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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Australia’s Dear Leader writes Children’s Book


Kevin Rudd writes book for kids

The Sunday Telegraph
January 03, 2010 12:00AM

PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd has written a children's book.

Described by his staff as "more secretive than the Budget", the kiddies' adventure story about the PM's cat and dog will be published this month.

Test 2

Part of “Team Rudd’s” bed time story tellers,(l to r) Liar for Hire,Al Gore,Deputy PM,Madame Julia Gillard,Token Green Loon,Peter Garrett,Minister for the weather aka.Climate Change and token Asian Lesbian,Madame Wong and Australia’s Dear Leader,Comrade Kevin 07 Rudd.

A year after being both praised and panned for penning a 10,000-word essay on the decline of capitalism in the wake of the global financial crisis, Mr Rudd has decided to aim for a younger, possibly less critical, market.

Titled Jasper and Abby and the Great Australia Day Kerfuffle,the book follows dog Abby and cat Jasper in an adventure in the grounds of Kirribilli House.

Known for his great love of his animals, Mr Rudd yesterday revealed his plans to go into print for charity, co-authoring a children's book with former Play School presenter and actor Rhys Muldoon.

"I've worked on the text with Rhys and we've both interviewed the cat and the dog. They have been very co-operative in their responses but, for most of the time, have gone off the record," he said.

"It has not been the most demanding text I have worked on."

Without revealing the plot, The Sunday Telegraph understands Jasper's high-maintenance character plays a significant role.

Australia’s Dear Leader ,Comrade Rudd,has finally found an audience he feels understands him.

Australian’s make their feelings known with letters to the Daily Telegraph see below.

Remember the MSM Opinion Polls tell us that Rudd will walk in at the next federal election,to be held sometime in late 2010.

Thanks for voting!
Would you read Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's children's book?

    * Yes 15.57% (285 votes)
    * No 84.43% (1546 votes)

Total votes: 1831

"I've worked on the text with Rhys and we've both interviewed the cat and the dog. They have been very co-operative in their responses but, for most of the time, have gone off the record," he said.

"It has not been the most demanding text I have worked on."

Without revealing the plot, The Sunday Telegraph understands Jasper's high-maintenance character plays a significant role.

Peter of Sydney Posted at 12:41 AM Today

    One would think his time would be better spent trying to run this country when he is here of course. Instead of writing fairy tales. Then again I think he thinks he lives in fairy land. but on the other hand he got his mug in the papers yet again

Comment 1 of 135
Harry of InSuburbanSydney Posted at 12:42 AM Today

    LOLOLOL.....KRudd may have found his true calling, writing fiction for kiddies based on his parlimentary career. Soooo precious. lololol

Comment 2 of 135
mareeS of nsw Posted at 12:46 AM Today

    Oh, come on Kevin. As if it isn't awful enough to see you every second day sitting on a kindy chair pretending to read to kindy kids for the news cameras, now you have pretended (with a co-author)to write a book about your pets for those same kindy kids. (The way you were holding that cat wasn't a good look, btw. Puss seemed desperate to get away, and your smile suggests the claws were dug into somewhere painful in your lap.)

Comment 3 of 135
pete Posted at 12:58 AM Today

    Must be losing popularity with mums, so he gets someone else to write a book for him that he can plug on sunrise. any danger of getting on with solving real problems? We dont need a sensitive new age dork, we need a prime minister with balls.

Comment 4 of 135
bruce Posted at 12:59 AM Today

    just what australia needs a pm who is writing kids books. what next a spot on the wiggles?

Comment 5 of 135
RJB of my desk Posted at 1:06 AM Today

    I can understand Rudd writing childrens' fictional tales, his statements and policies are without doubt, inspired by Hanns Christian Anderson,

Comment 6 of 135
Mick of NW Sydney Posted at 1:11 AM Today

    Now it makes sense...Rudd's address on behalf of Australia to the world and its leaders at Copenhagen, where he quoted letters from Australian children, on his mantra that climate change was the most important issue facing us and our children...was that speech a publicity stunt?, pre book tour marketing for his target demographic?, or prepping his image prior to this book release? Recently, didn't the PM fail to attend a meeting on free trade / book tariffs, with the official reason given that his daughter was writing a book and it would be a conflict of interest in attending / involvement? So was the 'official' story the truth or was it really that Rudd knew his book would be coming out shortly - in which case another little lie - like the three accounts that dribbled out over the Brian Bourke affair in early 2007 - with each account being the 'full story' upon issue. Good to see the ALP tradition of close liaison with celebrities from the arts community as we enter a election year (but no Cate in recent times?) and obviously when Rudd goes on about working harder than ever, due to the numerous 'crises' we have, we have a better idea about what he has spent some time on.

Comment 7 of 135
Tony of Tamworth Posted at 1:15 AM Today

    So the kids of Oz get used to fairy tales by K Rudd, and when they are 16 or 18 they follow through and vote for his fairy land visions! Gimme a break!

