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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Australia Day Race Riot HUCKSTER and Unions ACT Secretary, brands Tony Abbott ".. a raving Zionist"

Unions ACT  secretary and Australia Day 2012 Race Riot organizer Kim Sattler tells Islamic Terrorism supporters

"Abbott a raving Zionist",Gaza rally told

Updated November 24, 2012, 5:22 pm

Another facet of Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's student activist days has surfaced with a speaker at a pro-Palestine rally in Canberra declaring him a "raving Zionist".

Unions ACT Secretary Kim Sattler 
Speaking at a rally outside the Israeli embassy in Canberra, Unions ACT secretary Kim Sattler said she was a student activist involved in the Australian Unions of Students (AUS), serving as a delegate to the AUS conference in Melbourne in 1974.

That gathering debated the proposal for a delegation of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) to visit Australia.

At the time the PLO group was classified a terrorist organisation, although its offshoot, Fatah, which now rules the West Bank, is more favourably regarded than Hamas, which rules Gaza.

Ms Sattler said the AUS vote backed hearing from the PLO.

"Guess who was on the other side at that time - Tony Abbott," she said.

"That was my first introduction to Tony Abbott and I've been his enemy ever since."

Ms Sattler said Mr Abbott had no Jewish heritage, although she did.

"He is a raving Zionist and has been since he was about 18 or 19. I don't understand why he is, but he is," she said.

Ms Sattler said those who backed the PLO visit were beaten with rolled up newspapers and umbrellas and spat upon during the course of the conference.

She said this made a big impact on her as a 17-year-old activist.

"Thanks to Tony, I have been an avowed Palestine supporter ever since," she said.

In the 1970s, Mr Abbott was a student activist strongly opposed to left domination of student politics.

Earlier this year, journalist David Marr recounted a 1977 incident in which Mr Abbott allegedly sought to intimidate a female student who beat him in a university election by punching a wall on either side of her head. Mr Abbott has repeatedly denied this happened.

Who IS Kim Sattler, and like her fellow Socialist Labor Emilys list "sista", Australian PM, Julia Gillard can you believe a word she or PM Julia say about anything ?

So does Kim tell lies or does Julia tell lies? or has the Labor friendly Macquarie Dictionary rewritten the meaning of lies and truth to accommodate Kim and Julia's "truths" / "Lies" ? are they both telling the truth or both telling lies in this Union GetUp funded Socialist Green Loon Independent "Co Party" Governments Utopia and Workers/ Bludgers / Insurgents Paradise called Australia?

Prime Minister Julia Gillard denies knowing unions Kim Sattler

Mitchell Toy 
Sunday Herald Sun
January 29, 2012 12:00AM

SHE'S the Labor true believer the Prime Minister's press adviser called when he wanted to politically damage Tony Abbott.

Unions ACT secretary Kim Sattler, outed yesterday as staffer Tony Hodges' contact at the Tent Embassy protest, was always going to rally to the cause.

A Left-wing activist who fronted at a pro-carbon tax event last year and who sits on the board of the National Museum of Labour, Ms Sattler helps oversee 24 ACT unions with more than 30,000 members.

In a profile for a Canberra networking group she lists union darlings Joan Kirner, Sharon Burrow and Ged Kearney as her inspiration.

Kim Sattler's "Inspiration"
When Mr Hodges could not contact the ACT Indigenous Affairs Minister, he was told Ms Sattler was the next go-to woman.

But the Prime Minister, a former union head, denied links with Ms Sattler as it emerged Mr Hodges gave her information about Tony Abbott's location moments before the ugly Australia Day riot.

Ms Gillard yesterday said she did not know Ms Sattler, who was previously not widely known outside her ACT stamping ground.

Kim Sattler (l) Julia Gillard (r) Ms Gillard, said yesterday,28 Jan 2012,said she did not know Ms Sattler,

An image added to Ms Sattler's Facebook page in 2007 shows her with Ms Gillard apparently at a function for Emily's List - a Left-leaning group promoting progressive women's political careers.

Another image shows her with former Victorian premier Joan Kirner, while one picture, believed to have been taken overseas, appears to show Ms Sattler with a gun.

Yesterday morning, Ms Sattler berated Mr Abbott through the social network, saying he played a role in the violence.

"Tony Abbot is like your typical bar-room brawler, who starts a fight and then disappears like a coward when it is in full swing," she wrote.
We know she was there watching the events she and Julia Gillard set in motion unfold, does this Arse Clown think she is the only one with a camera ? the eye witness accounts and TV News Video and press photo accounts of the facts, are in stark contrast to her version of Australia Day 26 Jan 2012

Ms Sattler yesterday confirmed she called the Australian Federal Police into her office at 1.30pm on Friday and informed them she had been the one who passed on the location of Mr Abbott to protesters.

Kim Sattler (left of picture holding what appears to be a phone / camera)

On Thursday, Ms Sattler posted a photo, taken on her iPhone, of the crowd engulfing the medal ceremony and added the comment, "Tony Abbott just announced the Tent Embassy should be closed down and a huge crowd from the Embassy went to greet him and he had to be rushed away with a police escort!"

The Facebook profile was suspended yesterday after Ms Gillard named Ms Sattler as the Tent Embassy contact of her former adviser (Hodges).

Ms Gillard said it was "very very likely" she had been at the same events in Canberra as Ms Sattler, but flatly denied a connection.

What's the deal with Socialist's,Socialist "Wimmin" in particular,and their propensity for not been able to tell the truth of just about anything?

1 / 85 Kerr Street Fitzroy : The Prime Minister tells lies,she always has.....

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