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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

More Harmony Day's Down Under : Mahmoud Hamzy shot dead in Sydney's Occupied Territories

al-Qaeda devotee,Bassam Hamzy

Revesby Heights shooting leaves one man dead and another injured

Ian Walker and Ben McClellan
The Daily Telegraph
October 29.2013

THE man shot dead in another Sydney gun atrocity today has been named as Mahmoud Hamzy, a cousin of Bassam Hamzy, Australia's biggest gangster.

Hamzy has operated the notorious crime syndicate Brothers 4 Life from behind bars.

An al-Qaeda devotee, he was originally jailed for the 1998 shooting murder of Kris Toumazis outside a Sydney nightclub and was subsequently convicted for conspiring to murder a witness against him.

The dead man and his seriously injured mate were known associates of the Hamze crime gang called Brothers For Life, and were found in a lit-up and open garage suffering multiple gunshot wounds.

Ten police cars swarmed on the newly built housing estate at Bardo Circuit, Revesby Heights, about 12.30am.

One man, shot twice in the head and neck as well as the stomach and back, died a short time later.

The other man, shot in the stomach and leg, was rushed by ambulance to Liverpool Hospital to undergo treatment.

The gunfire was heard by shocked local residents who called triple zero to report the shooting.

"I just heard pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop," a nearby resident, who didn't wish to be named, said.

"These guys (who live where the shooting happened) are always racing up and down the street in nice cars."

A young man pulled up to the crime scene around 7am in a silver Mustang with blue stripes down the middle and number plates that read MEOC ( the acronym for the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad) dressed in a blue, plastic forensic tracksuit.

          This vehicle is registered at a Discounted  SOCIAL SECURITY RECIPIENT  RATE  Gee fancy that.

 He was denied entry into the unit block by police and when asked by reporters what had happened he reportedly said it was "fireworks" and New Year's Eve had "come early" before getting back in the Mustang and driving off.

A neighbour said he was woken by the shooting in the recently built 40-odd unit complex and heard up to 10 shots fired and a car speeding off.

"Maximum 10 I believe, I am not sure I have never used weapons in my life. I would say it wasn't automatic because the space between wasn't automatic," he said.

"Of course I am concerned. I have only lived here two, three months and in two weeks I'll be out."

Sanjeev Kumar didn't hearing the shooting but the father of two said it was terrifying a man had been shot dead less than 100 metres from his Thomas St home next to the entrance to Bardo Circuit.

The accountant said there had been another shooting earlier in the year.

In that incident at 10.25pm on July 23 police said one shot had been fired in Bardo Circuit before three cars were seen to drive away from the area.

No one was injured and investigators were looking for a white Toyota Hilux utility or white Nissan Pulsar in the area at the time.

Mr Kumar said the police had been at the location in force previously.

"It definitely is (terrifying), it's very scary. About a month ago 10 police cars have come here, there has been a shooting in the past in Bardo Circuit a couple of shots had been fired before," he said.

"We moved in here a year ago and we really like the place because it is quiet. Most of them are like families and it's quite renowned for the schools."

Friends of the victims gathered at the crime scene before later meeting outside Liverpool Hospital where multiple police cars were parked.

Bankstown Police, along with detectives from the State Crime Command's Homicide Squad, are investigating the shooting.

A crime scene was established with forensic officers arriving at 5am to examine the garage where a black Mercedes sports car as well as black and white utes were parked out the front.

Multicultural Sydney: Pious Muslim, Bassam Hamzy, pleads guilty to ……Australia, Islamic Menace :No Arabic for YOU!!!!!!….. Muslim KILLER.Sydney's Occupied Territories: Muslims attack Police after shooting woman...Sydney's Occupied Territories : Just another Harmony Day as another member of the "...he's such a good boy he neva do nutting to nobody" shot through the back of head.  Pious Muslim Thug Drug Dealer Kneecapper and Multicultural Diversity Enrichment Ambassador to be released after 9 years in the Can   Dying Khaled Kahwaji asked to name his attackerSydney : Terrorist Saleh Jamal Walks FREE

Omar Halaby 19 year old Muslim Insurgent / Rioter and Disability Pensioner.

Muslim rioter and vandal Omar Halaby spared jail following September 15 2012 Sydney CBD Muslim Insurgency Riots..Life on the pension is a riot for Omar

What makes the "Mufti of Sydney's Occupied Territories and his fellow insurgents "feel like we is on cloud nine" ?

Sydney's Muslim Insurgency Riots Aftermath: Spin Doctors and apologists still performing CPR on Multiculturalism.

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