Comment 8 of 135
matthew of hunter valley Posted at 1:18 AM Today

    Americans get The Audacity of Hope and we get Jasper and Abby. I love this country!

Comment 9 of 135
Radar Posted at 1:23 AM Today

    When will these clowns get about to Governing the country instead of pretending to be "world leaders" and writing Labor Party must read novels? Bring on the Election!

Comment 10 of 135
bella of Sydney Posted at 1:28 AM Today

    sorry but if the PM is bored maybe he should come back to Australia and help fix up NSW with all the mess that has been created

Comment 11 of 135
kev of umina Posted at 1:32 AM Today

    the lunatics really are running the he finally gets back and with all the problems we got,what does he do?spends his time penning jasper and abbeys adventures in kirribilli ,should we start getting worried now.

Comment 12 of 135
KRUDD of Sydney Posted at 1:36 AM Today

    I don't think much of him as the prime minister. I know why now, cause he is a childrens book author.

Comment 13 of 135
JimH Posted at 1:51 AM Today

    Talk about inappropriate use of office. Call me a cynic but charitable donations are tax deductible...

Comment 14 of 135
Chris Nelson of Ryde Posted at 1:56 AM Today

    kids heres a story of the prime minister of Australia elected on a he promises that he wouldn't fail ya He Put in charge a spineless git called Garret who has lets the blood flow from whales like spilt claret. he said u can kill all the whales thats is fine by us as long as a Toyota builds a car in Australia that totally sucks who cares its a jap car and not Aussie one like holden anyway because sushi made out of sperm whale Kev likes to eat every day If Kev don't get his endangered whale stake on the plane what happens next we will let the air hostess explain Now Kev is good mates with A minister called Stephen who blocked the net for his christens mates to save us hevins Because apparently we need a highly secret block list because we cant be trusted to look after our kids Kev spends so much time last year on a plane he didn't have the balls to explain How he F**** up the country so badly for a reason His only quote was Ho Ho Ho its the Holiday season ***** you all Australia heheheheh Luv Kev

Comment 15 of 135
Robert Scott of Sydney Posted at 2:21 AM Today

    Well, if there is one thing Rudd should be tops at it's telling fairytales. His imagination and story telling have far out paced his real achievements since he became Prime Minister. I can hardly wait for the book where the big, mean, power hungry king of the north destroys a country for his own ego. Maybe he should get into poetry - something like, "My name is Kevin and I like to tax and if your not careful I have the shirt off your backs'.

Comment 16 of 135
Casandra Posted at 2:38 AM Today

    Pity he didn't spend more time running the country than writing a book. Gee he is so up himself.

Comment 17 of 135
AxelVK of Sydney Posted at 3:46 AM Today

    Hopefully, Krudd has found a new career instead of trying to be Prime Minister of the world while acting AGAINST the interests of Australia.

Comment 18 of 135
fxrpete of Thornton Posted at 4:30 AM Today

    This will appeal to the simple minds that vote for this master of spin and broken promises. Further disgrace and embarrassment for Australia.How many chapters did he get written when he was sent back to his closet by the Worlds leaders in Copenhagen?

Comment 19 of 135
Torpedo 1 of East Coast Posted at 4:36 AM Today

    You have to be kidding. This explains Mr Rudd's view of Australians in general - kiddies who will believe any fairytale story. To think some great, and some not so great politicians have written in-depth, although ballast heavy, autobiography's. And what do we see from Super K - a story about a dog and a pussy. What's it going to be called, this inspiring work of fiction, '2010 Labor Policy'.

Comment 20 of 135
Daniel of Melbourne Posted at 4:46 AM Today

    One word.Pathetic.

Comment 21 of 135
don campbell of port macquarie Posted at 5:19 AM Today

    Another gimmick and photo opportunity by Kevin Rudd. It is a shame he doesn't put the same effort into providing good government for the people of Australia as he does in getting his photo in the media. Never in the countrys history have we had a prime minister who has delivered so little yet manages to use the media in such a high profile manner. Everthing this PM does is all about self promotion, lacks substance and is all spin and designed to raise his personal public profile. This PM has an addiction for receiving publicity and photo opportunities. After two years his albumn must full and it is time to deliver for the people of Australia on the numerous broken and yet to be delivered promised made during the 2007 election campaign.

Comment 22 of 135
ms of oz Posted at 5:48 AM Today

    I'd just like to know where he found the time to write the book. He should write a story about a family who lost their house and had to live in the back of their car which they couldn't afford to register.

Comment 23 of 135
tracey Posted at 5:50 AM Today

    Well now we know what he's going to do once his tossed out of government.

Comment 24 of 135
DavidR of Sydney Posted at 6:03 AM Today

    he might have found something he is actually good at...

Comment 25 of 135
Rob Posted at 6:13 AM Today

    How did he have time to write this drivel?. Is it a Rhys Muldoon story with KRudds name tacked on for the publicity? If KRudd wrote it then how much of his staff's time (which the taxpayer pays for) was spent writing and printing it? Yep, still pointless drivel.

