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Those who demand you believe that Islam is a Religion of Peace also demand you believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming.
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“There may be even a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves”
Winston Churchill. Pg.310 “The Hell Makers” John C. Grover ISBN # 0 7316 1918 8
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant; if what is said is not what is meant, then what must be done remains undone; if this remains undone, morals and art will deteriorate; if justice goes astray, the people will stand about in helpless confusion. Hence there must be no arbitrariness in what is said.
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Lord, I come before You with a heavy heart. I feel so much and yet sometimes I feel nothing at all. I don't know where to turn, who to talk to, or how to deal with the things going on in my life. You see everything, Lord. You know everything, Lord. Yet when I seek you it is so hard to feel You here with me. Lord, help me through this. I don't see any other way to get out of this. There is no light at the end of my tunnel, yet everyone says You can show it to me. Lord, help me find that light. Let it be Your light. Give me someone to help. Let me feel You with me. Lord, let me see what You provide and see an alternative to taking my life. Let me feel Your blessings and comfort. Amen.
"The chief weapon in the quiver of all Islamist expansionist movements, is the absolute necessity to keep victims largely unaware of the actual theology plotting their demise. To complete this deception, a large body of ‘moderates’ continue to spew such ridiculous claims as “Islam means Peace” thereby keeping non-Muslims from actually reading the Qur’an, the Sira, the Hadith, or actually looking into the past 1400 years of history. Islamists also deny or dismiss the concept of ‘abrogation’, which is the universal intra-Islamic method of replacing slightly more tolerable aspects of the religion in favor of more violent demands for Muslims to slay and subdue infidels"


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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Australia: Holocaust study to be compulsory for NSW students

Holocaust study to be compulsory for NSW students

EXCLUSIVE by Simon Benson
The Daily Telegraph 
December 08, 2012 12:00AM

ALL NSW students will be given mandatory lessons on the horrors of the Holocaust under sweeping changes to the school history curriculum.

The Board of Studies has confirmed it will roll out a new syllabus that will include studies of the Jewish genocide during World War II.

The changes, which will mirror compulsory Holocaust classes in most US states, the UK and many European countries, will come into effect from 2014.

The Nazi mass slaughter of more than six million Jews, regarded as the darkest chapter of modern history, has only been available to students in Australia as an optional component in history classes.

The Board of Studies will make it mandatory for all history students up to Year 10.

"The Holocaust is now a mandatory inclusion in the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority's history overview," a spokeswoman for the Board of Studies confirmed.

It will also be included in deeper history studies on Australians at war as part of "the nature and scope of 20th-century war".

The Australian Jewish community has the largest percentage of Holocaust survivors in the world, with the exception of Israel.

Should the study of the Holocaust be compulsory in NSW? Tell us below

The NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, which has been lobbying for compulsory Holocaust teachings for the past three years, said NSW had set the benchmark for the rest of the country.

It is now calling on the Gillard government to join about 28 other Western nations and sign up to the Task Force for International Co-operation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research.

Jewish Board of Deputies CEO Vic Aldaheff said: "Making the teaching of the Holocaust mandatory up to Year 10 is a tremendous step forward and the NSW Board of Studies and NSW Department of Education are to be applauded for their vision and foresight.

"Although the Holocaust was unique, its lessons about the essential fragility of human civilisation are universal.

"The Holocaust is a warning to every generation about the potential for evil, especially as a consequence of racial hatred, and about the inherent evil of totalitarian regimes.

"It teaches us that every generation owes it to itself and to future generations to cherish, and if necessary fight to defend, the sanctity of life, dignity and freedom."

The Board of Studies spokeswoman said the decision to make studying the Holocaust mandatory was taken after long consultations with the community and teachers.

"The development of the new K-10 syllabuses involved consultation with a range of teachers and community representatives. The board did not receive a submission from the Jewish Board of Deputies during the consultation phase," the spokeswoman said.

The threat to civilization from Hitler was negated in 1945, however one of his most loyal alys the followers of Islam has grown from strength to strength since then and is far from defeated.
Muslims have been busy working away at imposing their Koran inspired savagery upon the free Judeo /Christian Western world.

The same mindless mass hysteria worshipping the same thing, Satan spawned  Evil.

Islamo Facism is alive and well, and with the unbridled help from its cheer squad and apologists and facilitators in the various leftist / progressive /Green Socialist movements and political party's in the west,together they are  succeeding in changing the face and legal and social structure of the west via unfettered immigration /colonization,legal and illegal combined with hundreds of thousands of Multicultural/Anti Discrimination/affirmative action legislation and Tax payer funded Ethnic / Muslim industries eg."Harmony Day" "Diversity Day" these Muslim colonizers and their retrograde base ideology of Islam are been entrenched at all levels of Judeo Christian Western Democracies.

It is good that the evils of Hitler are been taught in our schools for to know of the evil of Hitler is to also know of the evils of his then and now supporters who are alive and well and seeking to carry on where Hitler was stopped.

                                                                                          Sydney CBD September 15 2012

Sydney's Muslim Insurgency Riots Aftermath: Spin Doctors and apologists still performing CPR on Multiculturalism.

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