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Friday, February 22, 2013

Sydney Australia, Labor's Malmo in the Pacific?

80 asylum seekers housed in Sydney uni

By Nathan Klein 
The Daily Telegraph
February 22, 2013 9:22AM

RADIO announcer Ray Hadley has called on the Federal Government for a detailed report and explanation after he revealed 80 asylum seekers have been living inside the grounds of a Sydney university.

On his radio show this morning, Hadley said approximately 80 Sri Lankan men were living at student accommodation inside Macquarie University.

"I don’t have too much respect for Swedish girls. I guess you can say they get f****d to pieces.”

Sydney Australia, Labor's Malmo in the Pacific?

Fire Fighting Malmo Sweeden

"In the grounds of the university there are two dorm buildings housing young women - those dorms are surrounded by the dormitories containing the 80 Sri Lankan men,'' Hadley said.

"According to people I've spoken to at the university, the young women feel both intimdated and frightened by having the men in close proximity. Some are in fact scared and conveyed that to police officers on the scene yesterday.''

NSW Police today confirmed officers were investigating reports a man indecently assaulted a female university student while she was sleeping in her dormitory.

Detectives have been told a 20-year-old woman was asleep in her dormitory when a man broke into her room and indecently assaulted her about 3.20am yesterday.

The woman awoke during the incident and the man fled the scene.

The man is described as 20-25 years old, thin build, dark skinned, with dark short curly hair. He was wearing no t-shirt and a pair of grey coloured tracksuit pants.

Hadley has called on the Immigration Department to provide a report into why the university was doubling as "some sort of a Quasi detention centre".

POLICE have confirmed officers are investigating reports a man indecently assaulted a female university student while she was sleeping in her dormitory.

Detectives have been told a 20-year-old woman was asleep in her dormitory when a man broke into her room and indecently assaulted her about 3.20am yesterday.

The woman awoke during the incident and the man fled the scene.

The man is described as 20-25 years old, thin build, dark skinned, with dark short curly hair. He was wearing no t-shirt and a pair of grey coloured tracksuit pants.

It is believed he is one of approximately 80 Sri Lankan refugees who are being housed on the university grounds.

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chris of Australia Posted at 9:51 AM Today
This Gov has a lot to answer for. How is this possible !
Comment 1 of 29

Alf Proctor of Tweed Posted at 10:00 AM Today
Give them hammocks and they could kip in Parliement.There is not much happening there
Comment 2 of 29

David Posted at 10:02 AM Today
My brother,me and my Dad and thousands of others get up at 4 am in the morning and travel down the F3 to go to work and then back in the afternoon 5 days a week.We travel 3hrs a day for work then work for 10.Through the principles of the United nations agenda 21 we Australians are now the slaves to the 3rd world.We are working to pay for asylum seekers.Absolutely disgusting...Wake up Aussies,your being used!
Comment 3 of 29

Jimbo of bacchus marsh Posted at 10:04 AM Today
And here in this country we have women and children sleeping in Cars This must stop...
Comment 4 of 29

lennie sparks of parramatta Posted at 10:04 AM Today
How many students were denied accommodation to cater for these people?????????? Were security checks done on these people??????????
Comment 5 of 29

Johnno Posted at 10:04 AM Today
Disgraceful if this is true. This Government has no idea, they are deceitful and dishonest and their lies just go on and on. Will somebody stand up for us?
Comment 6 of 29

alan of sydney Posted at 10:07 AM Today
Thanks Labor, thanks green's we will remember you very very soon
Comment 7 of 29

M Evans of Sydney Posted at 10:07 AM Today
Maybe their is room for them at the Lodge .The boats can drop the aslyum seekers right at the door........No worries mate.Julia will be pleased.
Comment 8 of 29

OMG of Australia Posted at 10:07 AM Today
This is horrible!!! What is this government doing to us all!! What will be next I wonder?
Comment 9 of 29

Had enough of Sydney Posted at 10:10 AM Today
Oh my god what next. Its about time this Gov got off their ar..... to stop the boat people arriving. The only way this will stop is to put them on a plane and send them back. If they can pay big bucks to come here then they are not refugees. Why should we suffer. The money the gov has spent on the boat people could be spent on improving our roads and hospitals. Wake up Aust we are being ripped off.
Comment 10 of 29

Sandy Posted at 10:11 AM Today
This is disgusting why are they being housed there.....this is a joke. Don't expect an explanation from the Government they are now hiding the problem.......they are flooding in and we have to house and feed them while we have people living on the streets with nothing......WAY TO GO LABOR the party for the people but only if you come in on a boat......
Comment 11 of 29

Barry Thomas of Maitland Posted at 10:11 AM Today
This is disgraceful
Comment 12 of 29