Comment 26 of 135
James of Sydney Posted at 6:40 AM Today

    Am I paying this guy to run the country or write a children's book?? Don't give me the "it's in my spare time" garbage. If you have that type of spare time you should focusing it on maybe some "minor country issues" such as health, crime and immigration.

Comment 27 of 135
Dennis Nelson of maroubra Posted at 6:41 AM Today

    It would be full of socialist propaganda and global warming/governance comrad.

Comment 28 of 135
John McGuire of Northern NSW Posted at 6:48 AM Today

    I reckon he should write a book called the lies and broken promises of an egomanical control freak. Maybe that is already reserved for his autobiography.

Comment 29 of 135
TwoMileBorris Posted at 6:50 AM Today

    Why has this little berk the time to write books? He's supposed to be running the country.

Comment 30 of 135
BJ of Newcastle Posted at 6:55 AM Today

    How about writing a book on how to spend $350 Billion in 12 months so we know how you did it.

Comment 31 of 135
chrissy Posted at 7:01 AM Today

    So that's what he does on the jets as he flits off to save the day I mean to save the World. For a minute I thought this was an April fool's joke, but since it isn't April I guess it must be serious. Perhaps Mr Rudd should write books for a living because I don't think he knows how to be a grown up PM.

Comment 32 of 135
rayne of sydney Posted at 7:08 AM Today

    wtf? when is he going to stop flitting, flying, preening and doing everything but and devote some time to the important things?

Comment 33 of 135
Peter B of Coffs Harbour Posted at 7:09 AM Today

    With tarveling around the world making a fool of himself and embarresing all of Australia and writing childrens books it's no wonder the Nation is spiraling out of control. Another week ANOTHER 100 milion dollars in debt. So what are the interest payments alone on 200 billion dollars ? Is it really 15 billion dollars per year ?

Comment 34 of 135
Peter B of Coffs Harbour Posted at 7:10 AM Today

    Is this story some sort of joke ?

Comment 35 of 135
Barry Posted at 7:22 AM Today

    whilst i strongly believe in children reading books and encouraging authors of childrens books,is Mr Rudd mad or going mad?He elads a government whch has not delivered on a single election promise tried to inflict a whole new tax on Australians without even detailing how it would work or what it wold cost,is hardly ever in the country and is incapable of making a single policy decision and he is now turning his attention to co authoring a childrens book.I am sorry but those of you who voted for this man as PM and Labor have been cheated and lied to by him and his great expectations of hope.Now its a kids book about a dog and cat,wonder if he says sorry to them in it?

Comment 36 of 135
Marisa Grace of Strathfield Posted at 7:25 AM Today

    Seriously, what the hell is this?!! Someone should tell Rudd that PM stands for "Prime Minister", not "Popular Man." I am tired of soft media reports on this idiot. His PR machine is desperate to hide Rudd's failures. Perhaps he should write a children's book that begins with "Once upon a time, far far away in a place called Copenhagen...." Now what a fairy tale that would be.

Comment 37 of 135
Nickylou of Port Stephens Posted at 7:40 AM Today

    Good to see KRudd doing something for charity, it isn't like he is over extending himself like Tony Abbott's charity bike rides, but it is better than nothing I suppose.

Comment 38 of 135
Ollie Posted at 7:48 AM Today

    Sorry Kev, ol' mate, ol' buddy, ol' cobber, ol' pal, this is NOT going to do it for you. There's an old saying, "When people show you who they REALLY are, believe them". I believe you "mate". Appealing to our kids with what a kind, friendly, thoughtful fellow you are, isn't going to make all the rest go away. Anyhow, five year olds don't get to vote - I DO, and unlike most Labor/Socialists with the attention-span of children, I know who and what you are. A cynical grab for the warm and fuzzies won't do it for you - "pal".

Comment 39 of 135
Boadica of Queensland Posted at 7:51 AM Today

    What next - I can't believe Rudd has now stooped to using his dog and cat to further his career. I would have thought that he would have enough to do. I also believe Rhys Muldoon probably wrote the thing but of course due to Rudd form he will take the kudos. I wouldn't let my kids near anything written by Rudd. I suppose when you are such a boring character you are left with only your dog and cat (probably yawning) to talk to !!! Boadica

Comment 40 of 135
Robert L Jones of Sydney Posted at 7:53 AM Today

    At last he is writing to his equals.

Comment 41 of 135
Popeye of Brisbane Posted at 8:03 AM Today

    I`m not surprised: when he is not on his monthly trip jetting around the World telling the World leaders how to run their country, he lives in a fairy-land, or does he live in fairy-land all the time!

Comment 42 of 135
Fred Flintstone of A dogbox apartment in sydney Posted at 8:03 AM Today

    Maybe 'Abby' & 'Jasper', no doubt from an 'oppressed' minority background, can explain to us how an emissions carbon tax will 'save' planet earth?

