions are seen for what they are as vile perversions and not actions of "holy men' simply following in the footsteps of what Muslims call "their Prophet" muhammed who himself was a (boastful)Paedophile.

ANV said...

"thats wrong,,,islam has given more right to womwn then any other religion."

"now days everyone is looking at ways to give islam a bad name"

Islam IS a BAD NAME because of what Islam DOES AND SAY'S IT believes in AND WHAT IT STANDS FOR.

Until Islam is civilized, its followers will always live in a state of permanent Humiliation and be nothing more than humanity's link with Godless savagery and pig ignorance,darkness and a threat to mans very survival, just like Communism, Socialism,Environmentalism for instance.

Anonymous said...

"Islam IS a BAD NAME because of what Islam DOES AND SAY'S IT believes in AND WHAT IT STANDS FOR"

if dat is the case..why is it that islam is one of the most populated relgions...

all you give is your own opinion!! which is dear friend go find out about islam, about the terroristes attacks and im sure u will find out that sum how...the JEWS have a hand into it!!

all i can that islam is the best!! bust the followers can make wrong judgements..and guess what?? where humans arent we??

if bill cilent.. geroge bush.. or tiger woods can make sins?? where not much different!!

Anonymous said...

We need to ban Muslims as Taxi drivers they culturally incompatible with women who live in the modern world.

Respond to above comment^^^
Listen,You are a sick slut:
look in the Taxi industry more than 50% of Taxi drivers are Muslims, and you type of opportunist many times have taken Muslims(not me) in to the courts and to the Police stations where your type of Pig(individual pOl officers and judges) have even let go of those male/female persons that do act against the rules of civilized society and use inappropriate language and physically harm a poor taxi driver, during the transportation from A to B points of trip once they find out the cabbie is a Muslim.
I copped it more than a two hundred times in the last 21 years of driving Taxis.
the worst ones are the young drunk Police officers not in uniform but fully aware of who they are dealing with(AN IMMIGRANT MUSLIM TAXI DRIVER)Not a generation of convicts that have been punished by law and sent thousands of miles away from Europe(like you),your great grand parents and the ones that have their blood flowing in them.
I was born a Muslim and do not practice Islam nor will ever respect any religious people of today, but have respect for all the prophets from Adam to Mohammad (peace be with them).
I encountered people of your type and Police officers on several occasions that they made threats to me because during the trip they found out I was a Muslim.
I never reported them not to the Police nor to my network, because on many occasions neither helped us justifying an incident in favor of the victim (Taxi driver).

the sick writer of this comment:
"ban Muslims as Taxi drivers"
RE: that Muslim Taxi driver;
tell me why would a Taxi driver regardless of the religious background would touch a sick,disabled persons breasts?
if you want to know, I hardly take a breath close to them; and you must be very sick and live with farm animals if you be or do otherwise.
I do not know and never heard of the name of this Taxi driver before until now,14Aug2010.
I was searching for adds on the internet for a job and come across this header about Taxi driver and read your sick comment.
now after 25 years of working it is time for me to take a few weeks off and also after many years read something very true about racism being will alive and you people are really after our blood.
but remember you sick shithead not to make wrong statements or justify a religion or prophet for an individual's act of indecency or somebody's false accusations about that individual, ever again.
I love people and only most Taxi drivers respect all people from all backgrounds and only Taxi drivers are the most tolerant of people and that is one thing you and your type of individuals will never be able to do.
I am sure the lady that has done this to that poor Taxi driver will never have peace and happiness in life unless she is not conscious and have no conciseness, once she realizes that she separated a man from his family and put his name in the same book that was designed for convicts.
unfortunately convicts control the books and decide about our fate be it here in Australia or their in Iraq,Afghanistan, or Middle east it is a fact that once cancer takes charge of the body parts it will eventually destroy it.
same with your ideas about people of Islamic background being unsuitable for this society, you are wrong and you should get education or shut up and stay as convict as you were born like the rest of your people.
I say go and get treatment for your cancer it is eating you and you might end up on a wheelchair and in the hands of a Muslim Taxi driver when nobody likes to touch you, you might...

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