Jo Gee Posted at 10:12 AM Today
Gillard and co have brought this situation about, they're responsible for encouraging illegal entry to Australia, pandering to the wannabe asylum-seekers and wasting huge amounts of our money on them. It's now just going to get worse and Labor don't care as they'll pass on the problem to Abbott and then criticise him when he can't fix up the mess they made. It's always the same. Labor gets us in dire straits and leaves the Liberals to try and clean up. One thing's for sure, it won't be Gillard's daughter who gets attacked nor her kids sent overseas to risk their lives and to fight unwinnable wars.
Comment 13 of 29

Hans of NSW Posted at 10:13 AM Today
Pathetic, weak Labor government and its failed policies! Hope all you do gooders, lefties, hippies, neo socialists, tree huggers, dole bludgers who had voted for this government are happy now...
Comment 14 of 29

dennis de generes of darwin Posted at 10:13 AM Today
Australia is too lax. it's a soft immigration target. wake up or sow what you reap.
Comment 15 of 29

horsegirly of southern highlands Posted at 10:14 AM Today
not surprised.... september 14th.. are we there yet?
Comment 16 of 29

Flight of Vic Posted at 10:16 AM Today
Who the hell thought that this was a good idea? 80 unknown males in a dorm on a uni campus! How many more uni's have this setup? What about boarding schools? Nothing would surprise me.
Comment 17 of 29

Enough Posted at 10:17 AM Today
Full explanation now please. No lies no spin just the truth now Opps, this is the government hope of an honest answer from them. OK then , how about one from macquarie University
Comment 18 of 29

Les of Silverdale Posted at 10:17 AM Today
14th of September is too far away, too much damage can be done by then, give us an election ASAP
Comment 19 of 29

Foss of Sydney Posted at 10:19 AM Today
With illegals allowed to flood our borders in record numbers, it's inevitable such incidents will take place. Looking forward to the election to rid ourselves of this incompetent Government and a more efficient method of vetting and controlling who comes to our country and the numbers
Comment 20 of 29

Anna of Sydney Posted at 10:20 AM Today
Round them all up, send them all back. It's that bloody simple! Who cares what the United Nations says or what the leftie activists say. This is not on. At the rate all these people arrive by boat and flock to large cities - that cannot handle the influx - the fact that they won't have enough money or skills or resources will mean rises in petty crime as well. Australia should look to the disasters of illegal immigration and the outcome in Europe. Greece being a prime example, with the influx of illegals exceeding the hundreds of thousands and the crime rate, which incidentally has given rise to extreme groups or anti illegal immigration groups like Golden Dawn.
Comment 21 of 29

Denis Posted at 10:22 AM Today
Remember this and all the other stuff ups for later this year! Goodbye Labor and the Greens for at least 2 decades.
Comment 22 of 29

Sydney Posted at 10:22 AM Today
First they are housing asylum seekers in retirement / nursing homes when there are so many homeless Australians living on the streets. Now they are housing them at our Uni's, instead of letting our kids use the rooms (which they would be paying for). What is it going to take before the Government fixes this.... Reduce the processing time of asylum seekers, house them in appropriate (secure) housing and don't house them together in large groups. If the Government considers them save enough to be release into the public, then they can be housed in small groups or with families from their own country. Stop putting the Australian public at risk..............
Comment 23 of 29

Ross of Qld Posted at 10:25 AM Today
This is just another example of the abject failure the present federal governmenst policy that Australians have been saddled with. The legacy of this failure will be with us for ever and the economic cost will be crushing. The current prime minister and her party will lose the upcoming election in a landslide backlash....she will retire from politics on her indexed pension for life of $495,000 pa, plus perks and we, the mugs, will be left with the social and economic disaster.
Comment 24 of 29

Adam of Sydney Posted at 10:26 AM Today
Imagine if we treated our homeless and underprivileged and elderly as well as we treat asylum seekers. The government should impose a cap on how many they take in each year, once the caps met all others are turned away back to where they came from.
Comment 25 of 29

bindi Posted at 10:28 AM Today
Political correctness or laziness gone crazy. Protect Austrralians. It's time these people making these decisions were sued for negligence.
Comment 26 of 29

Jill Boothman Posted at 10:29 AM Today
How can the Universities allow this to happen let alone the gov't. How do they do there security checks??? How may students have missed out on the chance of accommodation at the Uni. Come on Australia and I'm with ay Hadley on this one.
Comment 27 of 29

Snidery Mark of North Korea Posted at 10:30 AM Today
Are they being charged HECS/HELP?
Comment 28 of 29

darryn of The Gold Coast Posted at 10:35 AM Today
And Labor continue to wonder why they are polling at 30% Labor are destined to be wiped out come election time.
Comment 29 of 29

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