Comment 43 of 135
Emu Posted at 8:04 AM Today

    What a fantastic initiative Mr. Rudd, and for charity too. I can't wait to see the story-line. Is the pussy's litter tray full of shredded paper? Does the pussy and the doggy know that the future for their little four-legged friends looks bleak when their owners can no longer afford to feed them and they have to scrounge for scraps? Do they realise that as they exhale Co2 and fart methane they will attract a Carbon Tax? This will change the weather so that's good eh? Not to worry, because as their "daddy" is the Engineer on the Gravy Train, they'll never want for a roof over their heads. Great idea Kev!

Comment 44 of 135
Samuel J of NSW Posted at 8:08 AM Today

    I had good reason to believe it would have been a plagiarisation of either "Boofhead" or "Garfield".

Comment 45 of 135
Killer Karl Kox of magic mountain retreat Posted at 8:13 AM Today

    Let us all pray that he has finally found his true vocation. He can then make his first good speech about leaving office to help children become book buddies.

Comment 46 of 135
B Bridge of Sydney Posted at 8:13 AM Today

    At long last Rudd has found his forte, writing kids books. Mind you there is another book he could write, titled,(HOW TO STUFF A COUNTRY UP BY BEING PRIME MINISTER.)

Comment 47 of 135
Chris V of Canberra Posted at 8:14 AM Today

    great work Krudd, good to see you have ur priorities right. I mean who cares about fixing our hospitals and the fact that you are placing Australia further and further into debt. No great work Krudd i can sleep easy now. But i'm surprised he had time to write it considering he is never in our country

Comment 48 of 135
Paul of Blacktown Posted at 8:17 AM Today

    Why not! he hasn't got the brains or know how to run a country

Comment 49 of 135
Geoffrey Posted at 8:19 AM Today

    After failing at Copenhagen and then being laughed of the world stage for proposing to single handedly save the world from a nuclear holocaust a book about a puppy and a pussy seems to be a viable next option. One hopes Rhys Muldoon can also be employed to tone down the verbiage level of KRudds political speeches which few who voted for him have the mental acuity to comprehend.

Comment 50 of 135
Sam Posted at 8:20 AM Today

    Rudd may have found his calling

Comment 51 of 135
Dave Posted at 8:33 AM Today

    Every day I gaze in wide wonder at the headlines- and every day I think "How did this egomaniac moron ever become PM of this once great country?"

Comment 52 of 135
Real Istic of Sydney Posted at 8:34 AM Today

    Forget about the book and worry about running the country and PROTECTING our borders from garbage, rather than give the garbage red carpet treatment on their way into Australia, Mr Dudd

Comment 53 of 135
Mike of Sydney Posted at 8:38 AM Today

    He should have spent more time turning back the flood of Illegals into this country or done somethng about the thinning wallets of Taxpayers of this country, with the disgusting trend of rising Electricity,Water and Grocery Prices, compared to verseas countries....get your priorities right you dope.

Comment 54 of 135
Harry of InSuburbanSydney Posted at 8:39 AM Today

    lololol.....he is doing what he does best......write chldrens fiction. He has been doing it for the past 18 months.

Comment 55 of 135
Mike of Sydney Posted at 8:41 AM Today

    Would be lovely if he spent more time dealing with the issues confronting this once great nation than wasting his time writing a book for kids. Rowling does a fine job of writing books. Kevin stick to what you were elected to do.

Comment 56 of 135
Trevor of Melbourne Posted at 8:44 AM Today

    The dog and red-haired cat wouldn't be trying to sell a bunch of people a pig-in-a-poke called Not-A-Great-Big-New-Tax, would they ?

Comment 57 of 135
Angry God of Townsville Posted at 8:46 AM Today

    This media whore is absolutely shameless. When are the journalists of this nation going to start looking at this fraud and doing their job. This tart cannot fix anything but has time to write a freaking kids book. Do you job, and that will make him do his. Indigenous Health FAIL, Hospitals FAIL, Border Security FAIL. The list of his Failures is so long and yet the exposure of his clear failures exceeds the previous government and he has only had the job 2 years.

Comment 58 of 135
idle hands of Bathurst Posted at 8:46 AM Today

    Not enough work for our P.M. too much spare time. should have time to visit Peter Spencer then.

Comment 59 of 135
paula raccoon Posted at 8:48 AM Today

    mr rudd would be better off visiting mr spencer who is an old fashioned hero where he may learn something about the real world and real australians

Comment 60 of 135
BILL IN QLD of qld Posted at 8:48 AM Today

    Seems about right, been telling the Country fairytales since before getting into power or maybe just figments of his infantile mind

Comment 61 of 135
Grumpy ex labor voter of South Coast Posted at 8:51 AM Today

    Any wounder this country is going down the drain if this clown is not running around over seas he is writing a childrens book. But I must addmit that he should do this very well as all the Australin people have had from him is stories and drivel. The cat and the dog probably did most of the work.

