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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Convicted Islamic Terrorist,Belal Saadallah Khazaal, High Court of Australia denies appeal.

DIY Jihad author Belal Saadallah Khazaal could be released on bail in days
The Daily Telegraph
June 30, 2011
A FORMER Qantas cabin cleaner who was jailed for writing a "do-it-yourself'' terrorism jihad book could be released on bail within days.
Belal Saadallah Khazaal, 42, has been behind bars since September 2008, after the NSW Supreme Court found him guilty of making a document between September 20 and October 28, 2003 connected with assistance in a terrorist act, knowing of that connection.

Copy of 30 6 2011 DIY Jihad author Belal Saadallah Khazaal could be released on bail in days

30 6 2011 Belal Saadallah Khazaal
He had been sentenced to at least nine years behind bars.
But earlier this month the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal allowed an appeal against Khazaal's conviction, and ordered a retrial.
The retrial was likely to go ahead in the next six to nine months, Justice Michael Adams told the Supreme Court on Thursday.
Khazaal's lawyer, Charles Waterstreet, urged Justice Adams to release Khazaal on bail in the meantime, given that he had previously complied with ``the most onerous bail conditions the court had ever granted'' from June 2004 until he was jailed in September 2008.
``He was not allowed to use the internet, he was not allowed to use the phone without notice, he was not allowed to leave the house except for prayers, he was not allowed to mix with anyone other than his family,'' Mr Waterstreet said.
Despite that, he had obeyed the bail conditions and had appeared for his trial.
``Very rarely do you have a case of very serious charges and a compliance with bail for several years,'' he said.
He argued that Khazaal had been jailed in a maximum security arrangement that was ``one level down from Guantanamo Bay'', and that his two children, aged 13 and 14, needed their father to be with them.
Appearing with the aid of an interpreter, Khazaal's brother-in-law, Hissam Alyassine, agreed to put up his house, valued at $460,000, as surety that Khazaal would meet his bail conditions.
In addition, Khazaal's two brothers, who were at the court, agreed they would each undertake to deposit $200,000 as surety.
Crown prosecutor Peter Neil SC opposed bail.
Justice Adams said he would make a decision in the next few days.
The matter was adjourned to a date yet to be fixed.

I almost forgot I had this…oooops.

DIY Jihad author to serve nine years

The Daily Telegraph 

September 25, 2009

Belal Saadallah Khazaal arrives in handcuffs at the NSW Supreme Court at King Street, Sydney for his sentencing hearing for his producing of a book knowing it could assist a terrorist act. Picture: Amos Aikman Source: AAP

A SYDNEY man who produced a do-it-yourself jihad book has been sentenced to at least nine years in prison.

In September last year, a NSW Supreme Court jury found Belal Khazaal guilty of making a document - between September 20 and 23,  2003 - connected with assistance in a terrorist act, and knowing about that connection.

The 110-page book, in Arabic, entitled Provisions Of The Rules of Jihad - Short Judicial Rulings And Organisational Instructions For Fighters And Mujahideen Against Infidels, contained advice about terrorist acts such as exploding bombs, shooting down planes and assassinating people such as former US president George W Bush.

Khazaal has never denied making the book, but said it was never intended to incite terrorist acts.

“Only sentenced to Jail term because he is a Muslim”

At his sentencing on Friday, Justice Megan Latham said she found it "unsurprising'' a jury had rejected his defence.

"It beggars belief that a person of average intelligence who has devoted themselves to the study of Islam over some years would fail to recognise the nature of the material,'' she said.

"The dissemination of extremist activity, connected or unconnected with a terrorist plot, is caught by the government's (anti-terror) scheme ... (because such material) is capable and is shown to foment terrorist activity.''

Khazaal was sentenced to 12 years in prison, with a non-parole period of nine years.

With time already served, he will be eligible for release after August 31, 2017.

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