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Monday, January 11, 2010

Ignoble Islam: Drugs made him do it, get out of jail card issued to UAE Presidents Brother Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al-Nahayan


Torture trial: UAE President's brother acquitted

January 11, 2010

An Emirati court has acquitted the President's brother of charges of torturing an Afghan but convicted five co-defendants, including two Americans, his lawyer said.

Copy of 11 1 2010 Torture trial UAE President's brother acquitted

The court in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) acquitted Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al-Nahayan "after establishing he was not responsible" for the torture of the Afghan merchant in 2004, lawyer Habib al-Mulla said.

"The court accepted our defence that the sheikh was under the influence of drugs [medicine] that left him unaware of his actions", the lawyer said.


Watch the poor Sheikh in action, poor bastard who could do such a thing to a member of the Religion of Peace, Most Pious Mass Murderers and Head Hunters Guild?

However, the court in the oasis city of Al-Ain ordered two co-defendants to pay a "temporary compensation" of 10,000 dirhams ($3000) to the Afghan, who can file a new lawsuit to claim full compensation, the lawyer said.

The two US defendants of Lebanese origin, brothers Ghassan and Bassam Nabulsi, were sentenced to five years in jail each in absentia for having drugged the sheikh.

The lawyer said the Afghan victim had demanded compensation from the brothers rather than from Sheikh Issa.

Bassam Nabulsi reportedly leaked a video which exposed the case.

The court also sentenced three other workers at the farm where the torture took place to between one and three years in jail for drugging the sheikh, likewise in absentia, Mulla said. A guard at the farm was acquitted.

Mulla said Sheikh Issa, 40, who has been in detention for the past seven months, would be released.

However, the verdict is not final as it will have to be reviewed by a higher court if the public prosecution decides to challenge the ruling.

Sheikh Issa, who is the brother of UAE President and oil-rich Abu Dhabi's ruler, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahayan, pleaded not guilty at a hearing last month.

The lawyer told the hearing in December the sheikh had been drugged against his will during the incident and had no recollection of what had happened.

"We submitted medical reports showing that the drugs that the two co-defendants administered to him left him unaware of his actions," the lawyer said on December 15.

Allegations against the sheikh emerged after the video, aired in April, appeared to show him beating a man with whips, electric cattle prods and a wooden plank with protruding nails.

Assisted by police, Sheikh Issa is seen to pour salt in the man's wounds and run over him with a four-wheel drive.

The victim needed months of hospital care following the incident. He was reportedly an Afghan trader who lost a consignment of grain worth $US5000 ($5450).

In a rare trial of a high-ranking member of the ruling family, Sheikh Issa was charged at an opening hearing last October with endangering life, causing bodily harm and with rape for the incident.

The lawyer told the court that one of the sheikh's co-defendants was responsible for Sheikh Issa's medications and had drugged him, then videotaped the incident and tried to blackmail him.


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Afghan Torture Victim Convicted of Repeatedly Running into Sheikh Issa’s Fist

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