Comment 62 of 135
Poppy Posted at 8:59 AM Today

    Ahhh, so Kevin Rudd DID NOT write the book. Rhys Muldoon did! But Rhys knows he couldn't sell the book without a bit of stupid publicity, so he brings his leftie mate onboard to promote and sell the book. They pretend that Kevin co-wrote it. I'm a teacher and there is no way that that book will ever be read in my classroom.

Comment 63 of 135
Vincent Vega Posted at 9:06 AM Today

    why doesn't he write a fairy story about how he his helping the working families? oh yeah o forgot he did before the last election

Comment 64 of 135
Come off it Tele Posted at 9:08 AM Today

    What a nice PR piece for Mr Rudd...Did he give you an exclusive?

Comment 65 of 135
brian daly Posted at 9:21 AM Today

    His great love of animals doesn,t include whales or kangaroos obviously.

Comment 66 of 135
Geoff of The Central Coast Posted at 9:21 AM Today

    It's pity Rudd can't apply himself to more pressing matters—like running the country. Has he explained programmatic specificity?

Comment 67 of 135
South Yarra critic Posted at 9:23 AM Today

    Who's the illustrator? It's a picture book, isn't it??

Comment 68 of 135
Elizabeth Leeson Posted at 9:24 AM Today

    Whoopie doo, what next?

Comment 69 of 135
Vlad of The Valley Posted at 9:30 AM Today

    I can't beleive what i am reading. Next we going to hear about his garden fairys and pixies.Kevin get on with your job and run this country.....

Comment 70 of 135
ChrisP of Sydney Posted at 9:33 AM Today

    What the hell is our Prime Minister doing? Isn't he supposed to be leading our country?? First he's playing international diplomat, now he's writing children's books. No offense Kevin, but when you lose the next election, then you can write anything you want.

Comment 71 of 135
David of Robina Posted at 9:35 AM Today

    Nice that he can fall back onto something after he has stuffed up the country.

Comment 72 of 135
Not My Favourite Author! of Sydney Posted at 9:41 AM Today

    I won't be poisoning my children's minds with the ramblings of this arrogant little creep! How about he stops gallivanting the world stage, penning childish essays and gets down to the job of governing this country as he was elected to do.

Comment 73 of 135
David Whittle of Brisbane Posted at 9:41 AM Today

    Kevin, What are you doing? You are the Prime Minister of Australia and you are writing a kiddies book. At a time when you are trying to force on Australia your ETS, the BIGGEST, most COMPLICATED and EXPENSIVE piece of Legislation and TAX ever introduce, you are DISTRACTED with writing a child’s book Come on Kevin, write me a NON FICTION book explaining in simple terms what your ETS is going to cost us, what complexity of “sustainable documentation“ we are going to have to fill in, what jobs will be lost off shore to China and more IMPORTANTLY HOW your ETS will stop Global Climate Change. Kevin, please do this very quickly before you go for a double dissolution. Kevin I will give you some bed time reading, some of my Aesop’s Fables so that you may learn, go to youtube look up ETS do we realy need it or go to or importantly go to ttp:// and see the real world facts on earths temperature over the next 20-30 years.

Comment 74 of 135
monique of sydney Posted at 9:43 AM Today

    So...... Rudd has time to write a children's book, has time to jet all over the world, has time to try and play with the big boys...... hmmmmm.....I thought that being prime minister meant working for your country. Can I be prime minister when I grow up?

Comment 75 of 135
Paul Martin of Sydney Posted at 9:44 AM Today

    What a wally of a Prime Minister we have.

Comment 76 of 135
fay of newcastle of 2300 Posted at 9:49 AM Today

    What won't this PM do for photo ops. Now he's 'mr cuddly' the biggest and bestest animal lover. Also the bestest friend of charities. The Dahl of kiddies and voting mums/dads everywhere. Copenhagen fails so he rushes a book out. HUH? Wasn't his idea, he says. Give us a break! What is the subtitle? ABBY, JASPER & THE ETS? His cynicism for the electorate is boundless. ...Errgggh Incidently, Tony Abbott has worked tirelessly for charities, forever, without fanfare, without bull***t, with HONESTY.

Comment 77 of 135
Monique of sydney Posted at 9:50 AM Today

    Does he want to write kiddie stories or does he want to be prime minister? Oh, wait, that's right - being prime minister doesn't take up much time and writing is easy on all those round-the-world trips.

Comment 78 of 135
Bill Posted at 9:52 AM Today

    It must be an election year. If voters do not see past this nasty egomaniac and give him another term, God help us.

Comment 79 of 135
Therese Mackay of Port Macquarie Posted at 9:53 AM Today

    I read with disgust this article. Rudd's written a children's book - wow! Peter Spencer is on day 42 of a hunger strike which is growing more likely to end in his death. Rudd and family are off soon on a holiday to Tassie and peter Spencer is on day 42 of a hunger strike. A hunger strike that Rudd that great and public Christian often photographed outside churces, could end by getting up there beside Peter Spencer and promising to sort out the issues which have driven Peter to such drastic action. When I look at the photo of Rudd with his hands around the cat's throat, looking for all the world like a big Jessie, and I consider the photos I have seen of Peter Spencer it is clear to me who the more honourable gentleman is. Peter is practising passive resistance involving self sacrifice a form of action recommended by that great man Mahatma Ghandi. Rudd is practising self preservation - and not doing well at all at that. Prime Minister Rudd and ALL politicians who are ignoring what Peter Spencer is should hang their heads in shame, if any of them remember what real shame is.

