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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dead Australian based Islamic Sociopath Yusuf Ali recruited to fight for Al Qaeda and its affiliate Jabh at al Nusra in Syria

How many of these Godless swine are embedded on Australian soil thanks to their co conspirators the  Australian Council of Trade Unions / GetUp funded, Australian Labor / Green Loon Co Party, and their six years of open borders "immigration policy" ?

Yusuf Ali, Australian man killed in Syria, had links to Al Qaeda, court documents allege

By Suzanne Dredge and Matt Wordsworth
January 16, 2014

A young Australian man killed with his wife in Syria last week was recruited to fight against the Assad regime, allegedly for Al Qaeda and its affiliate Jabh at al Nusra.

Yusuf Ali, 22, and his young wife Amira Ali died near Aleppo in northern Syria last weekend.

The ABC can reveal that court documents filed late last month allege Yusuf – born Tyler Casey – was in Syria to "engage in hostile activity", contrary to reports that the couple was in Syria for humanitarian reasons.

Pious Muslim Sociopath Amira Karroum "F … the police! Smash all the cop cars.''

In December, Sydney man Hamdi Al Qudsi was arrested and charged with assisting people travelling to Syria to fight in the long-running conflict.

He faces seven charges under the Crimes Act relating to foreign incursions and recruitments.

Between June and August last year, Al Qudsi is accused of helping Yusuf Ali enter Syria "with the intent to engage in a hostile activity, in particular engaging in armed hostilities".

The Australian Federal Police say Al Qudsi has links to the banned terrorist organisation Jabh at al Nusra, which is affiliated to Al Qaeda.

A source close to the dead couple has told the ABC that Yusuf Ali told friends he was going to fight alongside Al Qaeda before he left for Syria last year and would not be returning to Australia or the United States. 

Australian authorities and their US counterparts have interviewed family members and friends over the past few months.

A source has told the ABC that Yusuf Ali was born in the US and came to Australia as a young boy. His mother, Kristine Hunt, is originally from Adelaide but now lives in the US.

Yusuf was raised in Redcliffe, north of Brisbane, as a strict Christian with his mother and stepfather Michael Turnbull. His parents separated when he was 13, and mother and son returned to the US.

After spending a few years in Colorado Springs with his mother and new partner Randall Hunt, Yusuf returned to Australia when he was 17 and it is understood he converted to Islam around this time.

Kristine Hunt,seen here with her now dead son "Yusif Ali", I wonder what Kristine is up to in the USA

In November 2011, Yusuf moved to Sydney where he later met and married 22-year-old Amira Ali, who died with him last weekend.

Friends confirm that Yusuf was a quiet and gentle person who would have believed he was doing the "right thing" by leaving his wife and home to fight in Syria.

Posts to Yusuf Ali's Facebook page last year indicate a radical and extreme faith:

March 15, 2013
This life is will not last forever! Your family, your friends, your wealth, your business, the good times and the bad times, everything will come to an end. The life time you spent acquiring these things will not benefit you in the least but only your belief along with your record of deeds. How can one enjoy this world when he knows one day he will have to face his lord! May God give us understanding and the reality of life and death.

June 7, 2013
Being a coward will not lengthen your life, and being fearless will shorten it.

June 9, 2013 (via mobile)
Those who believe and do righteous actions will be promised paradise were they will dwell forever and there will not grieve nor will they fear on a day when terror will strike the heart of every soul.

However, a post to his wife on August 20 gives a chilling prediction of his fate:

To my beautiful wife may allah keep you stronge inshallah ill meet u again if not in this life next. I love you!

Yusuf Ali and his wife were reportedly killed by the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) at their home near Aleppo.

The FSA is engaged in a three-way fight for control of areas of Syria, fighting president Bashar al-Assad's forces on the one hand, and jihadist groups like Al Nusra on the other.

After the couple's deaths, Amira Ali's sister took to social media to write:

"They have been martyred. May Allah make the mujahideen victorious against FSA and Assad's regime."

Another post on Yusuf's Facebook page described him in glowing terms as a "soldier" and a "martyr".

Their deaths brought the number of Australians known to have been killed in Syria to seven.

'People feel compelled to act'
While it is difficult to estimate how many Australians have gone to fight in Syria, some estimates put the number at more than 100.

Ahmad Malas, a community worker in Sydney with the Lebanese Muslim Association (LMA), says many people feel compelled to act after seeing atrocities committed in Syria.

"Even though they may not have a direct link to Syria in this specific case, for example, they may not have family and friends there, but because it's a Muslim land and the majority of people are Muslim, they will feel the need to actually go and support those people there," Mr Malas said.

"These are actually (a) minority in the community. However the majority in the community, the mainstream, condemn certain actions (like this) and do not talk about this publicly and frequently."

Mr Malas says the imams from Lakemba mosque take a balanced view and do not promote anyone from the Muslim community going to Syria and fighting.

"There are many programs that are being delivered at the moment within the LMA to tackle extreme views, if you like, views that youth might have as a result of their emotions and the energy they might have and then help address any possible issues that might come out of those extreme views and ideas."

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