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“There may be even a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves”
Winston Churchill. Pg.310 “The Hell Makers” John C. Grover ISBN # 0 7316 1918 8
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant; if what is said is not what is meant, then what must be done remains undone; if this remains undone, morals and art will deteriorate; if justice goes astray, the people will stand about in helpless confusion. Hence there must be no arbitrariness in what is said.
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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Australia Day 2014:What Aussies Despise about Australia Day Haters

Shamelessly Lifted from Party For Freedom


Every year when Australia Day nears, the third rate left-wing media goes into overdrive featuring a medley of anti-Australian nobodies sprouting their bigoted hate against Australia Day.
Recently, controversy surrounded the sale of t-shirts bearing an “AUSTRALIA EST 1788” logo. Social media went into overdrive when Sunshine Coast University lecturer, Matt Mason, said on twitter, “This is historically wrong and racist” and further posted “Remove them from sale”. It didn’t take long for both retailers Aldi and Big W to cowardly comply and remove the items from sale.

It is pretty clear that the halls of academia need a dictionary because nowhere on the t-shirt was race mentioned. The Oxford Dictionary defines the word racist as “a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another”. It simply proves that academia has an unhealthy race obsession, with numerous comments and remarks aimed exclusively at denigrating Australians of British ancestry around Australia Day. Indeed, academia’s “racism” also denigrates those people of all nations that have since immigrated, have settled within the community and culture, and truly call themselves “Australian”.
The British flag was raised at Sydney Cove, Port Jackson on the 26th January 1788 establishing the British Crown Colony of New South Wales. The name Australia derives from the Latin ‘Australis’ meaning Southern and was used by Europeans both ancient and more recent to describe a vast unknown ‘southern land’, but it wasn’t until 1804 when Matthew Flinders pushed for the name to be formally recognized when preparing for his manuscripts and charts. In 1824, the British Admiralty finally accepted that the continent be known officially as Australia.
Regrettably, for many newcomers Australia Day has morphed into a celebration of multiculturalism, which is akin to celebrating someone’s funeral. The celebration of Australia Day belongs to the Australian people and should never be associated with multiculturalism. Are multiculturalists just plain dumb, or do they lack the historical understanding and mathematical skills to compute the numbers? The penal colony of NSW was established in 1788 yet the failed, demonic and divisive policy of multiculturalism wasn’t conceived through the sweat of cultural bastardry until the mid 1970′s, almost 200 years later, so what does multiculturalism have to do with our special day? Absolutely nothing! Multiculturalism is a completely irrelevant modern day corruption that needs to be challenged and laughed at, especially on Australia Day.
We owe the British out gratitude for many things, including their diligence and foresight in establishing a great empire, which provided the foundations for the new colonies of Australia. The genius of the British benefited the world by liberating feudal kingdoms bogged down in ancient chaos and tribalism. Of course, our forefathers bear responsibility for certain wrongs committed against aboriginal Australians in the early days of the colonies, which are widely acknowledged today. There were many hardships in the early days of the colonies, but the new settlers from the British Isles prevailed due to their pioneering spirit and hard work, which in the process, built one of the greatest nations on earth, in a very short time. For this we should show eternal gratitude to our forefathers and mothers from the British Isles as well as the many continental Europeans that followed and contributed enormously to build such a great nation.
There are a host of illogical excuses as to why so many haters choose Australia Day as a day to ridicule Australians and our many memorable achievements. The main excuse to hate for shallow minded jealous idiots is that they principally all suffer from an inferiority complex that awakens their xenophobic rage against Australians around Australia Day.
Every party has its whingers. It just happens that the left and its spineless minions occupying politics, media and the institutions are the party pooper types who sit on the outskirts of a broken iceless esky and point their fingers at the real people, while munching on halal kebabs rolled in sand, swill on discounted third world low carbonated beer and entertain themselves by dwelling on their small and unimportant lives, while the real people party on in a civilised celebratory manner. There is, afterall, for true Australians, a lot to celebrate. I know whom I would prefer to be with on Australia Day – the real people, the Australian people.
The haters should bow down and offer the Australian people an apology for their racist attitudes to our people and our nation on our special day. The Australian people are a great people who settled a great land and made a great nation possible. Despite this, the haters will always hate due to their cold and jealous hearts. The haters of Australia Day need to seek repentance and emancipation from their wicked thoughts and jealous rage.
We suggest to those that don’t like Australia the way it is should simply leave and find another country in which to live, where they would obviously be happier, leaving true Australians to their piece of paradise on this lonely planet.
A few years back “the Punch” rolled out David Koch who started his article with a racist statement, “I hate blonde-haired, blue-eyed yobbos prancing about the Australian flag who intimidate people who don’t look like them”. Does this racist slob truly dwell in ignorance of the incredible hypocrisy of this statement, or has he simply taken this bigoted position to support his hatred?
To use the word “hate” to describe your feelings against blue-eyed and blonde Australians is an uber-racist statement that deserves nothing but contempt and disgust. Kochie, you know what Aussies hate? They hate beady eyed, arrogant, impotent and small-minded bigots like you who prance around a teleprompt screen like a ballerina. A two-stringed guitar is more impressive than Kochie. With haters like Koch, who needs enemies?
A few years back Charlie Teoh was invited to deliver an address on Australia Day. Mad as a cut snake and foaming at the mouth, Teoh took this opportunity to abuse his host and party guests, spewing his raging hatred of Australians. His address was in very poor taste and attracted a lot of attention.
NSW Anti-Discrimination Board president Stephen Kerkyasharian said, “I think there is less racism in Australia than in almost every other nation you could name”. Stephen knows that someone like him with an Armenian background would be denied access to citizenship or permanent residency in Asian nations.
Regrettably there will always be individuals and groups that seek to ridicule Australians with their hateful and bigoted talk. One such website is the Anti-Bogan website that is solely dedicated to racially abusing Australians, in particular, traditional white Australians. The term “Bogan” is a derogatory term used to describe peace-loving working-class Aussies who appreciate BBQs, V8 cars and loud music. And for this the Bogan is despised and ridiculed by the inner city bourgeoisie in raging racist class language that has always been associated with the socialist mindset. The Bogan is a proud working class man or woman who is content with his existence even though the left consider them to be ‘uncultured’.
It is recommend that you have a look at Anti-Bogan website dedicated to creating racial hatred towards Australians. The Anti-Bogan site is crammed full of the worst kinds of hate speech directed at Australians only. The cowardice goons at TAB (the anti-bogan) website are yesterday’s cultural Marxists who use critical critique to subvert anything Australian. This has been a hallmark of Marxist thought and developed to such a level of hatred it needs to be challenged.
Racism affects all societies and nations – this is an obvious fact. Most Australians are mature and honest enough to acknowledge that racism exists in Australia and yes, of course we have people who hold bigoted attitudes towards others but it is insignificant and pales in comparison to celebrated ingrained racism that prevails in Asian, Muslim and African countries. In Australia, Australians are the victims of racist and bigoted antics, intimidation and discrimination perpetrated by left-wing politicians, including the political elite, the media and many third world migrants.
On Australia Day, raise a glass to our great nation that is the envy of the world, a nation that has achieved more socially, economically and culturally than much older empires or nations in the pacific region and beyond. The elitist politicians, intellectually handicapped academics and socialist minded useful idiots will always attack Australians for displaying pride so in a manner of reciprocation we should raise the middle finger to them and their bigoted ways.
As a people, we should be proud to be Australian and proud of our unique culture past and present and if you don’t like it – rack off and leave the real people alone!

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