Comment 80 of 135
Andre Posted at 9:53 AM Today

    Does this guy care at all about Australia or its future? Apparently not. Mr Rudd is a self-serving, conceited individual who only cares about the inane. How about writing a plan for the future of this country, Mr Rudd, or better still, sitting down and systematically working through the current problems this country faces now before it’s too late? Too busy to explain a proposed tax wrapped up as an “environmental solution” to Australians yet he has got all the time in the world to explain a story to the innocent and less critical minds of 5 year olds! Unbelievable!!! This guy’s narcissism has no bounds. On the other hand, should we expect anymore from Mr Rudd given his performance as PM already? Mr Rudd must be voted out in 2010!!

Comment 81 of 135
ian of maroota Posted at 9:54 AM Today

    hey 9 months to go you fool....bring on the election cant wait to see your sorry ass on the scrap heap where it belongs

Comment 82 of 135
Little johnnie of Canberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaa Posted at 9:56 AM Today

    Good on ya KRudd Casting spells on the neo-natals - Trying to get in early to twist & corrupt young minds - a true socialist I bet the book is an allegory full of Global warning hocus pocus B#? S*#%@ to hoodwink the youngsters His egotism and arrogance lets him believe that he will still be in office when these toddlers reach voting age Have we got a surprise for you one-termer !!!!

Comment 83 of 135
Happy to be Here of Up North Posted at 9:58 AM Today

    I hope it's a good one. We might finally find something he is good at. Running the country certainly doesn't seem to be it. Perhaps if he actually spent some time here and actually DID something rather than just talk all the time ..... on the other hand, he's screwed this country enough by doing nothing - I shudder to think how bad it could get if he finally got the balls to make a real decision and do something.

Comment 84 of 135
Lesley of South Windsor Posted at 10:00 AM Today

    I hope he sent Tony Abbott one he is the biggest kid of all. Fancy asking the Lib loonies if they would let their kids read Kevin's book. Please!!!Who's going to explain it to them first.!!

Comment 85 of 135
Goodbye Rudd of Central Coast Posted at 10:00 AM Today

    Maybe he should have spent his time explaining the real cost of his ETS to the Australian public instead of writing this. I guess his characters will have a labor spin on them, let's not wait till the kids go to school to be brainwashed by left wing teachers, let's get them earlier. What a fool we have as our Prime Minister.

Comment 86 of 135
Les of Nelson Bay Posted at 10:01 AM Today

    KRudd, he makes me so sick.

Comment 87 of 135
neil Posted at 10:05 AM Today

    I personally think the way Rudd is continually seen doting on school children is creepy.

Comment 88 of 135
fedup Posted at 10:08 AM Today

    What is he doing writing a kids' book? Doesn't he realize that he needs to be IN Australia running the country? He seems to prioritize self promotion over ALL else. If he was doing this after he left politics, fair enough, but this man should be working full time as a prime minister. It is clear from the implementation of all his policies thus far, that there is an appalling disregard for the practical detail that make things a success. This guy is shameless.

Comment 89 of 135
Kylie Wandry Posted at 10:25 AM Today

    Why the hell is he wasting time writing books when he is supposed to be running our country? What does he want to be, an author or our PM? Step aside you idiot!

Comment 90 of 135
jonno of Heritage Park. Q. Posted at 10:25 AM Today

    He should have no trouble writing about fairies as he has been living in their world for years.

Comment 91 of 135
Andrew of Newcastle Posted at 10:26 AM Today

    OMFG is this clown seriously in charge of our country! How does he have time for this garbage! Keep up the great work you tool!

Comment 92 of 135
Helen Maidiotis Posted at 10:28 AM Today

    This man is running our country??? God help us!!!

Comment 93 of 135
Stumpy of Sydney Posted at 10:28 AM Today

    This bloke's gimmicks to distract from any issue of substance has now deteriorated into a farce and a joke. We go from climate change debacle to a kids book. When will this strange and bizarre man stop taking Australians for fools?

Comment 94 of 135
lulu of sydney Posted at 10:30 AM Today

    PM you are the very best Prime Minister we have ever had...That other mob the fiberals are dead and buried for a very long time.... Have you ever seen such a dill as Abbott and his has beens..

Comment 95 of 135
Rusty Posted at 10:30 AM Today

    Obviously the PM while this is a charity venture is managing our Country well enough to ahve time to write about Kerfufles between a dog and a cat. Get back to work you!!

Comment 96 of 135
Jacqui of Northern Beaches Posted at 10:32 AM Today

    So much time on your hands Krudd, you are a joke and should resign. Forget Fraser, Whitlam and co, you are the worst ever to be Prime Minister of Australia. Oh, glad you don't see a need for Kirribilli House - Hypocrite!!!

