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Winston Churchill. Pg.310 “The Hell Makers” John C. Grover ISBN # 0 7316 1918 8
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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Fraudster or Health Guru ? I did not see the need to ask if she had a drop dead body as there was obviously no doubt about that. 
Is she a fraud, a rip off merchant, a scam artist ? without knowing a heck of a lot more about her and her Bikini Body diet plan I would not care to stick my neck out at this point in time and offer an opinion either way, you be the judge.

She admits to having breast surgery,ok no big deal these days,so have most of the female reporters on the two shows that did the story on her, she is not promising bigger boobs if you buy her product ,she,from what I can see is simply offering a way,and a means,among many,many,ways and means available on the Internet,to get healthy and lose weight in exchange for your money. 

At the end of the day ANY health / fitness plan / regime is totally dependent upon the client's willingness to succeed.

The clients willingness to WORK to succeed is paramount in attempting to reach any predetermined health / fitness and weight loss goal.

I do sense some lack of communication to say the least between the Ladies complaining about their program and lack of service, maybe things got too big too quickly.


Anonymous said...

If you are going to blog, it would help if you did some research, its more than just a business getting too big, too quickly, its about the usurpation of customer rights and customer service. Nothing has been learned from the ACA program or the facebook campaign. The fact that Bines has purchased more than 110,000 likes to provide credibility to her page, and once you have examined her CLD plan, which is filled with typos, nutritional fallacies and dangerous advice given in the context of a forum by inexperienced people, mostly fellow dieters, then yes, there are serious issues. This is more like the Peter Foster get rich quick scheme of the 80's + diet scams. Its the same model but we are cutting Ashy Bines so much slack because she is a woman. The issue is, if she were not so attractive and female would we be so kind after all, the laws govern all business. Ashy Bines is not exempt. Respectfully :-)

Aussie said...

Dear Anon,
Thank you for your well researched and thoughtful comments re the Ashy Bine's story,I appreciate you doing so and invite you to do so again, not only on this subject but on any other post on ANV.

The complainants in the story referred to a "lack of communication" and the spokesman for Bine's referred to "....too big too quick"

As for"If you are going to blog, it would help if you did some research," TT and ACA have far more resources than I do and they appear to have covered the story pretty well, leaning to the negative enough, to set alarm bells ringing in all but the most naive weight loss punter.

Any further information re the Ashy Bine's story you may have, please feel free to let me know.

Yours faithfully,

Anonymous said...

Dear Aussie,

I agree TT and ACA are not credible sources of journalism or if they have a modicum of it, they have resources to do their research, I do not think they have done their researcg with respect to this one, the complainants in initial ACA stories did not give the cause the real globality to it. It was personal to them. I think if one steps back and looks at the issues then you get a better perspective. I was a tad harsh with you, as it seems that people are hating, but the truth is, the bottom line is that, ppl have gotten to emotional about the subject, its cut and dry, Ashy Bines does not follow the rules, the waste of money page is now at 10,700 people who are 'unhappy' that shows they are not addressing the issues. In my respectful opinion it seems to me to a cash grab, and let the women in the forum manage it for you. Its brilliant really, everyone is talking about her, all the search engines are full of Ashy Bines,... and the interesting part of it all, they saturate facebook sponsored adverts, as well as utube, so people start to believe Ashy Bines must be okay! They are all haters who were fat and lazy ect..... I have to say its a very clever con. Kudos, sex sells, and in the world of social media, she has sold herself, to a T and making a lot of money. The cost is $70 so people 80% just walk away. what a great con. Statistics show that when a blogger offered the plan for free they got 4135 hits in 5 days before ABBBC had it removed. 90% of those who got it responded with thanks I am glad I saw it because I would never have paid for it otherwise. The moral is that is the best kept secret. The consumer does not know what they are buying. They are believing the mantra of garranteed weight loss, which is a furphy. Anyway, glad I had the chance to come back to you. Its a great way to make money, but it breaches so many ethical, legal and moral boundaries, its extraordinary. Yours sincerely, Anaon

Super Mum said...

Dear Aussie, I have more in-depth, dot points in my blog if you wish to read it, up to you. It's great that you added the Today Tonight interview, but the A Current Affair story focused more on what she was doing wrong. Feel free to leave a reply or feedback if you wish to visit my blog

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