Comment 97 of 135
don campbell of port macquarie Posted at 10:36 AM Today

    As Kevin Rudd is used to telling fairy tales this book should be a best seller, fiction is this bloke forte.

Comment 98 of 135
Sick of him of Coffs Harbour Posted at 10:37 AM Today

    Surely it's time this fool was gone; first he wants to rule the world & now he's writing books for children! I thought he was supposed to be the Prime Minister of Australia not Enid Blyton. Wake up fool because we are a wake-up to you !!!!!!

Comment 99 of 135
Craig of Sydney Posted at 10:41 AM Today

    Great with all the problems we have in this country, what dose our ding bat of PM do, wright a kids book. I think im going to be sick.

Comment 100 of 135
rufus Posted at 10:41 AM Today

    You Rudd haters will have to keep sucking it up because the Ruddster is going to be occupying The Lodge for some time yet.

Comment 101 of 135
Sue Posted at 10:43 AM Today

    Good on the PM and doing it for charity too. A great way to spend his downtime making an effort for the less fortunate.

Comment 102 of 135
Bilbo Posted at 10:44 AM Today

    Does this guy ever sleep?

Comment 103 of 135
Dan Posted at 10:44 AM Today

    He's clearly smart enough to work on a job after the next election...

Comment 104 of 135
Chase Manhattan Posted at 10:46 AM Today

    At least the PM has the courage to stand up against the PC crowd and do a little extra work for the community. Word up.

Comment 105 of 135
Bender of Sutherland Posted at 10:46 AM Today

    A Children s story book writer is running the country and jetting around the world. Can this get any better...

Comment 106 of 135
Terry of Australia Posted at 10:47 AM Today

    Krudd put his name on the cover, The other guy wrote the book. More pre election spin. I do not believe his intentions are noble.

Comment 107 of 135
jim houso of bidwell Posted at 10:49 AM Today

    Never thought my vote would end up as a kids book

Comment 108 of 135
Paul Martin of Gladesville Posted at 10:52 AM Today

    Änother publicity stunt by our wally of a PM. I can just see children across Australia being read a bedtime story and asking, "whats a Kerfuffle Mummy"?

Comment 109 of 135
Shane of the backwater commie unionist state Posted at 10:56 AM Today

    And this idiot is the leader of australia whats he want to do? brainwash toddlers so they become wanna be red rag unionist commies australia is fast sinking into a sewer pit with this idiot & its disciples running australia

Comment 110 of 135
alex of nsw Posted at 10:59 AM Today

    makes sense that a guy with the IQ of a toddler is writing books for toddlers.

Comment 111 of 135
PeterW of Sydney Posted at 11:02 AM Today

    It makes it all the clearer now. Little 6 year old Gloria of Copenhagen fame was in fact his musings after all. That went down like a bloody big flop too, all other leaders were a wake up to him then and with this latest little Kirribilli Kerfuffle they will now symathise with our dud Rudd.

Comment 112 of 135
PeterW of Sydney Posted at 11:04 AM Today

    Lesley of South Windsor you are up and down with your political loyalties like a pro....drawers

Comment 113 of 135
John Arthur Daley of Sydney Posted at 11:04 AM Today

    I think that this is a very positive step as it affords the PM with a new career direction when he quits politics in the next 18months. It is to be hoped that he will be more adult in his creative efforts aimed at children than the childish efforts he has deployed toward the adult market with his ill thought out big taxing schemes disguised as concern for a dubious climate change.

Comment 114 of 135
Scrub Nurse of Orange NSW Posted at 11:04 AM Today

    At the time of me writing this, there were 79 comments. I don't think I've ever read through 79 comments so quickly. They are all IDENTICAL comments. Can't we have a bit of variety DT, instead of the same old drivel? I must say, I have never laughed so hard at Chris Nelson of Ryde 1:56am comment. Please enlighten me as to what you were tryng to say! Maaate, before you go bagging out someone for writing a kids book, maybe you should look at getting an education yourself. Your comment made absolutely NO sense whatsoever. As for everyone else here, I think it would be the funniest thing out if Rudd got re-elected. You'd all self destruct! The sad reality is, after the next election, whoever gets in, these pages will be chock full of whingers going on about how pathetic our govt is, and bring on an early election, blah blah blah. Same old drivel. Oh, and as for Kev writing a book, I'm writing a book too. I write when I hop into bed of a night before I go to sleep. Even the Big K is entitled to that amount of personal time. If he's not even allowed to get into bed, what hope have we got. Shame I wasted my time writing this, Chris of Ryde won't get to see my message.

Comment 115 of 135
Michael of Engadine Posted at 11:04 AM Today

    This guy spends 0% of his time running the country correctly. If you're not seeing the flaws by now you have problems of your own!

Comment 116 of 135
Jeff of Sydney Posted at 11:05 AM Today

    Good to see that Rudd is at least writing about one of the few subjects that he might understand. This guy is a total moron and everything he does is for his own personal popularity and gain at the expense of the Australian people. Government of the people, by Rudd, for Rudd.

Comment 117 of 135
Jen Jen of Sydney, Australia Posted at 11:09 AM Today

    I think its sweet and very creative, leave Kevin Rudd alone.

Comment 118 of 135
Shane of the backwater commie unionist state Posted at 11:11 AM Today

    guess what he probably will give every illegal asylum seeker one when they arrive there goes a million copies in 12 months! surely no sane parent will read his dribble to their children except i suppose those die hard kruddite fans will make sure they have one just like all his commie Chinese mates have chairman Mao's little red book

Comment 119 of 135
Pieter Kleynjan of Wells Crossing NSW 2460 Posted at 11:12 AM Today

    What's wrong with that, after all Germany had the Hitler youth.

Comment 120 of 135
mark of sydney of sydney Posted at 11:13 AM Today

    Boy that's going to sink faster then Bob Carr's column in the daily telegraph,blink and you,ll miss it.

Comment 121 of 135
Peter of Sydney Posted at 11:13 AM Today

    Good to see the massive support on here for Rudd in the form of Lesly of South Windsor. Wake up you fool you can not defend the indefensible but then again its tools like you that are responsible for inflicting this idiot upon us all

Comment 122 of 135
DT Posted at 11:14 AM Today

    Good onya Kevin, you're a great story teller. Pity about you having to waste our time as a prime minister.

Comment 123 of 135
Lindsay of Silverwater Posted at 11:15 AM Today

    Neil, I couldn't agree more. I suppose he is getting in practice to become Santa Claus, because during the next election campaign he will be handing out gifts to all those who voted for this incompetent government.Come on Tony Abbot, how about writing a non fiction book about all of Kevins broken promises and failures. It would be a best seller!!!

Comment 124 of 135
Kevin of nsw Posted at 11:16 AM Today

    wish Dud Rudd would start writing children's books full-time.

Comment 125 of 135
KeeptheBshonest of Sydney Posted at 11:16 AM Today

    This is getting beyond a joke, he doesnt talk to us about his stuff ups, ETS, Boatpeople arriving in 1000s etc etc, "or go and see Peter Spencer", but he has time to launch a kids book for gods sake. We have a prime minister out of touch with reality and not facing up to his mistakes writing Childrens books, National labour is as bad as NSW labour it seems, same stuff ups just bigger $$$$$ being wasted !!!KeeptheBshonest!!!

Comment 126 of 135
dole joe of sydney Posted at 11:20 AM Today

    liberal voters must've lost their plot and took a shot at pm kev. come on, get on the dole queue already and vote mr rudd! give the guy a break! i've got my $900.

Comment 127 of 135
Sick of him of Coffs Harbour Posted at 11:25 AM Today

    "KEVIN RUDD has declared 2010 his year of nation-building and warned Opposition leader Tony Abbott to formulate "substantial" policies before the election." hahahahaha ss he going to include this in his next fairytale? AND while we're at it when is Dudd going to formulate his "substantial" policies? More bull.... Talk about Dr Doolittle, Mr Donothing more like it.

Comment 128 of 135
Ness of Central Coast Posted at 11:27 AM Today

    No time to go and see poor Mr Spencer who is on a hunger strike on his farm until he sees this pitiful excuse for leader - time to write a book about something as simple as he is but - awesome.

Comment 129 of 135
Jolanda Posted at 11:29 AM Today

    He has time to do this because just like Government Policies and inquiries he gets somebody else to do it and then just puts his stamp on it. Question I would have to ask is whether he has read it yet or whether he is just standing by it with his pets as a policy.

Comment 130 of 135
Janette Sloane of Orange Posted at 11:29 AM Today

    I bellieve that Mr Rudd wrote this book because children dont know what he is doing to the country and it would only be a labour suppporter that would buy this book for their kids maybe he will have it distrubited through the schools its the only way anyyone will read it. Mr Rudd loves his pets because they cant answer back and unlike humans he can have complete controle over them. What is it comming to when we have a Prime Minister of a great country like ours having time to write a book (oh thats right I forgot he spends most of his time with his bum on a seat in a plane. Good luck Mr Rudd I hope its a big flop

Comment 131 of 135
Realist Posted at 11:29 AM Today

    This is joke right? Go away you silly little person.

Comment 132 of 135
Bruno Posted at 11:33 AM Today

    What a country. What a press- is this article a joke ? or plain sarcasm ? A spin doctor stunt for the mums and animal lovers ? Why not write about Peter Spencer -

Comment 133 of 135
JIMMY of cherrybrook Posted at 11:34 AM Today


Comment 134 of 135
lennie sparks of parramatta Posted at 11:34 AM Today

    Looks like Lesley of South Windsor is his only fan, but than they let them all out of the asylums years ago. Lesley must living in a deluded fairyland and as such she cah help KRudd with his books

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